6 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges (For Precise Angle Cuts)

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If you want to cut something on an angle with your table saw, then you will require a miter gauge. Quite simply, with one, you can make accurate cuts you can trust.

I know this may not be the most exciting purchase you will ever make when it comes to tools, but I reckon it’s easily one of the most important. 

You see, thanks to a miter gauge, you will be able to improve your accuracy when it comes to making those cuts. Also, a universal table saw gauge should mean each model is easy to set up and use, allowing you to increase the versatility of what your table saw can do.

A miter gauge is easy to use. The readouts are simple and straightforward, and it also improves the range of projects you can work on via your table saw.

But there’s then a problem, which is directly connected to the sheer number of options on the market. That means you can find yourself looking around wondering which version to go with, and I don’t want you to feel put off by the idea of grabbing a miter gauge.

So, to help, I’ve spent time using all my experience working with tools to bring you a list of the six best table saw miter gauges available to buy right now. Also, after checking out the different options, I suggest you read my tips and guide on how to choose the correct miter gauge for your needs. 

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How I Made My List

But first, a quick mention of how I made my list in the first place. 

I have more years of experience working with power tools than I care to remember, so I’ve used more than my fair share of miter gauges over the years. I feel that experience does count for so much, so I’ve put it all to good use.

But that’s not all.

I also checked each miter gauge to see if it was easy to use. I don’t want something complicated to set up and where you find it challenging to get the angle you want. For me, that’s going to defeat the purpose of using it. 

Finally, I also checked what others had to say about each miter gauge. I wanted to get some feedback from individuals who own a particular model, as that tells me a lot about what it’s like to own the item for an extended period.

After all of that, I was left with these six different miter gauges that represent the best value for money.

Best Value for Money Table Saw Miter Gauge – Fulton Precision

I get that some people may think it’s not worth their while to spend a lot of money on a miter gauge as they feel they will hardly use it. So, that’s why I’ve included this Fulton Precision miter gauge as one that I believe represents real value for money.

The one thing that’s clear from the outset is that this miter gauge has been well-planned. The company has thought long and hard about how to best design this model, and I feel they have done an excellent job of making things as straightforward as possible.

First, it comes with a wide range of angle options from as low as 22.5 degrees to as much as 67.5 degrees. I love when it goes beyond that 45 degrees option, and the fact it works both left and right makes a real difference. 

When it comes to increments, it’s set to single degrees, so it won’t take long to get things set to how you want them. Also, it has a spring-loaded pin for faster settings, so this model certainly won’t hold you back with your projects.

In addition, I appreciate that the miter bar is set at 18” long, and while that’s shorter than some, it’s suitable for most occasions. The only downside is that this model will struggle to fit with either Craftsman or Sears tables, so keep that in mind.

Overall, this miter gauge works well and will undoubtedly make life easier for you by getting those angles.


  • The single-degree increments make it straightforward to use
  • It is fast at setting up
  • It works on both the left and right
  • The angle option is wider than you get with many models
  • It has an aluminum fence perfect for 45-degree cuts


  • It doesn’t work on either Craftsman or Sears table saws

Best Table Miter Gauge for Beginners – POWERTEC 71142 Universal

If you want to keep things nice and simple, this miter gauge by POWERTEC could be the perfect model. You see, POWERTEC has realized that people carrying out basic angle cuts probably won’t need to go down to an accuracy of a fraction of a degree. So, they don’t include that option with this model.

Made from laser-cut aluminum, it means it’s rigid and will last for years without any problems. You will also notice it comes with a total of 27 indents giving you more than enough options for setting up this miter gauge.

I also love how it incorporates a tremendous pivoting mechanism for locating those angles. That does mean there’s no need to hang around when using this miter gauge. 

The only problem is it doesn’t come with a fence included. In saying that, it comes with holes built into the miter gauge, allowing you to add a fence if you have one or wish to purchase one.

Overall, this miter gauge doesn’t do anything too fancy, but it performs well and allows you to get those desired angle cuts.


  • It doesn’t over-complicate matters with the degrees
  • It’s fast to set up your angle
  • It has more than enough indents to assist with setting it up
  • It’s made from aluminum, so it will last for years
  • It has an adjustment to allow it to fit well with any table


  • You need to buy a fence as one is not included

Best Table Saw Miter Gauge for Versatility – INCRA Miter1000/HD

I love INCRA as a brand when it comes to miter gauges. They do produce several worthy of appearing on this list, but I’ve opted for this model thanks to its versatility.

This model has been machine-made to provide complete accuracy for those angles. I like how it has single-degree increments with quick and easy-to-find angles, while you can adjust to within 0.1 degrees for absolute precision.

However, it’s not just the angle option that makes this model stand out for me. It’s also the way INCRA has sought to ensure it can fit onto pretty much any table saw. This is achieved via the miter bar, and a T-slot adapter is included.

Finally, this model comes with a fence, and this aluminum fence can easily extend from 18” to 31”. This increases that versatility I was talking about, but they have also included a flip stop that will help you maintain absolute accuracy over the length of your cuts.

Overall, this miter gauge is a fantastic model, and even though it’s a premium model, I think it will prove to be a useful addition for any serious woodworker.


  • Getting those increments is easy
  • It fits on any table
  • It provides absolute accuracy
  • The fence is extendable
  • The head is laser cut for even better accuracy


  • It’s not a good example for a beginner

Best Table Saw Miter Gauge for Precision – POWERTEC 71143 Deluxe

POWERTEC never messes around regarding its tools, and this miter gauge is no different. If it’s precision you want, without things being made complicated, then this model could very well appeal to you.

What I love about this model is how it covers all those key angles without making your life difficult when it comes to getting them. Also, the miter gauge will then lock into place, and you will have no issues with just getting on with making those cuts.

In addition, this model is clearly manufactured to fit in with the most common size of miter slot, so it should work with almost every table out there. However, I would check the measurements on your table first, just to be sure you won’t run into any problems.

Finally, this model does not come with a fence, so you need to consider installing one yourself. However, this is easy to do, and any standard fence should work with this model.

Overall, I find that this model makes life easy for you regarding getting your angles and then simply getting on with the job at hand.


  • It has set increments that are easy to locate
  • It fits into the most common size of miter slot
  • It locks into place perfectly, offering you absolute accuracy
  • It’s sturdy and grips well
  • It’s comfortable to use, and you won’t run into any problems


  • This model has no fence included

Best Table Saw Miter Gauge for Effectiveness – Delta Delux Miter Gauge 34-929

Finally, I know you want your miter gauge to be effective at what it can do, and this model by Delta is not about to let you down. 

Delta states how their miter gauge works with almost every brand of table out there, and while that does appear to be the case, it’s still best to be safe. That’s why they also made it easy to check if the miter gauge is indeed compatible with your table saw, and I’d undoubtedly check that out in advance.

What I like about this model is the way it sticks to basics. It offers you all the more common stops, and you will find it quick and easy to move between angles and lock everything into place. 

Overall, I appreciate what Delta has achieved with this model. By keeping it easy to use, I think this could be the perfect miter gauge for people who want to get the task done and do so with minimal fuss.


  • It keeps angles to the basics
  • It makes it quick and easy to move between the angles
  • It’s the perfect solution for people who just want to get the job done
  • It’s robust
  • It works with pretty much any table


  • It’s not for advanced users who require those small differences in angles

Best Overall Table Saw Miter Gauge – KREG KMS7102

The thing I love most about this table saw miter gauge by KREG is the simple fact that it’s going to vastly improve the accuracy of your cuts. This is primarily thanks to the micro-adjustments option that comes with the model, and I do find this to be very easy to use.

The adjustments can be made in increments as small as 0.01 degrees, and that’s very impressive. However, if you plan on working with more common angles, you will also see that the model has a series of positive stops. This includes 0, 10, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees, which tend to be the more common angles people wish to work from.

By including those positive stops, you should find it quick and easy to get to the angle you want, and I do love it when something is made very easy for me. 

But another thing, this miter gauge comes with five screws that allow it to fit well with the table. That means it’s not going to go anywhere. In addition, it comes with a fence that measures 24” long. The fence itself is made from aluminum, so it’s sturdy and is helped by the fact it’s quick and easy to set up.

Overall, I feel this miter gauge is an excellent choice; it will transform how you go about so many projects. 


  • It’s quick and easy to set up
  • It fits snug to the table and won’t move
  • The micro-adjustments mean you can get a precise angle
  • The positive stops make it easy to get those common angles
  • The fence is rigid and works well


  • It’s easy to get carried away with the absolutely precise degrees

How to Choose the Right Table Saw Miter Gauge

table saw making angle cut

The six different miter gauges above are all excellent options in their own right. However, I do get that some readers may wonder which model is best for their needs.

So, to help, I have several tips that will make a difference when it comes to making that selection.

Understand the Construction

The first thing to look at is the actual construction of the table saw miter gauge. Typically, you are looking at three parts: the miter head, the miter bar, and the fence. However, some models will not come with a fence, even though you can add your own.

Basically, the miter bar is the part that fits into the accessories slot you see on your table saw. The miter gauge will then slide along that bar, and you can set up your desired cutting angle.

What you want is for the miter gauge to be easy to adjust to ensure it fits perfectly into place on the table. You want it so that it’s incapable of moving around while also not being so tight that everything can then jam.

The Miter Head

The miter head is where you will see those increments for adjusting the angle. Generally, you will find a push handle that allows you to move between points, and some models will also come with set increments representing the most widely used angles.

Do look out for some models that offer micro-adjustments. That is when you can set angles to a fraction of a degree, but most home DIY’ers will not actually need that sort of accuracy.

The Material

The materials most commonly used for the miter gauge include aluminum or steel. Clearly, aluminum is lighter, but you may find that only the fence is then made from this metal. 

Steel is clearly more rigid than aluminum, but it’s also open to corrosion, which can hamper how the miter gauge works.

Stops and Angles

When checking out the different miter gauges, you may notice the information referring to stops. This is simply the point at which the miter gauge can stop to deliver a set angle to you.

Talking of angles, all will go up to at least 45 degrees, but some do go beyond that by working to both the left and right side of the miter gauge. I prefer when this is the case as it offers greater versatility.


Finally, look at the size of your table saw and how it fits in with the size of the fence. Be aware some fences are adjustable in length, which may make a difference in which option fits.

I do prefer when a fence is adjustable. It opens up new options regarding usability and makes the fence far more versatile with what it can offer.

Overall, the key to choosing a table saw miter gauge is ensuring it fits into the accessories slot and offers you the increments you need for your projects. 

Overall Conclusion

So that is my list of the six best miter gauges on the market right now that will be perfect for your table saw. As you can see, a miter gauge does not have to be complex. Instead, I’ve selected six options that are easy to use and where they deliver the results you want.

Also, do remember to run over my simple guide on the key things to look out for when choosing your miter gauge. I think you will find those tips helpful, which should make the entire process easier.

Ultimately, if you intend to use your table saw regularly, I would ensure I had a miter gauge that I could fit when required. I promise it will make a significant difference to the projects you can work on, and you will be amazed at its versatility.

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