The 6 Best Drum Sanders (A Complete Guide)

If you are looking for a good and reliable drum sander, whether you are a hobbyist or a full-time woodworker, be sure to read this guide first. Drum sanders are excellent to improve productivity on larger long surfaces. But what are the best drum sanders that are available on the market today?

Here are the six best drum sanders according to my experience and research:

  1. Jet JWDS 1632 Drum Sander
  2. Supermax Tools Drum Sander Model 16-32
  3. Jet 22-44 Pro Drum Sander
  4. Jet 649004K 22-44 Plus Drum Sander
  5. Supermax Tools Drum Sander Model 19-38
  6. Jet 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander

We need to go through a few considerations before having an in-depth look at the drum sanders. These considerations are worth your while as they will help you find the best drum sander for your jobs, and they will justify why we have chosen the drum sanders on the list. 

Considerations When Picking The Best Drum Sander

drum sander

To help ensure you make the right decision for the best drum sander for your woodworking projects, you need to understand what to look out for. There are many considerations to keep in mind when you are shopping, but some that matter more than others. 

Below are the primary considerations you should have in mind when looking for your drum sander. These considerations are what the list of the best drum sanders for woodworking will be based on later in this article. 

Double Or Single Drum Sander

When you are looking for the best drum sander for you, you need to consider whether you need a model with a single drum or a double drum design. Double drum sanders have two separate sanding drums that allow you the convenience of having two different grit papers at the same time on one machine.

These double drum sanders offer you speedy sanding and convenience, but they tend to be more expensive than single drum models, and they are more complicated to operate. 

Single drum sander models will only have one drum for sanding; this means that you are limited to one grit sandpaper when you are sanding. So, with a single drum sander, if you need to use more than one grit sandpaper on your workpieces, you will need to change the sanding strips on your sander multiple times. But these sanders are more affordable and simpler to use.

Open Or Closed Drum Sander

Most drum sanders are classified into two main broad categories based on their design: either an open drum sander or a closed drum sander. Each of these categories can be extremely useful in your workshop, and they both have their pros and cons. 

Let us go through an open drum sander first. An open drum sander is open on one end, and it will have a structure specifically designed to support the feed belt, sanding belt, and pressure rollers. An open drum sander design like this allows you to sand a workpiece wider than the drum itself. 

Open drum sanders are a perfect choice for woodworkers and DIYers looking for a drum sander from benchtop as they are generally smaller, making them ideal for smaller workshops. There is one drawback to an open drum sander, and that is they tend to be weaker and can flex under pressure, resulting in uneven sanding. 

Now, closed drum sanders are machines that are closed on both ends, meaning you cannot use them to sand boards that are wider than the drum. However, if you give up the possibility of sanding wider boards, you gain and much sturdier machine that is also less likely to flex under pressure and tends to be more powerful. 

Motor Power

The motor strength or power that the machine has will have a large effect on the performance of the drum sander. So, you need to ensure you pick powerful enough to do what you need it to do. 

It is important to remember that a drum sander that has a lower amount of power will overheat easily and more often if the drum sander is used for large loads that the weaker motor cannot handle well. 

The motor power that a drum sander has will also determine the speed at which the drum will rotate, dictating the sanding speed of the machine. The strength of the motor you need will depend on what you need the drum sander for and how often you will use it. 

With this being said, a drum sander model with a motor of at least 1.5 HP seems to be okay and performs well enough for what most woodworkers need it for. 


With drum sanders, you get ones with different-sized drums, and these different-sized drums will determine the sanding area that you get with the machine. This will also determine the board size you will be able to sand with each particular sander. 

If you get an open drum sander, the drum size may not be an essential aspect as this open drum design allows you to sand boards much larger than the drum.  However, this is a crucial aspect to look at if you buy a closed drum design sander. 

If you want a more compact and closed drum sander, then the drum size will be extremely important and should be chosen based on the woodworking project you need to do. When deciding on a drum size, generally, the width is the most essential factor to consider. 


Budget is a big consideration for drum sanders, as a good drum sander is not necessarily cheap. So, when most people go shopping for a drum sander, they cannot overlook the price. So, before you go looking, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a good drum sander.

For example, you can get a nice and simple drum sander for just over $500; on the other hand, you can go for the top brand models made from reputable brands, but these can easily cost you $2,500 or up. 

Suppose you are thinking about getting a drum sander that has a huge capacity, meaning you spend more money, but then you do not use all the features that come with the sander. This would be a slight waste of money, and you should instead go for a more affordable option that has the features you will need for your woodworking project. 

Dust Collector 

Dust collectors are a part of a drum sander that many woodworkers overlook when choosing a good drum sander for their project. This should never be the case, though, as the sanding will produce a lot of wood dust that you will have to manage reliably. 

To ensure you can manage this wood dust properly, it is recommended that you buy a drum sander that has a good and reliable dust collector with it. Some good drum sanders will even offer multiple dust collection ports to make managing the wood dust easier and more efficient.

You should also remember that the diameter of the dust port also matters, as this will affect your ability to remove the dust easily. To comfortably remove the dust, you need a port that is at least 4 inches; this will allow you to have good dust management in your workshop. 

The 6 Best Drum Sanders

Now that we know the requirements for a drum sander to be considered one of the best, we can go through the top picks for the best drum sander. You can go through the list and choose the best sander for your next woodworking project. 

1. Jet JWDS – 1632 Drum Sander

This drum sander is at the top of the list as it is extremely easy to use, and it has smart controls, meaning that when you are busy using this drum sander, the load is continuously monitored by the drum sander. 

This, in turn, means that the conveyor belt is automatically regulated, so you do not need to worry about that when sanding. This drum sander has a dust hood that helps collect the wood dust for easy disposal later. 

The specifications of this drum sander are:

  • 1.5 Horsepower
  • 156 lbs in weight
  • Circular shape
  • The dimensions are 48 x 40 x 27 inches
  • Corded – electric powered

This drum sander is excellent value for money, and it comes ready to use; you will only need to assemble the stand. This machine is robust, but it does vibrate a lot when in use, and it can be slightly challenging to change the sandpaper when needed. Apart from those minor drawbacks, this drum sander is great for woodworking. 

2. Supermax Tools Drum Sander Model 16-32

Supermax 16-32 drum sander is easy to use, and it is quite a high-tech product when it comes to drum sanders. This drum sander has a built-in digital read-out; this helps the sander maintain a consistent thickness in the wood that is highly accurate. 

It also has a turbo vented dust port that allows for excellent airflow to the dust collectors, and it has quick level adjustment technology built into it, helping with its ease of use. The specifications of this drum sander are:

  • 1.5 Horsepower
  • Corded – electric powered
  • 147 lbs in weight
  • Dimensions of 22 x 34 x 48 inches 

This drum sander is high-tech and has great torque control with the primary motor, but the power cord is short, and the hose that connects to the dust port can sometimes get in the way. Apart from these drawbacks, this drum sander is an excellent investment for your woodworking. 

3. Jet 22-44 Pro Drum Sander

This drum sander has some great features like a highly accurate digital read-out that will help pre-set the exact thickness you want your finished wood board to be. It has a durable body and can easily be moved as it has four casters that lock into place when the drum sander is in use. 

This drum sander comes with both infeed and outfeed tables that help provide extra support for the wood being sanded. The specifications of this drum sander are as follows:

  • 3 Horsepower
  • Corded – electric powered
  • Dimensions are 41 x 41 x 52 inches
  • 385 lbs in weight 

This is a great drum sander for a woodworker to use as it comes with handy features; however, changing the sandpaper on this drum sander can be challenging until you get used to it. 

4. Jet 649004K 22-44 Plus Drum Sander

This is a sturdy and powerful drum sander with great size capacity and an open stand, allowing it to take larger loads. This drum sander has Sandsmart technology that automatically controls the speed of the sander. It also has a built-in dust collector, conveyor belt automatic trackers, and this machine is silent. 

This is the perfect sander for woodworkers with a larger project as it can easily handle these bigger jobs. Here are the specifications of this drum sander:

  • Corded – electric powered
  • 4 Horsepower motor
  • 296 lbs in weight
  • 5 x 22 inches

This is a good quality drum sander that will last you years, but you will need to tweak the settings a bit before your first use as the factory settings may not be accurate.

5. Supermax Tools Drum Sander Model 19-38

This is the perfect drum sander for a small woodworking shop and is an award winner as it won the WOOD magazines award of 5 stars, and the American Woodworker named this drum sander Editors Pick. 

This drum sander is sturdy and performs well for hours. It is easy to use and adjust to your liking. Here are the specifications of this drum sander:

  • Corded – electric powered
  • Dimensions are 41.7 x 57.6 x 57.6 inches
  • 4 Horsepower motor
  • 245 lbs in weight

This is a high-quality drum sander that you will not regret buying for your woodworking projects.

6. Jet 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander

This product is a well-built high-quality machine that is high-powered for its size and effective at its job. This is a great sander to have as it is portable and good for small workshops. It has a quick-changing sandpaper feature, which adds to this machine’s ease of use and allows you to be more productive as you do not need to spend a large amount of time changing the paper. This drum sander was made to be operator-friendly. 

Here are the specifications of this small drum sander: 

  • 96 lbs in weight
  • Dimensions are 27 x 20 x 20 
  • 1 Horsepower motor
  • 4-inch dust port 

This product requires minimal set-up, and it’s a great tool to have if you are a woodworker. 

The Final Word

There are many great drum sanders on the market today, but these ones are the best of the best, and whichever one you choose to buy. These drum sanders are easy to use and set up, plus they offer high-quality results that any professional woodworker would be proud of. Now, the fun and challenging part of trying to only pick one, good luck!

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