The Best Manual Pole Saw To Use For Your Garden Trimming

To cut those tricky overhead branches that can be difficult to get to, you need a sturdy tool that is also easily balanced, and of the highest quality. This is where you’d be looking at a manual pole saw to help you tackle the job.

With a market saturated with manual pole saws, how do you know which is the best for you and your needs? This is where we’ve done all the hard work for you, and compiled a list of the five best manual pole saws that you can find.

Don’t have enough time on your hands at the moment to read through the entire guide? Don’t worry – we’ve put together a list below of the manual pole saws reviewed below for your convenience:

My Recommendations

There are many manual pole saws out there in the market, so it may be difficult for you to choose between them, especially if you’re looking at your first manual pole saw.

That’s why I’ve done my best to recommend the five best manual pole saw models, covering all the uses and needs, whether you’re looking for professional or personal use, and have a high or smaller budget to work with.

See a manual pole saw that you’re fond of but it isn’t  on our list? Let us know what model you like and a favorite feature by leaving a comment in the section at the bottom of the article.

Silky HAYAUCHI New Professional Series 179-39 Manual Pole Saw

We start off our list with a well-reviewed and favorite of many buyers, the Silky Telescopic 179-39 manual pole saw.

Why is this model so respected when it comes to landscaping? There are a number of factors, including its 21ft extension ability, its ergonomic design, and the lightweight design of 6.9lbs – made from a mix of aluminum and rubber.

A sharpened hook tip is included, which allows you to pull out suckers, and keeps the blade in a cut when making full strokes, as well as pulling hangers that can get stuck amongst the branches. It’s these little inclusions that make your job, whether it’s professional or personal, a whole lot easier.

What else is there to love about the  Silky Telescopic 179-39? There are many factors which make this one of our favorites, to which you can see for yourself in the list below:

  • 21 ft long
  • Aluminum and rubber build
  • Lightweight design, weighing 6.9 lbs
  • Tool-less removable saw head
  • 4 sections with 3 telescopic options
  • Positive locking adjustability
  • Non-slip
  • Easily removed blade

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Silky HAYAUCHI New Professional Series 179-39 Manual Pole Saw
  • 1 x Black Plastic Blade Cover
  • 1 x Quick Connect Head

My Favorite Feature: Maximum Working Reach Of 25 Feet

  • 3 extension with four pole selections allow for an extension of 21 ft and a max working reach of 25 ft

Ergonomics is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a manual pole saw – and it’s this that the 179-39 excels in. Not only is it a lightweight design built with a non-slip rubber handle to assist in working long hours cutting overhead, but also the maximum working reach of 25 ft.

That’s right; thanks to the dual-locking system, every movement you make with the handle will be transferred to the blade, and spring-loaded locking buttons allow for a number of length adjustments to be made – which you can lock and choose your ideal position.

What are your thoughts on this impressive extension ability on the 179-39? Let us know in the comments below.

DocaPole 6 Manual Pole Saw

When it comes to light pruning, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better model than the DocaPole 6. This dual-pole saw can be used for pruning high, and also as a hand-held saw for those lower and trickier branches, as long as they’re no more than 3” in diameter.

The DocaPole will give you up to 22 ft of reach, and overlapping pole segments allow for increased rigidity when holding. The pole itself is made from aluminum, meaning it is lightweight; perfect for those long sessions of pruning overhead.

What else would you find on the DocaPole 6 when it comes to its features and specs? We’ve listed these below:

  • 6 to 24 ft of extension; absolute maximum of 28 ft of reach
  • Dual pole and handheld saw
  • An optimal cut of 2”-4” 
  • Middle tip for threading; useful for other attachments
  • Rubber handle grips
  • Nail hook for wall hanging
  • 13” bi-directional cut
  • Sturdy & lightweight handle
  • Locking screws for security

What’s Included?

  • 1 x DocaPole 6 Manual Pole Saw

My Favorite Feature: Razor Sharp Blade

  • The 13” razor-sharp blade can be used either as attached to the pole saw, or hand-held

The DocaPole 6 covers two bases; the overhead cutting, and also the lower-hanging pruning that you’ll need to do in order to keep the landscape nice and trimmed. Yet, this can be a difficult task if you don’t have the right blade.

Luckily, the DocaPole 6 has this covered – with a 13”, razor-sharp, bi-directional cutting blade. The blade has sharp, 3-sided taper-ground teeth, which make it perfect for cutting in a variety of directions, whether it’s above, or below.

They’re also quite durable, with a rust-resistant and hard, chrome-plated finish – meaning you won’t need to replace the blade after a few uses.

Fiskars 393951-1001 Manual Pole Saw

Let’s face it, keeping the garden tidy can be a difficult and expensive job to have control of. But, it doesn’t have to be – and this is where the 393951-1001 from Fiskars enters the game. 

With the ability to extend up to 12 ft, the 393951-1001 also comes with two separate cutting options; a precision steel pruner and a 12” double-grind saw. This is all for a budget-friendly price, meaning you can cover all bases without blowing the budget.

The pole is lightweight, thanks to its fiberglass design, which allows for ergonomically friendly working – and paired with the double-locking system, you can take peace of mind knowing any extensions made will stay in a secure position when working overhead.

What other features can you find in the 393951-1001? We’ve listed these below, so you can see for yourself.

  • 12 ft extension
  • 2 in 1 use, with a steel pruner and 12” double grind saw
  • Secure double locking system
  • Lightweight, fiberglass design
  • Cuts up to 1” thick
  • Low friction coating for a smoother finish

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Fiskars 393951-1001 Manual Pole Saw

My Favorite Feature: Double Locking System

  • Work safely knowing the pole is secure, thanks to the innovative double locking system

For superior control, the 393951-1001 is fitted with a unique, double locking system. This allows the pole to stay extended for as long as you’d like it, and you won’t lose any control when doing so.

How does the 393951-1001 achieve security with its locking system? Well, the double-locking system is a combination of both a spring button and also flip lock, which ensures that the pole will stay put and not move when in use. 

This is great for working overhead, giving you peace of mind; and with its lightweight design – you’ll be able to cut for long periods of time.

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Manual Pole Saw

The LS-6PKG-6 manual pole saw from Jameson boasts an impressive 18 ft reach length, as well as an interlocking 3 pole system that provides you with added options when it comes to the height you’re cutting at – giving you more flexibility over your work.

The LS-6PKG-6 is built with aluminum ferrules, with an external lead spring lock button for convenience. The blade itself is also impressive, a 16” barracuda tri-cut blade – which will give cleaner cuts without bogging down.

What else is there to love about the LS-6PKG-6? There are a few additions which we’re sure you’d find impressive, both in the specs and the features.

  • 18 ft length
  • 3 pole system, measuring 6 ft each
  • 16” Barracuda tri-cut blade
  • Aluminum ferrules 
  • External leaf spring locking button
  • Low profile head
  • Built for heavy-duty cutting

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Manual Pole Saw
  • 1 x 16-inch Barracuda Tri-cut Saw

My Favorite Feature: Interlocking, 3-Pole System

  • Three separate poles of 6ft each make a combined 18ft reach, perfect for versatility

The most versatile aspect of the LS-6PKG-6 is the interlocking, 3-pole system. Combined of three poles measuring 6ft each, the LS-6PKG-6 can reach a total of 18 ft for those tricky, overhead pruning jobs.

The three poles include a 6 ft base pole, a 6ft extension pole, and a 6 ft extension pole with an attached saw head. This allows you to work at a variety of heights, so any job that is under the 18 ft mark – you can be assured that you’d be able to get the job done.

What’re your thoughts on the three-pole system found on the LS-6PKG-6? Let us know in the comments.

Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw

To round up our review on the best manual pole saws, we have the 40207 from Notch. It’s one of the hidden gems when it comes to manual pole saws, thanks to its budget-friendly price and brand, yet don’t let that fool you – it’s a well built, high-quality manual pole saw.

Like the LS-6PKG-G, the 40207 is built with three extension poles – and can reach a maximum reach of 26ft. This is one of the longest reaches that can be found in manual pole saws, which is quite impressive, don’t you think?

The total weight of the 40207 is 9 lbs, and its lightweight, ergonomic design is perfect for overhead landscaping – without blowing a hole in your wallet.

What else is there to like about the 40207 from Notch? We’ve listed some extra features and specs that you’d like, below:

  • Lightweight, weighing 9 lbs
  • 26 ft reach
  • 3 extendable poles with 6 ft extension for each
  • Rust-resistant chrome plating
  • Interlocking design
  • Inexpensive

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw
  • 1 x 15” Heavy Duty Double Thick Blade

My Favorite Feature: Ergonomic Design

  • Three extendable 6ft fiberglass poles and lightweight design allow for reduced fatigue when cutting

 When working with cuts overhead, it’s important to work safely, which is why ergonomically working is so important. The less stress you can put on your body when working with uncomfortable angles or movements can make the difference in your quality of work – and also prevents injury from occurring.

With the Notch 40207 Pole Saw, ergonomically working is at the forefront of design, without compromising on any cutting or reaching ability. A lightweight manual pole saw the 40207 weights a total of 9lbs and is made of fibreglass. A comfortable grip is also included, and branches won’t have to be cut vigorously when paired with the 15” blade.

What do you think of the 40207 manual pole saw from Notch? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Thoughts 

Now that we’ve reviewed the five best manual pole saws – we’ll name our favorite of those reviewed. It’s hard to go past the first manual pole saw we looked into today – the Silky HAYAUCHI New Professional Series 179-39.

An impressive 21 ft extension ability and a total weight of 6.9 lbs thanks to an aluminum and rubber mix will mean you can work for longer, and a tool-less removable saw head gives you more flexibility.

Of course, we know that you may have different thoughts, which is why we’re open to hearing your thoughts – which you can do so by leaving us a comment in the section below.

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