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Cutting tiles and stone can be a difficult task with any regular saw, and this is why any regular saw won’t quite cut it.

For this type of job, you need a specialized saw: a tile saw.

Yet, what is the best tile saw to choose from? With so many different options out there available, it can be a difficult decision to choose the best option; which is why we’ve reviewed five of the best tile saws that are currently found on the market.

Want to find the best tile saw for you, but don’t have enough time on your hands to currently read the entire article? Don’t stress, we’ve listed the five tile saws reviewed today, so you can come back and read at a better time for you:

Best Tile Saw

My Recommendations

As always, these are just my recommendations; yet then tile saws reviewed today are five of the best on the market, and cater for a range of experience levels and uses. Worried about your budget, and pricing yourself out of a saw? Don’t be – these tile saws are suitable for all budgets – so you can take peace of mind in knowing there’s one out there for you.

Let me know what you think of these by leaving a comment in the section at the bottom of the article. With that, let’s begin!

DEWALT D24000S Tile Saw

We spoke about peace of mind earlier, and there’s definitely this when a DeWalt product is named within the list. This is no different in our review today, as the D24000S from DeWalt is one of the best tile saws available on the market.

The D24000S is packaged with a DeWalt diamond-studded blade – which will give you the power to cut through a majority of tiles, whatever their material. As well as this is the compact saw frame. This is designed for easy setup and transport – and you can do it all yourself thanks to its 69 lbs total weight, a perfectly compact design suited for portability.

From portability, there are also many user-friendly features, one of which includes rear and side attachment trays, which allow for any excess water to be captured – something which can occur with the dual-water nozzles, allowing you to keep all water within the pan.

This is only the beginning when discussing some of the great additions which makes the D24000S one of the best tile saws on the market. We have some insight into the specs and features found in this tile saw, which will be of interest to you:

  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Motor tilts at 45°and 22.5°
  • Adjustable rollers for table alignment
  • Ripping capacity of 24” and 18” diagonally
  • 2 x adjustable water nozzles
  • Optional rear and side water attachments
  • 5-gallon pan 
  • 3-⅛” depth of cut
  • Dual-position 45° guide
  • Saw frame includes a stainless steel rail system 

What’s Included?

  • 1 x 10” DEWALT D24000S Tile Saw
  • 1 x 34” x 26” Compact saw frame 
  • 1 x Diamond studded blade

My Favorite Feature: Dual Water Nozzles

  • Keep a constant flow of water on your blade and tile with two adjustable water nozzles

Cutting tiles can be incredibly difficult without water as an aid, and sometimes one water nozzle can’t do the job by itself. Many integrated water nozzles on tile saws are fixed, not allowing for flexibility with your blade and material – especially if you’re working at an angle with your tile.

With the D24000S, you won’t have this issue, with two adjustable nozzles allowing for more control over the blade, directing the spray to where it’s necessary.

SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw

Tile saws don’t have to be expensive, meaning that not only the professionals can use them, but the weekend DIYer, too. The 3540-02  is an example of this, one of the best tile saws that won’t break the budget – and from a well-known brand, too.

The 3540-02 allows you to do many things you’d want in a tile saw, such as a cooling water reservoir that will keep your blade completely cool without a kickback of debris, and a bevel cutting capacity of 0 to 45°. 

An adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge is also included with the tile saw – allowing you straighter cunts when working with tiles.

What other specs and features can you find on the 3540-02? Read below.

  • 3,600 RPM no-load motor
  • 4.2 amps
  • Total weight of 17 lbs
  • Miter angle of 0-45°
  • Bevel positive stops at 0 and 45°
  • Stainless steel tabletop 
  • Adjustable rip fence 
  • Miter gauge
  • Blade cooling reservoir

What’s Included?

  • 1 x  SKIL 3540 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw
  • 1 x 7” Diamond blade
  • 1 x Blade guard
  • 2 x wrenches

My Favorite Feature: Adjustable Rip Fence

  • An inclusive adjustable rip fence and miter gauge will give straighter cuts upon your tiles

For a tile saw which isn’t out of the price range of many users, the 3540-02 includes an adjustable rip fence, allowing you to make cuts that are much more precise than if you weren’t to have one. 

As well as the adjustable rip fence, SKIL has also included a miter gauge – and you’ll notice the difference when looking at the end results of your cuts – higher quality, thanks to a few simple inclusions.

Not a bad feature, is it? let me know what you think of the 3540-02 in the comments at the bottom of the article.

MK-370EXP Tile Saw

  • 1.4 HP
  • Lightweight at 33 lbs
  • Built-in 45° miter system
  • ⅝” diameter chrome-plated guide for precision cutting
  • Plunge cut capability
  • Hinged blade guard for easy blade changes
  • Can cut 18’ long and 13” diagonally

What’s Included?

  • 1x MK-370EXP Tile Saw
  • 1 x 7” Diamond cutting blade
  • 1 x Water pump
  • 1 x Rip guide

My Favorite Feature: Plunge Cut Capability

  • Precise plunge capability makes cutting outlets and openings incredibly efficient

When cutting tiles for your house, there’s always an important element to consider – small outlets for piping and wiring. Cutting tiles can be incredibly difficult for many saws, and if you don’t have a plunge-cutting option for your tiles on your tile saw – you’re going to face difficulty when running through your piping.

With the MK-370EXP, you won’t have this issue – thanks to the impressive plunge cut function built into the tile saw, allowing you to use the one saw for the project – saving you both time and money.

The plunge-cut feature is incredibly accurate, and you won’t have to worry about breaking your materials when plunge cutting, thanks to the blade’s durability.


Porter-cable is known throughout the power tool industry for its durable and high-quality products. With the PCE980 tile saw, they continue this, and there are a few reasons as to why this model is so impressive.

Firstly, the PCE980 is able to make precise cuts, some as wide as 17”. Diagonal cuts can be supported, with dimensions of 12” x 12”. An accurate miter square is included, and its power is supported by a 6.5 amp motor – quite impressive when considering its lightweight design and a total weight of 27 lbs.

There are some other great features found on the PCE98, and we’re going to share these with you, as well as looking into the specs in the list below:

  • 1HP  with 2850 RPM
  • Total weight of 27 lbs
  • 17.5” rip capacity
  • Stainless steel deck
  • Roll cage for protection
  • Splash guard to prevent water spray
  • Miter square included

What’s Included?

  • 1 x PCE980 7” Wet Tile Saw
  • 1 x PCE890 7” Porcelain tile blade 
  • 1 x Miter square
  • 1 x Drain plug
  • 1 x Blade wrench

My Favorite Feature: Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

  • Prevent rust and water damage thanks to the durable stainless steel design

Using a tile with water as the focal point means that your unit is at risk of damage over time, and cust thanks to constant water exposure. The durable design the PCE980 table is made from is rust-resistant stainless steel, meaning the constant exposure of water won’t damage the tile saw.

This will allow you to have one tool for many years, rather than having to replace it; as this definitely does not come cheap.  

What do you think of the stainless steel design on the PCE980? Let me know in the comments below.

QEP 22400Q Tile Saw

Lastly, we’ll be directing our keen eye over the 22400Q tile saw from QEP.

The QEP 22400Q boasts an impressive cutting scope, which allows materials including stone, slate, marble and ceramic to be cut. To prevent rust from damaging the unit over time, the 22400Q has been made from plastic – which aids in fighting corrosion over time.

An impressive water recirculation feature can also be found on the 22400Q – saving you time by constantly replenishing the water supply, and allowing for a drier environment to work in.

The 22400Q is great for smaller jobs, which is why any serious DIYer should have it at the top of their lists. We’ve listed the specs and features of this model in the list below, so you can see for yourself:

What’s Included?

  • 1 x QEP 22400Q Tile Saw
  • 1 x 7” porcelain tile blade
  • 1 x Miter square
  • 1 x Blade wrench

My Favorite Feature: Extra 5” of cutting surface

  • Dual extension tables provide more room to cut upon

Tile saws can be relatively compact, and this can often restrict the size of the material they’re able to work with. QEP has acknowledged this, and as such have given more space on their 22400Q tile saw in the form of dual extension tables.

Not only is it great for added space and more tiles to be fed through, but it’s also extremely portable, allowing itself to be folded back in. This is perfect for those who aren’t able to fit a larger saw in when facing restrictions when it comes to space.

This is a great feature to be found in an inexpensive tile saw, don’t you think?

The Final Verdict

We’ve looked into five of the best tile saws across the market, with a variety of features found throughout the models, as well as the differences across the pricing range.

With all things combined, what would be the pick of our list? That honor would fall to the tile saw from DEWALT, the D24000. The stainless steel rail system allows for incredibly accurate cuts, as well as resisting rust for a longer lifespan. A plunge feature is included, and the dual water nozzles as a great functional adjust to assist with cutting thick tiles.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, though. Perhaps you have another idea on the best tile saw? Or perhaps we’ve missed something – whatever it may be, leave your comments below, it’d be great to read them.

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