The 8 Best Light Bulbs For Ceiling Fans (A Complete Guide)

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I always found that choosing the best fan for your house, workplace, or business is a tricky task. The style of the fan, the size of the fan, and the fan’s position are all factors to consider. However, lighting choices for fans are commonly overlooked, but they are equally important. That said, what are some of the best light bulbs for ceiling fans located on the market today?

Ceiling fans with light fixtures may be found in practically every home, but figuring out what bulb you’ll need once the factory one burns out can be difficult. Furthermore, with each technological advancement over the years, the quality of light improves, and the costs become more affordable, and that is where this list comes into play. So let’s look at what makes these ceiling fan light bulbs the best.

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8 Of The Best Light Bulbs For Ceiling Fans

When lights flicker frequently, it can cause severe headaches and eye strain. Therefore, you’ll need some light bulbs that seem excellent by adding volumes to the fan’s aesthetic aspect to alleviate this problem.

You’ll need some light bulbs that complement the fan’s aesthetic appeal by providing volume to solve this problem, and LEDs may transform your space and make you feel better. In addition, they don’t flicker much, so you’re less likely to get headaches or strain your eyes. 

When it comes to changing a burned-out light bulb in a ceiling fan, replacing the actual bulb is typically the easiest part. Apart from removing the light cover, selecting the best light bulb might be a great challenge! But, you’ve come to the right site if you want to buy LEDs. They complement the fan’s look and are attractive to the eye.

So, starting with the SHINESTAR Bright LED Ceiling Fan Bulb, here’s what value these eight ceiling fan light bulbs bring to your home or office space.

SHINESTAR Bright LED Ceiling Fan Bulb

This SHINESTAR “Type B” bulb will brighten up your fan and your life. This LED bulb has the same light output as a 60-watt incandescent bulb but none of the drawbacks. Instead, the oval-shaped bulb produces a bright, clear light that is perfect for your ceiling fan. 

The adaptability of this bulb is one of its best features. It may be used for chandeliers, table lamps, floor lights, and ceiling fans. It features an E12 bulb base, which is a standard bulb base. Make sure, however, that it is compatible with your appliance. 

Furthermore, the light is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating. This light bulb is sold in a pack of eight and comes with a standard three-year guarantee on Amazon.

Hansang E12 Screw Base LED Bulbs

The Hansang E12 ceiling fan is a contemporary addition to the market’s LED lighting gadgets. E12 may be readily mounted on ceilings because of its small size, and it gives ample light in both summer and winter. It can generate enough light to illuminate even the darkest corners of your space.

Furthermore, it does not release damaging UV rays or other radiations. It has also been given a lumen rating of over 600, indicating its effectiveness and brightness. It is almost twenty times brighter than conventional incandescent lights. As a result, it provides appropriate light for your fan and efficiently performs its purpose without generating any heat or noise.

Comzler A15 Candelabra Light Bulb

Comzler is one of the oldest manufacturers of light bulbs and other lighting accessories, and its goods are known for being extremely dependable and lasting for a long time.

The Comzler ceiling fan light bulb is included in this list because it provides some of the most dependable and long-lasting lights available. In terms of the light pack itself, there are a total of 6 inside, which is a good number. In addition, these ceiling fan light bulbs use an E12 socket for maximum compatibility.

Moving on to the specifications, the overall wattage (or powering rating) is 60 watts. It is when the lights are set to a color temperature of 5000k. The most excellent part about these ceiling fan light bulbs is that they come with a 5-year warranty.

Sunco Lighting A15 LED Dimmable Light Bulb

This Sunco LED bulb, which produces 800 lumens of brightness, is excellent for living room ceiling fans and chandeliers. Its appeal is partly due to its longevity and its basic yet small form. In addition, this light bulb can survive temperatures as low as 4 degrees Fahrenheit, making it also an excellent refrigerator light. 

Sunco Lighting maintains the highest standards for all of its products by thoroughly testing them for performance and safety. As a result, their A15 LED dimmable bulbs to illuminate instantly with no warm-up time and no buzzing or flickering for ultimate eye comfort.

This A15 LED bulb with an E26 base is energy-star certified and comes on instantly. Furthermore, this bulb is designed and manufactured to last a long time, lasting 15,000 hours. Finally, it is sold in a ten-pack on Amazon and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Winshine E12 Candelabra Light Bulb

The new Winshine E12 ceiling fan light bulb is highly energy-efficient and lasts nearly ten times longer than an incandescent light bulb. It also emits a lot of light and doesn’t emit UV rays, which might cause difficulties for persons with sensitive skin. 

With a CRI of 85+, these candelabra bulbs provide a soft white to create a warm and soothing ambiance, and it lights up immediately and without delay. In addition, the bulb emits comfortable light without flicker, no noise, and protects your health and your family with its frosted type B shape E12 bulb that provides full brightness at 2700K warm white.

The Winshine E12 light bulb is one of the most outstanding solutions for your house if you need a light bulb for a ceiling fan. The E12 LED bulb was designed to light up a space equally, resulting in a smooth stream of light from all sides. It also has a lengthy lifespan, so you won’t have to replace it as frequently.

Cotanic A15 LED Light Bulb

Cotanic and its ceiling fan light bulbs are somewhat less expensive than other LED lights, resulting in an excellent value for money for the most part.

This Cotanic ceiling fan light bulb is ranked on this list since it is the most affordable alternative. Despite the low price, you receive a total of 6 LED lights in the package. Unlike the previous light bulbs, these bulbs feature an E26 socket rather than an E12.

Each E26 LED ceiling fan light bulb outlasts a standard 60W incandescent bulb by 30 times. With a life expectancy of 30000 hours, no replacement will be required for the following ten years of average everyday use.

Thankfully, like other E12 alternatives, these lights have a very high output rating of 60 watts. Its color temperature of 4000K, on the other hand, is not something you’d want with any lighting. However, Amazon offers them in 4000K and 5000K daylight, or 2700k warm white, and it comes with a three-year replacement for any quality issues.

LOHAS E12 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Because of its oval form, this bulb will fit in most E12 socketed appliances. It is made of non-toxic materials and uses only 6 Watts of power, making it an environmentally responsible solution. Furthermore, this E12 base candelabra bulb is compatible with most dimmers, allowing you to modify the brightness in your room at any moment to meet your specific requirements. 

It is a non-buzzing or flickering bulb and will provide gentle, comforting light without sharp glares, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your room. You don’t need to wait for a warm-up period, and your home will immediately be brighter once the switch is turned on.

Even at low brightness, its light is steady and clean. In addition, its CRI of 80+ provides a pleasant glow, making it excellent for a variety of viewing scenarios. This item is offered as a set of six on Amazon, and with this elegant and decorative LED bulb, you can now adorn your ceiling fans at home.

LiteHistory Dimmable A15 Light Bulb 

The LiteHistory E26 ceiling fan light bulb provides excellent performance in several settings. Its low energy usage and long life duration can help to enhance energy conservation. In addition, its dimmable compatibility assures that the ceiling fan light bulb will function seamlessly with various dimmable dimmers.

E26 led bulb provides a comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing environment; no flicker or strobe warm white 2700k protects your family’s vision. Furthermore, the E26 bulb is widely used for ceiling fan light bulbs, pendant light bulbs, led ceiling light bulbs, chandelier light bulbs, and many other applications.

The E26 bulbs from LiteHistory may also deliver more than 25 000 hours of illumination. It is because it employs an LED, which utilizes just 75% of the energy it requires while creating beautiful white light. In addition, its dimmable compatibility means that the ceiling fan light bulb will perform flawlessly anyplace.

The Best Light Bulbs For Ceiling Fans: Buyers Guide

Replacing or updating a ceiling fan light bulb might be perplexing because they do not all utilize the same ones. Instead, manufacturers employ several bulb options that include size, color, and other characteristics.

Choosing the incorrect size will result in a total waste of money because it will not fit into your ceiling fan, and as a result, it is critical to invest in the right product. I recommend reviewing the following criteria before purchasing to make the best decision.

Consider The Size And Type Of Bulb Required

There are a few different lighting types to select for ceiling fans. LED lights, incandescent bulbs, and smart LED bulbs are among the most common alternatives. However, the smart LED light bulb is the monarch who wears the crown. It is because it is jam-packed with features. However, it also happens to be one of the more costly options.

Aside from these typical options, there are also CFL, halogen, and fluorescent lights. Halogen bulbs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor illumination because they deliver the essential brilliance of incandescent lamps while consuming less energy. Unfortunately, halogen lamps have a short lifespan, which is their most significant drawback.

CFL bulbs are pretty similar to halogen lights and are preferable over incandescent bulbs. On the other hand, CFL bulbs require some time to warm up.

Measuring the base of an already installed/in-use light in your ceiling fan will help you determine the correct size LED bulb to put in your fan. However, the most typical size for these light bulbs will be:

  • Mini Candelabra Bulb (E11): The bulb base is 0.43″ in width and 0.51″ in height.
  • Standard Candelabra Bulb (E12): Bulb base with 0.47″ width and 0.65″ height.
  • Intermediates Bulb (E17): It has a somewhat bigger bulb base than the previous two varieties, with 0.54″ width and 0.82″ height.
  • Medium Bulb (E26): Its base is more significant than one inch in height, with 1.05-inches in size and a breadth of 1.03-inches.

Consider The Color Temperature And Light

It is entirely dependent on personal taste and preferences. If you need to create a bright environment, use a light bulb with a color temperature rating of more than 4500K. If you want to be gentle on your eyes, use a slightly closer bulb and have a 2700K rating.

As a general guideline, a soft white with a 2700K – 3000K color temperature produces yellow and warm light, similar to incandescent lights. Higher on the scale, up to 3000K – 4000K, produces a yellowish-white or warm white light. Daylight bulbs with a color temperature range of 5000K to 65000K, on the other hand, emit a blue tint.

Consider The Number Of Bulbs Required

Whether you have numerous ceiling fans in your home or your single fan has a plethora of bulb sockets, buying extra lightbulbs is usually a bright idea. That is why practically all ceiling fan lightbulbs are available in bundles of four, six, or eight bulbs, allowing you to receive the best value for money.

Dimmable Options

Dimmable light bulbs come down to personal choice. While some people swear by this feature, others may not even notice it. A dimmable light bulb allows you to alter the illumination brightness to create the desired ambiance. However, keep in mind that both the light bulb and the socket switch must be compatible to use this feature.

We now have light bulbs for energy-efficient ceiling fans that can even be operated wirelessly, thanks to ever-changing technology. Ceiling fans and light bulbs now complement each other and look great. The finest ceiling fan light bulbs are flicker-free, energy-efficient, small, and offer many applications. 

When purchasing one, consider the bulb, the appropriate light, color, and other elements such as lighting levels and base to improve the appearance of your area for the perfect touch.

Consider The Wattage Requirements


The wattage of light bulbs should be chosen to be ideal for your ceiling fan and your goals (energy efficiency), and the surroundings. In addition, it informs you of the light’s brightness, as a greater wattage bulb produces brighter lighting. Also, avoid using light bulbs with a high power consumption because they defeat the objective of energy efficiency. However, make sure your space is light enough.

Ceiling fans (36–56 inches) typically require 55–100 W bulbs. A 75W bulb, for example, is needed for a 48-inch ceiling fan. Also, before purchasing, be sure to read the manufacturer’s specs to ensure that they will match and fit precisely.


It may be frustrating to choose the right light bulb for ceiling fans.  However, this list has some of the best light bulbs on the market, with outstanding ratings and satisfied customers. If you’re unsure which light bulb to choose, visit the buyer’s guide to determine which light bulb is ideal for you and your ceiling fan.

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