The 10 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges (A Complete Guide)

There are many fantastic universal miter gauges available for your table saw. The majority of these are able to fit into standard size miter slots, which are 3/4-inches wide and 3/8-inches deep. Many aftermarket miter gauges for table saws also come equipped with miter fences, which are used to support workpieces while you are cutting. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best miter gauges available on the market today. Once we’ve done this, we’ll look at the features of a miter gauge and the considerations to keep in mind when you’re finding the right one for your table saw.

The 10 Best Miter Gauges For Table Saws 

When it comes down to aftermarket miter gauges, these are your best options available today! 

1. INCRA MITERV27 Miter Gauge 

The MITERV27 from INCRA is an excellent miter gauge in a compact package. This miter gauge could be a perfect choice for those woodworkers looking for detailed accuracy while doing miter cuts. This model is compatible with miter slots that are 3/8-inches deep and 3/4-inches wide. 

With 27 angle stops and a universal mountain bracket for a fence, this is an affordable miter gauge for your table saw. With this miter gauge, you’ll have a 180-degree range, with locking angle stops every 5-degrees. This allows for an estimated 60-degree range for miter cuts. 

2. INCRA 1000HD Miter Gauge 

The 1000HD Miter Gauge is another great choice from INCRA. This one can provide even more accuracy for professional woodworkers. Overall, this miter gauge features 180 locking stops, with a 1-degree spacing between them. This is a miter gauge that has been refined in order to provide you with maximum accuracy while cutting. 

Like the miter gauge discussed above, the 1000HD is compatible with table saws with standard miter slot sizes (3/8-inches deep, 3/4-inches wide). The telescoping fence included with this miter gauge can be extended from 18-inches to 31-inches. This miter gauge from INCRA is sure to improve the quality of your miter cuts! 

3. INCRA Miter 1000SE Miter Gauge


The 1000SE Miter Gauge is another great product from INCRA for those woodworkers looking for a great miter gauge with an included fence. This miter gauge features 41 stop points at the most common angles a woodworker might need to cut at with their table saw. This product will have you cutting accurately and efficiently in no time! 

With the ability to change the size of the miter grooves, this miter gauge will fit into almost any miter slot. This device also comes equipped with a high-quality telescoping miter fence, which will allow you to handle a variety of material lengths like a pro. The fence can be expanded between 18 and 31 inches as needed. 

4. Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge 

Kreg’s KMS7102 miter gauge is guaranteed to improve the accuracy of your cuts. With this miter gauge’s micro-adjustment mechanism, you’ll be able to set highly accurate angles for your cuts. An included brass pin is used to accurately adjust your angles.  

This product also features all the stops you’d expect from a miter gauge! Furthermore, this miter gauge is designed to fit into a wide variety of miter slots and reduce any play. If you’re serious about making precise cut after precise cut, this is a great option from Kreg. 

5. POWERTEC 71142 Universal Table Saw Miter Gauge 

POWERTEC is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes down to accessories for your power tools. With a choice between 27 and 120 angle stops, this is a great universal miter gauge for your table saw.

This miter gauge is compatible with the miter slots on table saws with 3/8-inch-deep and 3/4-inch-wide slots. Unfortunately, this miter gauge will not work with smaller table saws. This device features a quality build and will provide you with the accuracy you need for your miter cuts. 

6. POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge 

This aftermarket miter gauge from POWERTEC could be the right addition to your table saw. With a design that prioritizes your comfort and grip, this miter gauge will help you make precise cuts every time. This tool does not include a fence, which will need to be added. 

This miter gauge features stops at all common angle points. If you don’t need to invest in a miter gauge with more angle stops, then this one will serve you perfectly. This universal miter gauge is designed to fit the standard miter slot measurements of 3/8” by 3/4”.

7. Delta Deluxe Miter Gauge 34-929

This versatile miter gauge from Delta is designed to work with most shapes and brands of table saws. Once again, it is designed to work with standard miter slot sizes. With stops at all common angles, this miter gauge is basic yet effective. 

The link above allows you to enter the model number of your table saw in order to verify compatibility with this miter gauge. You’ll have improved accuracy from your angled cuts in no time! 

8. Fulton Precision Miter Gauge 

With this product, Fulton isn’t just providing you with a high-quality miter gauge; they’re also providing you with a fantastic miter fence for maximum support. This miter gauge features thirteen stop holes at all common angles, perfect for the most common woodworking projects. 

This miter gauge features universal functionality and is compatible with standard miter slot sizes. With the accuracy provided by this aluminum miter gauge, you’ll save a lot of time setting up your angled cuts, especially with the included fence! 

9. Big Horn Standard Track Miter Gauge  

This cost-effective miter gauge from Big Horn features stops at all common angles. This miter gauge is sure to boost the functionality of your table saw, allowing you to create a variety of crosscuts and miter cuts. Like most universal miter gauges, this variant from Big Horn is compatible with the standard miter slot size and will work across a variety of table saw brands and models. 

10. Osborne EB-3 Table Saw Miter Gauge 

The last miter gauge on our list is the unique Osborne EB-3 miter gauge. What makes this miter gauge unique is the triangular design which increases stability. With this miter gauge, you’ll be able to adjust your workpiece to any angle setting needed. 

To make it even better, Osborne included a high-quality telescoping fence. This miter fence can be adjusted to support workpieces up to 42-inches in length. With this distinctive design, it’s easier than ever to adjust your working angle before making a cut with your table saw! 

Why A Table Saw Needs An Accurate Miter Gauge

Used in woodworking and carpentry, a table saw is one of the handiest power tools. With a table saw, you’ll be able to produce a variety of different cuts, such as rip cuts, cross cuts, beveled cuts, miter cuts, and more. For certain cuts, such as a dado cut, you might require a specialized blade to make the most accurate cut. 

A table saw is capable of producing angled cuts. Of course, this isn’t the only power tool capable of doing this. Many chop saws have blades that can be rotated or adjusted to a set angle to make certain cuts. Unfortunately, a table saw’s blade is not capable of rotating. That’s where the miter gauge comes in! 

When making angled cuts with a table saw, you’ll need to make use of a miter gauge. A miter gauge is a device that is connected to your table saw and used to hold your workpieces at a set angle while you’re sawing. The miter gauge allows you to guide your workpiece into the saw’s blade at a set angle. 

While it can be somewhat tricky using a miter gauge to set your desired cut angle at first, it makes your table saw a more versatile power tool! In fact, miter gauges come in so handy that most table saws on the market today will be sold with an included miter gauge. 

The quality of your table saw’s included miter gauge will likely correlate to the brand and quality of your table saw. However, many professional woodworkers do not find the provided miter gauge to be sufficient for their workload. For this reason, many prefer to purchase aftermarket miter gauges for their table saws.  

However, even if you find the included miter gauge to be sufficient, it may need to be replaced eventually. When your table saw’s miter gauge becomes damaged or shifts out of place, it can negatively affect the quality of your cuts. 

With certain cuts, you might not even notice that your saw’s miter gauge is defective. However, when woodworkers troubleshoot the reasons for their inaccurate or crooked angled cuts, a faulty miter gauge is often the culprit! 

Whether you’re a professional woodworker who needs more accuracy with their angled cuts or an enthusiastic amateur, an accurate and reliable miter gauge is necessary. This will improve your overall efficiency while making angled cuts, as well as the quality of those cuts. 

Luckily, it is possible to purchase a quality aftermarket miter gauge for your table saw.

Will Any Miter Gauge Work With My Table Saw? 

As we explained in the previous section of this article, most table saws come equipped with a miter gauge. However, if you’re looking to purchase an aftermarket miter gauge, you might be wondering whether any model will be compatible with your table saw. 

When you’re searching for the right miter gauge for your table saw, there are two considerations that need to be kept in mind. The first, of course, is the size and type of your table saw. The second is the average dimensions of the wooden material you usually work with.  

Before you start looking for new miter gauges, you’ll want to measure your power tool. You don’t want to risk purchasing a miter gauge that is too long for your table saw! When it comes down to table saws, a vast majority will either utilize a 10-inch or 12-inch blade and the table saw will be sized accordingly. 

The type of table saw you use will also inform your miter gauge decision. There are various table saw variants available today, from compact to benchtop to sliding table saws. Before you shop around for a new miter gauge, you’ll want to measure the dimensions of both your table saw and your saw’s miter slot. 

Your table saw’s miter gauge is fitted into the miter slot. In general, a vast majority of miter slots are 3/4-inch wide and 3/8-inch deep. However, the size of the miter slots may vary from brand to brand. For this reason, it’s important to measure the size of your miter slots before purchasing a new miter gauge.  

If you find that your miter slots are not the same size as the standard, as mentioned above, you’ll want to consider finding a miter gauge designed for your specific table saw. From Bosch to DeWalt, many manufacturers will also sell miter gauges that are compatible with their various table saw models. However, there are also plenty of universal miter gauge options available! 

Furthermore, it’s important to consider future woodworking projects. What type of angles do you need to cut at? Many basic miter gauges come with stop holes at common angles, while others offer more for a wider-angle range. Standard angles include 0°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 67.5°, and 90°. 

You’ll also need to consider whether you need to purchase a miter gauge with or without a rip fence. A sturdy fence is crucial. If you’re working with longer pieces of wood, you risk them bending or flexing while you’re cutting. In turn, this can reduce the overall accuracy and quality of your angled cut. 

Many miter gauges for table saws come equipped with fences that can be adjusted to accommodate larger workpieces. The rip fence, of course, is another critical table saw component that functions as a cutting guide. 

A sturdy rip fence is crucial for accuracy when making angled cuts. The fence will always be positioned parallel to the blade’s cutting plane. Miter gauges that do not come already equipped with a fence will typically feature slots to attach a fence later on. 

Once you’ve measured the dimensions of your miter slot and have considered your future workload, you’re ready to shop miter gauges!

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