5 Best Router Tables (Which Are Easy to Set Up)

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If you own a router, there’s a reasonable chance you will need a router table to get the most out of the tool. However, while deciding on the best router is not always easy, the same difficulty applies to choosing a router table.

You see, this is not the type of thing where you can simply pick the first one you see. Instead, you have several key areas to focus on when making your decision.

Later on, I’m going to help you out when it comes to knowing whether or not the router table you are looking at will work for you. But before that, I’m going to deal with another problem, and that’s helping to identify five of the best router tables for any woodworker.

You see, I know when I look at the options out there that I can become overwhelmed. It is tough to decide when you have so many makes and models out there.

So, I’m going to cut through all that stuff and offer up five router tables that I believe represent the best options available for you to purchase right now.

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How I Made My List

Each router had to pass through different criteria to make it onto my list. I think the main thing for me was the sturdiness of the table. I wanted to ensure each model could cope with its pressures when in use. After all, you don’t want the table collapsing on you at any time.

But that wasn’t all.

I also checked that the router tables were easy to set up and that incorporating the actual router would not prove problematic. For me, that’s a big deal. I hate when brands make their tools more complicated to use than they need to be, so I can guarantee that each router table is quick and easy to set up.

Also, I checked out what previous owners had to say about their own experiences with the router table. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the table will still perform as you expect years later.

After spending a lot of time checking out the options and taking all those things into consideration, I was then left with these five different router tables.

Best Benchtop Router Table – Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

At only 33lbs in weight, this particular router table is certainly on the lighter side, so portability is not an issue. I also find this model very easy to set up, and the folding legs remain sturdy when the table is put into position.

The top of this table is made from laminated MDF, which means you can produce ultra smooth cuts and finishes. The table also feels very steady when in use, which gives you confidence when pushing that wood across the table.

But one of the keys with a router table is adjustability, and this model won’t let you down. It has a tall fence that’s easy to set into place, and the two feather boards that come with this model also offer greater control as you slide the wood over the table.

Overall, the portability and speed at which you can set up this router table appeal to me. It’s not cumbersome in any way, and you feel you can get on with your project in next to no time.


  • It’s light at only 33lbs
  • It’s quick to set up
  • It feels robust and doesn’t rock around
  • Adjusting the fence through the setup is simple
  • The feather boards make a difference 


  • It’s powered by a cord, so you do need to be near a power source

Best Router and Router Table Combo – Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

Craftsman is undoubtedly a fantastic brand regarding the quality of tools, and this router and router table combo is no different. I love how this model delivers a larger than average working footprint at over 300 square inches, so you can work on pretty large projects with this model.

The router with this model has 1 ¾ HP, and that’s ample power in my book. It also runs at up to 27,000 RPM, so it can make short work of even tougher woods.

The tabletop, in this instance, is laminated, so it should hold its shape for some time, even when put under duress. It also measures in at 11/16”, so while it’s slightly thinner than I would like, the laminate does make a real difference.

Setting up this table is also very easy to do. You can quickly make some micro adjustments to line things up perfectly, and I don’t feel this is too difficult to complete.

Overall, this combo works seamlessly, and I believe you will achieve impressive results every time you use it.


  • You get more space to work with via this combo
  • The router has ample power and speed to produce smooth finishes
  • It offers a miter gauge up to 60 degrees
  • The tabletop is rigid thanks to the laminated top
  • Setting up the table is exceptionally easy


  • You are pretty restricted with the router options

Best Budget Router Table Combo – SKIL RT1323-01 Router Table

Skil can produce quality tools without sending the price through the roof, which certainly applies to this budget router table. This model is a freestanding table, and it comes pre-assembled as well.

I appreciate that it’s easy to set up and comes with a laminated MDF tabletop, so there’s some solidity there for you to work on. I also appreciate that this budget router table comes with a bit gauge height, so it’s very easy to set things up exactly as you need them.

I also love the instant clamp system, as it does a fantastic job of holding everything in place for you. The two feather boards also work well at guiding you, and I feel you can always maintain absolute control.

Even though this is a budget model, it still covers all the bases and has everything you need from a router table for those simple DIY projects. You can also fold it up for easy storage, so it needn’t take up too much space in your workshop either.

Overall, I’m impressed with how solid this model is and the ease with which you can use it while still achieving spectacular results.


  • The instant clamp system does a fantastic job of holding things in place
  • It feels solid when in use
  • The tabletop is of high quality for the price
  • It has its own accessory storage space
  • You can fold it up quickly for storing


  • Some people report some spare parts are tough to track down

Best Overall Router Table – Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

In my opinion, Bosch has this habit of producing the best router tables, and I see the RA1181 as perhaps the best overall router table on the market. 

In this instance, I love the model’s capabilities as it covers every eventuality for you. First, it’s a benchtop model, so it won’t take up too much space. Next, it has an aluminum top, which will stand the test of time.

The mounting plate is also impressive. It’s pre-drilled and compatible with a wide range of routers, so fitting your tool in should not be much of a problem. 

But then there are other key areas of the router table.

Take the fence as an example. The tall fence is easy to adjust, offering support and guidance when using the table. Then you have the feather boards that manage to provide you with absolute precision while also making life so much easier. These boards will also offer some added protection regarding kickbacks, and that’s a nice additional feature to include.

The model also comes with a dust collection port that will prove suitable for most 2 ½” vacuum systems. It should mean you don’t struggle with clearing up the dust created while the table is in use.

Overall, when you then add in slots for storing accessories and just the complete ease of use, this router table is a joy to work with, even if new to a router table.


  • The table is robust and will last for years
  • The extra tall fence does increase the potential versatility of the table
  • It is compatible with a number of routers
  • That kickback protection is a worthwhile feature
  • It’s easy to attach a vacuum system to keep things clear of dust


  • It’s difficult to really see anything wrong with this model

Best Precision Router Table – Kreg Precision Router Table (PRS1045)

When it comes to producing tools or items such as this, Kreg is one of those names that tend to stand out from the crowd. This particular router table is a perfect example of this, and if it’s absolute precision you are looking for, then this table is perfect.

It comes with a benchtop that measures 24” by 32”, so that should be large enough for a wide range of projects. However, it’s not the size that makes this model stand out.

Instead, it’s the ability to make micro-adjustments when setting up the table. The sheer precision you can create via this method is exceptional. But don’t worry about any link between a table offering greater precision and a more complex setting up routine. That’s not the case. Instead, I find this table to be exceptionally easy to set up, and it also feels extremely robust at the same time.

But there’s another feature with this table that I love: the router insert plate. This plate is designed to be quite universal, meaning most routers on the market should work with this table.

However, this router table has some additional features you may want to know about. 

For example, I like the addition of the aluminum miter channel. It’s then very easy to incorporate that channel with various router table accessories, expanding the table’s capabilities.

Overall though, this router table is all about the ability to make absolute precise measurements and adjustments. If you plan to require those exact angles, this is the model for you.


  • Those micro-adjustments are a pleasure to use
  • It’s easy to expand capabilities via a range of accessories
  • It can be used with almost every type of router
  • It offers absolute stability via the stand
  • You can adjust the height from 31” to 39”


  • It’s a bit heavier than most benchtop versions weighing some 70lbs

How to select the Right Router Table for You

router table

The five different router tables listed above are all excellent in their own right, but how do you know the right table to purchase for your needs? Well, I will help you by pointing out several key areas I think you should focus on.

Benchtop or Freestanding?

The first thing to consider is whether you want to own a benchtop version or a freestanding router table. 

Some feel a freestanding version comes with greater stability thanks to the frame, but the main difference is they do come with a larger work area. Thanks to this, you can work with larger boards, often measuring in the region of 32” by 24”. 

Compare that to your average benchtop version, which measures some 16” by 24”, and you see that’s a reasonable difference.

But remember, freestanding router tables are not only larger in size but also heavier in weight. You tend to have to set them up and leave them there rather than moving them around or packing them away when not in use.

Router Compatibility

A key consideration is whether or not your router is compatible with the table. Most tables do come with multiple base plates. That means they tend to work with most routers from all the major brands. However, I would still try to check on this, especially if you own a more obscure type of router.


Size is another point to consider, and I already mentioned the difference in size between benchtop versions and freestanding models. However, you also need to think carefully about how it will all fit into your workshop.

The thing about benchtop models is they do take up less space. So, if you know you won’t usually work with large boards, that may prove to be an important point.

The Material

When talking about the material, I mean the material from which the router table is constructed, especially the top. Unsurprisingly, the material used changes the price.

For the tabletops, MDF is the most popular. However, it needs to be a minimum of 1” thick for it to offer a stable working surface. You may also find options with a high-pressure laminate over the top. This laminate does then provide even greater strength.

If you want to spend additional cash, look for tabletops made from aluminum. Those tables will keep their shape for longer, and if you plan on using the table regularly, then investing in a cast aluminum top is a wise decision.

The Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is another concern, and you need this to be made from aluminum to ensure it has the required strength. This is because the mounting plate is required to hold the router when in use, so you need it to remain flat to allow the router to operate correctly.

One other thing to look out for with the mounting plate is if the table comes with the ability to level the plate. This is often done via adjusting four screws, but it does tend to come with router tables at the higher end of the market.

The Fence

You need an adjustable fence with your router table, and the height of the fence determines the size of the project you can work on with the table. You need the fence to be sturdy since most tables push the material against the fence and use it as a guide.

Look to see if the fence in question is either a one-piece or a split-piece fence. Those that are split fences are certainly easier to operate, and if you intend to use the router table for more difficult jointer cuts, then I’d recommend this setup.


Finally, your router table should have both miter and t-slots as standard. The t-slot is designed to allow you to add a range of accessories, including a miter gauge, to the table. A miter gauge allows you to hold the wood at angles for those angled cuts, while you should find the t-slot runs the entire table length.

For me, those are the main features to look out for when it comes to buying a router table. Ensuring your model has these features should result in increased versatility in how the table can be used and the number of projects you can work with on it.

Overall Conclusion

The five router tables on my list all represent real value for money while you know you have a reliable table to use repeatedly. Each one is robust, easy to set up, and you only have to check that your particular router can work with the table in question.

No doubt, a quality router table will transform how you use the tool. It speeds up the process, and you can generate far superior results in a fraction of the time. I just feel these tables come with so many positives that any woodworker would benefit from having one sitting in their workshop.

Hopefully, now you will know which one of the five will manage to fit in with your own individual needs. I promise there will be one there for you.

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