The 7 Best Drill and Impact Driver Sets (Review & Guide)

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Possibly the best tool to have gone completely cordless is the drill, with many impact guns and normal drills all greatly benefiting from the change. However, whether you are just starting or already an experienced woodworker choosing the best possible combination of drill sets can be hard.

The best drill and impact set for anyone to buy is the Black 7 Decker 20V drill and home tool kit with 34 pieces and a charger. This set includes the six basic drill bits, a case, the battery, a charger, several bits, and a few other basic pieces you may need to start your tool collection. 

As there are many ways that you will be using your drill bit and driver set, you may sometimes need larger sets to be completely happy. Further, many people have learned that getting a good drill is more important than a full set all at once, getting a drill and then a full set in two separate purchases. 

What Are the Best Combination Sets?

We have chosen seven of the best possible combinations, with drills, chargers, and all the bits you may need for basic projects already included. These are the kits that will allow you to easily and comfortably create almost anything without using extreme bits or drills. 

It is better to have a good set of bits, drills, batteries, and a drill when you are starting your collection of tools. Many people assume that every battery-operated drill will automatically have everything they need; however, this is not true.

DeWalt Dck240c2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

When it comes to the basics of what you will need, DeWalt has been one of the go-to places for many years, with its range of products consistently providing everything you need to start. The DeWalt DCK240C2 FlexTorq driving set provides all the bits you will need until some of them go missing.

I recommend getting this set because it includes both a normal battery drill and an impact drill for those screws that need to go in forever. Further, the set offers 40-pieces of varying bits in various sizes, allowing you to get started with the most basic projects, only requiring drill bit to be purchased separately. 

The Cordless Drill Driver And Impact Driver Set 20v, Hychika Drill Combo Kit

For its low price for a normal drill, an impact driver, 22 pieces of bits, and two 1.5Amp batteries, the Hychika is aimed purely at someone still learning. With the drills not made to last a lifetime if used every day, this set is what we recommend when you are unsure how often you may be doing a project. 

Allowing you to save some money and not spend hundreds on something that may only ever gather dust in your toolbox. The set provides the basics of everything, including actual drill bits and four flat drill bits for larger holes, usually meant for cable routing, giving you everything you need to begin. 

Cordless Drill – 20v Cordless Drill With Battery & Charger

This simple set of drill, charger, battery and basic bit options costs only around $100 and is made by SnapFresh, a newer entry on the tool market. We include this set because it is perfect for someone working on weekend projects, as the drill allows for easy and quick adjustment.

Further, the bits included can help you on the largest woodworking projects while also allowing you to build precut furniture from Ikea easily. This is a good drill set for your collection, whether you already have a full equipment garage or are starting to get everything needed.

20v Max 2 Speeds Drill Driver And Impact Driver Combo Kit, Galax Pro Cordless Drill Driver

The most affordable set that I have available, the Galax Pro set of two drills and one battery, is aimed perfectly at someone who does not need the equipment each day. With two clips for easy organizing and only 11 pieces of bits and drills, it is perfect when you need to do basic repairs.

I always recommend this set for anyone that knows they are not the best handyman on earth but also knows they need to have something for emergencies. Sometimes all it takes to fix or improve something are the most basic tools, nothing fancy and nothing that will break your bank. 

Black & Decker 20v Max Drill & Home Tool Kit, 34 Piece

I would recommend anyone to get this set, whether they are just starting their tool collection or already have a few bits. You can adjust what you are getting in the git, from just a 109-piece accessory kit to a full table saw with extra blades. 

For its price, the Black & Decker Max Drill is a good drill that will ensure you have the best possible tools at your immediate disposal. I always recommend that people get this when they are on edge, as Black & Decker also offers a larger range of tools and stronger cordless drills for your future tool growth. 

Kimo Cordless Drill Driver Set, 20v Drill Driver 68pcs 

The Kimo Cordless driver set is what we recommend getting if you start working on serious projects and woodworking jobs. While the brand may not be the best, this kit includes over 68 different bits for you to use and abuse, along with other basic hand tools. 

At only $80, the set is perfect for the best possible advice you could ever get when building your tool collection, as the pieces are worn through or broken; only then do you buy expensive versions. The tools breaking first are usually the tools you are using the most, which makes it worth spending the extra money on. 

Teccpo Cordless Drill Set, 20v Brushless Drill Driver Kit, 2x 2.0ah Li-Ion Batteries

This is the most expensive drill set we have here, and it is also one of the fewest bits, with only 33 pieces. This drill set is meant for someone who will be screwing in screws for almost eight hours each day; with two batteries included in the kit, it can go for hours on end.

Further, the 20V drill provides just over 530-pounds of torque, which means that it will not jam or struggle to work through even the hardest of woods. The included kit also includes a tool bag and a belt clip to make storing it while working on rooves or in the workshop as easy as possible. 

What Are the Best Drill Bit Sets?

When you buy a set that includes both a drill and the drill bits, you will usually not get the best drill bits. Indeed, these sets are usually meant to help you start your drill bit collection before you go out and start buying all the unique and odd bits that you need for all sorts of projects. 

Instead, I recommend buying a separate collection of drill bits to ensure that your collection is as complete as possible. Even with the largest collection of drill bits, we know that you may still need to buy some extra bits to help you fit odd shapes and sizes when you start making. 

Enertwist 246-Pieces Drill Bits and Driver Set

This is the set that I recommend you get regardless of what type of drill or impact driver you have or have recently ordered. This 246-pieces collection has every size of drill bit for wood and metal that you can imagine while also providing hole saw bits and normal bits. 

With a complete collection like this, you are much less likely ever to find yourself wanting odd drill sizes or looking for bits. Further, as an added benefit, as you continue to work through the drill bits and the bits, you can replace them and keep them all safe within the case.

DeWalt 21-Piece Drill Bit Set

If you want the basic set of drill bits that will last seemingly forever, then the DeWalt 21-piece titanium drill bit set is perfect for you. All 21-pieces have been made to be used exclusively on wood and will allow you to comfortably and easily make holes of all sizes. 

It is not the most expensive bit set to purchase and will easily provide you with the smallest drill bits that you may need. However, it does not go into the larger sizes that are often used, and with only 21-pieces, you will eventually go to the hardware store to buy more. 

Amazon Basic 100-Piece Drill and Driver Set

As the name suggests, this is the basics of what you will need from any drill bit set, with drivers included, making the total pieces in this set 100-pieces. This is one of the most basic sets you can find, with bits and drivers that will easily do everything you may need. 

However, I need to caution that this set is not meant for someone working on a project every weekend. With many of the materials not always being the best, you will find the bits becoming dull quite quickly and the drivers all stripping your screws if used too much. 

230-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

There is nothing as frustrating and work stopping as starting a project and finding that someone has snapped your favorite drill bit without you knowing. This 230-piece set aims to prevent that from ever happening again as it has multiple drill bits of the same size. 

This means you can relax about certain bits breaking or going losing and be safe in the knowledge that you will have every possible drill bit size you may ever need. I always recommend getting these if you are going to be working on multiple projects or having multiple people working on a project. 

Black & Decker 109-Piece Drill and Bit Set

Oddly enough, this is the most affordable set of 109-pieces you can get; with both drivers and drill bits in the set, Black & decker aims to expand your collection with this. The basic sizes of everything and a full set of bits that can be used on wood or steel are all included. 

I recommend getting this kit if you are still on the fence about whether or not you need so many pieces. As you will have higher quality bits in every size without having to break the bank or spending too much on something you may never properly use. 

Bosch 91-Piece Drill and Driver Set

Bosch was ahead of most of the competition when providing battery-operated drills, and you can see this when looking at their sets. This 91-piece set has everything you need, in every size, with different tips on the drill bits to easily allow drilling into almost any material. 

This set costs a lot more but includes quite a bit less than other sets; however, the quality of each bit is quite high. I have seen several reviews and talked to several professionals that have pointed out that they rarely need to buy new drivers, only sharpening the bits when needed. 

Are Impact Drills Good for Wood?

Yes, cordless impact drivers are good for wood as they instantly provide just the right amount of torque to drive nails into wood. Instead of relying on your hand to help the screw go into the wood, impact drills provide the torque required to drive nails into even the hardest of woods instantly.

Many people get confused with the older impact drivers used by car mechanics; these all use air and provide a significantly larger amount of power. However, these are also usually not able to be fitted with small drill bits or drivers that are used in woodworking shops. 

It should be noted that impact drills are not good for your drill bits and will easily snap if you use them to drill. Impact drills are meant to be used with drivers when you are driving screws in without pilot holes or even when you are using pilot holes on much harder wood.


The best combination set is from Black & Decker, as they provide several sets, all with the same drill sets. However, you should be aware of several options on the market before simply getting the one that is both the closest and the easiest for you. 

Always remember, if you are going to use it once a year, you should probably get something more affordable than the top name brands! 

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