9 Best Cordless Miter Saws In 2023 (Milwaukee, Dewalt, and More)

There is just something cool about a miter saw. I think it’s the action and the speed at which it delivers razor-sharp cuts with precision.

My cordless miter saw was one of the first saw types I ever purchased, and I still use it regularly. If you have never ventured into buying one, can I suggest you change that now?

working with a miter saw

But I know you can look at the options on the market and feel overwhelmed. But I don’t want that to put you off getting your hands on one.

That’s why I have taken my experience of using miter saws and searched through the market for a range of the best cordless versions available right now. I’ve covered miter saws suitable for every experience level, with a few extra special ones thrown in for good measure.

What I Based My Decision On

I know there’s much more to using a cordless miter saw than just going by the price. So, I looked at several qualifying criteria when deciding which models to include in my list.

Of course, price played a role, but I also looked at efficiency, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. After all, you don’t want your brand-new saw to effectively give up on you immediately.

Oh, and I also checked out what different owners say about the models. That means people just like you who went ahead and bought these saws, so you get an accurate idea of what it’s like to own it.

Before we dive into in-depth reviews of all the nine items on the list, here are my top 3 picks:

  • Delivers up to 400 cuts per charge.
  • Cam locking miter system.
  • Shadow cut line indicator.
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  • lightweight.
  • The dust collection is one of the best.
  • The controls are easy to find and use.
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  • It comes with a 4” fence.
  • You still get a laser guide for your cuts.
  • It’s relatively compact.
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Best 9 Inch Cordless Miter Saw – Milwaukee 2734-20 Cordless Miter Saw

With so many 10-inch cordless miter saws on the market, it was tough narrowing it down. However, I eventually settled on the Milwaukee 2734-20 for several reasons.

First, it’s pretty light at 45 pounds, so portability is not an issue. Also, you get up to 400 cuts per charge, and that’s impressive.

This model also has a vertical capacity of 5 ¾ inches when at the fence, and this only drops to 5 ¼ inch vertical capacity with a nested crown. This model can carry out several cuts of varying sizes without any problem.

Lining up your cuts is also easy as it has 11 location markings on the plate that are all clear and easy to see. The model also has 9 detents.

I also like everything you get when purchasing this model. Aside from the machine, you get a quality carbide-tipped blade and a clamp and dust bag. Basically, that’s everything you need.


  • It’s highly portable
  • You get an impressive number of cuts per charge
  • The carbide-tipped blade is high-quality
  • Adjusting and setting up the saw is easy


  • At 10-inch, it does struggle with larger projects
  • Delivers up to 400 cuts per charge.
  • Cam locking miter system.
  • Shadow cut line indicator.
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Best Cordless Miter Saw for the Money – Bosch GCM18V

So I picked this model from Bosch because it sits in the mid-range regarding prices. However, this miter saw can outperform more expensive saws.

What you have is a professional miter saw both lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it with you on the job. You have a miter saw that provides you with 3 ⅝ inches nested crown cutting and up to 10 ⅝ inch cross-cuts.

But that nested crown cutting also comes with a maximum of 47 degrees to both left and right, and I think that’s outstanding. It provides you with more possibilities from this one saw.

You also get a highly effective dust chute and bag, and the controls on this model are straightforward. Lining your cuts takes little time, and that laser will guide you, providing absolute precision.

Overall, this miter saw does act like a more expensive version but for a fraction of the price.


  • You can cut a crazy number of angles
  • The dust collection is one of the best
  • Lining up your cuts is simple and effective
  • The controls are easy to find and use
  • It’s lightweight


  • It may prove slightly awkward to carry it over a distance
  • lightweight.
  • The dust collection is one of the best.
  • The controls are easy to find and use.
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Best Cheap Cordless Miter Saw – Metabo C10FCH2S HPT 10-inch Miter Saw

Metabo may not be a name you are familiar with, but this model performs well even though it doesn’t break the bank. Also, Metabo is simply Hitachi with a new name.

This compound single bevel machine has a laser to guide you and a reasonable range for those angles. The bevel angle range goes up to 45 degrees, while the miter angle is up to 52 degrees, and that’s perfectly reasonable.

Considering the low cost, I love that it’s a comfortable machine. It doesn’t really suffer from too many vibrations, but it still provides accurate cuts.

Overall, this budget machine is ideal for those starting out with a miter saw where potential cost is an issue. 


  • It is inexpensive but still performs exceptionally well
  • It offers precise and accurate cuts
  • You still get a laser guide for your cuts
  • It comes with a 4” fence
  • It’s relatively compact


  • It may not be as robust as more expensive models
  • It comes with a 4” fence.
  • You still get a laser guide for your cuts.
  • It’s relatively compact.
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Best Mini Cordless Miter Saw – Ryobi Cordless 10 amp 7 ¼ Miter Saw

Ryobi is an excellent name, and this model is no exception. The fact it’s compact and yet still delivers clean cuts is just an added bonus.

Operating with a 7-inch blade, it’s not the biggest, but it does deliver a spectacular speed of 5350 RPM. This means you get razor-sharp cuts, and if it’s precision you want, this is the machine for you.

The machine measures only 21 inches in length, which is seriously compact. However, it still comes with everything you expect, with it easy to line up, tilting between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, and also being capable of making cross-cuts.

Overall, Ryobi appears to have done it again by producing a quality machine that will prove the perfect solution for your average woodworking hobbyist.


  • You can take it straight out of the box and use it
  • Setting up the saw is exceptionally easy
  • It has a huge amount of power for its size
  • You get perfect cuts in little time


  • This may not prove the best solution for heavy-duty work, and with larger wood
  • Setting up the saw is exceptionally easy.
  • It has a huge amount of power for its size.
  • You get perfect cuts in little time.
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Best 18v Cordless Miter Saw – Makita XSL06PT

Makita is another high-quality, reliable name, and the XSL06PT is an excellent cordless miter saw. Powered by two Lithium-ion 18V batteries, this is a beast of a machine.

It also comes equipped with a brushless motor, which lasts longer and has a max speed of 4,400 RPM. But the one thing that stands out is how it uses that power.

This model comes equipped with an automatic speed and power adjuster. That means the machine knows when it can take it easy when cutting, so it drops the power and avoids the motor burning out. This is amazing; you just know the saw will last you a lifetime.

It runs up to 48 degrees for a bevel capacity, while it goes up to 60 degrees for its miter capacity. That does give you more than enough options for your projects.

Overall, I love the sheer power of this machine and the fact that a single charge will provide you with over 300 cuts. The way it deals with the power is the standout feature, but it does offer you everything else you expect from a high-quality miter saw.


  • Those batteries are some of the best on the market
  • The automatic power adjuster works exceptionally well
  • It comes with dual dust ports, so less mess
  • It’s relatively compact


  • It does weigh close to 60 pounds, so it’s slightly heavy
  • The automatic power adjuster works exceptionally well.
  • It comes with dual dust ports, so less mess.
  • It’s relatively compact.
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Best Milwaukee Cordless Miter Saw – Milwaukee 2739-21HD M18 

Milwaukee has several excellent miter saws on the market, but I feel that the Milwaukee 2739-21HD is the best of their current models. However, I should stress that this model is aimed more at experienced hobbyists or even professionals.

This model comes with a Lithium-ion battery, and there’s no option to plug it into a power supply when the battery starts to die. But I don’t see that as an issue because this saw only needs to use 50% of its total power for most projects. That alone should extend the battery time.

Also, this miter saw is a rough and ready machine. The battery is protected, so you can take this machine outside in all weather. I like that this machine is sturdy and lightweight, making it very portable. 

The fences are easy to move and adjust, while it also comes with dual sliding rails. The rails come with large bearings, so you get an ultra-smooth movement while adjusting.

Finally, it has 11 marked locations on the plate, making it easy to finish your cuts with absolute accuracy.


  • You get up to 330 cuts per full charge
  • It contains a shadow line indicator, so you get faster cuts
  • Contains a brushless motor, so it lasts longer
  • Contains a detent overrider allowing you to work outside of those detents
  • It’s highly portable


  • You cannot plug it into a mains power supply when the battery runs down
  • 330 cuts per full charge.
  • It contains a shadow line indicator.
  • It’s highly portable.
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Best Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw – Dewalt Flexvolt DHS790AT2 

The cool thing about Dewalt is you know what to expect in advance. This model is no exception in that this tool will perform well time and time again.

This is a compound, sliding miter saw, and is also the 12-inch version. That should mean it’s capable of coping with any job, and you have the option of running it as either a cordless version or corded. 

So if you forget to charge the battery, then at least you won’t stop mid-project.

I find that this model works best if you plan on making several cross cuts or double bevels. Setting it up is easy, and the tall fence makes a difference when working with those longer pieces of wood.

But this is why I love this model so much, and it’s the cutline indicator and LED. This excellent guide makes this Dewalt miter saw much easier to use.

Finally, it works with a top speed of 3,800 rpm, which means the blade makes short work of the cuts. Also, it should reduce the chances of ripping the wood.


  • The cutline indicator and LED makes a massive difference
  • The tall fence gives you some confidence when using the saw
  • You can run it as either cordless or plug it into a power supply
  • Setting up the saw for angle cuts is easy


  • This is a heavy piece of kit at 56 pounds
  • You need to check the power cord is also included
  • The cutline indicator and LED.
  • Top speed 3,800 rpm.
  • Setting up the saw for angle cuts is easy.
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Best 12 Cordless Miter Saw – Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN ProFactor

So one of the stand out things about this model is its Axial Gliding System. This dual bevel sliding saw delivers an ultra-smooth cut, and you will also find it easy to maintain control of the saw while in use.

Also, Bosch has provided you with four different cutting power options. This means you get additional control over the cuts leading to even greater precision. This drastically changes the blade’s RPM, ranging from a low of 2550 RPM to a maximum of 4000 RPM. 

From a cutting perspective, you can cut up to 7 ¼ inches. However, if you plan on going in at a 45-degree nested crown, the maximum drops to a 6-inch height. But I feel that’s still more than adequate for most projects.

Of course, you also get a laser guide, which is easy to calibrate, and relatively simple controls. However, this model takes a bit longer to line up than others, even though it does a smooth cutting job.


  • The adjustable power option is a great inclusion
  • It does deliver very smooth cuts even on angles
  • Calibrating the laser is straightforward, leading to better precision
  • The bevel controls are at the front, leading to easier adjustment
  • It has a digital display, so you know everything that’s happening


  • At first, the controls feel in an awkward place, but you will get used to them
  • Adjustable power option.
  • It does deliver very smooth cuts.
  • The bevel controls are at the front.
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Best 7 ¼ Cordless Miter Saw – Dewalt DCS361B 20V Max 7 ¼ Miter Saw

If you need to go for something slightly more compact in size, then this model by Dewalt is the one I recommend. 

It may be smaller, but it’s not lacking in any other way. For example, the stainless steel plate comes equipped with 11 marked locations to ensure faster setting up of the saw. Also, this means fantastic accuracy with your cuts, and you will find you get through your project faster thanks to these markings.

It also comes with a 20V battery and delivers significant power while in operation. It holds its charge pretty well, so it should contain enough to keep you active throughout your project.

But the other main thing I like about this model is the easy-to-use cam lock. What that does is it effectively locks the miter saw in place when you have your angle set. At that point, it’s not going to move at all.

This all means that this compact miter saw is fast, precise, and an excellent tool.


  • Its compact size means you don’t require as much space
  • The battery is exceptionally powerful
  • The cam lock is easy to use and means you can maintain your angle
  • Those markings on the plate allow you to set things up in little time


  • Double-check what is in your purchase to ensure a battery and charger is included
  • Its compact size.
  • The battery is exceptionally powerful.
  • The cam lock is easy to use.
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How to Choose the Right Cordless Miter Saw For Your Needs

My list includes nine of the best cordless miter saws on the market right now, but I know I’ve probably created a list of questions in your head. After all, how on earth do you make your decision with so many to choose from?

close to the miter saw

Well, I feel a few tips will make a difference. I suggest you keep these tips in mind when checking out the options. It could make life so much easier when making your decision.

The Size

Typically, you are looking at a miter saw having either a 10-inch blade or a 12-inch blade. However you can also get your hands on a more compact version, but they are certainly not as common.

A 10-inch works faster than a 12-inch, as the 12-inch has a heavier blade. Also, the 10-inch blade is less expensive, and the machine is smaller thanks to housing that smaller blade.

But some prefer the 12-inch version when they know a lot of cutting is involved and want something more of a heavy-duty machine. So if you are making fewer cuts, then the 10-inch option may be perfect.

Can it Become Corded?

Several cordless miter saws can also be plugged into the main power supply. If you plan on using your miter saw for large projects involving a lot of cutting, this could be a deciding factor for you.

Battery Pack

A Lithium-ion battery is undoubtedly the best option. Also, ensure it has 18V to get the best performance out of the battery.

With a Lithium-ion battery, you get something you can recharge over and over again without really running into any sort of degradation with the power. Also, this type of battery tends to be capable of providing the same level of power throughout. So you won’t find it gradually dipping down in power while in use.

What it Can Cut

You want a miter saw that can do a few things to ensure you get the maximum out of your tool. Most will allow you to make what is known as a cross-cut, while others will also allow you to bevel on the sides.

That ultimately means you can make compound miter cuts, and I always recommend buying a cordless miter saw capable of doing all of this.

Rail Length

The rail length on a miter saw varies depending on the model, impacting the wood you can work with. It also determines the angles you can cut, so try to get a miter saw with a reasonable rail length. It will make life easier for you.


To make life easier when using your miter saw, I recommend looking at models with easy-to-access finger controls for turning the saw on and off. You want them to be in easy reach without going anywhere near that blade.

The blade controls should appear near the base of the miter saw and, once again, prove easy to adjust. 

Safety Features

A blade guard is a necessity. Also, you need to know where to operate the miter saw to ensure adequate clearance space around it. 

Having some dust extraction incorporated into the miter saw also makes sense. It provides a clear view of what is happening and leads to cleaner cuts.

Adjustability and Cutting

The final thing to think about is how easy the miter saw is to adjust and how precise are the cuts? You want clear markings on the table to know the angles, and as long as you have the miter saw on a flat and stable surface, you should have no problem with the actual cut.

The good thing is that I’ve found these miter saws to avoid becoming too complex regarding features. This makes life so much easier, and I can get the job done in next to no time.

Overall Conclusion

The cordless miter saws I’ve listed above are all excellent tools in their own right. I would have difficulty telling you which one I prefer the most because they all have amazing features.

But as I said at the start, if you have never contemplated owning a cordless miter saw, you need to change your mind. It makes quick work of cuts, and the precision you can achieve is out of this world. 

The fact we are talking about cordless versions also gives you that opportunity to make cuts wherever you have space. There’s no need to squeeze the machine into the corner of your workshop, so you have no excuse not to own one.

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