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Are you a hobbyist that plans to transition into full-time woodworking? Or you’re a DIYer that wants to handle short projects that involve planing large lumbers?

You’ve tried using your benchtop or handheld planers. But you don’t seem to get the results you desire. So, it’s like you’re hitting a brick wall.

What if I tell you that getting the best stationary planers could be the solution to delivering your projects effectively.

Stationary planers are industrial/heavy-duty machines that allow you to plane large lumber pieces quickly.

But, finding the perfect choice for your woodworking needs could be tricky.

So, I’ve listed the top five stationary planers here.

To find out about them, continue reading!

Quick Overview

If you’re in haste to get brief and concise information about the best stationary planers, I suggest you see this:

My Recommendations

My team and I spent long hours creating this article to give you a clearer picture of the best stationary planer options to go for in 2021. I’ve made this buying guide as concise as possible because I DON’T plan to bore you.

So, I’ve created a short overview of all the five products—listed in this post.

I aim to help you identify the top stationary planers available and know how to select the best option that fits your need. Hence, I recommend that you read through this article—to get a comprehensive view of each planer.

Best Precision Stationary Planer – Laguna PX22 ShearTec II

Laguna MPLANPX2275-0130 PX22 ShearTec II 220V 32 Amp 7.5 HP

The Laguna brand may not be a household name in the woodworking industry. But their products usually have high performance and power.

Thanks to its innovative new design, the Laguna PX22 ShearTec II is one stationary planer that has proved its worth over time.

The PX22 also comes in 10HP,  and it has a lot of superb features that make wood planing easy and safe.

Here are the features that make it our best stationary planer with precision:

  • Comes with a motor that powers 1-Phase 7.5HP
  • It comes with different speed variations
  • Sectioned infeed rollers that allow you to feed multiple boards without facing minor variations in thickness
  • Outfeed and infeed rollers that assist with material loading to produce a compact footprint
  • Comes with DRO (Digital Readout) for setting your precise wood thickness easily
  • Enhanced 5-inch dust ejection system that allows you to move left or right to optimize dust collection
  • 6-row carbide cutterhead that produces superb and smooth finishes for all types of wood
  • T-step fastener and knife design that maximizes a clamping force and prevents knife chatter and cracking
  • Shear cut with flawless results, thanks to its 4-sided carbide insert knives
  • Cutterhead’s deep grooves enhance its silence and shaving ejection
  • Easy rotation of 4-sided blades to produce a fresh cutting edge without setting knife jig
  • Ergonomic control system at the top of the machine for better visibility and more accessibility


  • High performance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Superb dust ejection system
  • Outfeed and infeed rollers produce a compact footprint
  • Various speed options for different material feed
  • Quiet operation


  • Quite heavy

What’s Included?

  • Laguna MPLANPX2275-0130 PX22 ShearTec II 220V 32 Amp 7.5 HP (1)
  • User Manual (1)

My Favorite Feature: “Quiet Operation”

  • Considering the 7.5HP capacity of this 6-row carbide cutterhead, the quiet operation of this machine is amazing

The manufacturers of the Laguna PX22 paid a lot of attention to the low noise feature without reducing its running performance for hours.

Best Quiet High-Capacity Stationary Planer – JET JWP-15BHH

JET JWP-15BHH 15-Inch (722155)

The Jet JWP-15BHH is a unique planer that comes with a helical head. This feature helps to transform rough lumber into smoother workpieces.

With a 3HP motor, you can tell that the Jet JWP-15BB means business—as it combines a helical cutterhead with 48 carbide blades that are easy to change.

JET added an innovative design to the JWP-15BHH alongside a Precision Air Strut system that produces constant upward pressure for its cutterhead. This feature also helps to reduce the possibility of a wood snipe.

Here are other crucial features that makes this product stand out:

  • It has a two-speed gearbox that enables easy and fast feed rate adjustments while eliminating 1/8-Inch wood material per pass to get a smooth finish
  • Comes with a large precision cast-iron table bed combined with a four-post system that supports and control each pass
  • Double infeed speed control: 16FPM or 20FPM, which boosts the efficiency of your cuts and snaps
  • 48 staggered carbide knives inserted in its helical system—engineered to align without any adjustments from you
  • 4-inch dust dock that enhances your dust management system and keeps your shop tidy
  • Green safety light with a magnetic switch that comes on automatically
  • It has a handwheel that moves the planer’s head to your required board thickness
  • Has a maximum depth cut height of 1/8 X 1/6-Inch with a cutting width capacity of 15-Inch


  • V-belt transmission limits noise and vibration
  • Powerful 3 HP motor
  • 15-inch width cutting capacity
  • Double infeed speed control
  • Heavy-duty precision table
  • Portable


  • The machine drags sometimes

What’s Included?

  • JET JWP-15BHH 15-Inch (722155)  (1)
  • Handwheel Assembly (1)
  • Torx point screwdriver (1)
  • Product registration card (1)
  • Operational manual (1)
  • Dust Port (1)

My Favorite Feature: “Precision Air Strut System”

  • The Jet JWP-15BHH comes with an innovative design that produces upward pressure for the cutterhead

This feature translates to a smooth workpiece rid of board snipes.

Best Reliable Stationary Planer – Powermatic 209HH

Powermatic 209HH 20-Inch 5HP 1PH 230V (1791315)

If you’re looking for a stationary planer that provides high performance and value, consider the Powermatic 209HH.

Talk about cherry, red oak, walnut, and white oak; the Powermatic 209HH eats the wood flat. It’s a quality performance planer that supersedes the Jet 22-24, thanks to its oscillating drum sander, which removes defects easily.

Here are other key features that make Powermatic 209HH a reliable option to consider:

  • Solid cast iron head material
  • It comes with a cast iron table bed extension that provides a large 55-1/2″ x 20″ working platform
  • The pressure bar and chip breaker helps to limit snipe
  • Ergonomic handwheel with a chrome-plated design that makes it easy and smooth to make adjustments
  • Full cast iron head assembly supports cutterhead and feed rollers
  • Completely enclosed base cabinet integrated casters for easy mobility
  • Saw-like steel infeed roller and smooth steel outfeed roller that enables maximum depth cut of 1/8-Inch
  • Helical cutterhead comes with 100 four-sided carbide knives that deliver quieter cutting, smoother, and cleaner finishes


  • Super quiet operation and sturdy build
  • Amazing cut quality
  • Sectioned cutterhead
  • Effective Byrd helical cutterhead
  • 5-year warranty


  • Sometimes, oil leaks from the feed rollers

What’s Included?

  • Powermatic 209HH 20-Inch 5HP 1PH 230V (1791315) (1)
  • User-guide manual (1)
  • Dust Hood (1)
  • Cast Iron Extension Tables (2)
  • Handwheel (1)
  • Handle (1)
  • Low-Speed Gear Kit (1)
  • 50P Chain (1)  
  • 12T Sprocket (1)
  • Open-End Wrenches (8-10,12-14,17-19mm) (3)
  • Hex Wrenches (3,4,5 and 6mm) (4)
  • Warranty Card (1)

My Favorite Feature: “Two-Speed Gear Box”

  • The two-Speed gearbox enables fast speed changes at 24 and 31 FPM and delivers full power to its feed rollers

The best part of the two-speed gearbox is that it can change to 4-speed and lower the gear speed to 16 and 20 FPM

Best Budget-Friendly Stationary Planer – JET JWP-15B

JET JWP-15B 15-Inch (722150)

The Jet JWP-15B is very similar in many ways to the Jet JWP-15BHH, although it’s smaller in size. They are all products of the Jet JWP series—with Jet JWP 208-1 standing as the most advanced model.

The Jet JWP-15B model comes with steel tables, which are way lighter than the cast-iron table of 15BHH.

Here are other features of the Jet JWP-15B that makes it a great option in its category:

  • Consistent upward pressure on the cutterhead thanks to the planer’s innovative Jet Precision Air Strut System (PASS) that helps to reduce board snipe
  • Three high-speed steel blades with a straight cutterhead allow you to lock your planer firmly in place to avoid movement while you work
  • Four-post build and Heavy-duty precision table that offers maximum support and control when you’re passing board through it
  • 3HP motor combined with V-belt transmission that decreases noise and vibration
  • Two-infeed speed control that maximizes cut efficiency with 16 FPM or 20 FPM
  • 6-Inch cutting height with 15-Inch width capacity and a maximum depth cut of 1/8-inch
  • Heavy-duty folding infeed/outfeed tables provide support for workpieces and convenience
  • Positive gear drive with wide handwheel that helps to move the planer’s head to the chosen board thickness
  • Comes with a magnetic switch and green safety light that comes on when you power the tool
  • 4-Inch dust compartment that supports effective dust management system


  • 4-Inch dust port
  • 6-Inch cutting height
  • Heavy-duty precision table
  • Precision Air Strut System (PASS) Enabled
  • Straight cutter head that helps to prevent injury


  • Steel blades dull out quickly

What’s Included?

  • Jet JWP-15B 15” Straight Knife Planer (1)
  • Dust port (1)
  • Installation Manual (1)

My Favorite Feature: “Straight Cutterhead”

  • Unlike its counterpart, Jet JWP-15BHH, the Jet JWP-15B comes with a straight cutterhead that locks firmly to prevent hazard

With this feature, there’s a reduced risk of having accidental blade injury while you work.

Runner-up Combination Stationary Planer – JET JJP-12HH

JET JJP-12HH 12-Inch (708476)

The JJP-12H model doubles as a planer and jointer. Plus. It’s another model on this list that lives up to expectation.

As a practical woodworker, I can categorically tell you that this combination tool will offer great value for your money.

So, what makes this combination stationary planner an excellent option to consider?

  • Integrated dust chute with 4-Inch dust compartment perfect for planing and jointing operations
  • Quick and easy adjustments thanks to its oversized aluminum extruded fence and centered controls
  • Interchanging between planing and jointing mechanism is fast and easy
  • Quieter cut and smooth finishes thanks to its helical cutterhead and indexable carbide inserts
  • Wide handwheel that delivers quick and accurate adjustments
  • It can handle daunting planing and jointing tasks because of its 3HP induction
  • Safer and easier operation because of its magnetic switch
  • Smooth finishes and precise depth cut adjustments thanks to its parallelogram design, which makes the table closer to its cutterhead
  • Rugged cast iron tables with a machined finish that guarantees workpiece accuracy and flatness
  • Increased stability because of its Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand with mounting tabs


  • Durable cast iron table bed
  • Magnetic switch that offers safer and easier operation
  • Large extruded fence
  • Fast interchangeable planing and jointing mechanism
  • 5-year warranty


  • It’s heavy
  • It makes squeaky noise sometimes—while it’s working

What’s Included?

  • JET JJP-12HH 12-Inch (708476) (1)
  • Installation manual (1)
  • 4mm Hex Wrench (1)
  • 6mm Hex Wrench (1)

My Favorite Feature: “Planer and Jointer Combination Mechanism”

  • The JJP-12H is the perfect combination tool that gives more value for the price of one

The best part of the combination tool is how fast and easy it is to interchange the planer to a jointer mechanism and vice-versa.

Best Stationary Planers: What Are the Things to Consider Before Buying One

Before choosing a stationary planer, there are few essential things to consider.

1. Budget

Stationary planers are usually more expensive than benchtop or handheld planers because they are highly advanced, large, and powerful.

So, I recommend you have a minimum budget of $700 if you want to get a top-notch stationary planer.

2. Power Rating

Power rating is one of the most critical aspects to look out for when searching for a stationary planer. After all, you’re getting one to make planing easier and faster; if not, you can as well stick to a benchtop or handheld planer.

So, I suggest looking out for a 15-inch stationary planer (or more) with at least two horsepower and 220volts.

3. Space

Stationary planers could occupy a ton of floor space in your workshop—with an average size of 43.5 X 28 X48inches.

The general standard is to check if you have enough space in your shop or home before purchasing. So, you can start by measuring the proposed place you plan to place the planer.

Then, give a bit of allowance (You can add an extra 10 – 15 inches) for the workpieces you’ll be planing.

10 Safety Tips to Follow when working with Stationary Planers

Here are some safety tips that can come in handy while using your stationary planer.

  1. Avoid wearing jewelry or loose cloth while planing in your workshop or home.
  2. Don’t remove the covers or guards when your planer is in use.
  3. Always stand by the side of the machine to avoid kickback hazards.
  4. Put on your ear protection and safety glasses every time you work.
  5. While your planer is on, don’t make any adjustments.
  6. Don’t operate your planer with gloves because it can get hooked in the planer.
  7. Ensure there’s a minimum of 2ft space behind and in front of your machine.
  8. Before planing, check for nails or foreign materials on the wood.
  9. Always check that you set the depth of cut before feeding the wood.
  10. To avoid injuring your fingers, ensure that you always place the wood on the planer’s bed.

Maintenance Tips that can help your Stationary Planer last longer

Do you want to have a smooth planing experience? Then, you must take maintenance seriously. If not, your planer may prematurely break down.

So, here are few maintenance tips you can apply—to enjoy a long life span.

  1. Use a furniture wipe to clean the planer surface after every run.
  2. When you finish planing, check if the arms and feed roller are free from wood chips. If there’s none, use a clean cloth (dampened with alcohol) to clean the rollers.
  3. Before you start planing wood, always check the chain tension and roller pressure.
  4. Always oil your mounting push bushings and roller arm bushings within 100 hours of use.
  5. Always clean the cutterhead, chip deflector, and knives after use.

In Closing

There you have it: the 5 best stationary planers reviewed.

Our winner is the Laguna PX22 ShearTec II because of its powerful 7.5 motor that delivers high performance and smooth finishes.  The Jet JJP-12H took our runner-up spot for its dual function of planing and jointing.

The other three planers are excellent options, and they are suitable for various needs.

But the best way to go is to choose the one that’s most suitable for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Which of the five stationary planers do you prefer? Are there others you’d like to mention here?

Please, feel free to comment!

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