The 6 Best Gas Pole Saws to Use Around Your Yard (By Type)

I’ve always felt that life was tough when trying to trim those small branches just out of reach. The idea of getting out a ladder and climbing up is not always the best option, but I have a solution.

That solution is a gas pole saw, and if you have never used one before and instead have to deal with those pesky branches, I strongly suggest you invest in one of these fantastic tools.

Let me explain if you don’t know what a gas pole saw is. Basically, you have a small chainsaw on the end of a pole. It’s nice and simple and yet highly effective at what it can do.

These saws are on extendable poles, so you can alter the length according to the task at hand. They are straightforward to use, but I promise you will not regret buying one.

But to make life easier, I’ve added six of the best gas pole saws I feel any avid gardener or landscaper should have at their disposal. 

pole saw in the garden

How I Created My List

I considered various aspects to find you the best gas pole saws on the market. 

First, there was power. These tools won’t have the same power as a typical chainsaw, but I wanted to ensure they would have no problems cutting through those branches.

Also, I focused on how easy they were to operate. You are using them from a distance, so I wanted to ensure each one was not difficult to use. After all, I want to help you to complete the job at hand without running into any difficulties.

In addition, there’s the pole. You need to know the extent to which this saw will work, so I made sure it would cover most jobs you may need to deal with around your yard.

Best Gas Pole Saw for Tree Trimming – MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw 2-Cycle 

  • Power: 42.7 cc engine
  • Maximum Reach: 15ft
  • Maximum Cutting Width: 10”

If you want the best gas pole saw for tree trimming, I suggest the MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw 2-Cycle. It allows you to reach a height of 15ft, and that’s more than enough for most people. Anything higher than that requires a professional approach, so this model covers most bases for you.

But don’t worry about using this saw to its maximum extent because you still have absolute control over everything you do. In fact, users report that it just feels the same to them, no matter if cutting a branch at 15ft or 8ft. 

However, even though it’s impressive when being used in this way, that’s not why I have included it in my list. Instead, I love that it can be easily broken down and turned into various other tools. In fact, you can get your hands on so many accessories for this particular tool that the number of ways you can use it is just out of this world.

As a result, this can work as a hedge cutter, trim bushes, and turn into a real workhorse in and around your yard.

This tool has a chain tensioning system, but I admit it’s not the easiest to operate. However, it does do a great job, and I don’t believe you should have too many problems using this gas pole saw.


  • I love how you get a multitude of tools from the one saw
  • The reach is impressive, and you still maintain control
  • The entire gas pole saw is very easy to use
  • You get a storage bag, so you can keep all of the various implements together


  • The chain guard could have been slightly more robust for heavier use
  • You only get a one-year warranty

Best Gas Pole Saw for the Money – Poulan Pro PP258TP

  • Power: 25cc 2-stroke motor
  • Maximum Reach: 12ft
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 6”

I love this particular gas pole saw simply because I feel it’s the perfect solution for anyone with more of a medium-sized garden. It may not have the strongest engine out there at only 25cc, but I think this will still prove efficient enough for most people.

The tool works exceptionally well on branches up to 6” thick, thanks to it coming with an 8” bar. Also, I’ve heard good reports about the starting mechanism with this model. It starts with little effort, so no pulling on the start chain over and over again.

I’ve also found that this model is pretty durable. It can cope with some heavy-duty work, but not to the same extent as more professional gas pole saws. However, I have no doubt you will never really struggle with trimming things in your garden with this model.

Overall, this Poulan Pro gas pole saw deserves its place on my list because it’s relatively inexpensive yet still has immense cutting power. Add an auto-oiling mechanism to help keep things running smoothly, and I think this model will not come up short.


  • It comes with good cutting power
  • It allows you to reach up a reasonable 12ft
  • The starting mechanism is smooth and works well
  • The model is very durable and can withstand a lot of punishment


  • It is a bit on the heavy side, so keep that in mind

Best Commercial Gas Pole Saw – Echo 25.44cc Gas Pole Saw

  • Power: 25.44cc engine
  • Maximum Reach: 14ft
  • Bar Size: 12”

If you want more of a commercial gas pole saw, I recommend the Echo gas pole saw, complete with a 25.44cc engine. It packs a real punch, and the manufacturer claims it has so much power that it’s like a hot knife going through butter. 

That is an impressive claim, and a quick look around what other people are saying makes me think it’s pretty close to the truth. Also, Echo claims it can cut through any thickness of branch. Now, I’m not about to test that out, but I do feel it means that this machine will cope with pretty much anything you throw at it.

I also like that this gas pole saw is for more heavy-duty use. So, if you have several trees that need trimming, this pole saw is not about to let you down. Of course, this model is not for a beginner, so if you are new to this type of saw, I’d check out one of the others on my list instead.

The pole is also telescopic and comes with a good rubber grip. It feels comfortable and balanced in your hand, so you should have no real problems using the saw.

Overall, I love the power behind this gas pole saw and its desire to get on with the job and complete it as quickly as possible. The pole is easy to use, and the 12” bar will cut through almost anything.


  • It packs a lot of power in that 25.44cc engine
  • The telescopic pole is very easy to use and has an excellent grip
  • This gas pole saw is for heavy-duty use
  • It starts very easily


  • This model is louder than most

Best Cheap Gas Pole Saw – Remington RM25PS Maverick

  • Power: 25cc 2-cycle motor
  • Maximum Length: 12ft

Remington appears to have an excellent habit of producing high-quality gas pole saws, and the RM25PS is just one of those examples. Complete with a 25cc 2-cycle motor, it has a lot of power behind it that should make quick work of these hard to reach branches.

With a total reach of 12ft, this saw has you covered, and it’s easy to both hold and control even when operating at that length. It comes with quick-start technology, an auto-oiler mechanism, and toolless chain tensioning. So, maintaining this pole saw is an absolute breeze.

But I also like that this pole saw can work with attachments, so it increases the number of ways you can use it. I feel that it then represents real value for money as it quickly becomes a tool you can use over and over again.

Overall, considering it has a quick start mechanism and does so much of the maintenance for you, it does mean this gas pole saw is a real bargain.


  • It has a fantastic motor
  • You will have no problem starting this tool
  • The pole gives you absolute control even when working at the maximum length
  • It has tool-less chain tensioning, which does help


  • It is slightly noisy even for a gas pole saw

Best Gas Pole Saw Under $200 – Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw

  • Power: 25cc 2-cycle engine
  • Maximum Reach: 12ft

The Remington RM2599 is an excellent gas pole saw, and the fact you can get it for under $200 is just a huge bonus. It comes with a 25cc engine capable of making quick work of a range of branches, and overall I’m just impressed with this entire pole saw.

It has an 8” bar, which should be adequate for most jobs. Also, this model weighs in the region of 14lbs, so that’s not too heavy for this type of tool. It should mean you won’t tire too quickly even when you have it stretched out to its maximum 12ft length.

But if you worried that 12ft was not enough, then don’t stress. It also comes with an additional 26” long extension pole, which could make a difference for you.

Add in the fact that it has an auto-oiler mechanism and an array of attachments, and what you have here is a fantastic tool worth way more than $200.


  • The engine is powerful enough to cope with almost anything you throw at it
  • The number of attachments you get is impressive
  • It has a good reach with an extension pole to help you out as well
  • The auto-oiler mechanism works well


  • It’s not as heavy-duty as other models

Best Lightweight Gas Pole Saw – Troy-Bilt TrimmerPlus PS720

  • Power: 42.7cc
  • Maximum Reach: 11ft
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 7”

If you are looking for a gas pole saw that is lighter than you would imagine, I suggest the TrimmerPlus by Troy-Bilt. This model weighs in at under 4 lbs, and that means you feel you can use it for longer without being exhausted.

That makes a huge difference, especially when you have the pole extended to its maximum, which means you can make cuts up to 11ft in height. Also, this gas pole saw does feel rather well balanced when in use, and that does also help.

But this model also comes with a couple of extensions, so it can push it up closer to 16ft in height if required. I like that they have made this as easy as possible, and the entire pole saw is so easy to put together.

I also love how this model comes with an 8” bar, and it has an auto-oil mechanism. That means you can carry on cutting without worrying about stopping to ensure the bar can keep on working without sticking.

Overall, this gas pole saw does keep things nice and straightforward, but it’s highly effective at the job it was designed for. 


  • It is very light at under 4 lbs
  • It comes with 2 extensions to increase your reach
  • It’s easy to put together and use
  • It has an 8” bar which is perfect for trimming those high branches
  • It also has an auto-oil mechanism to keep things running smoothly


  • You may need to initially adjust the chain as some people report it coming too tight

How to Select the Right Gas Pole Saw

high tree trimming

The six models listed above are all fantastic in their own right, but I know some readers may need additional help selecting the correct saw. So, I have a few tips.

Why a Gas Pole Saw?

A gas pole saw represents the most powerful version of this type of saw. It’s also better suited for more heavy-duty tasks than other versions. While battery-operated pole saws can prove effective, the gas version can deal with far more situations and problems thanks to its sheer power.

The Reach

For me, the most important thing is the saw’s reach. You want to know how far it can extend and do so safely, as that then lets you know if it will reach the jobs it was intended for.

But here is one point I want you to focus on. When you check out the saws, you will see two lengths. This represents the range of lengths it can cover, so always ensure the longest length is suitable.

Understand the Power Aspect

Your typical gas pole saw will have very few problems dealing with branches up to 12” thick, and that’s impressive. However, if you want to make shorter work of this, you need a bit of extra power.

These saws will show their power according to the cc of the motor. You want to go as high as your budget allows if you know you will have to tackle thicker branches.

I’m not saying those with a lower power ratio will prove incapable of dealing with these branches, but you will undoubtedly spend more time trying to saw through them than you would perhaps like to do.

Tank Size

One of the few problems connected to more power is the speed at which the pole saw can go through gas. That means I do suggest checking out the tank size of the model that interests you.

Look to purchase a pole saw with the biggest tank possible, but keep in mind that it does add extra weight to this tool when holding it. However, it will mean you can spend less time stopping and filling it up if you intend to do a lot of work.

Blade Size

Another thing you need to look at is the blade size. The blade size is always measured in inches, and once again, I want you to think carefully about the branches you will be cutting with the saw.

You can purchase a blade that fits accordingly by looking at the size. You don’t want to come up short, or you only complicate matters, and nobody wants that.

The Pole

Aside from the reach I mentioned earlier, you should also aim for a lightweight pole. This saw will be heavy enough to hold for some time without a heavy pole also contributing to it.

But you should also know how the pole locks into place when you have it at the correct length. This is a safety aspect, and you don’t want to be cutting while fearful the pole will collapse.

However, each model I’ve included in my list will work fine, and you won’t have to stress about what could happen with the pole.

Additional Features

Some other additional features you may wish to look out for include auto-lubrication and safety switches. You want to know the bar won’t keep on sticking, which means you need to stop and bring the saw back down to ground level.

Also, you need to know the saw will cut out if something goes wrong with an automatic safety switch. That kind of thing gives you peace of mind, and I would certainly never overlook the safety aspect of any pole saw.

Those are the key areas I would suggest you consider when selecting the gas pole saw you want to buy. By thinking about them, you should find it easier to come to some type of decision.

Overall Conclusion

If you need to trim trees or exceptionally tall bushes, then a gas pole saw is the best way of achieving this. They provide you with that extra reach without climbing up and putting yourself in danger.

These saws are very easy to use, effective at what they do, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can finish the job in question. 

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