7 Best Track Saws For That Precise Cut (Category and Type)

If one tool stands out for me, it’s my track saw. I feel it can allow me to rip through my projects and do so with absolute precision and control over and over again.

If you have never thought about using a track saw, and do a lot of wood cutting, then I suggest you change that and change it now. Trust me when I say it will completely transform how you do things, and you will wonder how you managed to survive without one.

But I get it. You look at the list of track saws on the market and have no idea where to begin. I know it’s tough, and then you worry you will make an expensive mistake by getting the wrong one.

Well, I’m here to stop that from happening. I’ve taken my own personal experience of using power tools to search through the different options on the market to narrow them down. What’s then happened is I’ve managed to find seven track saws that I know will make your life so much easier.

But that’s not all I’m going to do. Finally, I will also provide you with some tips on what to look out for when buying your own track saw. 

getting ready to use track saw

How I Made My List

I didn’t simply pick seven random track saws and write about them. Each saw has gone through a process to ensure I have the best saws on the market for various reasons.

I wanted each saw to be easy to use and maintain. I wanted each saw to make you feel as if you are in control at all times and can make precise cuts. Each track saw had to be fast and powerful, so our projects don’t take an eternity to complete.

But I also spent time reading what others had to say about each saw to find some real-life experiences of owning one.

By the end, I was left with these seven that stood out for me for several reasons.

Best Budget Track Saw – Evolution Power Tools R185CCSX

  • Power: 230V 1600W motor
  • Blade Size: 7.25 inch
  • Speed: 3770 RPM

If you want to own a track saw without it costing you the earth, then I feel you should check out the Evolution Power Tools R185CCSX. It may not be the most elaborate track saw out there, but I think it performs exceptionally well, and it will undoubtedly make a massive difference to your projects.

This model comes with a 1600W motor, and it is capable of speeds of up to 3770 RPM. Now that is lower than you will see with other models, but I feel this does help to make this track saw perfect for people starting out with these power tools.

Cutting at an angle is also not a problem with this machine. You can adjust through to 45 degrees, and the track will hold things in place, allowing you to focus on the cut itself. Talking of cutting, this machine can cut through some metal as well as wood up to 2 ½ inches thick. 

Finally, I do like the handle on this model. It gives a good grip while also managing to maintain a level of comfort as well. Overall, it just makes this budget track saw a joy to use.


  • This model is perfect for beginners
  • It can cut metal as well as wood without too many problems
  • The handle delivers a fantastic grip
  • You can cut up to a 45-degree angle
  • You get a 3-year warranty


  • The track does come in three sections, which can be annoying

Best Corded Track Saw – Bosch GTK13-225 Track Saw

  • Power: 13 Amp motor
  • Blade Size: 6 ½”
  • Speed: 3,600 – 6,250 RPM

If you want to go for a corded track saw that is an absolute beast at what it can do, then I think you should check out the Bosch GTK13-225 track saw. With a huge 13 Amp motor behind it, this track saw comes equipped with a 6 ½” blade capable of even cutting decking wood without leaving splinters.

You can also tilt the blade on this version from 0 to 47 degrees, so that’s all those bevel cuts taken care of. I’ve found that changing the tracks and rails on this model takes next to no time at all, and I love that fact. 

Going back to its cutting ability, it can easily cut 2 ¼” planks at a 90-degree angle. It also comes with a variable speed dial allowing you to change between 3,600 and 6,250 RPM. Doing this will enable you to take absolute control over the cuts, leading to a far superior end result.

But for me, the absolute precision and quality finish stand out with this corded track saw. That is even more impressive than the power behind the blade, so if you want those fine cuts, this model will be more than capable of delivering.


  • This is a very powerful corded track saw
  • The variable speed dial works well, offering absolute control
  • The bevel angle is very easy to set up and move
  • You get complete precision with your cuts via this model
  • It generates no vibration when in use, making it far more comfortable


  • This track saw is more for experience DIY’ers only

Best Value Track Saw – WEN CT1065

  • Power: 10 Amp
  • Blade Size: 6 ½ inch
  • Speed: 5500 RPM

If you are looking for a track saw that represents real value for money, then the WEN CT1065 is one model that may very well grab your attention. This track saw comes with a 10 Amp motor capable of throwing out speeds of up to 5,500 RPM. However, you do not have as much control over the speed as you do with other models.

For cutting, then it comes with a 6 ½” blade, and it can also be tilted through to 45 degrees for those bevel cuts. I find this to be exceptionally easy to do, and it does produce clean cuts each and every time.

It also comes with a dust port at the rear of the saw, and it appears easy enough to use. However, you need to hook it up to your own dust collection device, as it’s merely the port included in this model.

But even though this is a value model, you should still know that I find this a very robust track saw. Actually, it comes across as sturdier than much more expensive models.

Overall, this track saw by WEN is very easy to use, delivering great cuts on board up to 2 ⅓” thick. If you want to own a track saw without spending a lot of money or simply want to own one that represents value, then I would give this model some serious consideration.


  • It’s straightforward to use and perfect for people new to track saws
  • It comes with a dust port where you just need to hook up your dust collection device
  • It’s very robust as a track saw
  • You can easily tilt for bevel cuts
  • It is more powerful than you would initially expect


  • It would be better if you could control the speed more easily

Best Festool Track Saw – Festool TSC 55 KEB-Basic

  • Power: 18V
  • Blade Size: 6 ¼”
  • Speed: 2,600 – 5,200 RPM

Festool has this fantastic habit of producing quality track saws, but I feel the TSC 55 KEB Basic model is one of the best. It comes with two individual 18V batteries, resulting in a saw with a variable speed of anywhere from 2,600 to 5,200 RPM.

The blade size in this model is slightly smaller than you tend to see elsewhere. However, at 6 ¼”, it will still be more than capable of cutting through planks to a maximum depth of 2 ⅛”.

But I think this model is excellent because it still comes with its anti-kick mechanism, even on the basic model. I feel this added safety feature should appear on every model. It means the track saw will not throw back on you should it jam and just gives you absolute peace of mind.

This model also has a brushless motor. That means it can cope with a lot more without requiring much maintenance. Also, if you want bevel cuts, it works through to 47 degrees with absolute ease. Add in a pretty darn good dust collection system, and this model won’t let you down in any department.

Overall, I love this Festool track saw because it has control and speed and delivers precise cuts every time.


  • It has an anti-kick mechanism giving you greater protection
  • You can easily control the speed with this model
  • It comes with a whole lot of power behind it
  • It collects a substantial amount of dust
  • You can easily set up the track or tilt for bevel cuts


  • That slightly smaller blade does mean it cannot cut through as many planks as others

Best Makita Track Saw – Makita SP6000J

  • Power: 12 Amp motor
  • Blade Size: 6 ½ inch
  • Speed: 2000 – 5,200 RPM variable speed

Makita is a brand name I love, and the SP6000J is a fantastic track saw. It has an impressive 12 Amp motor capable of throwing out speeds of up to 5,200 RPM. However, you also get a variable speed dial, so you can slow that down to 2000 RPM if and when required.

From the blade perspective, you have a 6 ½ inch blade, making light work of whatever you throw at it. 

But those are not the reasons why I’ve included it in this list. Instead, what I like about this model is the torque limiter that’s built into it. This prevents the motor from being burnt out, and that leads to less need for maintenance. Also, it means you won’t destroy your track saw through heavy use.

It also comes with a lock lever that holds the saw onto the rail leading to easier cutting. This helps with bevel cuts, while the dust port of this model does a fine job of clearing up after you.


  • This model comes with a powerful motor
  • The torque limiter preserves your track saw
  • The lock lever means you can make a smoother cut
  • It delivers a consistent level of power, leading to more accurate cuts
  • The variable speed dial works well


  • While the dust port is good, it’s not the best on the market

Best Track Saw for the Money – DeWalt DWS520

  • Power: 12 Amp
  • Blade Size: 6 ½ inch
  • Speed: 1,750 – 4,000 RPM

The DeWalt DWS520 is a corded track saw that delivers almost 700W of power and a variable speed of 1,750 to 4,000 RPM. That is a massive amount of power, and it’s no surprise that it then makes quick work of cutting through planks up to 2 ⅓” thick.

This model does operate slightly differently from most track saws as the plunge mechanism works in more of an arc with a need to push forward rather than straight down. However, this is something you quickly get used to and certainly does not alter the end result.

It also comes with a bevel cut option, and this model works through to an angle of 47 degrees. I do love it when it goes past 45 degrees, as I just feel it opens up more options with projects. 

Overall, with anti-kick mechanisms and a decent dust collection system, I find this track saw very easy to use. It does vibrate a bit, but not to a crazy extent either. Also, it feels comfortable enough to hold when in use.


  • It’s DeWalt, so it is reliable and robust
  • The bevel angle goes beyond 45 degrees
  • The dust collection system is pretty impressive
  • It’s easy to control
  • It produces a smooth cut


  • Not everyone loves corded, but it does have a long cable

Best Cordless Track Saw – DeWalt DCS520T1

  • Power: 60V motor
  • Blade Size: 6 ½ inch
  • Speed: 1,750 to 4,000 RPM

DeWalt has long established itself as a brand producing high-quality power tools, and the DCS520T1 is no different. This track saw is cordless and backed with a seriously powerful 60V motor, which is more than enough to power the 6 ½ inch blade.

This model also comes with a variable speed dial with you able to change speeds between 1,750 and 4,000 RPM. I always love when you can adjust the speed on a track saw, as it provides you with much more control. Also, it can cut through wood up to a maximum of 2 ⅛ “ thick. 

In addition, DeWalt states how this track saw will create no splinters, so you get a smooth cut. If you want to do a bevel cut, you can alter this track between 0 and to 47-degrees. I find that to be more than adequate. 

But there is one other thing I love about this model: the anti-kickback mechanism. This is fantastic should you hit a knot and the saw jams. It will not buck and jolt on you, making this saw exceptionally safe to use.

Overall, what you get here with this model by DeWalt is a straight plunge track saw that is ergonomically designed to make holding it as comfortable as possible. The fact it’s cordless does also make it easier to move around, and I find the battery life is not as bad as you may find with other brands.


  • This model has a variable speed dial making it easier to control the cut
  • It has a very powerful brushless motor powered by 60V
  • DeWalt states the model will not produce any splinters giving a clean cut
  • It has been ergonomically designed to make holding it easier
  • The tilt angle allows you to make most bevel cuts


  • You need to keep on checking the battery power

How to Choose the Perfect Track Saw 

track saw without track

I feel confident in the quality of each track saw I’ve listed above, and I know that at least one will prove to be the perfect track saw for your needs. However, I know you need to get to grips with choosing a track saw, so I will also help with that.

For me, three components stand out as significant. These are the blade size, the power, and also the speed. 

Blade Size

Most track saws will come with a 6.5” blade. However, you can get versions with both larger or smaller blades included.

But the thing to think about when it comes to blade size is the wood you will be cutting. The larger the blade, the larger the wood. That’s why you need to think very carefully about the projects you will be working on with your track saw.

Also, keep in mind that we are talking about the diameter here of the blade. 


While both corded and cordless versions are available on the market, you will find more corded versions to choose from. However, I have noticed that there’s something of a shift with this, and there are undoubtedly more cordless versions to choose from than ever before.

I’ve also noticed that corded versions generally come with slightly better specs. It does mean you don’t have to worry about constantly recharging batteries, which could very well be something that plays a role in your decision.


My own track saw comes with a variable speed dial, and I suggest focusing on trying to find a model with a variable speed dial as well. The reason for this is it does provide you with a sense of more control over your projects.

From a numbers perspective, I feel you should look at speeds ranging from 2000 RPM up to around 5,500 RPM. As you can see, that’s a big range, and it’s another reason why having the ability to control speed is critical.

What it Cuts

You should also become aware of what the track saw can cut before you go ahead and make your purchase. Is it for trim work? Can it cut through metal? 

Knowing its capabilities and how it aligns with your needs will help you eliminate those track saws that won’t work for you.

For me, those are the important points when it comes to choosing a track saw. As long the model you are contemplating purchasing falls within these parameters, I don’t think you will go wrong with whichever one you buy.

Overall Conclusion

Choosing a track saw should not be difficult. Sure, there are a number out there on the market, but the tips I’ve listed above should hopefully make life that bit easier. 

I’ve just never looked back after getting my track saw. The speed at which it can make controlled cuts that are absolutely precise is still astonishing for me years after getting one. I know you will have the same reaction with your own version.

I do suggest investing in one if you carry out various projects involving a number of cuts. It will drastically shorten the time it takes for your project, making you feel like you are making real progress. 

I think a track saw is one of those real essential items nobody should do without. You will know exactly what I mean from the very moment you fire up your own version and just see how good it is at its job.

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