The 16 Best High–End Ceiling Fans (A Complete Guide)

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I have always preferred a ceiling fan over an air conditioner! A ceiling fan can bring character to any room while circulating fresh air. I have recently purchased a home, and I want to install ceiling fans in all the rooms as the summers here in the South can get blisteringly hot. So, here is my list of the 16 best high-end ceiling fans for my new home and some purchasing tips.  

Lynlyn Chandelier 4 Blade Ceiling 

The Lynlyn stainless steel fan will be the focal feature of my foyer with its extravagant tiered design. The 4 retractable 32” blades tuck neatly away behind the large diameter white light resembling a beautiful dome shape. The fan features 3 light and 3 fan speed settings controlled by a remote. This fan’s beautiful aesthetics will be noticed when guests enter my home.

Matthews Fan Company Italo Ventania Metal Ceiling Fan

This beautiful white metallic fan is an eye-catcher and will suit my kitchen. The Ceiling fan has a smaller 3 blade fan situated at each end of the rotating vortex blades. The smaller outer fans push the vortex blades to create a stunning spinning spectacle.

The Vortex sculpted arms can be sped up or slowed down by adjusting the smaller fans on the edges. The fan is controlled by a wall mount switch and is suitable for damp conditions.  

Raxinbang Crown Retractable Chandelier Ceiling Fan 

The Raxinbang 42 inch Chandelier ceiling fan is elegant and will perfectly fit my dining room. The blades of this fan retract when not in use and blend in beautifully with the body. The fan is an elegant gold metal finish available in sizes 36″ and 52″.  

I can control all the fan’s functions via the remote control, including a timer, dimmable light, and speed settings. The motor is almost inaudible at 30 decibels, which adds to its charm. The ceiling fan had a reversible function for winter, so warming up my dining room will be done in style.

Coboca Chandelier Light Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan 

The Coboca has a small 14-inch diameter fan, but the stunning classic lines of the gold-colored metal chandelier with its eight glass ball lights oozes class. The fan is caged in the center of the chandelier and surrounded by eight curvy arms that house the round ball lights. 

All the functions are controlled by remote and feature dimmable light settings, energy-saving mode, and speed control. I would call this a true designer ceiling fan, and it will fit perfectly in my living room.

DUANCUICUIZ Modern 4 Blade Chrystal Ceiling Fan 

The Duancuicuiz 42” chandelier ceiling fan is stunning and will attract much attention with its elegant and beautiful presence. The clear-cut glass chandelier will shimmer when lit and offers three different light settings to amaze guests. 

The four fan blade, situated on the top of the chandelier, is neatly tucked away when not in use. The fan has six-speed settings that are controlled by a remote. This chandelier will be a showpiece in my formal lounge and will blend in with my black and cream décor.

TVDCC Modern Wood Pattern Ceiling Fan 

If there were a perfect man-cave ceiling fan, then this wooden finished fan would be my first and only choice. The TVDCC wooden finished ceiling fan resembles an earth globe on a stand and will be a long discussion point for many of my friends. 

The fan is packed full of features such as a dimmable LED strip that encircles the fan, and it has a negative ion motor that will assist with the secondhand cigar smoke eliminating the odors. The 70cm fan has 3-speed settings that are controlled via remote control, and the fan and the motor run silently.   

ZLYPSW Modern 5 Blade Ceiling Fan 

For a relaxed, casual look, this 52″ fan from ZLYPSW is good quality, and I will gladly install this in my kids’ TV Room. The five blades are made from beautiful light wood, and the flat round LED light will illuminate the room. The ZLYPSW fan has a copper motor to run silently and without any hassle, and all the functions are controlled via a remote, making it perfect for the kids to operate.

Minka-Aire Dream Star Graphite Steel Finish Ceiling Fan 

The Minka-Aire 60 inch 8 bladed ceiling fan resembles a jet turbine, and I can’t stop looking at the sophisticated design; it is just so contemporary! The fan blades are constructed from graphite and have variable pitch control for changing the blade angles and are controlled by a remote control that can be connected to an Amazon Alexa device. 

The fan has an 18 watt dimmable LED light and has a reverse function for the colder days. This fan is ideal for my spacious master bedroom.

Quorum International Hawkeye Collection 3-Blade Ceiling Fan 

The Quorum 3 blade fan is an all-metal satin, nickel finish ceiling fan from this brand’s Hawkeye collection. The 52-inch blades resemble teardrops and are a beautiful transitional design. The controls are wall-mounted, and the fan has a 3-speed setting. 

The Quorum 3 blade is a casual-looking fan that will be well suited to the lounge adjoining the master bedroom and add a relaxed aesthetic feel to the room.

Quorum International Mykonos Ceiling Fan 

The oiled bronze transitional style Mykonos indoor & outdoor damp ceiling fan by Quorum has a 60″ blade span, khaki-colored rustic blades that resemble vintage ship sails.  The fan is wall controlled and does not have a light but is light fixture adaptable. 

This lovely standard-sized ceiling fan is designed to blend well into most rooms of the house, such as living rooms, large kitchens, game rooms, or studios. I will install this fan in my guest bedroom as it will fit perfectly with the room’s furniture and keep my guests pleasantly cool.

Coboca Chandelier Mediterranean Invisible Ceiling Fan 

For the little boy in my life, I’ll install this blue ship wheel-shaped ceiling fan to fit in with the nautical theme of his room. Manufactured by Coboca, this fan is available in pink or blue. The fan has an auto shut off feature so I can set the fan to switch off after 1, 2 or 4 hours without having it run throughout the night. 

The fan offers a soft natural light, perfect for the bedroom while providing a playful feel to the room. The acrylic blades are 21 inches, and the fan has six different speed cycles and is controlled by a wall-mounted control unit.

LZQBD With Bluetooth Music Player Ceiling Fan Light

For my music-loving teenage daughter, this LZQBD 42” fan has a Smart Bluetooth music player and ultra-modern design is a perfect fit. The fan’s retractable blades fold away when not in use, and all functions are controlled via a cell phone or a wall-mounted switch.  

The speaker provides quality surround sound, and the body of the fan is made of beautifully polished alloy steel, creating a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere in the room.

Matthews Fan Company Irene 5 Wood Blades Ceiling Fan 

The Mathews Fan Company has another show stopper with this five wooden blade ceiling fan. The fan has a classic artistic design with a 52-inch fan, six-speed settings, and a high torque motor to deliver maximum airflow while using less energy. The fan blades are set at 15° and can move 3900 cubic feet of air with every minute. 

The unit comes with a wall-mount and remote control and is UL Damp rated so that it will be perfect for indoors or outdoors. I will choose this ceiling fan for my open plan guest suite for optimal cooling during summer.

Cffdoi Fashion Café TeahouseCrystal Ceiling Fan 

The Cffdoi wrought iron ceiling fan will do the trick for a classic look! I find that this ceiling fan brings back good memories from my younger days as a teen visiting my grandparents’ house. However, this fan does have a modern look with its 4 wooden blades, and single round glass LED light. 

The fan still operates with a pull string for the fan speed and another switch on the light. With its collection of old books and vintage memorabilia, my study is just the right setting for this classic-style fan. 

Quorum Windmill Weathered Oak Blades Ceiling Fan 

The Quorum oiled bronze windmill style outdoor ceiling fan has a 60″ blade span and is controlled via a wall-mounted control. The fan does not come with a light but is light fixture adaptable and has a UL damp rating. 

The windmill-style ceiling fan will be a pleasant and attractive addition to my wooden gazebo in my garden. The Quorum ceiling fan will work well in most of the larger rooms of the house, such as the living room or studios.

Hunter Trak Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan 

The Hunter Trak 72 inch Ceiling fan is a great addition to my patio and will keep me cool in the mid-summer heat. The large blades and body of this ceiling fan are made from lightweight aluminum and have an all-white coating to blend in beautifully with my mint green painted walls. 

The multi-function remote comes with a wall-mounted bracket for ease of use. The Hunter Trak will be suited for any large room or workshop with this fan’s large diameter blades.

What to Look For When Purchasing a High-End Ceiling Fan

what to look for - high end ceiling fan

I would recommend the following few tips before purchasing a new ceiling fan.

Energy Saving

Ceiling fans are great for improving the temperature comfort levels of a room while saving costs. Energy costs are only getting higher, and I don’t see them coming down soon. A ceiling fan can cool a room or assist the air conditioner in doing this. When setting the thermostat higher while running a ceiling fan, I can save up to 40% on the power bill, in winter-run fans in reverse to blow warm air downwards.

Large Fans For Large Rooms

Remember that size plays a factor when it comes to ceiling fans, so for best results, here is a quick size guide that I have set up: 

Room TypeSquare feet (sq. ft.)Fan Blade size (inches)
Small room or Bathroom50 29
Laundry or Breakfast Nook7536
Medium Room10036-42
Standard or Family Room40050-52
Large Room400+54

Ensure that there is at least 18 inches clearance from the walls to the tip of the fan blades and that the fan is a minimum of 7 feet off the ground for best results.

Bath Room Or Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ensure that the fan installed in the bathroom has a UL Damp Rating and the outdoor fan has a UL-Wet rating.

The Blade Pitch

A fan blade with a pitch between 12°-15° angle will provide the best air circulation. Avoid celling fans with less than 12° angle as they will not cool a room efficiently. The blade’s balance is very important, so remember to balance them in pairs to prevent vibrations and wobbling from occurring.

The Power Of The Motor

Ceiling fans with a higher power rating of 30 watts or higher will be fine for lightweight fans, but for the heavier blades, opt for 75+watts to avoid disappointment.

Light Features

When looking for a fan with a light feature, make sure that it will go with the room’s décor. The less expensive units usually come with a flimsy plastic dome light that looks cheap.

The Product Warranty

The warranty is a sign of the quality of the product, and some manufactures will offer a lifetime warranty. I will not purchase a ceiling fan with less than a one-year warranty.


Most ceiling fans can easily be installed and come with a step-by-step guide. I want to point out that some fans will weigh much more than anticipated, so double-check that the ceiling will accommodate a heavier fan. If not, then there are many available brackets to purchase.

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