The 4 Drop Ceiling Alternatives For Basements (Pros & Cons)

One of the essential parts of any room is the ceiling; we often don’t realize the potential to use the ceiling as a design element. Homeowners sometimes overlook basement ceilings, or people use drop ceilings. I had this idea to do something different with my basement ceiling, and it left me wondering what the alternatives … Read more

Shower Tile On Ceiling Or Not? (Pros & Cons)

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Knockdown Texture Vs. Orange Peel For Ceiling? (Which Is Better)

Ceiling textures are something that we hear of far less frequently in contemporary architecture, but they seem to enjoy some degree of prevalence in certain parts of the United States. Adding a texture to your ceiling can have several benefits, and there are multiple types of ceiling textures to choose from. So Knockdown Texture Vs. … Read more

Knock Down Vs. Smooth Ceilings (How To Choose?)

Renovating a home can often be a costly affair, especially if you have not mapped out a clear plan of action. Without a plan, you may need to chop and change ceilings until you find the right fit to suit your budget and style. You will need to decide which ceiling is more suitable? Knock … Read more

Joists Vs. Beams Vs. Trusses (What Are The Differences?)

Modern engineering has transformed the landscape. Structures like the Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa rises 829.8m above the city of Dubai, and Sky Gate Bridge (connected to Kansai International Airport) in Japan spans 3.75km are examples of 21st-century engineering which have changed the face of the world. The difference between joists, beams, and trusses … Read more

How to Tell If a Ceiling Beam Is Load Bearing (6 Steps)

I always find it fun to look at a house and work out what renovations would make it better. Maybe you do the same, or maybe you need to renovate your house and wonder if you can remove certain walls and ceiling beams. Part of the fun of renovating is seeing which parts of the … Read more

How To Light A Drop Ceiling (A Complete Guide)

Drop ceilings are especially common in workplaces, basements, theaters, and schools. It gets made out of a metal grid and “tiles” or “panels” suspended from the structural ceiling. A secondary ceiling, also known as a suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling, or fake ceiling, covers air ducts or pipes for a clean look in an unfinished room. … Read more

How To Insulate Garage Ceiling Rafters (8 Steps)

For efficient heating and cooling in homes, insulation is essential. When a garage isn’t adequately insulated, heating and cooling will be less efficient. Often insulating the garage door and walls isn’t enough. Due to this, insulating garage ceiling rafters is recommended.  To insulate your garage ceiling rafters, you first need to inspect and measure the … Read more