Bosch vs Makita: How The Two Brands Compare

Bosch and Makita are big companies, all manufacturing power tool products. However, with so many tool manufacturers emerging on the market today, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to choose the right tools for your DIY and professional work.

However, if you’re reading this post, the chances are that you’ve already narrowed down your list to these two options–Bosch and Makita.

In this post, I will discuss each company’s history, features, and popular power tools to help you make an informed choice. Let’s start with a brief comparison.

Bosch Vs Makita: Major Differences

Here is a brief comparison between Bosch and Makita

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Date of establishment: 1886
  • Started as: Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering
  • Warranty: One year
  • Drill options: 8 18V drill options
  • Durability: Average protection
  • Pricing: Affordable
  • Router Range: 2 to 2.5 horsepower
  • Headquarters: Japan
  • Date of establishment: 1915
  • Started as: Transormers, motors, lighting equipment dealers, and repairers
  • Warranty: Three years
  • Drill options: 5 18V drill options
  • Durability: Average protection
  • Pricing: Pricey
  • Router Range: 1 to 3.5 horsepower

My Recommendation

Comparing two big brands that have been in the industry for more than 100 years is not easy. However, both options offer a wide selection of different power tools, ideal for professional and DIY users. Having used both brands, it’s a tough call for me, but if you asked me, your personal preference, budget, and type of project would play a massive role in making your final decision.

While they may not offer as many varieties as Bosch, Makita products are excellent, making your work easier and more comfortable. They are durable, comfortable, lightweight, and come with a longer warranty. One massive downside about Makita is that their products seem to be a little pricier than Bosch’s. They’re also costlier than most brands. However, cost should not be a problem if you’re looking for tools that will serve you for years.

Bosch, on the other hand, has more tools under their belt and their corded tools are also of excellent quality. Their products are averagely durable, and I also like the overall design and functionality.

Bosch Company

Bosch is a multinational engineering company that was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, 92 percent of the company is owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung–a separate charitable organization.

Bosch has made many different things under its name throughout its history, ranging from windshield wipers to magneto ignition for automobiles and power tools. Bosch launched its factory in 1901 and was the first company to start the 8-hour workday. In 1910, they opened another factory nearby to design headlights.

Bosch transformed into a corporation in 1917. It began making power tools in 1932, and its first product was a hammer drill. Next came the screwdrivers and grinders and, since then, the company has worked to produce high-end tools with excellent performance. Their green tools are designed for DIYers, while the blue tools are meant for professionals. So, there is something for everyone.

Robert Bosch died in 1942. By this time, most of the company’s factors were taken care of by the Nazi government during World War II. Bosch has continued to manufacture many great products that have helped improve everyday living, such as oxygen sensors, traction control systems, and electric motor control.

Bosch Products

Like most companies, Bosch tends to outsource manufacturing processes to other countries, including the USA, China, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taiwan. It’s possible to have one tool made in different countries. Tools marked as “Made in China” may actually have parts from the USA and Germany. 

Now let’s look at some examples of Bosch power tools.

Bosch Circular Saw

Bosch has many powerful circular saws with different strengths and qualities, and the CCS180B 18-Volt is one of my favorites. It is a durable tool that can withstand years of tough jobs as it is made of an upper guard and a heavy-duty aluminum foot. It has a blade length of 6.5 inches and weighs 7 pounds. The precision tool can cut 2-inch thick material at 90 degrees and 16-inch thick material at 50 degrees. 

Bosch Jig Saw

If you need an electric-powered jigsaw, consider checking out JS470E, which is a top-handed jigsaw. This product weighs 10.4 pounds and does not use or require batteries. It features a less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that eliminates the need to touch the hot saw blade. It is an excellent tool for both professional woodworkers and DIYers.

Bosch Demolition Hammer

A demolition hammer is a popular tool among homeowners, particularly DIYers. The BOSCH DH1020VC is an excellent tool for weight distribution while chiseling concrete in horizontal or downward applications. It also offers a smooth start, overload protection, and constant response circuitry. If you’re worried about too much vibration affecting your work, worry no more. This hammer features a vibration control system through a longer air cushion. 

Bosch Tool Combo Kit

Thinking of getting a combo kit for all your DIY projects? Well, Bosch has something interesting for you. Check out the GXL18V-496B22 18V  that offers all your favorite Bosch products all in one bag. Your pack comes with a drill, 2 in 1 socket, an impact driver, reciprocating saw, LED work light, slim pack batteries, charger, belt clips, reciprocating saw blades, and a carrying bag.

Why Should You Buy Bosch Products?

I can use so many words to describe Bosch products, but to be more precise, they are high-quality and ergonomic. Here are the reasons:

High Quality

Bosch manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products to remain competitive while also offering their customers safety, performance, and compliance. For this reason, the company focuses on making high-quality products for all your needs.


Bosch products are designed to make your work simpler and more efficient. For instance, the Bosch PRO-GUARD dust solutions help you comply with the OSHA silica dust regulations. That means managing dust and boosting your productivity. Their saw blades use the NANOBlade technology to make precise cuts, reduce vibration and prevent saws from getting stuck.

Makita Company

The Makita company has been around for more than 100 years. Mosaburo Makita started in March 1915 in Nagoya Aichi, Japan. The company initially specialized in motor sales and repairing transformers and lighting equipment. By the mid-1930s, Makita was already exporting its proprietary line of electric motors.

In 1958, the company designed and marketed a portable electric planer and became the first company to make and sell portable electric planers in Japan. They also introduced the first circular saw in 1962 and the first rechargeable drill in April 1969. In December 1978, Makita launched the first cordless tool with 15 compatible devices a decade later.

Since then, the company has continued manufacturing and selling different power tools while also perfecting the older ones. By 1985, Makita had opened a manufacturing and assembly plant in Georgia. Other significant milestones include the launch of the first brushless impact driver in 2009.

Makita is the first company to manufacture many power tools such as 6500D battery-powered drill and 6010D rechargeable drill (first nickel-cadmium battery tool) and has expanded to other countries like the United States and Brazil. The corporation has invented the stacking box system that helped them ship their products in stackable boxes to create space and prevent damage. Currently, Makita’s headquarters is in Anjo, Japan.

Makita Products

Today, some Makita products are made in different countries, like the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, China, UK, and Japan. Many Makita tools include parts from around the world, though a few are made from specific countries. Here are some of the popular Makita products. 

Makita Circular Saw

Makita is widely known for its high-quality circular saws for different types of users. The 5007F 7- is particularly powerful with proven performance and Jobsite durability. It has a large cutting capacity and two LED lights to illuminate the line of cut and improve accuracy. It’s a great tool with a well-balanced design for superior performance and handling. The AC/DC switch means you can use the tool with alternative power.

Makita Jigsaw

Looking for a top handle jigsaw? You should seriously consider buying the JV0600K for a faster and more accurate cut. This tool allows you to be in control as it has a speed control button to match the tool’s speed to the type of material used. You can use a vacuum to eliminate dust that accumulates in the dust port.

Makita Hammer Drill

One of my favorite hammer drills by Makita is the XPH14Z 18V which is professionally reviewed, inspected, and tested to ensure that all imperfections are dealt with to increase user comfort. You can safely handle the tool at arm’s length without worrying about getting injured when working. It has impressive speed and performance. It’s a lightweight tool running on 18v lithium-ion batteries. Less weight means minimal hand fatigue, particularly when handling more significant projects.

Makita Combo Kit

The Makita XT505 18V is a 5-piece kit that offers you four efficient cordless tools for drilling, cutting, and driving fastening. There is also a cordless flashlight to light your work whenever you need it. You also get the fastest charging 3.0AH batteries from the Makita battery platform. These batteries can power the expanding range of other Makita tools and accessories.

Why Should You Buy Makita Products?

Many people tend to pick Makita over Bosch when it comes to overall quality and durability. There are many other disadvantages attached to it, such as excellent customer care, lengthier warranty, and efficient cordless and corded tools. Here are my top reasons why you should buy Makita products.

Durable and Innovative Tools

In their over 100 years of being in business, Makita has been more aggressive in research and development and at the forefront of creating and improving their products. Makita is best known for its cordless power tools that come in different shapes and designs to fit different user needs. In addition, the products are made with durable materials to help them last longer. Their cordless batteries also last longer than Bosch.

Lighter Tools and Excellent Customer Service

Makita is often clapped for when it comes to customer service. Both Bosch and Makita offer several ways of getting in touch with them if you have a problem or questions regarding their products. However, Makita customer service is something to consider if you want to buy most of their items. 

Bosch Vs Makita: Factors to Consider When Choosing Products

Quality and Durability

When it comes to tools, quality for me comes first. That’s why you should not focus on one brand, because you’ll likely have some bias.  Both Makita and Bosch have quality products, but durability often separates them. Makita power tools are more durable, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

Simplicity and Comfortability

Whether you’re a DIYer or a professional contractor, you want to buy a tool that makes your work more manageable. Makita power tools are super lightweight, allowing you to handle longer projects with ease. 


Like any other product, you need to make sure you have a warranty in case your tool runs into problems that may need to be addressed by the company. Bosch warranty lasts one year while Makita warranty lasts three years.

Powering Technologies

Some Bosch and Makita power tools rely on batteries to operate. So, before making any buying decision, it’s critical that you check the battery capacity and how long it lasts.


The Bosch vs Makita debate may never come to an end unless you try both brands. They are great professional brands in the power tool industry, and their significant contribution to the manufacturing industry has dramatically improved the world economy that continues to grow every day. Both brands provide tools that are suitable for both newbies, DIYers, and professional contractors.

Before choosing which company to buy your tools from, take your time and determine what you want from a power tool. Your checklist and budget will help you make a more informed decision.


1. Do Bosch and Makita have an extensive range of power tools?

Yes. Both companies have an extensive power tool range, but you would likely find different versions of specific tools with Bosch than Makita.

2. Is Makita more expensive than Bosch?

Generally, yes. Makita products are considered a bit pricier than Bosch’s in most cases, which can be attributed to their high-quality products. 

3. What warranty do you get for Bosch products?

Bosch products come with a one-year limited warranty and the option of adding a one-year service protection plan.

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