The 9 Best Table Saw Fence Systems | Unbiased Review & Guide

Are you looking for the perfect woodworking tool that will help you cross-cut and rip-cut your woodpieces? Or perhaps you’re tired of table saws veering off and giving you improper cuts. Then, what you need is the proper table saw fence.

The challenge, however, is finding the best option for your table saw and woodworking needs!

That’s why I created this article—to show you ten of the best table saw fence options in the market today.

Are you ready to see them? Then, keep reading! 

Quick Overview

I’ve made this article as in-depth and comprehensive as possible to give you a complete view of the different table saw fences available. However, I made a summarized list of the ten options with their unique features—in case you can’t read the entire article.

My Recommendations

To get a clearer understanding of table saw fences, my team and I did elaborate research and tested various table saw fences. We aimed to find top choices—based on different production needs, durability, cut-capacity, and many key features.

In the end, we settled for ten that ticked all the boxes and met our criteria. We also found that there are two types of table saw fences—commonly produced by woodworking manufacturers. They are; T-square type fence and the ones located on sliding table saws.

So, here’s the thing;

Every table saw fence listed in this post is top-notch. So, you won’t face any challenges using any of them—because we’ve done our due diligence.

However, you still need to choose one that best fits your table saw needs. That’s why I advise you to take the time to read through the whole article. That way, you’ll make a more informed decision before purchasing a product.

So, let’s dive into our top ten options:

Here are some of the best table saws on the market:

1. Best Sturdy Table Saw Fence – Vega PRO 50 Table Saw Fence

The Vega Pro 50 offers you a way to upgrade your saw to a cutting machine with high precision. This table saw fence has a unique design that allows you to use its existing holes for bolts on your saw. So, with this feature, you won’t need to drill any new holes.

The fence has an ocean liner design. Also, it moves smoothly and flawlessly along the rails. Further, the head of this tool gets locked securely to the front rail, and there’s a rubber bumper that slides easily along the rear of the fence.

You can rely on this model for its sturdiness, but it may take up to 15 minutes to install.

Here’s why we think the Vega Pros 50 is the best in its class:

  • Uses the already drilled holes for Powermatic 66, Sears 10-inch saw, Delta unisaw contractor.
  • It can extend 50 inches to the right and 10 inches to the left of the blade
  • It comes with micro-adjustment features and table support
  • Features guide rails supported by brackets
  • The fence has a height of 2-1/2 inches

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Vega pro 50 table saw fence system

My Favorite Feature: “Non-Magnified Sight Window”

  • The head of the fence system features a non-magnified window for measurements

This feature is my favorite because it allows you to pay attention to your line of sight accurately. Thus, giving you a cleaner and sharper cut.

2. Best Hybrid Table Saw Fence – Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence

The Shop Fox W1716 offers everything you’d expect from a hybrid table saw fence. It features a sturdy aluminum and steel construction extension and a right-angle design that gives it high durability and precision.

You can set it up to be very precise with widely placed adjustment points. Plus, it can sit on any table saw without the need for a rear locking mechanism. Also, the tool comes with a measuring tape and adjustable magnified cursor for more precise cuts.

Here’s why I think the Shop Fox W1716 is the best hybrid table fence:

  • It has adjustable fence wear pads
  • Features an aluminum and steel fence body that gives more durability, strength, and lighter weight
  • The tool fits easily on almost any table saw
  • The model has a magnified cursor lens
  • W1716 supports a wide range angle design that gives maximum support and accuracy
  • It has a standard 57-inch rail that supports 30-inch of maximum rip to the right (blade)

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Shop Fox W1716 Aluma Classic fence
  • (1) Fence scale assembly
  • (1) 57-inch rail
  • (1) 48-inch rear rail
  • (1) 57-inch rail bracket
  • (1) Fence handle knob
  • (1) User’s manual
  • (1) W1716 hardware bag

My Favorite Feature: “Heavy-duty Locking Lever”

  • The heavy-duty lever locks the fence in place once you’ve set it up

I love this feature because it prevents movement once you set up the fence in your preferred position. This feature also increases convenience, accuracy, and precision.

3. Best Table Saw Fence for Small Workshops – DeWalt DW745 Table Fence

DeWalt is synonymous with quality—which is not surprising considering that the brand produces some of the best tools in the woodworking industry.

Fortunately, their table saw fences are no different.  The table fence uses a simple rack-and-pinion mechanism for adjustments. Though it requires a bit of setup, you’ll get accurate cuts once you get past the process.

Overall, the fence is an excellent tool for small workshops thanks to its rip capacity.

Here’s why I think the DeWalt DW745 is the best table fence for small projects:

  • It features a rack-and-pinion system for adjustments
  • Extends to deliver a 20-inch rip capacity to the right and 12-inch to the left of the blade
  • Rip capacity is fit for small workshops
  • L-shaped bracket provides support for the edge of the material

What’s in the Box?

(1) DeWalt DW745 table saw replacement fence

My Favorite Feature: “Adjustment Knob”

  • You can adjust the rip fence using the adjustment knob

The adjustment knob feature of this table saw fence took it home for me. And it’s because it lets you adjust the position of the slide with the rack-and-pinion mechanism. Plus, you can easily find the knob at the front of the fence.

4. Best Choice Table Saw Fence – Shop Fox W2005

The Shop Fox W2005 is a fast and durable table fence. It offers a design that allows you to get a more precise cut from your table saw. It‘s more like an easy-to-install upgrade with a design that gives you almost no issues in the long run.

So, if you’re looking for convenience and precision, then the shop fox W2005 is the perfect go-to.

Here’s why I think this model is the best in its class:

  • It features a wide right-angle design for maximum support and accuracy
  • Simple mounting process for most table saw brands
  • The fence features a powder-coated paint for increased durability
  • You can mount the fine line magnified cursor on each side of the fence
  • Smooth operation features ensure that the fence stays locked after measurements
  • It helps to prevent deflections while guiding wood

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Shop Fox W2005 table saw fence

My Favorite Feature: “Lift-Off Design”

  • A simple lift-off design makes fence removal and reinstallation a breeze. 

With the Shop fox W2005, it’s pretty easy to remove and reinstall the fence. Also, when you’re performing crosscuts with a miter gauge or using jigs fixtures, this feature comes in handy.

5. Best Professional Table Saw Fence – Vega U26 Table Saw Fence

This Vega U26 saw fence system can upgrade your table saw to a professional-grade precision cutting machine. Interestingly, the tool is quite affordable.

This model saves you the stress of drilling holes as it comes with a design that uses existing bolt holes.

Further, the holes are compatible with the Delta unisaw contractor, Powermatic Model 66, and most Sears 10-Inch saws. Also, it offers accuracy as the fence mounting system allows complete adjustment. Plus, it takes roughly 15 minutes to install this tool.

Here’s why I think this model is the best professional-grade table fence:

  • It features a 36-Inch fence bar (26-inches to the right and 8-inches to the left of the blade)
  • The tool comes with a micro-adjustment and auxiliary table support
  • The Steel construction requires assembly
  • The tool is a table saw fence system: it doesn’t include table saws
  • It weighs only 34 pounds

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Vega U26 table saw fence system

My Favorite Feature: “All round Compatibility”

  • The Table saw fence system fits a wide variety of saws

This feature makes the fence system very convenient as it can fit almost any table saw. Plus, it saves you the stress of drilling holes for different table saws.

6. Best Heavy-Duty Table Saw Fence – JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

The JessEm Master Fence II has a design that fits any 32 x 24-inch router table. In addition, it features a unique mounting track design that allows you to assemble and adjust the table fence quickly.

Also, the edge banded fence faces have a fully adjustable design that’s easy to remove.

What’s more?

The fence system comes equipped with fully adjustable fence tracks and scales that offer a more precise setting and positive locking knobs. In addition, the 4010 model has innovative offset bars. With this, you can offset the fence in quick and accurate movements.

Here’s why I rated this tool as the best heavy duty table fence:

  • Features a heavy-duty aluminum extruded fence frame
  • The fence face is fully adjustable with quick locking knobs
  • It has side-mounted fence tracks with built-in scales
  • You don’t need tools to make adjustments
  • 1/32-inch and 1/16-inch shimming/offset bars standard

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) JessEm 4010 master fence table saw fence

My Favorite Feature: “Dust Removal”

  • The new and improved dust chute allows for quick, easy, and efficient dust removal.

This tool has a fence system that comes with a dust chute. As a result, it helps to keep your work environment clean and free from dust.

7. Best Value Table Saw Fence – Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence

The strong extruded aluminum, steel construction, and right-angle design of the Shop Fox W1720 make it incredibly durable and accurate.

It offers even more precision with the widely spaced adjustment points, while the fence can fit on any table saw thanks to the torsion box design and cam-lever locking mechanism. Plus, it doesn’t need a rear locking mechanism.

Here’s why I think this table saw fence is the best value table fence:

  • Features a Steel and aluminum fence body for durability and rigidity
  • Has adjustable fence wear pads
  • The model uses an easy single locking cam action lever
  • It features a long 79-inch rail that provides a 50-inch maximum rip capacity to the right of the blade
  • It uses a wide right-angle design for maximum accuracy and support
  • The tool can easily fit most table saws

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-classic fence 
  • (1) Long rails
  • (1) Self-adhesive measuring tape
  • (1) Adjustable magnified cursor

My Favorite Feature: “Magnified Cursor”

  • A magnified cursor lens allows you quickly position the fence

With the magnified cursor lens, you can quickly change the position of your fence with utmost precision. Plus, the cursor lens is fully adjustable.

8. Best Beginner-Friendly Table Saw Fence – Carter Magfence II Universal Magnetic Fence

The carter product, Magfence II magnetic fence, can attach to almost any steel or iron-cast table. Plus, it lets you connect it to any table regardless of the size. Also, the tool is fast and easy to use as it doesn’t require any mounts or brackets for attachment.

It’s a perfect fit for your bandsaw, drill press, spindle sander, and almost any tool with a metal surface.

Here’s why I think the model is the best in its class:

  • 6-inch long, 3-1/2-inch tall L-shaped aluminum extrusion with multiple T-slots
  • It features two powerful and switchable magnets for a quicker and more precise adjustment
  • You can easily detach the tool to use it with various types of equipment
  • It’s compatible with all MAGFENCE II accessories

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Carter Magfence universal magnetic fence

My Favorite Feature: “Universal Attachment”

  • It attaches magnetically for universal fit on almost all tables with metal surfaces

The best feature this tool has is its ability to attach to any metal surface through magnets. So, you can use this fence on multiple table saws as long as there’s a metal surface.

9. Best Multifunctional Table Saw Fence – DCT Table Saw Fence

Are you a woodworker that specializes in segmented turnings? Or do you like angled cuts? Then, it would help if you had a tool that allows you to carry out longer rips for repeatable angles and sometimes staved boxes.

Luckily, the DCT table saw fence is a reliable tool that will suit your needs. The multifunctional tool is both a fence and a miter guide gauge. Hence, I chose it as the best multifunctional table fence on this list.

Here’s why I think this tool is the best in its class:

  • You can make accurate cuts with the miter gauge and table saw miter fence
  • The fence fits most standard 3.4-inch table saws
  • The tool is incredibly durable
  • You can adjust the device quickly and effortlessly

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) Table saw precision miter gauge
  • (1) Fence
  • (1) flip stop
  • (1) Necessary saw miter gauge hardware (for convenience)

My Favorite Feature: “Trim Ends”

  • The flip stop allows you to trim ends before the final cut

I like this feature because it keeps my cuts clean and precise. I can also trim the ends of my workpiece before finishing up with the final cut.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to bite the bullet to find the best table saw fence anymore, thanks to the top ten options in this article.

So, my first choice table saw fence is the Shop Fox W2005 because of its lift-off feature, which makes reinstallation and fence removal easy.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid table saw fence, consider going for Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence.

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence is the perfect go-to if you’re looking for a professional-based option.

The remaining options listed here are remarkable, and they meet various table saw needs. The most crucial thing is for you to choose one that fits your specific needs.

Nonetheless, I’d love to know;

Which of the table saw fences caught your attention the most? Are there other options missing from this list?

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section!

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  1. I installed a skilsaw wormdrive tablesaw into a workbench. I wanted a fence that would allow clamping with just the front support frame, so I bought the Shop Fox 1720. It wasn’t easy for me to install, as this is my first workbench build and tablesaw, but I managed to get it installed. It’s seems to be very accurate and that’s what I wanted

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