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Are you trying to build your furniture, but seem to have trouble getting better cuts when using your circular saw? Know that there are many steps you can take to help you cut better! From making installing a custom guide to dealing with tear-outs, you don’t have to give up easily if you don’t get better cut the first time around, especially straight cuts.

In this article, we’ll share with you four tips on how to enjoy better cuts with your circular saw:

4 Tips to Help You Enjoy Better Cuts with Your Circular Saw - Our Guide

1. Use a support

Often, when you finish a cut, you will end up with a splintery end because the piece of wood falls off before you even finish the cut. To stop that from happening, you’ll want to use support below the wood you’re cutting.

To do that, place a piece of wood below the one you’re cutting. That way, the wood below will keep the piece of wood above it intact. That piece of wood should preferably be larger than the wood you’re working on to ensure that it doesn’t fall off when you finish the cut.

2. Use the right blade

Perhaps the most essential method to enjoy much cleaner cuts from your saw blade is by using the right blade in the first place. Often, when you purchase a circular saw, it’ll come with a 24-tooth blade. While the blade will be excellent when cutting thick and solid pieces of wood, it isn’t as good when it comes to producing a cleaner cut.

When you’re cutting thinner pieces of wood or need a cleaner cut, go with a higher tooth-count bed. A 50-tooth or a 60-tooth blade will do the job for you. If you want a general saw that has a fine balance between cut quality and strength, go for a 40-tooth saw blade instead.

3. Address tear-outs

If you’ve ever used a circular saw before, you’ll know that the end where the blades sink into will come out much smoother, while the other side where the blades exit will look like it was torn apart. There are a few ways to go about fixing this. You can apply duct tape through one side and cut through the other. That way, the tape will keep the wood together, limiting the number of tear-outs.

4. Score the board

An excellent way to ensure that your cut is clean is to score the wood first before you make the full cut. When you score, the surface of the wood comes out more cleanly because there’s less wood pushing up against the surface fibers with a deeper cut.

That said, the best way to score your wood is by lowering the circular saw’s footplate. That way, you can get around an eighth deep into the wood. Once you’re done with that, you can raise the plate higher and cut all the way through.

Wrapping up

There are many ways to get a cleaner cut with your circular saw, and some of those can be easily thought up out of your creativity! That said, by following the tips we’ve shared with you, you’ll be able to enjoy much cleaner cuts, which directly translates to high-quality results, such as a cabinet that looks perfect with every bits and bob fitting each other perfectly.

If you are you looking for more guides regarding circular saws and other tools, check out our website to learn more!

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