Bosch GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Track Saw (Review)

Anyone who works with wood or wood sheet products knows just how essential a track saw is. With a good track saw, it will be easier for you to make accurate and well-angled cuts quickly, especially when working with heavy and large shop-made panels and sheet goods. The Bosch GKT13-225L 6-1/2 in. track saw is one such tool.

Product Specifications

Here’s an overview of what to expect from this impressive track saw:

  • PRO648TS 6.5″ 48-tooth blade
  • 47° cutting angle
  • Easy setup and fast finish cuts
  • Overload protection to prevent overheating
  • Effective dust extraction guarantees clean working conditions
  • Convenient blade-changing design
  • Tracking adjustment for ensuring clean cuts

GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Track Saw: First Impression

Bosch is known for its high-quality product, and this track saw is no exception. Right from the moment you open the packaging, you’ll notice the product’s quality. It comes with machined surfaces, easy-to-read scales, and a 12-foot electric cord. In addition, the track saw weighs in at 10.2 pounds, and therefore, it’s easy to work with.

Fitting the saw into its tracks, you’ll be impressed with how the tracks and saw body fit perfectly without any run-out play between the track and the saw. Thus, there will be no movement when you twist the saw while working.

This Bosch track saw is the ultimate precision tool for the most demanding metal, masonry and woodwork applications. The powerful and super-efficient saw is easy to set up and provides one-step clean cuts in both wood and other wood-based sheet products such as plywood and laminated particleboard.

Optimized Track System

Undoubtedly, the track system is the most critical aspect of any track saw. The GKT13-225L track saw excels in this aspect. Its tracks are made from a high-strength aluminum extension. Besides, Bosch optimized the usability feature of the saw’s track system by installing plastic end caps.

The end caps allow the attached electric cord and vacuum hose to slide easily when using the track saw. You won’t have to worry about the electrical cord of the vacuum hose getting caught up along the saw’s sharp track ends.


This track saw comes with a host of Pro features, making it the perfect tool for whatever job you have in mind. The soft-start helps to minimize wear and tear on the motor. This Bosch track saw’s electronics help maintain the recommended speed even under heavy loads when in use.

When using the track saw for the first time, you’ll notice that it takes some time to get used to the plunging feature since there’s a regular trigger for the motor and a separate release for the plunge lock. However, once you get the hang of it, operating the track saw will be hassle-free.

Unlike the case with other track saws, this Bosch track saw should be pushed forward instead of being pulled down when in use. This might be a different motion from standard track saws, but it’s quite easy to master. It’s even safer to take the plunge when using this track saw because it encourages two-hand operation.


The GKT13-225L track saw comes equipped with a 13-amp motor, which helps deliver variable speeds of between 3,600 RPM and 6,250 RPM. The impressive output makes it an ideal tool for a range of applications. In addition, Bosch included electronics to counter motor overload and also maintain optimum rotational speed under load. This, coupled with the motor’s soft start, puts less strain on the shaft, brushes, and shaft.

Safety Features

Bosch included a plunge mechanism in this track saw’s design. This allows for accurate plunge cuts with a precise depth of the cut fuel gauge. Besides, the tool comes with an overload protection feature, which prevents the motor from overheating.

The overload protection feature also comes in handy when undertaking demanding jobs. There’s an indicator that accounts for the track’s thickness when the plunge depth rotates. This negates the need for doing distractive calculations when switching back and forth.

There’s also an electric brake to prevent the machine from spinning backward within the first few seconds of starting up. Therefore, you won’t experience sudden jerking motion when you start the track saw. Likewise, you can put it down during operation without the risk of kickback or even marrying your workplace accidentally. Indeed, you won’t find this feature on most of the track saws you’ll come across.

Another noteworthy safety feature on this Bosch track saw is the inbuilt trigger and lock-off release. It prevents you from inadvertently powering the saw on while picking it up. You can only start the saw after pushing the lock-off release upwards using the thumb before depressing the trigger using the forefinger.

Next to the trigger/lock-off, you’ll find a depth lock lever covering the shaft lock button. When changing the blade, you’ll need to depress the level. The hex wrench is placed conveniently in the handle to allow for quick blade changes.

Dust Extraction

When using a track saw, the last thing you need is dust all over the working surface or, worse still, inside the machine. For this reason, Bosch incorporated a dust extraction feature into this track saw’s design. You’ll find a rotating chip diverter at the back of the machine, which does a pretty decent job of redirecting dust from the work area.

Although Bosch doesn’t sell the track saw with a custom-made dust collection bag, most of the bags you’ll come across fit onto the machine’s chip diverter. So when doing simple jobs such as a few cuts on particleboard, the dust bags will work just fine.

For more extensive jobs, you’ll need to connect the track saw to a dust extractor. Ultimately, you’ll notice that little dust will be left on the guard rail, around the saw, or even on the stock. Thus, dust extraction is among the most impressive features of the GKT13-225L track saw.

Precision at Its Best

When shopping for a track saw, you’ll go for one that guarantees precise cuts. On this aspect, this Bosch track saw performs admirably. The saw is designed to plunge, which makes it more accurate than typical circular saws. It delivers both precision and power, which is why you can use it to make table-saw quality cuts to wood and wood-based products such as laminated particleboard.

The machine’s track guidance system provides accurate adjustments for precise end-to-end and plunge cuts. Besides, the saw and track combination and relatively low weight make the machine a more portable alternative to table saws.

This track’s precision and its blade combine with the separately-sold Bosch tracks to provide straight and fast finish cuts. Bosch engineered the saw to fit the tracks snugly. It features one pivot point for both the non-bevel and bevel cuts ranging from -1° to +47° cuts.

What Makes the GKT13-225L Track Saw Different? 

When shopping for a track saw, you’ll undoubtedly want to end up with a unit that suits a range of applications and also stands out from the rest of the pack. Here’s why the GKT13-225L is among the most impressive track saws on the market.

Wide Range of Optional Attachments

The GKT13-225L kit comes with an L-Boxx case, a blade-change wrench, and a 48-tooth 6-1/2″ track saw blade. Besides, Bosch offers you a wide variety of optional attachments such as four different track lengths, a connector for linking multiple tracks, and a rip fence and angle guide for precision.

Plunge Action

Few track saws allow plunge action. With the GKT13-225L, you’re guaranteed fast and easy clean finish cuts and accurate depths of cut on both wood and wood-based sheet products. The plunge action also allows for two-hand operation, which ensures your safety when using the machine.

Advanced Electronics

Thanks to the advanced electronics that Bosch incorporated into the GKT13-225L track saw, it’s easy to monitor its performance. Also, it helps to maintain a constant speed when undertaking more demanding applications that require speed and precision.

Ease of Changing the Blade

Minimal technical skills are required to change the GKT13-225L’s blades. Bosch used a simple design, which is highlighted by the straightforward blade-change system. All it takes is a quick three-step blade swap with the in-built hex key and spindle lock.

Low Weight

Despite its high-strength construction, the GKT13-225L track saw is incredibly lightweight. Most woodworkers prefer cabinet saws due to their power and stability. However, they have one drawback; mobility. The GKT13-225L strikes a perfect balance between power and mobility.

Weighing at slightly more than 10 pounds, it’s easy to move around with this track saw. Bosch used a magnesium footplate on this machine, and this guarantees durability at less weight. Thus, the machine is ideal for on-call woodworkers.

Extended Cutting Range

This track saw features a 12.5-foot electric code, which provides an extended cutting range. Others in its class have shorter cords that may limit your working range.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a portable and durable beginner track saw that can plunge its blade down any wood and make inside cuts, the GKT13-225L from Bosch is ideal for you. The track saw is engineered with safety and precision in mind. Despite its small size and low weight, it undoubtedly punches above its weight.

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