The 9 Best Sanders For Furniture (Review and Guide)

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Investing in a sander for furniture restoration may elevate your furniture projects to new heights, whether as a profession or as a hobby. You can upcycle existing wooden furniture or create a brand-new piece much easier by investing in one of the best sanders for furniture. That said, what are some of the best sanders for furniture?

You’ve come to the right place as in this article we’ll look at the best sanders available on the market today.

Sanding wood furniture by hand with a piece of sandpaper is grueling in this day and age when several types of wood sanders are on the market that is simple to use and affordable. That is where my list with the best selection of sanders shines. In light of that, what makes these sanders the best available for furniture?

Best Sanders For Furniture

9 Of The Best Sanders For Furniture 

If you don’t take the correct procedures to prepare the wood, furniture tasks and repairs might be problematic. Sanders may remove the top layer of the wood’s surface using abrasive sandpaper and rapid oscillation, preparing it for staining or lacquering.

There are several sorts of sanders that may be used to make or repair furniture. To remove old paint, sand down rough spots, and revive old furniture, use a palm, belt, rotary, detail, or random orbital sander.

The best sander for furniture is determined by the type of furniture, the project’s size, and whether or not there are tight corners, rounded edges, or difficult angles to sand. 

This top tools list contains a variety of sander alternatives to assist you in selecting the best sander for furniture refinishing, starting with our top pick, the Bosh ROS20VSC sander.

1. Bosch ROS20VSC Sander – Best Overall

This Bosch random orbital sander features a 5-inch sanding pad and comes with a 5-inch sanding disc, a dust canister, a vacuum adaptor, and a carrying box.

The dust canister is attached directly to the sander and collects dust as the user sands, keeping the work area clean and visible. 

The increased visibility helps to avoid uneven sanding and over-sanding rough spots that will be visible after painting. This 3.5-pound corded gadget features a 2.5-amp solid motor that can drive the orbiting speed between 7,500 and 12,000 OPM. 

A variable-speed trigger controls the speed, allowing users to sand a fine piece of furniture softly or quickly remove paint, stains, or other unwanted markings from the material.

Orbital Sander


  • Pad dampening system for flat and curved surfaces to remove swirl marks.
  • Sanding pads cling to the hand sander using Bosch’s distinctive Hook and Loop disc attachment technology, which acts as a Velcro adhesive material.
  • It features a powerful 2.5 AMP motor that can match pieces and projects efficiently.
  • A microfilter system traps particles as tiny as 1/2 micron in diameter, making it ideal for fine dust. The dust canister is durable and small, and it readily detaches for mess-free chores.
  • A sanding pad, a sanding disc, a dampening ring, a dust canister, a vacuum adaptor, and a carrying bag are included.

2. BLACK + DECKER BDERO100 Sander – Runner Up

The BLACK+DECKER random orbital sander, at speeds up to 12,000 OPM (orbits per minute), delivers superb, swirl-free results in no time. one pleased customer said it only took “minutes to peel the finish off a table.” 

The dust collecting mechanism, which reduces cleanup time, the lightweight and compact design, the grip handle, and the low price are all outstanding advantages of this tool.

It performs the job with ease! The sandpaper is easy to apply, and the dust filter does a fantastic job of reducing clutter and debris in the air. You should try buying a box of hook and loop sanding discs in various grits for these orbital sanders for extra sanding variation.


  • For a swirl-free finish, use a 2.0 Amp corded electric random orbit sander.
  • 12000 OPM (orbits per minute) is delivered to swiftly sand material.
  • For more varied sanding, it fits into narrow areas.
  • With a built-in dust collecting bag, you can keep your desk free of dust and debris.
  • The comfort grip handle allows you to work more comfortably and efficiently.

3. SKIL SR250801 Corded Detail Sander – Best For Price

With the 1-amp motor, this low-cost SKIL corded detail sander can produce up to 12,000 oscillations per minute. The 2.3-pound detail sander includes a tiny triangular sanding pad and three pieces of sandpaper that are specifically designed for it. 

It also has an integrated dust collecting system with internal blowers to suck in particles, a dust collection container, and a micro-filtration system to catch very tiny dust particles.

The corded detail sander has a single speed that it rapidly achieves after engaging the dust-sealed on-off switch, but the sander’s vibrations are reduced by the soft rubber grip and cushioned construction. This insulation helps avoid muscular strain and lowers hand fatigue.


  • It can give a flawless performance across many sanding applications thanks to its 1-amp motor and 12 000 rotations per minute.
  • You may pick between the micro-filtration system and the 1-1 by4″ dust port for vacuum attachment to keep dust at bay.
  • Rapid and straightforward sanding sheet changes are made possible via a hook and loop mechanism. Sheet modifications are being added. Vibration is reduced through balance, which improves comfort.
  • A soft rubber grip and ergonomic design keep your hands comfortable. At the same time, the counterweight balance eliminates vibration-induced hand fatigue—all for you to work for extended periods.
  • During application, the dustproof on/off switch allows for a simple flip-of-the-switch.

4. Makita BO5030K – Best Random Orbital Sander

A decent random orbital sander should be simple to use and capable of quickly covering huge regions. If you’re looking for these traits in a finishing sander, Makita has come through with this random orbit sander with a ball-bearing structure. 

This 12,000 OPM finishing sander is comfortable to hold and simple to manage, thanks to its rubber grip, sandpaper pad control mechanism, and minimal vibration. With a random orbital diameter of 1/8-inch, you can efficiently cover enormous regions. 

This purchase also includes a protective case for the sander, which keeps it secure while not in use and makes it simple to store and travel.

What’s making it the best is its user-friendliness, it’s very light, and sandpaper is easy to attach, plus a protective case is always a bonus.


  • With a 3.0 AMP motor, sanding is smooth and quick (12,000 OPM).
  • It has improved operator comfort and control with a rubberized grip.
  • For rapid and ultra-smooth sanding, use the significant 1/8″ random orbit motion.
  • Pad speed is regulated by a pad control system when the machine is turned on.
  • Dust collecting mechanism that works through the pad for a cleaner work environment.
  • One abrasive disc, dust bag, and plastic box are included.

5. WEN Electric Detailing Palm Sander – Best Detailed Sander

The WEN 6301 sandpaper makes it simple to get a flawless finish on your newest DIY project. The one-amp motor guarantees uniform sanding, and the suction connector enables vacuum cleaner connection. It, like other sanders, features a hook and loop base for each sandpaper pad attachment.

Despite the low price, this sander is durable and well-built. Also, if you don’t want to connect the sander to your vacuum cleaner, it comes with a dust collection bag. It’s worth noting that the sander’s tip is fragile and should be kept level at all times.


  • The pad is 3.75 x 5.5 inches in size and has an angled tip for precision work.
  • A powerful one-amp motor provides 13,500 OPM.
  • The design is extremely light, weighing only two pounds.
  • The dust collection port reduces the amount of free sawdust.
  • Sandpaper may be easily removed and reinstalled thanks to the Velcro base pad.

6. GALAX PRO Orbital Sander – Best Sander With Dust Collector

The Galax pro orbital sander includes a five-inch sanding pad and speeds of up to 13,000 orbits per minute to take on colossal wood surface areas and produce excellent results in less time. It also has a dust collecting system for efficient, mess-free sanding. 

Even though this tool passes through more material quicker, the orbital sanders’ dust collecting system reduces cleanup time. It is simple to empty, and it indeed does work, preventing users from spending the remainder of their day cleaning up dust around the workplace.

I can only say this sander is a great bargain.


  • Dust collecting mechanism that works through the pad for a cleaner working environment.
  • Deliver robust control with up to 13,000 spins per minute.
  • Hook and loop abrasive paper with hook and loop disc pad.
  • The Velcro-style attachment device maintains a firm grip and enables changing the sanding paper easier than before.

7. DEWALT DWE6401DS Rotary Sander – Best Rotary Sander

This DEWALT rotary sander is corded and weighs around 4.8 pounds. It has an adjustable side handle for better grip and balance during sanding.

A variable-speed trigger improves control while working, and a vibration-dampening grip reduces muscle fatigue and strain.

This rotary sander is powered by a 6-amp motor that spins at 3,700 orbits per minute. While this may appear low compared to other sanders, this is due to the DEWALT rotary sander’s use of a solid engine to improve torque rather than speed. 

Higher torque is excellent for peeling away many layers of finish to get to the wood rapidly, but it must be used in conjunction with high-grit sandpaper to get a fine finish.

Power Sander in Use


  • The orbital sander’s 6-amp motor performs high torque sanding applications, speeding up the sanding process.
  • The hand sander’s variable-speed trigger dial ranges from 0 to 3,700 OPM, giving it versatility in various sanding applications.
  • The electric sander’s adjustable dust cover may be linked to a vacuum to improve the working environment.
  • The mid-handle design, which includes a soft grip and a side handle, improves balance and reduces user fatigue.
  • Accepts 5-inch 8-hole hook and loop paper, enabling quick and easy changes of commonly accessible paper.

8. Genesis Corner Palm Sander GPS080 – Best Palm Sander

The Genesis GPS080 palm sander has a unique form that is ideal for tight corners and tricky angles. It comes with three kinds of grits of sandpaper, including an 80-grit, 120-grit, and 240-grit piece, so customers can get right to work as soon as they plug the sander in.

This little Genesis palm sander is ideal for fine, accurate sanding.

The 1-amp corded palm sander runs at 14,000 OBM and lacks a variable-speed trigger, so it quickly achieves peak speed when turned on. 

The tool features a small profile that allows the sander to access tight corners, operate between narrow gaps, and successfully sand unusual angles to produce a clean, even surface throughout the woodworking job.


  • With 14,000 rotations per minute for quick, effective sanding, the Genesis Mouse Palm sander is ideal for small jobs such as chair legs, table supports, and other small crafts.
  • Change sandpaper fast and simply use the Hook and Loop Accessory Fastening System, which eliminates the need for pressing clips.
  • The dustproof ergonomic design and sealed switch allow you to operate your sander comfortably for extended periods.
  • Sand in hard-to-reach spots that other sanders can’t reach using a mouse-shaped pad for detail or corner sanding.
  • 80, 120, and 240 grit sandpapers are included.

9. BLACK+DECKER BDCMS20 Cordless Palm Sander – Best Cordless Sander

The BDCMS20 provides the same functionality as the previous model but without the cable. It also features an ergonomic design that allows it to fit into tiny spaces.

Sanding narrow regions is even easier with the detail finger attachment, which can be easily exchanged.

One concern was that it was a little hefty, but any cordless mouse sander will be substantial. However, because of this, it is arguably the best sander for sanding stained wood before restaining because the added weight will help you.

For easy cleanup, it comes with a battery, charger, and dust collector. For any furniture project, it offers ample power and long battery life. One customer said she used it to clean all of her kitchen cabinets and only recharged it once. 

Given the complexity of the project, I thought that was very impressive. It contains a dustproof switch and a motor that spins at 12,000 orbits per minute.


  • This sander clears material fast at 12,000 OPM (oscillations per minute).
  • Aids with the sanding of difficult-to-reach areas.
  • It allows for more precise control in a variety of situations.
  • Replacing sandpaper is straightforward.
  • In corners and tight areas, it’s easy to maneuver.
  • The easy-to-empty dust bag keeps your workspace clean and increases visibility.
  • It may last up to 18 months on a single charge.
  • It comes with one BDCMS20 sander, one 20V MAX* 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery, one charger, one detail finger attachment, two sheets of sandpaper, one sheet of detail finger sandpaper, and four extra sheets of tip sandpaper.


My top pick is the Bosh ROS20VSC. It creates the fastest, smoothest finish among all the sanders and is the most pleasant to use.

The SKIL SR250801 Corded Detail Sander is an excellent option if you want to save a little money. It’s an affordable detail sander that can handle all of the tiniest-space work while being exceptionally light for the most delicate applications.

It’s simple to decide to purchase another tool — after all, who doesn’t want additional tools in their toolbox? Just make sure you know what you’re going to accomplish with it first, and then use my list to help you pick the best tool for the task before you give over your cash.

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