Can You Have a Ceiling Fan & a Chandelier In The Same Room?

Choosing and incorporating fixtures into your home can be an exceptionally challenging undertaking. This is especially true when considering aesthetics and practicality simultaneously. While you aim to enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of a room with a chandelier, the internal temperature of the space may call for a ceiling fan.

Incorporating a ceiling fan and chandelier into the same room is possible. You must be careful, however, how you go about this. Several considerations go into successfully incorporating both a ceiling fan and chandelier into a single space, and the result can be practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Aesthetically speaking, you may feel that a ceiling fan will ruin the look of the ceiling space, potentially detracting from the beauty of your chandelier. On the other hand, you may feel that a chandelier will hamper the functioning of your ceiling fan. Thankfully there are several ways to incorporate both fixtures into the same space.

A Ceiling Fan & A Chandelier In The Same Room (Factors to Consider)

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While it’s not the most common occurrence, it’s certainly possible to have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room. To successfully incorporate both fixtures, however, you must consider several factors.

The factors to consider come from both a functional and an aesthetic perspective and should be carefully considered to ensure a configuration that works for you in every aspect.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your ceiling has sufficient space to fit both a chandelier and a ceiling fan. The size of the room will also need to be sufficiently large to have both items. 

A smaller room will not only be overwhelmed with too many large fittings dominating the roof space, but it may also not function very well as the fixtures may get in the way of one another, hampering their general functioning.

To successfully incorporate a chandelier and a ceiling fan in one room, you also need to have sufficient power outlets to support the electrical needs of both fittings. While a chandelier can be swaged with good success, a ceiling fan cannot. 

This may restrict the placement of both fixtures and whether they can both be successfully incorporated into your space. Aesthetically speaking, you must be careful when installing a chandelier and a ceiling fan into a room.

It can be quite easy to get it completely wrong, and the result will be extremely displeasing to the eye. Therefore, you will best be served by going for one of the two options: a central chandelier flanked by two ceiling fans or a central fan flanked by two smaller chandeliers.

The symmetry will ensure a result that is pleasing to the eye and performs its designated job in terms of cooling and lighting the room in the most efficient way possible.

When installing light fittings and ceiling fans, they should be placed at least 39” away from one another. This is especially important when using crystal chandeliers or any chandelier consisting of hanging parts. 

Situating a ceiling fan too close to this type of chandelier can cause the decorative elements of the chandelier to shake and rattle. If you’re looking at crystals, they can become damaged from constantly banging up against each other.

A ceiling fan should not be placed closer than 18” from any nearby wall. Bear in mind that the best placement for a ceiling fan is in the middle of the room to ensure that the moving air is evenly distributed to all parts of the room. 

Suppose your chandelier is placed in the center of the ceiling. In that case, the same level of air distribution can also be achieved with the installation of two fans, one on either side of the room.

Alternatives To A Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Combination

If the room is too small, the ceiling space is insufficient, or the above combination of either two fans and a chandelier or two chandeliers and a fan is simply not going to work in your space, there are several alternatives available to you.

Your first option, especially if you have a large, grand chandelier that will dominate the space, is to have this chandelier in the center of the ceiling with one or two fans mounted to the walls on either side of the room. 

This option will ensure that the aesthetic of the chandelier is not disrupted and that the ceiling space is not overwhelmed.

Alternatively, you can install a large ceiling fan in the center of the room with some beautifully coordinated pendant lights attached to the walls. The wall-mounted pendant lights will provide the needed lighting while serving as a welcome aesthetically pleasing distraction from the ceiling fan.

Chandelier Ceiling Fans

There is an option on the market that can solve the issue of having a ceiling fan and chandelier in the same room. This option may not appeal to every person, but some options are available that can be rather pleasing to the eye.

The product I’m referring to is the chandelier ceiling fan. Most of these are extremely unappealing, but some are well-designed and work well in most home environments.

Some chandelier ceiling fans are designed with retractable blades that disappear when the fan is not needed. This can be an appealing option, as you will have a chandelier in your space most of the time without the visually obtrusive fan blades.

Attaching A Chandelier To A Ceiling Fan

There is also the possibility to attach a chandelier to a ceiling fan. This might seem like an extremely odd thing to do, but it can be done with some degree of success. You will have to consider the chandelier’s weight and whether the fan and ceiling can handle the extra weight.

Aesthetically, the combination of a chandelier attached to a ceiling fan can make for an extremely unpleasant aesthetic.

Coordinating Ceiling Fans & Light Fittings

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When installing both ceiling fans and chandeliers in the same room, you must consider the aesthetics of both fittings to ensure that they are well-coordinated with one another. This will ensure that they complement each other and the rest of the room. 

Consider the materials that make up both fittings, the materials of the hardware, as well as the shades and globes on the light fittings.


It’s highly possible to install a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room. However, it’s important to consider aesthetics and functionality to ensure you have a successful project. The ceiling fan and the chandelier should complement one another aesthetically and should be placed in such a way as to create balance and harmony within the space.

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