The 4 Best Pulaski Axes on the Market Today

Are you looking for the best Pulaski axe? Worry not. This article will help you find not one but four of the best Pulaski axes on the market today.

The Pulaski axe, also referred to as ‘fire axe’ and ‘cutter mattock,’ is ideal for firefighting, chopping wood, trail making, clearing branches, digging ditches, and gardening.

But how does a single axe accomplish all these tasks?

The Pulaski axe comprises a single head that combines an axe blade and an adze. The edge is helpful in chopping while the adze digs and hoes.

The axe is credited to Ed Pulaski, a volunteer firefighter and assistant park ranger. He realized the usefulness of a hand axe when fighting the 1910 Big Burn.

Ed Pulaski modified an ax-mattock-shovel tool into an axe and an adze. The Pulaski then became an invaluable tool to firefighters from 1920.

With this history lesson in mind, let’s find the best Pulaski axes.

Quick Overview

Here are my four best Pulaski axes in the market today:

My Recommendations

Ed Pulaski invented the hand axe to keep firefighters safe. For this reason, I based my selection with the user’s safety in mind.

I also considered the customers’ reviews and ratings on each product to provide a comprehensive guide.

In addition, the recommended Pulaski axes are efficient, durable, and offer stability.

Let’s get started…

Best Pulaski Axe – Council Tools Pulaski Axe

Council Tool delivers high-quality tools that meet the inspection standards. One such quality tool is the Council Tool Pulaski Axe.

The axe can be used in forestry and wildland firefighting. With its fire-engine red color, the axe has a forged steel head and a hickory handle.

Besides, it is lightweight for firefighters to carry and easy to use. It is also great for clearing big brushes and landscaping.

I recommend the Council Tools Pulaski axe as the best overall Pulaski axe based on these features:

  • It weighs less than 4 lbs.
  • Its 4.3/4-inch cutting edge and 36-inch length maximize splitting power.
  • The build exceeds Rockwell hardness of 48-55.
  • It features an oil-quenched steel head for uniform hardness.
  • The straight handle offers a comfortable and firm grip.
  • The hickory handle is dried to remove moisture content. This reduces the likelihood of loosening and shrinking.
  • It has a forged steelhead.
  • The blade is pre-sharpened.
  • It has a good grain orientation.

What’s Included?

  • Protective Sheath

My Favorite Feature: “36-inch Length”

  • The 36-inch handle length enables a user to have a good grip and a complete, powerful, and precise swing.

Its long handle enables you to work extensively over long periods without complaining of body aches.

Best Runner-Up Pulaski Axe – Barebones Living Pulaski

In terms of popular Pulaski axe brands, Barebones Living wins the spotlight. They design their products intending to uplift your outdoor living experiences.

For instance, take the 1055 Pulaski axe. It has an elegant finishing touch that inspires users to get outdoors.

What’s more, the axe is lightweight, efficient, strong, and durable.

Here are the reasons why I think the Barebones Living Pulaski axe stands out in it’s category:

  • The adze side has a razor-sharp, curved mattock blade that easily slices through roots.
  • The weighted axe head splits large logs and wood.
  • The handle is made from wood but strengthened using a 1/3″ steel core.
  • The balanced weight of the axe head allows smooth chops.
  • The split blade is made of rugged and durable 1055 high-carbon steel.
  • A hex nut connects the head and handle. Therefore, one can easily attach and reattach the axe.
  • The steel pommel on the edge of the handle can hammer a new handle or provide a firm grip when digging.
  • It comes with a 21″ durable beechwood handle.
  • The complete tang design on the handle reduces vibrations.
  • The axe retains its cutting edge.
  • The axe is sturdy and well-balanced.

What’s Included?

  • Waxed canvas sheath

My Favorite Feature: “Sheath”

  • The included sheath makes transportation much safer.

In addition, since the axe is ready to use after delivery, the sheath offers secure handling and storage.

Best Value Pulaski Axe – Nupla PA375 – LESG 36″

Are you in need of a durable Pulaski axe? Get the Nupla PA375. It is made of super-strong, safe, and stable fiberglass.

The axe has a good standard length and weight for easy swinging. It is the one Pulaski that’s ideal for all-weather use.

I believe the Nupla PA375 Pulaski axe is the best value axe because of the following reasons:

  • It has a strong, ergo power handle that is better than wood.
  • The axe edge is beveled.
  • It is ideal for trail maintenance, taking out stumps and roots.
  • The head is made of hardened steel then coated using epoxy to prevent rusting.
  • The head is securely attached to the fiberglass handle to prevent it from shaking or hitting you when swinging.
  • The rigid molded slug on the handle allows quick assembly.

What’s Included?

  • Nupla Pulaski Axe

My Favorite Feature: “Fiberglass Handle”

  • Nupla PA375 Pulaski axe can be used in all weather conditions thanks to the fiberglass handle.

The handle does not slip when used in cold and wet conditions. It is also resistant to insects and chemicals.

Best Budget Pulaski Axe – Truper Pulaski Axe 30529

You need not break a bank to get a quality Pulaski axe. The Truper Pulaski axe has got you covered.

Truper uses the latest and efficient tech to produce superior products in terms of quality and value.

This axe is suitable for firefighting, sports, farming, and landscaping.

Here are the reasons why I recommend the Truper Pulaski as the best budget-friendly choice:

  • The head and handle are attached using a wedge and bolt to enhance safety and energy efficiency.
  • It features a heat-treated head that is strong and warp-resistant under high pressure.
  • The 3.5 pounds head generates powerful strikes.
  • The blade is brushed with a light lubricant to prevent sticking.
  • The hickory handle offers comfort, strength, and longevity.
  • Its 35-inch handle reduces strain on your back and muscles.

What’s Included?

  • Leather sheath.

My Favorite Feature: “Hickory Handle”

  • The 35-inch American hickory handle offers strength and flexibility.

It absorbs shock and vibrations without cracking. This feature reduces the user’s fatigue.


When browsing through Pulaski axes, look for a quality, versatile, safe, comfortable, and durable option.

Confirm that the head is made of hardened steel, preferably carbon plated steel. It should also be secured safely on the handle.

On the other hand, the handle should offer comfort, efficiency, and safety. In addition, it should have a gripping mechanism for better traction.

I recommend the Council Tool Pulaski Axe as the overall best Pulaski axe. It achieves the above specifications and more. However, do not feel limited to this purchasing this Pulaski axe.

I hope this review guides you in finding the best Pulaski axe you have been looking for.

Happy Shopping!

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