6 Best Sanding Discs Capable of Giving the Finish You Want

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Having the correct sanding disc will improve your chances of getting that perfect finish you are looking for. However, I know from personal experience that narrowing down your options in line with what’s available on the market is never easy. 

You see, different brands will produce sanding discs of varying grit and various qualities. This always changes the type of finish you get, with some clearly being smoother than others. This depends on the outcome you want, but I know that adding in different grits to the equation just complicates things even further.

But it would be best if you didn’t worry about all of that. Instead, I’ve spent time going through the various sanding discs you can buy to see which ones are best.

My aim is to help make it easier for you to get your hands on the perfect sanding disc for your projects. Hopefully, it allows you to then push on with whatever task you have lined up and will enable you to get the outcome you want.

But I’m not only going to tell you about the six best sanding discs. I know some people will also be sitting wondering how you know which disc to choose. So, I’m going to help with that as well.

After my list, you will see a series of tips that will help you narrow down your options and to ultimately choose the perfect disc for your needs. By the end, you will be far better placed to do all of this and feel more confident in doing so.

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How I Made My List

So, how did I come up with my list? Well, aside from having more experience using sanders than I care to remember, I also had specific criteria that I felt the sanding discs had to fall into.

For example, I wanted durability. There’s no point in having a sanding disc that only works once, and you then have to replace it. So, that was important to me.

Also, I wanted to make sure it was easy to fit and replace. I just detest anything that makes life more complicated than it needs to be, so it had to be a simple enough task to change. 

Finally, I didn’t want to only go with my own gut instinct. Instead, I checked out what others had to say about each sanding disc and to see if they were still happy with how they performed. This allowed me to check on the disc’s longevity, which alone boosted my confidence in recommending it to you.

Best Overall Sanding Disc – Miady Sanding Assorted Disc

Even though it was a tough decision, I went for the Miady sanding assorted disc set as the best overall, and I chose this for several reasons. 

First, people love the hook and loop closure on the discs, and I can understand why. Basically, you can attach and remove the disc with absolute ease, and I did say earlier how I hate any product that makes your life harder. So, this disc will certainly not do that.

Also, I appreciate how the assortment of discs covers pretty much all eventualities when it comes to sanding options. It has various grits available in the set, so there’s really no holding you back. 

Actually, this pack of 10 has grits covering 40, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, and finally 800. So, you can already see how this will allow you to perform a wide range of tasks just by moving between the different discs that come with this set.

I also appreciate the number of holes the disc contains for picking up dust. I feel it does a good enough job in this area and outperforms many other options on the market.

Overall, this disc is easy to use, and it performs exceptionally well.


  • You will have no problem adding this to your orbital sander
  • The holes line up perfectly
  • The dust pickup is smooth
  • It doesn’t leave much in the way of marks, thanks to the aluminum oxide
  • You get ample options for grits in this pack


  • Some feel that the paper is slightly flimsy at times

Best Value Sanding Discs – AU 103 Piece Quick Change Sanding Discs

If it’s the value you are after with your sanding discs, then I don’t think you will get much better than this set by AU. You get 103 pieces in this set, and it covers pretty much every eventuality you care to imagine.

Now, these are 2” sanding discs of various grits, and you also receive a holder for each individual set. That makes it easy to keep everything organized, and it’s certainly much appreciated.

These discs are made from compressed wool when you come to the polishing ones in the set, and that’s a good thing. It means they generate less noise, and it’s incredible the difference that this type of compressed zirconium oxide will make.

Overall, the fact that you get polishing discs, which refers to the compressed wool, in the set is a real bonus. 


  • The variety of discs you get is amazing
  • They generate less noise than you expect
  • You have different grits to choose from in the set
  • Black strop discs eliminate sparks and dust
  • They are all easy to fit onto your sander


  • It can get confusing as to what the different discs do for a beginner

Best Budget Sanding Discs – S SATC 72 Pieces Sanding Discs Set

If you are looking at getting the most for your money, then this set of 72 sanding discs is something I think you should be looking at. In this set, you do get discs of different grits, so it allows you to complete different tasks while using the same brand.

I do prefer when that ability to change grits but keep the brand can happen. It means you know what to expect from the discs, and this gives a real confidence boost. 

You will also find that these sanding discs are exceptionally easy to apply, thanks to the hook and loop backing. This makes life so much easier, and the discs will not slip when in use either.

Made from aluminum oxide, I feel they offer more than enough grit no matter the option you are going for. Also, they do not appear to wear down as quickly as other options, so you should get some extended use out of each disc.

Overall, this is an absolute bargain when you consider how many discs you receive and also their supreme quality.


  • You get so many discs to choose from
  • The discs are well made and last longer than you expect
  • The grip on the back is exceptional
  • These 5” discs will work with most orbital sanders
  • Grits range from 60 to 320


  • It takes some time to kind of get the holes to line up for the dust

Best Sanding Disc for Angle Grinders – Coceca 20-Piece Sanding Disc Set

If you plan on using an angle grinder, then you need a completely different sanding disc, and that’s where this 20-piece set by Coceca really comes into its own. Now, these discs are for really ripping through tougher material, so they are not that well suited for wood. Honestly, it would rip the surface and damage the wood.

But that’s not to say these are bad discs. Instead, I think they are exceptional as the quality of them is something you cannot underestimate. 

I do appreciate they have a fiberglass backing. This gives them some added solidity, and it gives you the impression these discs can cope with a lot of punishment. Considering the materials you could be sanding down, such as metal, then that’s clearly a good thing. Also, it’s excellent at soaking up some of that noise and vibration.

Overall, with grit levels ranging from 40 to 120, these discs are perfect for working those tougher materials, and they will cope with ease.


  • You get a selection of grits, meaning you can do more tasks
  • The backing absorbs vibration and noise with ease
  • They will work with most grinders on the market
  • They work well on tough materials
  • You should find it easy to get a smooth finish with these discs


  • The rough grit can cause issues on wood at times

Best Sanding Disc for Durability – POWERTEC 44006G 50-Hole Sanding Disc

I know that some people worry about durability when it comes to sanding discs, and that’s why I’ve made sure to include this option from POWERTEC. For me, it’s one of the best when trying to discover the best sanding disc for extended use.

This 5” sanding disc is designed to such a high standard that it is designed to last a considerable time. Also, it’s viewed as heavy-duty, so that’s usually a good sign when it comes to how long it will last.

It does come with a hook and loop way of attaching to your sander so that disc is not going anywhere any time soon. Also, it’s made from aluminum oxide, which is the best material for getting those perfect finishes on wood. 

I also appreciate that the dust holes seem to line up relatively easily. This does not happen with every sanding disc, so that’s a feature you need to be made aware of.

Overall, POWERTEC has designed these discs to last, and there are enough reports from owners that indicate this to be the case. This is a fantastic set of sanding discs to own for that alone.


  • It’s very easy to line up the dust holes
  • They grip on with ease
  • The discs are heavy-duty, so expect them to last longer
  • They contain an anti-clogging coating on the surface
  • You can do more in less time with these discs


  • I wish they offered more grit options

Best Sanding Discs for Grit Options – WORKPRO 150-Piece Sanding Discs

I know it’s difficult to know which grits you will be using in advance, which is why I love this set from WORKPRO. Here, you get a total of 10 different grits to choose from, and that does mean it covers every main option you would possibly want.

These discs are crafted from a finer aluminum oxide, which means they give you a better and smoother end result. I find that these discs do produce a quick finish, and that’s something I appreciate, as I’m not too fond of anything holding me back.

The eight holes line up quite easily, which means it removes dust to a more than adequate level. That also makes a huge difference, and I feel it makes these discs easy to use.

Overall, it’s the sheer number of options when it comes to the grit levels that has led to me adding these sanding discs to my list. 


  • I find it easy to stick them to the sander
  • They tend to last a long time before needing to be changed
  • They do represent value for money
  • The dust holes line up well
  • The number of grit options does help


  • The backing paper is thinner than you may like

How to Choose the Right Sanding Disc

sander and sanding discs

The different options I’ve listed above are all fantastic in their own right, but how do you choose the correct sanding disc for your needs? Well, this is something that’s easy to do, and I have just a few tips on what to look out for in order to be able to achieve the end results you want.

Disc Size

You need to pay attention to the disc size and ensure you have the right size for your sander. This is the easy part, as the discs will clearly state their size. You must get the correct size, or the holes in the disc will just not line up correctly. The outcome of that? Dust pickup is reduced, and the next thing, you have a mess in front of you.


I always prefer buying a pack of sanding discs where you have a number of different grit options included. Obviously, it would be best if you had different grits depending on how rough or smooth you want the sanding to be, and it makes sense to have it in the one pack. 


I always prefer a sanding disc that uses the hook and loop approach when it comes to attaching it to the sander. I feel it does offer enough grip to ensure the disc stays on when in use, and it takes just seconds to rip off the old disc and replace it with the new one.

Don’t opt for a sanding disc that makes life hard for you when it comes to applying it. There is just no need for it to take an eternity.


As well as grit, there’s also the material of the sanding disc to think about. The most common is some form of aluminum oxide, which will break down the wood’s top surface and allow you to get to work on your project. 

The material does change depending on the type of sander. For example, an angle grinder tends to use more of a resin fiber on the disc. But then, an orbital sander tends to use that aluminum oxide I just mentioned.

I suggest you double-check the type of sanding disc you need for your particular sander and ensure it is indeed manufactured from the correct material.

But honestly, those are the only things you need to consider when choosing a sanding disc. Your main concern is that it fits your machine and that the dust holes line up. Apart from that, I don’t see any real problem for you to worry about.

Overall Conclusion

So those are my six recommendations for the best sanding discs around, and I’m confident that each and every single one is capable of performing well with your tasks. Each option should prove reliable and deliver the types of results you want, and that’s all you can ask from a sanding disc.

But do remember to check over my tips if you feel unsure as to which option you need to choose. I’ve only included a few tips because I believe there’s not too much to take into consideration when buying a sanding disc, so you should find it an easy task to complete.

However, I still recommend not rushing into things. Getting the correct disc for your sander will make a huge difference. It could completely change the outcome of the task you want it to perform if you go ahead and use the wrong grit. I clearly do not want that to happen, but with this guide, I think you should find it easy to avoid falling into this trap.

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