What are The Best Places to Buy Lumber? (How to Choose)

Searching online, you found some woodworking ideas, but now you need lumber. Choosing where to buy lumber necessitates balancing convenience and cost. The big question is, where are the best places to purchase lumber.

Most contractors, homeowners, and DIYers purchase wood from independent lumber yards, Big-Box home improvement retailers, and neighborhood hardware stores. Many lumber suppliers and sawmills catalog their products and offer the convenience of online ordering and home delivery.

It may not be easy to find standard timber, reclaimed lumber, or exotic woods in your current location. So, let’s have a look at the many methods and places where you may buy lumber and get some ideas you might not have considered.

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Buying Lumber From Stores

While Menards’ daily lumber prices are typically higher than Lowe’s or The Home Depot, their 11-percent rebate promotions can keep their pace with any other retailer. Lumber yards often sell the cheapest lumber, but they are not always as conveniently placed as large home improvement businesses.

The problem with buying lumber at a lumber yard is that there is no centralized repository to compare the pricing of various lumberyard products. You’ll need to contact them to determine their rates and whether it’s the best solution for your specific project. Independent yards often offer better customer service. 

Buying Lumber From Stores

Many customers are unaware that purchasing lumber from a Big-Box retailer is expensive and has a limited product range. Most DIYers go to the Big-Box store on a Friday or Saturday, so if you go on a Sunday or Monday, you’ll almost certainly have to comb through piles of twisted, broken boards that are left. The Home Depot has a minor advantage over Lowe’s regarding low-cost lumber. But not always! 

Store pricing fluctuates daily; one location may offer a lower price on 1x6s, while another may show a lower price on 1x4s. You’re far better off going to a Big-Box store or lumber yard. The pricing at neighborhood retailers is virtually always the highest. Because they don’t have enough floor room to keep everything, they are usually expensive to justify the space and workforce required to handle it. 

Used Or Reclaimed Lumber

If you have a project that does not require unique or new wood, you can call a lumberyard, a remodeling, or a building contractor. Unfortunately, these companies generate a considerable amount of waste lumber, which they periodically sell or give away. 

The disadvantage is that you will be obliged to take whatever they offer because their ultimate motive is to get it off the lot, and they will be irritated if you cherry-pick the best while leaving them with a pile of scrap.

Online Lumber Suppliers

These days you may buy the lumber you need for your new woodworking project without leaving your house. Or, if you reside outside of a region where a regular lumber or hardware store trip would not be feasible, the online option would be perfect. The following companies offer online catalogs for their lumber supplies:

Bell Forest

If you’re looking for some exotic woods, Bell Forest is the online timber supplier to visit. They offer woodcuts from over 100 species of exotic wood, and they even provide you the ability to handpick your boards. 

They accomplish this by maintaining an up-to-date and simple-to-use online inventory index of every single board in the entire warehouse from which they can cut, spanning every single species of wood. Each panel’s weight, height, width, length, and thickness parameters are all included in this index.

Rare Woods USA

Their welcoming and friendly website is appealing and simple to use. Rare woods have a fantastic range to choose from, as well as a price list to make purchasing from their site easier, and you can be confident that you will find what you are looking for because they have extensive stockholding.

Rare Woods offers weekly discounts, so keep an eye on their website to avoid missing out on a great deal. They have a blog where you can join their newsletter and get some great ideas. Be sure to check out their client zone for inspiration for your next project. 

Woodworkers Source

This outstanding, primary online lumber retailer is customer-centric and offers a friendly, easy-to-use ordering process. They explain the online lumber buying process very well, including what to expect in terms of board selection, how long it will take to be delivered, and why it will take so long. Also, what their shipping process entails and how to buy lumber online at the best price.

WoodWorkers Source does not have a minimum order amount; however, they advise that ordering more than 70 pounds is generally in the customer’s best economic interest because the cheapest shipping pricing per pound is available at this weight.

Another reason Woodworkers Source is excellent is the amount of information on each wood on their website. It might be an eye-opening experience to explore all the lumber on offer that differs from the usual. They also provide many project ideas and DIY tutorials to view when you need them.


Rockler is a fantastic general online retailer for lumber and woodworking supplies. They sell anything from screws, nuts, bolts, workshop equipment, finishing materials, power and hand tools, and lumber. All their prices are online to help you make a purposeful choice. In addition, their website is chock-full of user reviews, which can provide valuable information into the quality of their items, especially timber.

Here Are Some Other Sites:

  • Wood finder can assist you in locating lumber in your area. In addition, you can indicate the type of wood you require and the purpose of using it.
  • Woodworkers’ source is known for providing high-quality wood. It has a lot of positive feedback from customers. Depending on where you reside, they may also have a local store near you.
  • Woodcraft, although they are pricey, they do carry exotics. For minor projects, they are an excellent source of wood. Ordering through them is convenient and dependable if you are confident that you will sell something for a profit despite the higher cost.

More Tips To Choose Wood From The Web 

  • On Craigslist (under the “materials” section), your location determines the success of your search since some wood may be more challenging to find and more expensive in some places.
  • In Google Maps, search sawmills near you. If you plan to buy on an ongoing basis at the same place, speak with the owners and build a relationship.
  • Take a closer look at your local Home Centers, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Go to the back of the store. Inquire if they have anything else in their storage area. You might be able to find a broader range of hardwoods and varieties than what’s on exhibit. 


You have an extensive selection of places to buy lumber like sawmills, lumber yards, Big-Box stores, etc. Of course, it all depends on your location. But if you are not near these places, there are numerous websites where you can place your order for delivery.

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