The 14 Best Mops For Cleaning Ceilings (Handpicked)

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best mops for cleaning ceilings

Dusting cobwebs from ceilings and cleaning grime and dust in the corners has always been daunting.  I’m not particularly eager to climb on ladders, so finding a suitable mop and one with a telescopic pole long enough to reach the ceiling was essential.  Below is a list of the best mops for ceilings and some thoughts on what to look for before purchasing a mop.

The Best Mops For Cleaning Ceilings

Based on the guidelines above, here is my list of the best mops for cleaning ceilings:

1. Chomp Long Handle Ceiling Mop

The Chomp ceiling mop has a 3 piece adjustable pole and extends to a height from 26” – 60″, making it easy to reach the ceiling.  The adjustable pivot on the mop head has 2 adjustable tensions; loose for free-floating on the ceiling and a tighter tension to hold the angle for cleaning the cornice and corners.  The pole and the pivot are made from premium-grade stainless steel.

The mop head pad is made from non-scratch, dirt, and dust-grabbing microfiber and comes in a bright yellow color to match the mop pole.  The mop head size is 2.5″L x 8.25″W.  Fibre pads that fit over the head are reusable and can be machine washed or rinsed under running water.  Replacement fiber pads are available to purchase when required.

The weight of the ceiling mop is 1.42 pounds and is light enough for easy use even when cleaning at an angle.  This excellent product is made in the US and comes with a 2-year guarantee.  The Chomp microfiber mop has all the qualities I require in a ceiling mop.

2.  DoroSun Microfiber Ceiling Mop 

Four hollow, lightweight metal poles adjust to 37”-69″ lengths for easy reach when mopping the ceiling. The plastic, triangle-shaped mop head can rotate at 360°, which makes the mop easy to turn and effortless to use.  

The package includes 4 microfiber mop pads that can dry to dust the ceiling and wet when washing.  These mop pads are machine-washed and are durable and strong. The mop weighs 1.54 pounds and will not take too much effort to hold it up when cleaning the ceiling. The DoroSun mop is good for cleaning ceilings, walls, and floors.

3.  Anngrowy 62″ Microfiber Wash Mop 

The Anngrowy mop pole is adjustable with a spring-loaded snap design and can reach a height of 62 inches.  This pole is made from aluminum alloy and is stable and firm. The mop head can turn at a 180° angle for easy cleaning.  

The wash pads are made from soft microfiber material not to scratch or damage the ceiling.  The mop can be used for wet and dry cleaning. The mop weighs 1.17 pounds, so it is light in weight and easy to use.  

Included in the package are 2 microfiber pads, 4 aluminum poles, and these products come with a 1-year after-sale service. The Anngrowy mop is ideal for cleaning ceilings and suitable for washing windows and vehicles.

4.  Mumianshu Microfiber Wet And Dry Duster/Mop

The mop head of the Mumianshu cleaning tool is bendable and made from ultra-fine microfiber material, which is reusable and can be machine washed. The mop head can bend at a 360° angle to easily clean corners and around ceiling lights.  Use the mop dry to dust cobwebs and other debris from the ceiling first before washing it.

The mop pole is lightweight and high-quality stainless steel and weighs 1.95 pounds making it easy to hold up when cleaning. The pole adjusts to a length of 100 inches. The Mumianshu wet and dry mop can efficiently clean ceilings, windows, vehicles, and other areas in the home.

5.  Newruiheng Cleaning Tool Kit

The stainless steel mop pole of the Newruiheng cleaning tool is adjustable to reach a height of 66 inches. An ergonomic anti-skid handle made from Eva material provides a comfortable grasp. The pole is ultra-light, weighing 1.1 pounds, making it easy to hold up when washing the ceiling.  

The pivot on the mop pole has a 105° wide-angle to reach the corners and easily wash around light fittings. The chenille microfiber mop head will easily remove dirt from the ceiling and is soft and scratch-free, so it will not damage the ceiling. The Newruiheng cleaning tool kit is easy to assemble and good for cleaning ceilings and vehicles.

6.  CQT Commercial Microfiber Mop 

The CQT mop head has a 17″ wide aluminum alloy frame with an easy clip design to hold the microfiber pads in place. A 360° swivel head allows for ease of reach in tight corners. Ensure the pads are completely wet for an easy slide over the ceilings. The microfiber pads can be re-used and machine washed.  

The package includes 2 microfiber mop pads for wet use and 2 mop pads for dry use.  The mop pole is adjustable to reach 57″ in height. The connection of the mop handle is covered with high-grade ABS plastic to protect hands from injury. The pole weight is 2.64 pounds, so it will not be difficult to hold up when washing the ceiling.

The CQT microfiber mop will effectively clean ceilings, floors, and other areas in the home.

7.  INNOVSIGN Professional Microfiber Mop

The Innovsign mop has a strong and durable 15.8” aluminum mop head plate that can turn at a 360° angle for easy access in corners. Microfiber pads that fit the head are absorbent, reusable, and machine-washed.

The stainless steel mop pole has 4 sections that fit together for different lengths ranging from 32″ – 59″ and can effortlessly reach the ceiling. An ABS plastic handle is non-slip and comfortable. The Innovsign mop is easy to assemble, comes with a 1-year warranty, and is suitable to clean floors, ceilings and walls.

8.  Tanzfrosch Microfiber Ceiling Mop 

This multi-functional cleaning tool has a flexible mop head that can turn at 180°, so it is easy to clean in the corners of the ceiling. The chenille microfiber pads that fit the mop head can be used for dry and wet cleaning. There are 2 of these pads included in the package. The pads are reusable and can be machine washed.

The stainless steel mop pole adjusts to a 19”-73″ length to reach the ceiling without much effort.  A non-slip handle design is an added nice-to-have feature. The mop weighs 1.65 pounds, so it is light enough to easily hold up for a short period when reaching to clean the ceiling. The Tanzfrosch mop can be used to efficiently clean ceilings, floors, and windows.

9.  MATCEE Brush/Mop

The Matcee mop pole comes in 4 lightweight aluminum tubes and can reach a length of 62″. A spring-loaded buckle design is used for easy disassembly. The mop head mitt is microfiber chenille for thorough cleaning and does not scratch surfaces. The mop mitt is detachable for other household cleaning uses. The weight of the mop is 2.12 pounds.

The Matcee wash kit includes a squeegee for cleaning windows and windshields as well as a multi-functional duster for cleaning ceiling fans and inside vehicles and homes.

10. Meioro Adjustable Long Handle Washing Mop

A good design and adjustable mop pole (maximum of 60”) length will enable me to clean the different heights of the ceilings in my home. The material mop head is made from premium microfiber chenille and is soft and durable. 

Included in the package are two replacement mop heads which are reusable and can be machine washed. The Meioro washing mop can be used for washing vehicles and cleaning other areas in the home.

11.  Yocada Dust Mop  

The Yocada mop pole is telescopic, and its length ranges from 46.8″ to 57″ long, so it can reach under objects or adjust to various ceiling heights. A sturdy and reliable handle made from strong iron can withstand all types of cleaning and maneuvering. 

The microfiber mop is perfect for cleaning all types of surface areas, including office and home floors, as well as ceilings. The mop head size is 19.7,” and the two-layer thick and soft cotton yarn absorbs water and cleans debris and dust from surfaces. The reusable cloths are machine washable.  

It is easy to install the mop pad to the plate disk, press the button, curve the disk and insert the mop pad. An extra towel mop pad is intended for dry mopping. The Yocada mop is a good choice for cleaning ceilings.

12.  Eversprout High-Reach Ninja Mop 

The Eversprout Ninja Wall Mop can be used to dry dust or wet to scrub away grime on ceilings and other hard-to-reach places. The mop pole can be extended to 20 feet (240”) and is durable and lightweight, made from aluminum. Secure flip tabs lock the pole into place.   

The mop head is sleek to reach into corners and tight spots.  

The mop has 2-set scrubbers; tough green for heavy residue and a blue microfiber for lighter cleaning and dusting. Included in the package are 2 green and 2 blue material pads. These pads are reusable and can be machine washed.

The Eversprout Ninja mop comes with a 1-year warranty and is suitable for cleaning ceilings, walls, and floors.

13.  Baban Dusting Kit Microfiber Mop for Ceiling 

The Baban mop head has a chenille microfiber wet and dry mop that absorbs dust with static electricity and is ideal for cleaning the ceiling with the wet mop. The material mop is reusable and is machine washable. The mop pole has 3 sections and can be adjusted to a length of 5.54 feet.

The package includes a bendable microfiber flex ceiling duster and a microfiber feather duster. The Baban dusting kit is good for cleaning ceilings, ceiling fans, walls, and floors.

14.  Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor 

The Turbo mop has a 360° rotating head and is 18″ wide, ideal for easy cleaning ceilings. The microfiber cleaning pads remove dirt and stains and are durable and machine washable.  

The mop pole is sturdy aluminum and adjusts to a height of 60″ so it will be easy to reach the ceiling. The weight of this mop is 1.2 pounds, so it will not be too heavy to hold up when cleaning the ceiling or windows of the home.

What To Look For When Choosing A Mop For The Ceiling

what to look for - mop for ceiling

A good mop should be able to remove dust and grime that has, over time, accumulated on the ceiling, be durable and be easy to move around. These are the guidelines I use when choosing a mop to clean my ceilings:

The Weight Of The Mop

Having to lift a mop above my head with extended arms for some time can be a little tiring, so make sure the mop is not too heavy. I look for a mop that weighs less than 3 pounds for ease of use.

Extendable Handles 

It is essential that the mop has extendable (telescopic) handles to reach the ceiling effortlessly. I can adjust extendable handles to different heights to not over-flex my arms when cleaning the ceiling. Opt for a handle that can extend at least 5 feet (60 inches) to give sufficient reach.

The Mop Head Should Swivel

A swivel or pivoting mop head will reach corners, creases, and tight ceiling areas. The best options are the mop heads with a 180° – 360° swivel, but those with a 90° pivot will also work well and give enough movement and flexibility.

A Larger Mop Head

A larger mop head will allow me to clean a larger area of the ceiling at one time which is less time-consuming. Choose a mop head that is 10”-20” wide for a more efficient clean.

A Soft Mop Head And Best Material

Mops For Ceilings

Opt for a soft cloth pad to cover the mop head that will not scratch or damage the ceiling.  Microfiber is the perfect material for a mop head because it is soft, cleans well, and is super absorbent when wet. Another excellent feature is that the static electricity in the microfiber attracts dust and dirt when dry, so I can sweep the ceiling before washing it.

The microfiber pad is more expensive than other materials, but it is more durable and can be easily laundered without showing any deterioration. Other materials used to make mop heads are sponge and polyester, but microfiber is the best option.

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