The 6 Best Dado Blade Sets (A Complete Guide)

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With the right dado blade, woodworkers will be able to make a wide variety of grooved cuts. One dado blade type is known as a wobble blade, which utilizes only one blade. There are also stacked dado blades, which are bought in sets. With the included components, woodworkers will be able to precisely adjust their cutting width. 

From DeWalt to Oshlun, many great dado blade sets are available today. These sets include two scoring blades, sized between 8- and 12-inches. Chipper blades are also included, which will have between 2 and 6 teeth per blade. Many sets also include shims for more accurate width adjustment. 

Let’s consider some of the best options available. These are the six best dado blade sets you can purchase today to improve the accuracy and quality of your dado cuts! 

Amana Tool Super-Fine Dado Set (8-Inch, 24-Tooth) 

This stacked 8-inch dado blade set from Amana Tool features 24 teeth on the scoring blades. This stacked blade set is designed to help you make efficient and smooth dado cuts. Like most sets, this stacked blade is compatible with a 5/8-inch arbor. 

In addition to the scoring blades, there are six chipper blades, and a shim set included. This is all housed in a carrying case, which can be used to safely store your dado set. Along with the handy instruction manual, you’ll be creating perfectly precise dado cuts in no time. 

With a stellar 4.4/5 rating, users of this dado blade set from Amana Tool rave about the accuracy and quality of the dado cuts this stacked blade produces. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

DEWALT Dado Blade Set (8-Inch, 24-Tooth)

Produced by DEWALT, this is another great 8-inch 24-tooth dado blade set. Along with the outer blades, there are 4-tooth chipper blades included. In addition to this, this set includes stainless steel shims, allowing users to perfectly fine-tune their cutting widths. Along with the heavy-duty storage case, this stacked dado blade set is designed to last. 

This set has a 4.8/5 rating from upwards of 600 ratings. Users of this dado blade are more than impressed with the different aspects of this set. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

Freud Super Dado Sets (Varying Configurations) 

With Freud’s Super Dado Sets, there’s a set for everyone! Regardless of which option you choose, these sets are designed to provide the best performance. All scoring and chipper blades utilize Freud’s unique anti-kickback design. Shim sets and carrying cases are standard with all of the different set configurations. 

You could opt for the 12-inch 36-tooth set or the 8-inch 24-tooth set. There’s even a 10-inch 32-tooth option between those two! All 8-inch models are compatible with 5/7-inch arbors, while larger 10- and 12-inch models are suited to 1-inch arbors. 

From more than 700 customers, this dado set from Freud has a 4.7/5 rating and is a fantastic option for woodworkers looking to invest in a sturdy dado set. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

IRWIN Dado Blade Set (8-Inch, 12-Tooth)

If you’re looking for fewer teeth on your dado blade, this set from IRWIN might be a perfect choice. With a heat-resistant treatment, these blades are designed to last longer. The carbide tips can even be resharpened! This set includes two outer blades and three 2-tooth chipper blades. In addition to this, shims and spacers are included to fine-tune the cutting width. 

With a 4.5/5 rating, this is a great dado set for woodworkers looking to up their dado cutting game. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

Mibro Group Carbide Stacking Dado Blade Set (8-Inch, 24-Tooth)

This dado blade set from Mibro Group is also an 8-inch 24-tooth variant. If you’re looking to make smooth and accurate dado cuts, this is a great option. Along with the two scoring blades, there are five two-tooth chipper blades. Both the scoring and chipper blades feature carbide tips for maximum durability. There are also seven metal shims included in this set. 

With a 4.5/5 rating from nearly 2000 customers, you can’t go wrong with this carbide dado blade set from Mibro Group. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

Oshlun Stack Dado Set (Varying Configurations)

With this stacked dado set from Oshlun, there are two sizes to choose from. Both of these are compatible with a standard 5/8-inch arbor. Utilizing professional-grade carbide, these sets provide fantastic precision. 

There’s an 8-inch 42-tooth set option, which includes six 6-tooth chipper blades and a shim set. The 6-inch 30-tooth variant, however, comes with six 5-tooth chipper blades and a shim set. This 6-inch variant is perfect for undersized cuts. 

From more than 1900 customers, Oshlun’s 4.7-5-rated stacked dado sets are a popular choice for many woodworkers. For more information about this dado blade set, you can visit the above link!

Types Of Dado Blades 

Dado blades are circular saw blades often used by woodworkers. These blades are capable of cutting grooves into the wood. While a regular table saw blade would also be able to do this, dado blades are able to create wider grooves. 

Due to this functionality, there are many common woodworking joints that can be created with a dado blade. This includes a dado joint, a rabbet joint, a finger joint, and a tenon joint. However, there are two main types of dado blades. 

One type of dado blade is known as a ‘wobble blade’, which spins in a specialized manner in order to produce grooves. Instead of spinning true the way most circular blades do, a wobble dado blade is purposefully offset so that it wobbles. This blade motion is where this dado blade gets its name! 

This wobble effect created by this dado blade allows the blade to move back and forth while it is spinning. As this dado blade spins and this motion is repeated, the wooden material is gradually cut away to form the desired groove. However, there’s another type of dado blade that can also be used! 

The other type of dado blade is known as a stacked dado blade, which consists of a few different components used to create grooves. A stacked dado blade typically consists of two outer scoring blades, chipper blades, and shims. These blades and components are purchased in dado blade sets. Given that wobble dado blades utilize only one blade, they do not come in sets. 

The shims and chipper blades that are included in a stacked dado blade set are necessary components used to set a precise thickness. When chipper blades aren’t sufficient in setting your desired width, shims will further allow you to fine-tune this width. Shims and chippers are thus crucial components for setting a precise width when crafting grooves. 

Used within these stacked blades, the shims and chipper blades allow woodworkers to adjust their cutting width more skillfully. This is harder to achieve with a wobble dado blade. This functionality makes the stacked dado blade set a popular choice for woodworkers seeking precision. 

Of course, both of these blades have their own advantages and drawbacks. However, many woodworkers would agree that a stacked dado blade set would be the superior choice. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this! 

The Advantages Of Stacked Dado Blade Sets 

When it comes down to the different types of dado blades, each blade has its own advantages. However, stacked dado blades are often considered the superior choice by woodworkers. Once we’ve explained the benefits of a stacked dado blade set, you’ll see why this dado blade is preferred by woodworkers!  

#1: You’ll Have More Accurate Cuts 

One of the benefits of opting for a stacked dado blade set over a wobble dado blade is that you’ll have superior cuts. Your cuts will be more accurate and precise every time when using one of these fantastic sets. 

Ultimately, this comes down to the ability to adjust the width of your cuts more precisely with a stacked blade set. Wobble dado blades are known to create coves, which can negatively impact the quality of your cuts. This leads us to the next advantage… 

#2: You’ll Create Better Fitting Joints

Earlier in this piece, we mentioned the different types of joints that can be created with a dado blade. From dado joints to finger joints, these joints can be highly useful — when done right. The increased accuracy provided by a stacked dado blade set will allow you to create better-fitting joints. 

When you’re busy with your woodworking, you don’t have time to waste on ill-fitting joints due to poor quality cuts. If you want to ensure you always make high-quality cuts and joints, then you’ll want to opt for a stacked dado blade set. 

#3: Your Cuts Will Look Better

One of the hallmarks of good woodworking is appearance. As mentioned earlier, wobble blades are known to cause the formation of coves as grooves are cut. Not only do these coves impact the quality of your cuts and joints, but they can detract from the overall final appearance. 

To avoid this, you should use a stacked dado blade set. Not only will your cuts be more precise, but they’ll be better looking. Despite the simplicity of a wobble blade, those extra components in a stacked blade make all the difference! 

#4: You’ll Have Clear Instructions

Wobble dado blades are generally considered easier to use than stacked dado blades. Ultimately, this is due to the simplistic nature of a wobble blade, which is able to create grooves through its unique swinging spinning motion. 

However, when you purchase a stacked dado blade set, you’ll receive a chart and specific instructions for your blade. These documents will allow you to adjust your blade for different cuts. You should keep these instructions in a safe place, as these will be your guide to your dado blade set.  

#5: You Have Many Great Options To Choose From 

Finally, one of the best advantages of a stacked dado blade set is the countless options you have to choose from. These stacked dado blade sets are also known to last longer than wobble blades. You’ll be reaping these benefits for many projects yet to come! 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Stacked Dado Blade Set 

As you can see, there are many great advantages of using a stacked dado blade set! However, it’s important to understand the factors to consider when purchasing a stacked dado blade set. Once we have outlined these various considerations, you’ll better understand what you’re looking for in a stacked dado blade set. 

#1: Outer Scoring Blades 

The quality of the outer scoring blades is of the utmost importance and will impact the outcome of your dado blade cut. While tooth configuration is generally universal between different dado blade sets, the number of teeth on the outer scoring blades will differ. 

The number of teeth on these outer blades generally ranges between 12 and 42. However, many woodworkers find that a figure in the middle often yields the best results. Woodworkers often prefer scoring blades with around 24 teeth. 

#2: Chipper Blades 

As their name suggests, the chipper blades are designed the chip away at the material between the outer blades. These chippers are used to create a flat surface between the shoulder cuts created by the scoring blades. While fewer teeth are needed on chipper blades, the number of teeth that are used is an important indicator of the quality you can expect. 

With cheaper stacked dado blade sets, the chipper blades will often only have two teeth. However, higher-quality blade sets will be equipped with chipper blades that have between four and six teeth. The more teeth the included chipper blades have, the smoother the quality of your final cut will be. 

Generally, higher-quality dado blades will come with six chipper blades in total. However, this can vary between sets. Therefore, this is an important consideration to keep in mind when choosing the right dado blade set for your woodworking needs. 

#3: Shims 

When it comes down to dado blade sets, shims are not always included. For those seeking precision from their dado blade cuts, sets that include shims will be the better option. Essentially, shims are thin discs that can allow you to more finely tune your cut width. 

Typically, shims are made from plastic and certain metals, such as steel and brass. When setting up your stacked dado blade on your saw’s arbor, the shims will be placed between the outer blades and chippers in order to set the desired width. 


With the right dado blade set, woodworkers are able to produce a variety of perfect and accurate cuts. There are many fantastic sets to choose from. While these different sets may vary in terms of their specifications, they typically include scoring blades, chipper blades, shims, and an instructional guide. 

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