6 Best Table Saws for Beginners (Entry-Level Guide)

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I love my table saw. I feel it not only makes life so much easier with those precise cuts, but it also means I save myself a lot of time and effort.

I see that as being the perfect combination for a power tool. 

But I also understand that some people look at table saws and feel overwhelmed by it all. The problem here is overthinking the process and then believing that a table saw is only for perhaps more experienced people in woodworking.

Well, that’s not the case, and I will prove that to you.

What you will find here are details on six of the best table saws for beginners. That’s right, I’m keeping everything nice and simple while letting you know all about the best table saws for any individual who has never used this tool.

But why listen to me? I have over 20 years of experience working with power tools, so I know a thing or two about them. 

I’ve taken that experience and all the mistakes I’ve made and learned from over the years and put them to good use. 

working with entry level table saw

How I Made My List

Before I start to tell you all about the different beginner table saws, you might want to know how I created my list in the first place.

I had specific criteria in my mind regarding a table saw. I wanted it to have enough power to help you complete your desired project and offer clean cuts. I also needed the table saw to be very easy to use. The last thing you need is to be faced with something too complicated, so I can assure you that each model on my list won’t make life difficult for you.

But that’s not all.

I also looked at what other people were saying regarding their experience with the table saw. I checked that they were still happy with the table saw some time after purchasing it. After all, I needed to ensure it was robust and still performed to the standards you rightfully expect from this tool.

So, after doing all that, I settled on these six different table saws.

Best Overall Table Saw for Beginners – DeWalt DWE7485

  • Blade Size: 8 ¼”
  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 5,800 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: 27”

DeWalt tools tend to be remarkably consistent regarding their capabilities, and this particular table saw model is no different. I actually recommend this as the best overall table saw for beginners, and I know some may be surprised that DeWalt is the brand name I went for.

The fantastic thing is that this model does not have to cost you a lot of money. In return, you still get the same robust, and reliable table saw that you would rightfully expect from a name such as DeWalt.

This table saw comes with an 8 ¼” blade, so you get a decent cutting depth in this instance. Also, it’s powered by a 15 Amp motor that generates speeds of up to 5,800 RPM. That does mean it has the power and speed to make short work of most cuts, and you will get a clean edge at the end.

But those are not the main reasons I love this model so much. 

Instead, this DeWalt model comes with an overload protection system. That means you can work it hard, but it won’t simply burn out on you. I also find the scales on the aluminum base to be easy to see. That makes a difference when lining up the fence and getting yourself ready to make that precise cut.

Overall, this table saw makes everything easy for you. Also, it only weighs some 54 lbs, so it’s also portable, which is another massive bonus in my eyes.


  • It has a lot of power and speed, making cutting hard woods easy
  • It’s portable at only 54 lbs 
  • Lining everything up to make precise cuts is simple
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space, so best for small workshops
  • It produces clean cuts even with tough woods


  • A 27” rip capacity does reduce options of using with larger projects

Best Budget Table Saw for Beginners – Rockwell Bladerunner X2 RK7323

  • Blade Size: 4” jigsaw-style blade
  • Power: 120V battery
  • Speed: 3,000 RPM

This model by Rockwell is a bargain, in my opinion. It allows you to produce a number of different cuts from rip to cross and others in between, and I just love the versatility that this offers.

It’s battery-powered, and you are looking at 120V and a 5.5 Amp motor. That pushes the blade up to a speed of 3,000 RPM on this machine which operates via a jigsaw blade model rather than a circular blade.

But that’s not all.

When you purchase this model, you also receive five different blades, meaning it can cut through more than just wood. Instead, this table saw also works on plastic, metal, and ceramic which is very impressive when considering it comes at a budget price.

In addition, it comes with an easy-to-use miter gauge with the possibility of cutting at angles of up to 60 degrees. I love when it goes past that 45-degree mark as I feel it means you have even more opportunities to cut better angles to complete your project.

Finally, this table saw is also exceptionally light at just 15 lbs. It also folds down, making it highly portable, and then you get to see just how easy it is to set the entire thing up again.

Overall, this may be a budget table saw, but it’s packed with useful features and will make short of those cuts.


  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • It packs enough power to cut through small stock
  • It’s quick to set up
  • You get five different blades for cutting through various materials
  • The miter gauge is clear and easy to use


  • You need to set up your own light to keep track of what’s happening

Best Portable Table Saw for Beginners – WORX WX572L

  • Blade Size: 4”
  • Power: 5.5 Amp
  • Speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Stroke Length: ¾”

I’m aware that not everyone has the space for a large table saw to be permanently set up in their workshop. Also, projects tend to move around from time to time, and that’s why I love this portable table saw by WORX.

It comes with a 5.5 Amp motor pushing out speeds of up to 3,000 RPM, and that’s quite a lot of speed and power for such a compact table saw. 

This model has a 4” blade and a cutting depth of ¾”. That should mean you can push on with most of your projects, but I understand it has limitations regarding the size.

You will also discover that this model can produce both cross and rip cuts, so it’s not something that’s restricted to only one type of operation. I love how it also comes with a steel rip fence that feels solid and will make the cutting process a lot easier.

Add in tool-less blade changes, and receiving five different jigsaw blades means this table saw is a breeze to use. In addition, it comes with a miter gauge, so lining up those cuts and their angles should also not prove problematic.

Overall, I’m impressed by this table saw, and while it keeps everything nice and straightforward, it does constantly perform to a high standard.


  • It’s very light and portable
  • It offers tool-less blade changes
  • It has ample power for most projects
  • The base is stable and doesn’t move around
  • It comes with a steel fence


  • The size does restrict the projects you can complete with the table saw

Best Value Table Saw for Beginners – Skil TS6307-00

  • Blade Size: 10”
  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 4,600 RPM

I often feel that Skil is a brand name that people tend to overlook, and that’s sad. You see, they do produce high-quality tools, and this particular table saw is a perfect example of that. 

This model comes with a 10” blade and can cut through 4×4 at a 90-degree angle with absolute ease. It also has a 15 Amp motor capable of creating speeds of 4,600 RPM, so you can achieve quick and clean cuts without too many problems.

In addition, it does come with a bevel capacity, which is pushed up to 47 degrees, so it can create several different types of cuts without too many problems. 

However, while those are great reasons to own this table saw, I have other reasons why I love this version so much.

Instead, I love the blade alignment option. I feel it makes life exceptionally easy as adjusting it even in micro amounts is a straightforward process. That means you can line up your cuts precisely as you want them, and I love that precision.

Also, it comes with an anti-kickback pawl, so you won’t get into trouble if a jam occurs. This is a good safety feature to have, and it builds your confidence when using the table saw.

Add in a good dust collection port, a good miter gauge, and a decent rip fence, and this table saw gives you everything you need to get started. 


  • It has ample power for ripping through any type of wood
  • The precision it offers you is impressive
  • It’s straightforward to adjust
  • The table is sturdy, and the entire thing is easy to assemble
  • It provides you with everything you need to start using a table saw


  • The bevel capacity could be slightly better

Best with Folding Stand – Skil 3410-02 10” Table Saw

  • Blade Size: 10”
  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Cut Height: 3 ½”

This Skil table saw has many positive things going for it, but the thing that stands out for me here is the folding stand. It’s not only easy to set it up, but it still provides you with a stable platform to work from when using the table saw.

Talking of the saw, you get a 10” blade powered by a 15 Amp motor. I see this motor as being one of the best out there simply because it delivers ample power to cut through any type of wood. Also, it offers a cut height of 3 ½” and that should be more than enough for the majority of projects.

From a size perspective, the aluminum table measures some 20” x 26”, so you have enough space without it becoming too overbearing. 

However, I love this table saw because it comes with an EZ View measurement system. That means it’s very easy to line up your cuts as the measurements are made nice and clear for you. Then, everything locks into place, so your cuts turn out the way you want them to.

Overall though, it’s the ease with which this model can be set up, and you can start on your projects in next to no time; that’s the standout feature of this table saw.


  • The folding stand is solid and sturdy
  • The table saw is powerful and makes short work of things
  • The measurement system is clear
  • It has an impressive cut depth
  • It comes with a blade guard


  • There is no dust port, which is disappointing

Best for Beginner Features – Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

  • Blade Size: 10”
  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 3,650 RPM

If you want a table saw that’s perfect for beginners yet also packed full of features, then this model by Bosch is ideal. It comes with a 10” blade and a 15 Amp motor, generating speeds of 3,650 RPM. I find that to be ideal when cutting through stock as it’s powerful enough while still providing you with lots of control.

But that’s not why I have included it in my list.

I find this tool very smooth to use, and the cast aluminum table top won’t snag on the stock. In addition, I also appreciate the rip fence on the model. Made from aluminum, it slides and glides, allowing you to go ahead and get those exact measurements to deliver your precise cuts.

Finally, it comes with a variable speed option, and that’s excellent. It allows you to slow things down and get used to using a table saw. I feel this is a fantastic thing for people new to using table saws, reducing the chances of making mistakes.


  • The variable speed option makes a difference
  • It has a soft start rather than jolting into action
  • It provides ample power
  • It has a good safety guard included
  • It’s straightforward to set up


  • The fence could do with gliding more smoothly

How to Choose Table Saw If You Are Beginner

table saw close up

The six table saws on my list are all fantastic in their own right. However, I understand that you may now find yourself wondering how on earth you decide which one to buy.

So, let me help.

I have a few key areas that I like to focus on when choosing a table saw, and I believe this will help guide you toward the right saw for your own individual needs.


The less power you have, the more your table saw will struggle to cut through the stock. I would always push for as close to 15 Amp as possible. However, I know smaller table saws don’t have that capacity.

In the case of a smaller portable saw, then don’t go below 5.5 Amp. Anything less than that will mean you just struggle to get anywhere when it comes to cutting wood.


The speed of the blade also influences how well the saw cuts, so once again, I would push for it to be above a certain minimum level, which in this instance would be 3,000 RPM. Something below that figure would work, but you are looking at it taking a long time to cut through even smaller pieces of wood.

It may also prove effective if you can purchase a model that provides a variable speed option. I feel it offers absolute control, and sometimes you just want to slow it down when making certain cuts.

Bevel and Miter Cuts

If you want to get more out of your table saw, then consider a model that offers bevel cuts and comes with a miter gauge. I always see both things as standard, but I suggest you look at models that provide angles that even go slightly beyond 45 degrees.

In doing so, you open up the model to be used in more projects.

Cutting Depth and Blade Size

It’s evident that the blade size directly affects the projects you can complete with a table saw, as it also alters the cutting depth. The bigger the blade, the bigger the cuts you can make.

But blades of over 8 ¼” are only for larger projects. If you know you won’t be using a table saw for thicker stock, you don’t need to opt for that 10” blade. 

However, you need to understand your intentions and the projects you will be working on when deciding on the blade size.

Safety Features

Safety features to pay attention to include guards and anti-kickback pawls. The key here is to ensure the machine doesn’t keep going if something jams. You want it that nothing kicks back on you, increasing the chance of an injury.

Also, look for guards to protect you from pieces of stock flying up when cutting. 

Other Features

Think about how often you plan on using your table saw and whether a portable version that folds is better. It does mean it takes up less space, and portable models need not make that big a difference to the projects you can complete.

Furthermore, I would look for tool-less blade changes. It just makes life so much easier when swapping out blades. This is especially important if changing blades because you are changing the material you are cutting.

Overall, I see these areas as representing the key components when selecting a table saw, so think carefully about each part to reach your conclusion.

Overall Conclusion

Owning and using a table saw is not the sole domain of an experienced woodworker. The six models I’ve listed above are all capable of being used by individuals who are entirely new to this type of tool. Also, you will find it straightforward to use and generate the kinds of results you were hoping for.

But if you still feel unsure which one to choose, I suggest running over the tips I mentioned above. By keeping those key points in mind when looking through your options, I feel you will find it significantly easier to select the perfect table saw for your workshop.

After that, you can look forward to a substantial difference in how you complete your projects and in a fraction of the time you were previously used to.

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