5 Best Corded Jigsaws (More Power, No Hassle with Batteries)

I understand that not every individual wants to own a cordless tool. For some, the hassle of charging a battery just feels like too much, and do you know what? That’s perfectly fine.

So, if you prefer to use corded tools, don’t worry about not getting some advice and tips on the best tools to buy. What I’m going to do here is focus on one type of tool, and that’s a jigsaw. Below you will find my five top options for corded jigsaws on the market right now.

A jigsaw is just a wonderful tool. Any individual needs to own one if they plan on carrying out almost any type of DIY, and that applies no matter your experience levels.

However, thanks to how common a tool the jigsaw is, it does mean the market is flooded with different options. So, I want to help you cut through those options and see which corded jigsaws are actually the best.

using corded jigsaw

But I promise I won’t simply tell you all about the five different options I’ve selected. Instead, I will also give some tips on the key areas and features you should focus on when it comes to making your decision.

By the end, I feel confident that you will have no problem selecting a new corded jigsaw and ensuring you have the perfect model for your projects.

How I Made My List

I’ve used power tools for more years than I care to remember, but that experience does come in handy when selecting the best corded jigsaws. However, I must stress that I didn’t entirely rely on my personal experience.

Instead, I also spent time identifying those jigsaws that were reliable and robust. I wanted to ensure each model I recommend won’t simply break down as soon as you put it under any type of pressure. I want that you can push these models and get through your projects as efficiently as possible.

Also, I wanted each jigsaw to be easy to use. After all, I just want my tools to do the job they were designed to do, with minimal fuss. So, each tool will not prove too complicated, and anybody should be able to pick one up and start to use it out of the box.

Lastly, I wanted each tool to have been proven to last. So, I took into account what other owners had to say about their direct experience with the tools before one could hope to make it onto my list.

At the end of all that, I was left with five that stood out from the crowd.

Before we dive into in-depth reviews of all five Corded Jigsaws on the list, here are my top 3 picks:

  • Ergonomic Top-handle.
  • 4-IN-1.
  • Control.
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  • Keyless, lever-action blade clamp.
  • 5.5 amp motor of the jig saw.
  • Variable speed delivers 0 - 3,100 strokes per minute.
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  • 7 Position Speed Dial .
  • 6 Amp Motor Of The Jig Saw.
  • 4 Orbital Settings Provides Best Cutting Performance.
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Best Overall Corded Jigsaw – Bosch JS470E

BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw

  • Power: 7 Amp
  • Speed: 3,100 SPM

If you want a high-quality corded jigsaw, then I suggest the Bosch JS470E. It comes with a 7 Amp motor, which is more than enough to cut through wood, and it offers speeds of 3,100 SPM.

However, the reason why I love this model so much is not because of its power. Instead, it’s the four different orbital settings that mark this model out as being something special.

This means you can make cuts in different directions, increasing its versatility. I also find the saw to work very smoothly with both soft and hard material, and the cuts it makes will stick to your line. 

You will also find that the saw comes with a plunging system, which makes up for the lack of a bevel option. For a cutting capacity, it’s a quite impressive 5 ⅞” on wood, so it can certainly handle some thick stock.

But let me go back to that speed aspect. This model has a variable dial, which means you get just a bit more control over your cuts. This could prove helpful when new to using jigsaws, or if you plan on doing some more delicate cuts where accuracy becomes even more critical.

Overall, I just love how accurate your cuts can be with this corded jigsaw. Also, it remains easy to use, so you can simply press on with your project, knowing this jigsaw won’t complicate matters.


  • It cuts wood almost 6” thick, which is impressive
  • It offers accurate cuts
  • You have a precision speed dial for better control
  • It has a soft-grip handle making things more comfortable
  • It has four orbital settings


  • Sadly, it doesn’t have a laser guide
  • Ergonomic Top-handle.
  • 4-IN-1.
  • Control.
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Best Corded Jigsaw for Home DIY’ers – DeWalt DW317K

DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 5.5-Amp, Corded (DW317K) , Yellow

  • Power: 5.5 Amps
  • Speed: 3,100 SPM

For the average home DIY’er, then I suggest checking out this model by DeWalt. Now, most people assume DeWalt tools focus primarily on professionals, and while professionals love the brand, they are still easy tools to use.

I think this model is perfect for most people even though it does have slightly less power than the Bosch model listed earlier. However, several other features make up for that drop in power.

For example, the variable speed control is a joy to use. You will have no problem getting the speed you want depending on what you intend to do, leading to more accurate end results.

Also, I love how this model does come with a bevel option. Sure, it only goes up to 45 degrees, but it’s still something that can often be missing on other models.

I also find changing blades on this model to be very straightforward. It’s toolless, which is always a bonus, and it takes just seconds to complete the job. Add in the fact that this jigsaw feels comfortable in your hand and produces little in the way of vibration, and there’s not a lot to not like about this model.


  • Changing blades is straightforward
  • It produces little in the way of excess vibration
  • The variable speed control is brilliant
  • It has a bevel option included
  • It’s very comfortable to handle


  • It doesn’t come with an LED light to help guide you
  • Keyless, lever-action blade clamp.
  • 5.5 amp motor of the jig saw.
  • Variable speed delivers 0 - 3,100 strokes per minute.
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Best Value Corded Jigsaw – Porter Cable PCE345

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded (PCE345)

  • Power: 6 Amp
  • Speed: 3,200 SPM

If you want to purchase a corded jigsaw that represents real value for money, I should point you in the direction of this model by Porter-Cable. The PCE345 is a fantastic tool, and with 6 Amp of power, it shouldn’t struggle with most materials.

From a speed perspective, I love how it has seven different settings. That does make it easier for you to gain control over things, and Porter-Cable has at least made this feature straightforward to operate.

I also appreciate that this model comes with easy blade changes and a lock-on feature. Basically, that means you can continue using the saw for an extended period without holding down the trigger button on your own. It’s a simple feature but also very effective.

The PCE345 also offers you four different orbital settings. You can easily adjust the direction of the blade, allowing it to open up more cutting opportunities.

I do love how this model does not allow the blade to vibrate and rattle. It cuts smoothly and doesn’t just rip at the material, so you do get a far superior end result. 

Finally, I need to mention the comfort level. This jigsaw sits nicely in your grip and doesn’t feel as if it can create much in the way of fatigue. That’s great news if you plan on doing a lot of cutting.

Overall, this corded jigsaw represents real value for money, and I have no doubt you will fall in love with it should this be the model you select.


  • It has four orbital settings available
  • The speed control has seven different settings
  • It is comfortable to hold
  • The lock-on feature means you don’t have to keep pressing the trigger
  • It’s quick and easy to change the blades


  • The motor is slightly lower than you may need for the toughest materials
  • 7 Position Speed Dial .
  • 6 Amp Motor Of The Jig Saw.
  • 4 Orbital Settings Provides Best Cutting Performance.
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Best Budget Corded Jigsaw – Black & Decker BDEJS600C

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 5-Amp, 3,000 Blade Speed, 45 Degree Beveled Cuts, ¾-Inch Orbital Blade, 4 Curve Settings, Corded (BDEJS600C)

  • Power: 5 Amp
  • Speed: 3,000 SPM

If it’s more of a budget corded jigsaw you want, then this model by Black & Decker should cover all the bases. However, don’t think for a moment that a budget model means a poorer model, as that’s not the case here.

Yes, it comes with slightly less power at only 5 Amp, but as long as you don’t intend to cut the toughest woods out there, it just means it takes slightly longer to work. 

I do appreciate that this model offers four different orbital settings while it also has a bevel setting of up to 45 degrees. That increases its versatility, which I always look for in my tools.

It’s also fantastic to know that even this budget model offers you the chance to adjust the cutting angle with ease. This multi-directional approach makes a massive difference, so it’s not just a feature you find in more expensive models.

It’s also nice to see that this budget jigsaw has an integrated dust blower. It should make keeping your line when cutting easier, so accuracy should not prove problematic. 

Finally, the shoe is adjustable, which should provide you with a stable platform for the cuts.


  • This budget jigsaw is surprisingly versatile
  • It comes with a keyless blade clamp
  • It has four orbital settings
  • It offers a bevel option
  • It has an integrated dust blower


  • The lack of power means it struggles with larger projects
  • High Performance Electric Jig Saw.
  • Curve Control Technology.
  • Beveled Cuts.
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Best Lightweight Corded Jigsaw – SKIL 4495-02

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

  • Power: 6 Amp
  • Speed: 3,200 SPM

I admit that some power tools can be on the heavy side, so if you need something that’s both powerful and lightweight, then the SKIL 4495-02 is the perfect solution.

At around 5lbs, it is indeed lightweight, but that’s not the only reason why this corded jigsaw deserves its place on my list. It also comes with 6 Amp of power, so it should have no problem dealing with most basic projects around the home, and this model will also prove very easy to use.

I also appreciate how it comes with a variable speed trigger. I would only ever purchase a jigsaw with this as a standard feature, thanks to the degree of control it offers you with your project. This trigger makes life so much easier, and it means people of all experience levels can easily use this jigsaw.

But there’s another feature that I like about this model, and it’s the fact it comes with a laser guide. That makes a huge difference when helping you keep on track with your cuts, and I have no doubt you will find you can work faster on your projects as a result.

Overall, this saw does all of the basics well, but it does so without adding too much weight to the jigsaw.


  • It weighs around 5lbs, which is light for a jigsaw
  • It comes with a laser guide included
  • It has four orbital positions included
  • The variable speed trigger is easy to use
  • It feels comfortable in your hand


  • The 6 Amp motor does mean it can struggle with some thicker materials
  • Powerful 6.0 Amp motor.
  • Built-in laser guide for accurate straight cuts.
  • 4-position orbital cut control for fast or smooth cuts.
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How to Choose the Perfect Corded Jigsaw

repairing corded jigsaw

The five different corded jigsaws listed above are all excellent in their own right, but I want to help any individual who finds themselves struggling to get to grips with choosing which one they should purchase.

So, here are some tips on what to look out for when making your decision.


The higher the power, the easier the jigsaw will find it to go through tougher wood. Anything above 6 Amp and over 7 Amp would be better and result in you having the ability to complete most projects relatively easily.

However, even if you drop below that 6 Amp level, as you do with the DeWalt option, then do look at the other features and how you plan on using the jigsaw to see if it’s still satisfactory.


The speed option is important as it does determine how easily the blade will pass through the material. However, I don’t want you to automatically go for the model with the highest numbers.

Instead, what I find more important is the ability to essentially control the speed aspect via a variable speed dial. This will be done either via a trigger, or set increments, with either option working well.

Blade Positions

It’s also advisable to purchase a corded jigsaw with multiple blade positions.

This does make everything easier to use, and I find it increases versatility. One of the key positions is to reverse the blade, so ensure that’s included.

Blade Changes

You don’t want a jigsaw that makes changing blades difficult.

A toolless approach is best, and it’s included in the different jigsaws that appear on my list. The last thing you want is to fiddle around with the blade just to continue your project.


Check if the model you are interested in helps deal with dust extraction.

Some models will come with a blower to push the dust out of your line of sight, making it easier to get more accurate cuts. Any lack of a feature that deals with dust will only make life more complicated.

Cutting Depth

Pay attention to the cutting depth, which is directly related to the size of the blade that comes with the jigsaw.

However, I suggest taking the maximum cutting depth and always ensuring you cut wood slightly thinner than the maximum.

I think pushing the blade to the max can lead to problems, so just pulling it back from that maximum can lead to a better cut.

Additional Features to Consider

Finally, there are some additional features you might want to consider, even though they do not appear on every model.

The first feature is a laser guide, and this is not always something restricted to more expensive models. A laser guide allows you to get accurate cuts, and I find this to be one of the best features.

Another feature is an ergonomic handle. It makes everything far more comfortable to hold when in use, which is important if you plan on carrying out large cuts. Included in this is the ability of the jigsaw to reduce the level of vibrations. The more vibrations, the more fatigue you will feel in your hands.

Overall, the key to choosing the correct corded jigsaw is to focus on the power and ability to vary the speed. By doing so, you will have a model that allows you to maintain absolute control leading to better finished results.

Overall Conclusion

Those are my five top corded jigsaws, and I know that any one of them will serve you well should you press ahead and purchase one. They will undoubtedly help you complete your projects in less time than you thought possible.

I suggest running over my tips on the key things to look out for when choosing a new jigsaw if you feel you are struggling. They could help you narrow your options to the point where one stands out above the crowd.

At the end of the day, I strongly recommend owning a jigsaw. They are exceptional tools, and you will find yourself using them more often than you thought possible.

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