5 Best Impact Driver Bit Sets (For Increased Capabilities)

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My impact driver is a tool that I really cannot live without, but that’s only because of some additional items I purchased alongside the tool itself.

While an impact driver out of the box is a valuable tool, you face some limitations. Those limitations primarily focus on the bits that come with the original tool. While they are often quite good, you do feel some restrictions on what they can offer.

So, that’s where I feel you need to come up with a solution, and that solution is to consider purchasing an impact driver bit set.

In doing so, you will find the capabilities of your impact driver will increase tenfold. The number of ways in which you can use the tool will blow your mind, and it’s all thanks to having more choices regarding the different bits.

But I’m acutely aware that this leads to problems in its own right. After all, when you look at the impact driver bit sets market, which one do you choose?

That’s where I intend to help you out as much as possible. 

What you will find below is my list of the five best impact driver bit sets on the market right now. I aim to make your decision a whole lot easier, and I feel very confident that at least one of the sets that appear on my list will be the perfect solution.

my impact driver bit set

But if you still feel uncertain about which option to choose after checking out these five, don’t worry. I will include some essential tips on what to look out for when making your decision. I think these tips will help answer some of the questions I think will be on your mind.

How I Made My List

To make my list, I focused primarily on my experience with using impact drivers and how the different bits change my approach to various projects. Also, I wanted to ensure that the bit sets I included were actually reliable and well-made.

After all, poorer quality bits tend to be manufactured with inferior materials. That would mean they simply cannot withstand as much punishment, and before you know it, the bits have sort of lost their edge.

I don’t want that happening to you, so I selected robust driver bits that could last for some time. To back that up, I also spent time examining what other people had to say about their experience with the impact driver bit set to ensure they will indeed last for years.

Once all that was done, I was left with the five different sets you will find below.

Best Overall Impact Driver Bit Set – DeWalt 40 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

Personally, I find this bit set to be an outstanding piece of kit. It has 40 different bits, so it does seek to cover pretty much any eventuality. You should find every key bit size and shape included in this set.

But it’s not the variety on offer that makes me want to add this set to my list. Instead, the absolute quality of the different bits helps this item stand out.

Every single bit is crafted in such a way that it’s highly durable and functional for years to come. This is thanks to them being manufactured from high-speed steel. That means they should not tarnish or warp even with some heavy-duty usage.

But even though DeWalt has designed them to be as durable as possible, they have also somehow managed to ensure the bits retain a degree of flexibility. This small level of flexibility reduces the chances of the bits cracking, and that’s why they should be capable of lasting for some time.

In addition, I also appreciate that this model comes with a magnetic screw lock system. With this system, you get some additional stability with the bits, and it offers you even more confidence in using them in the first place.

Overall, I just think this set is excellent, and it offers you everything you would be looking for in an impact driver bit set.


  • You get the most common shapes and sizes of bits
  • They are exceptionally well made
  • The magnetic screw lock system gives extra stability
  • The bits can actually flex to prevent damage
  • You receive a 12-month warranty when buying the set


  • Surprisingly, the case is not the best, and you need to push the bits hard into their holders

Best Value Impact Driver Bit Set – WorkPro 47-Piece Bit Set

I understand that not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on buying an impact driver bit set. Thankfully, a few budget options are out there, and I think this 47-piece bit set by WorkPro represents the best value for money.

First, these bits are well made and to a standard that actually mocks the price you pay. Each bit is made from alloy steel, so they are more durable than you would expect. But WorkPro has gone an extra step in their manufacturing. Each bit is then coated with a black oxide that’s designed to reduce the odds of the bits rusting and corroding.

Thanks to this, I feel confident that the bits you get in this set will last longer than you may have previously expected.

The set also comes with a magnetic extension holder. That means you have no issues picking up the bits, which I love as some sets can make this part extremely difficult to deal with.

But I should also mention the case. It’s better than the case you get with the DeWalt bit set, as the slots for each bit actually work. You should have no problem arranging this set no matter how often you use it.

Overall, I just feel this bit set represents real value for money. It provides you with high-quality drill bits that are durable and also resistant to rust. This could be the perfect answer if you don’t want to spend much money on a bits set.


  • You get an impressive number of bits suitable for all tasks
  • They are well-made and should last
  • The black oxide reduces the chance of rust and corrosion
  • The magnetic extension holder works well
  • The case is excellent, at least on the inside


  • The slots in the case need to be good as the latch on the case is poor

Best Premium Impact Driver Bit Set – Steelman Pro 50 Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

Sometimes people simply prefer to purchase a premium tool or set, and if that’s what you prefer to do, then I’d recommend this set by Steelman. Complete with 50 different bits, it does cover every eventuality, so I have no doubt this set has everything you will need.

Each bit is crafted from impact grade steel. That should translate into having no issues whatsoever when it comes to durability. But that’s not all, as Steelman also heat-treated each bit. That does improve durability on an item that’s already pretty robust.

But aside from the unmistakable quality of the bits, I also appreciate how they have produced five different socket adapters. That increases versatility, and this bit set could quickly become an essential feature for so many projects.

In addition, it comes with four different bit holders. That does mean you can move between bits without having to scramble around and change the bits on a constant basis. I can see how this would prove highly effective for professionals.

Also, Steelman has decided to etch the name and details of each bit on the side of the bit. You may think this would be standard, but that’s not the case. Instead, they are one of the few to do this, and I think it’s an excellent idea. It undoubtedly makes your life so much easier in identifying the right bit for the job.

Overall, the versatility and wide range of options are why I’ve included this set in my list. Steelman has managed to think of everything in this one solitary set.


  • The quality of the bits cannot be disputed
  • The bits are highly durable and will last for years
  • Steelman offers different socket adapters for improved versatility
  • The name on the side of the bit makes it easy to find what you need
  • Offering four different bit holders also makes a difference


  • This premium bit set comes with a premium price

Best Home Use Impact Drill Bit Set – Makita Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

Makita is another brand capable of producing high-quality tools, and this impact driver bit set is a prime example. This version comes with a total of 100 pieces, and each one is precision made. 

Makita has opted to use steel as the material of choice here, and that does improve its durability. It should mean these bits can cope even with heavy-duty usage, so you should have no reason to worry about using them.

Makita also put them through heat treatment to strengthen the bits further. That does make a difference, and ultimately it means you have ultra-strong bits ready to be used in this case.

Plus, the set does offer magnetic bit holders as well. This helps when you need to try to drill in some harder-to-reach areas, so it improves the set’s versatility and your impact driver.

In addition, the case you get with this set is pretty good. It feels like it can hold the bits in place without them moving around too much, which helps keep things organized.

Overall, you get a great impact driver bit set without costing a fortune. The sheer number of bits covers so many eventualities that I know you will be able to make full use of the set.


  • You get 100 different pieces in the one set
  • They are highly durable and suitable even for heavy-duty use
  • The magnetic bit holder works well
  • The case is sturdy and reliable
  • It’s very affordable as a set


  • Some bits can occasionally feel as if they wobble a bit too much

Best Mid-Range Impact Driver Bit Set – Bosch 44 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set

Bosch is clearly well-known as a brand for producing high-quality items, so the fact they make one of the best impact driver bit sets should come as no surprise. In this instance, it offers a 44-piece set, which should result in enough options regarding variability.

Each bit has been impact rated, and what I love about this set is the way the tips have been so carefully engineered. Thanks to this, they fit snug in your impact driver and feel solid there. It means you feel capable of pressing the bits as hard as possible, and they won’t fail you.

I also appreciate the way Bosch has added a silver sleeve to each bit. This helps should you drop them, as they certainly stand out. Also, Bosch has etched the details of each bit onto the side, so identifying the correct bit should not prove to be problematic.

But there is one other thing I appreciate about this set, and it’s the customization aspect. You can build your collection of bits and simply drop them into the holders in the case. It allows you to get the perfect bits you will use most often, and everything is held together in an accessible format.

Overall, this set is just an excellent example, and it will last for years without any problems.


  • The bits fit easily into your impact driver
  • The etched markings make it easy to find the correct bit
  • You can customize the selection, which is a great idea
  • Each bit is highly durable
  • The case is above average


  • It does seem short on Phillips heads at the outset, so you need to purchase others

How to Choose the Right Impact Driver Bit Set

bits impact driver

If you look at the market, you will find a crazy number of impact driver bit sets, so I want to make your life easier. You see, I have a few tips on how you can quickly identify the correct bit set for your needs.

Number of Bits

Most impact driver bit sets will offer between 40 and 50 pieces in a set. That’s standard, but I would always look to see the array of bits contained in a set before purchase.

Take the Bosch set above as an example. It’s excellent, but it comes with relatively few Phillips bits, which could be important to you. Also, other sets include a number of holders or adapters in the number of pieces. That means the actual number of drill bits will decrease, so understand exactly what you will get for your money.


While each bit is manufactured from some type of steel, that’s not what I want you to focus on. If you intend to use the bits regularly, then I would opt for a set that states the bits have been hardened by heat.

In doing so, it does improve the durability, and it should mean the bits can cope with a lot more use without worrying about them becoming damaged or losing their effectiveness. But that’s not all.

You don’t want the bits to be completely rigid. If a driver bit is fixed and has no flexibility, it’s more likely to break under pressure. You need the bits to have some slight movement in the material, which helps absorb some of the energy and will last longer.

Magnetic Holders

I would also always ensure my set has a magnetic holder. That extends the reach you have with your tool, so it allows you to work even in those tight spaces. They are quick and easy to use but may prove pivotal in getting the most out of your bit set.

The Case

The final thing I would focus on is the case. Remember, you have all these different bits to store, so you want a case that manages to hold the bits in place. Anything else is useless as it means you open the case, and everything is lying all over the case.

That’s not going to make your life easier when it comes to trying to find the correct bit for your project. So, ensure the case holds things securely, or you could make life harder for yourself.

Overall, the main thing is the material and range of bits you get in a set. However, as most sets cover the majority of the key sizes, I don’t think you will have too many problems here.

Overall Conclusion

So that’s my list of the five best impact driver bit sets on the market right now, and I have no doubt you will find the perfect set for your needs. All it takes is some time to work through the options and see which one contains the perfect bits for your projects.

However, I’m confident that the different sets listed above will all prove perfect for most people. They offer real versatility and variety in the sets, and will be easy to use. 

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