The Best Miter Saw Blades In 2022. What Blade Will Be The One To Buy?

Miter saws are a staple in any serious professional or hobbyists’ inventory, especially for those working with wood day in, day out.

If you want to find out what the best blades for your miter saws are, yet you don’t have too much time on your hands – don’t stress! I’ve made a quick overview below of the list of miter saw blades we’re covering in this article.

With a variety of specialized cuts that can be made on a miter saw, it’s no wonder as to why they’re a popular power tool to use across the industry, as many cuts can only be made with a miter saw, which sees cuts such as miter, bevel, angled and cross-cuts being made.

Of course, it’s difficult to make cuts without a blade – and that’s what we’ll be looking at today – five of the best meters saw blades that are available for you to purchase, as well as how they can improve the quality of your work, and some bonus features of each.

My Recommendations

I’ve done my best to put together a list of the best blades available – to make it easier for you, so you won’t have to worry about looking for all this information yourself, it’s all here for you.

Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything important by leaving a comment in the section below at the bottom of this article.

Freud D12100X Miter Saw Blade

Considered one of the best blades available within the 12” class, the Freud D12100X Miter Saw Blade is the epitome of class when it comes to your 12” miter saw.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the D12100X miter saw blade contains 100 teeth, and makes cuts in an effortless motion when cutting through wood, creating a superior finish.

Built with TiCo Hi-Density special-blend carbide, the cuts you make with this miter saw blade will require almost little effort as it tears through your wooden pieces like butter.

Here are some additional aspects to note when looking at the Freud D12100X:

  • Make high-quality cuts thanks to the axial shear face which creates a tidy finish
  • Cuts are effortless thanks to the ultra-thin kerf design
  • 12”, 100 tooth TiCo hi-Densight special blade carbide blade provides up to 5x longer cutting life

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Freud D12100X Miter Saw Blade

My Favorite Feature: Laser Cut Stabilizer Vents

  • Create a cleaner and higher quality finish with the innovatively designed carbide blade

Perhaps one of the most innovative designs in a miter saw blade that can be found throughout the aisles of your local hardware store, Freud D12100X blade features laser-cut stabilizer vents.

What does this do for your blade, and ultimately, how does it affect your cutting? Well, the vents are laser cut, and provide the blade an allowance to contract and expand when in use. 

The result? A cleaner, straighter cut – meaning you’ll be able to cut both against and with the grain in an effective fashion.

DeWalt DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blade

The first thing you’ll notice about this blade is that, in comes in a pair. DeWalt have added one blade with 80 teeth, and another with 32 teeth, promoting versatility with the cuts you’ll be making with your miter saw.

The DW3128P5 12” blade is best used with a DeWalt miter saw – yet you’re able to use this with other 12” miter saws, of course. Both blades are made with tungsten carbide, and are best used in making cross-cuts with your miter saw.

What other qualities do these blades possess? I’ve listed three of these below. 

  • Reduced vibration with the computer-balanced plate, that is also filled with a thin kerf
  • Due to the tungsten carbide design, the blades will stay shaper for a longer period of time
  • The bonus of two blades for the price of one equals a good value for money, with both incredibly durable

What’s In The Box?

  • 2 x DeWalt DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blade

My Favorite Feature: Wedge Shoulder Design

  • For blade longevity and increased accuracy, DeWalt have included an exclusive design on both blades

With both blades DeWalt have included in the paired package is an exclusive feature – a wedge shoulder design. 

This increased the lifespan of both blades, as well as making each cut you make more accurate than using a standard 12” blade.

How does this work? Well, behind each tip upon the blade is an additional layer of steel. Not only does this aid in the longevity of the blade and the precision of your cuts, but it also contains a coating that minimizes friction and buildup of gunk on the blade, with the anti-stick coating.

If you’re looking for blades that cover all bases from a reliable manufacturer, these are the blades designed for you. 

Makita A-93681 Miter Saw Blade

The first thing you’ll notice about the Makita A093681 miter saw blade, is the aesthetic of the blade itself. 

Makita have opted for a mirror finish on the A-93681, featuring 80 micro-grain carbide teeth that are ground up to 600 grit. This creates the mirror finish of the blade itself.

What woods are best suited for this blade? The Makita A-93681 is best suited for plywoods, soft and hardwoods, as well as excelling in making crosscuts – and that’s exactly what you’d be looking for in a miter saw, isn’t it?

As well as some of the points we’ve already discussed, the A-93681 features a few additions that will take your cutting game to the next level, some of which I’ve listed below.

  • Thickness of the plate is .071”, with an extremely thin kerf of 0.91” 
  • Your cuts will be true thanks to a unique, hand tensioned steel plate, which are hardened upon creation
  • Hook angle of the 80 teeth found on the blade is 5°

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Makita A-93681 Miter Saw Blade

My Favorite Feature: Value For Money

  • One of the most inexpensive blades you can find for your 10” miter saw, from a respected brand

This blade is one of the cheapest available on the market, and is a definite go to for you 10” miter saw if you’re on a budget

Makita have added some features to the A-93681 in order to make it cutting as effective as possible, with a thin kerf design to provide a seamless cut, that won’t put stress on your motor as some other sluggish blades of this price range do.

A big focus is put upon the 80 teeth found on the blade, which features an ‘Alternative Top and Alternative Face’ design – which is purely added to make cutting as precise as possible.

Some users have expressed their concerns with this blade, stating that it’s not as durable as other blades that can be found on the market. Yet at the lower end of the pricing range – it can’t hurt for you to try this out yourself, and see how well your 10” miter saw can work with this blade.

Hitachi 725206 Miter Saw Blade

Unlike the Makita A-93681 miter saw blade we just reviewed, the Hitachi 725206 10” miter saw blade is a no-nonsense blade that has its aesthetics on the backburner, instead focusing on the main reason you buy blades for your miter saws – accuracy.

Hitachi achieve this by manufacturing the blade with a tungsten carbide design, one of the most durable designs available for your miter saw that you can purchase. I’ve chosen this as my favorite feature of the blade, so feel free to jump down to this section to read more about this.

This isn’t the only good thing about this blade, however – there are some great features and I’ve gone into both these and some of the specs in the list below.

  • 10” blade with a .098” kerf width, ⅝” arbor
  • Blade is built with a safe, max speed recommended of 5,500
  • Creates smooth cuts, and is perfect for decorative moldings, soft and hardwoods

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Hitachi 725206 Miter Saw Blade

My Favorite Feature: Tungsten Carbide Design

  • 72 teeth created with a tungsten carbide design, brazed with three metals for an exceptional cut and finish

Another inexpensive blade that will fit a majority of budgets, the 725206 10” miter saw blade from Hitachi is built with durability in mind, made to last years of use without breaking or blunting of the teeth.

Due to this blend in design, this blade will outlast many of the standard or stock blades that you can find provided with your miter saws, and will provide exceptional service throughout its lifespan – staying as sharp as possible throughout this time.

The tungsten carbide design is perfect for those woodworkers who are looking to make accurate crosscuts, as well as perfect for veneers and decorative moldings – which it provides a smooth finish for, amongst many other projects.

What do you think of this blade? Let me know of your thoughts in the comment section.

Ingterco MSB1060 Miter Saw Blade

To round off our review into the five best miter saw bladed available, we’ll be looking at the 10”, MSB1060 miter saw blade from Ingterco. Like many of the blades we’ve stuck into today, the MSB1060 is quite affordable for a majority of budgets, and provides an incredible performance through its titanium carbide tips and its heavy-duty thickness.

It can be used for almost all purposes when paired with your 10” miter saw blades, with cross-cutting and an alternative right top bevel and left top bevel ability.

If you’re a woodworker who has more saws available within your inventory, such as a circular or a table saw – you can also use this blade with these units. Not too bad for versatility, is it?

 There are a number of other features you’d enjoy with this blade, and I’ve listed them below.

  • 10” 60 tooth, titanium carbide-tipped blade that is perfect for crosscuts and ripping with a smooth finish
  • Blade is designed to reach a max RPM speed of 6,000 across many saws – with a reduced kickback for increased accuracy 
  • Create razor-sharp cuts that are also smooth, thanks to a thick kerf and plate in this heavy-duty designed blade

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Ingterco MSB1060 Miter Saw Blade

My Favorite Feature: Non-Stick Coating

  • For a longer lifespan and a more effective blade, Ingterco have added a non-stick coating to prevent friction

Blades can break over time, through many years of use, and due to a buildup of gunk and resin upon the blade itself – affecting its performance and reducing the ability to provide smooth finishes with your woods.

Luckily, this is an aspect of woodworking that Ingterco look to eliminate, with the non-stick coating. This works by eliminating friction during cuts against the material, which in turn protects the blade itself against buildup of both resin and rust.

This allows your blade to work more effectively, producing a high-quality performance over many years of use. 

It’s a feature that will not only assist in the quality of your work, but is worth every penny once purchased.

What do you think of this non-stick coating feature?

The Final Say

Five of the best blades for your miter saw have been reviewed – in both the 10” and 12” class.

Many of these blades are quite affordable for all budgets – and ideally you should be looking at your day to day use of your miter saw, in order to find the appropriate blade. 

For maximum performance and high-quality cuts across the 12” class – the Freud D12100X miter saw blade is one of the, if not the, best in its class, cutting wood effortlessly with its 100 teeth and its laser-cut stabilizer vents. It’s one of the more expensive blades you can find available, but is definitely worth its price tag – something you’ll notice immediately when cutting.

For 10” miter saws, it’s a tie through the three 10” blades we reviewed today, with all blades at an affordable price and built for durability. If you use other saws as well as your miter saw, the Ingterco MSB1060 may be the perfect blade for you – however it’s completely dependant on how you look to use your blade, and what with.

Those are my thoughts on the blades we’ve looked at today, however I’d like to hear yours.

Perhaps I missed a blade you swear by, or there’s another feature on one of the five blades you’d like to discuss?

Whatever that would be, leave your comments below – it’ll be great to read them.

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