4 Best Corded Chainsaws (For Cutting Thick Pieces of Timber)

When it comes to chainsaws, I reckon most people will have a cordless version in mind or a model with a gas-powered engine with insane power. While those options are common, they aren’t the only option.

Instead, you could also opt for a corded chainsaw, and I don’t want you to immediately reject that idea purely based on it having a cord.

new electric chainsaw

I would prefer you to just take a few minutes of your time to hear me out because I feel that a number of corded chainsaws will still blow your mind. I’m talking about them still having a vast amount of power and ability to perform exactly how you want them to.

But I accept that so many people may never have thought about a corded version before, so you may not even know where to begin. However, don’t worry, as I’ve got your back.

I have taken my experience with power tools and put that experience to good use. I’ve spent a lot of my spare time checking out the different options regarding corded chainsaws to ultimately end up selecting four that I think are the best on the market.

But I’ve not simply selected four chainsaws. I’ve thought about different categories or reasons why people would want to buy one and found the best within those categories.

However, just telling you about these four models doesn’t help you better understand what to look for when buying a corded chainsaw. So, I will also include several tips and points to consider at the end.

Ultimately, I think you will find yourself in a better position to go out and purchase a corded chainsaw by the time you have finished reading what I have to say.

How I Made My List

Each corded chainsaw had to match up to specific criteria directly related to what I would look for in a corded chainsaw to get on my list. 

That means I looked at the power and how easily it managed to cut through branches or wood. I also looked at the weight and bar length to determine the types of jobs it could cope with.

I also wanted to ensure each model was robust enough to put up with quite a lot of punishment. I’m not talking about each one being a full-on heavy-duty model, but I also didn’t want it to buckle or break at the slightest amount of pressure.

Finally, I checked out what other owners were saying about their experience of owning a particular model. I always find that you get a more accurate picture of what it’s like to own one when you do this.

In the end, I was happy with the four different corded chainsaws, and here are the four options I selected.

Before we dive into in-depth reviews of all 4 Corded Chainsaws on the list, here are my top 3 picks:

  • Rubberized grip handles.
  • Large trigger switch with soft start.
  • Large oil reservoir with view window.
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  • Smooth, Fast Cuts.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Tool-free Chain Tensioning.
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  • Corded electric chainsaw.
  • Air injection cleaning system.
  • Anti-vibration dampeners.
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Most Powerful Electric Corded Chainsaw – Makita UC4051A 16”

Makita-UC4051A Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar - Sliver

  • Bar Size: 16”
  • Power: 2000W
  • Gauge: .050”
  • Pitch: ⅜”
  • Weight: 14lbs

Makita power tools constantly perform to a high standard, and this particular corded chainsaw is not about to break that habit. 

This model has a vast amount of power, with 2000W pushing this 16” bar to speeds of up to 2,900 FPM. I find that these numbers usually mean it’s not going to struggle aside from the biggest logs. However, this chainsaw can be pushed to its limits and still perform as it should.

But aside from power, I find this chainsaw to have been well designed from a comfort perspective. The handle is coated in rubber and just sits well in your hand. Your grip won’t tire too quickly either, but this is partly helped by the chainsaw weighing just 14lbs.

As an example of their attention to detail, they provide an oil window helping you see just how much oil is left in the machine. This plays an important role thanks to the auto-oiling mechanism that comes with this model, and that’s another bonus associated with this model.

From a safety perspective, this model comes with a kickback brake along with an electric chain brake. You will be grateful for both being included, as it does mean the chainsaw will cut out should you get a kickback or lose grip.

Finally, the model comes with a current limiter, and that’s there to protect the motor rather than protect you. It simply means the motor is almost incapable of burning out through you overworking it. The current limiter does prevent this from happening, and it’s a great inclusion.

Overall, this is a fantastic corded chainsaw, and I have no doubt it will perform well around your home and yard.


  • It has impressive power
  • It has two safety brakes included
  • It comes with an auto-oiling mechanism
  • It is comfortable to hold even for prolonged periods
  • It comes with tool-less adjustments


  • It’s perhaps too powerful for people new to chainsaws
  • Rubberized grip handles.
  • Large trigger switch with soft start.
  • Large oil reservoir with view window.
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Best Corded Electric Chainsaw Under $1000 – Black & Decker CS1518

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch, 15-Amp, Corded (CS1518)

  • Bar Size: 18”
  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Weight: 12.5lbs

If you feel like purchasing a corded chainsaw but want to save money, then I think you should consider this model by Black & Decker. It comes with 15 Amp of power, and don’t forget 550W and an impressive 18” bar. 

I feel this model represents absolute value for money, and it’s also a breeze to use. It includes so many features designed to make your life significantly easier, and I must say that it does this to a high standard.

It comes with an auto-oiling system, which I would always have as standard, and toolless chain tensioning is included. That should mean the chainsaw will continue to run smoothly when in use rather than you being forced into stopping and starting on a regular basis.

But that’s not all.

Black & Decker states that this model has a low kickback design and also comes with a chain brake as an added safety feature. I feel that the company has tried to cover so many bases with this model, yet they have still managed to keep the price to an absolute minimum.

I feel that Black & Decker has managed to produce a high-quality corded chainsaw for not only just under $1000 but well under that price tag. Overall, it would still be an impressive chainsaw, no matter the price.


  • It has both an auto-oiling and tool-less tensioning mechanism
  • It has a huge bar allowing for cutting larger logs
  • It still has ample power even with such a low price
  • It has a low kickback mechanism for safer use
  • It also has a chain brake safety mechanism


  • You need to watch out for the cord as it has no mechanism to keep the cord in place
  • Smooth, Fast Cuts.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Tool-free Chain Tensioning.
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Best Electric Corded Chainsaw – Husqvarna 414EL 16”

Husqvarna 967256101 16' Corded Electric Chainsaw, 414EL, Orange

  • Bar Size: 16”
  • Power: 120V
  • Pitch: ⅜”
  • Gauge: .050”
  • Weight: 12lbs

Husqvarna clearly has a fantastic reputation for products such as chainsaws, so it’s perhaps no surprise that I’ve selected one of their models as the best electric corded chainsaws on the market. 

This model has a 16” bar, which is impressive in its own right. It means it has a substantial reach and can quickly cut through relatively thick branches with absolute ease.

But this chainsaw is helped by its 120V power, which makes a huge difference in allowing it to get through those more formidable branches. It also comes with a pitch of ⅜” and a .050” gauge, so I don’t think you will have too many problems using this model.

But that’s not all I love about this model.

It comes with toolless chain tensioning, and that’s designed to make life so much easier. I’ve also found that this chainsaw does not have the habit of snagging or catching in thicker logs or branches, which is excellent.

In addition, the fact it only weighs just under 12lbs is another huge bonus. It means you don’t have to worry about fatigue, as this chainsaw is simply not heavy at all.

Overall, I love that it has the same power as you would expect from the gas-powered version, and yet it weighs less and is also exceptionally easy to use. You don’t have to worry about constantly filling it up, or charging batteries is just an extra bonus.


  • It has a vast amount of power
  • It’s lightweight
  • It has tool-less chain tensioning
  • It’s very robust 
  • It really doesn’t stick in thicker logs


  • You can’t change the bar for another one with this model
  • Corded electric chainsaw.
  • Air injection cleaning system.
  • Anti-vibration dampeners.
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Best Corded Chainsaw for Carving – WORX WG303.1

Worx WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16' Electric Chainsaw

  • Bar Size: 16”
  • Power: 14.5 Amp
  • Weight: 11.1 lbs

If you plan on doing some carving, then you do need to ensure you have the correct chainsaw. If you wish to use a corded chainsaw, I suggest you check out the WORX WG303.1, as I think it’s one of the best chainsaws out there.

It comes with a 16” bar, which is a perfect size for most tasks, and it also comes with a 14.5 Amp motor. Also, I find that this model operates quite smoothly, and that’s a key component when you plan on doing some carving.

Furthermore, the model does come with a low kickback feature allowing you to feel you remain in control at all times. You are also helped out by an auto-oiling mechanism and auto-tensioning, meaning there’s no need to constantly stop and adjust.

I find that there is little in the way of this model jarring while in use, and you feel you can trust what the chain will do and that it will react the way you want. This is important for carving, where precision can be key, so this chainsaw will undoubtedly help you.

In addition, the chainsaw itself is comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomically designed handle. Once again, that’s important for carving, as you shouldn’t feel too much fatigue even when handling the chainsaw for an extended time.

Overall, this chainsaw is easy to handle and has a safety brake, while it also produces little vibrations, providing you with more control. It’s a fantastic chainsaw, and it’s even perfect for beginners.


  • It’s exceptionally smooth to operate
  • It has little jarring or kickbacks
  • It’s very comfortable to hold and easy to control
  • It has an auto-oiling mechanism included
  • It has ample power


  • It’s not designed for heavy-duty use
  • Auto-lubrication.
  • Full-wrap Handle.
  • Rubberized Rear Handle.
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How to Choose Your Corded Chainsaw

corded chainsaws

The different options I’ve listed above are all great corded chainsaws, but I always suggest taking various things into account when it comes to buying any power tool. So, these are my suggestions regarding the key components of purchasing a corded chainsaw.


Power is always important with any power tool, and your corded chainsaw is no different. However, the key here will generally be the voltage and wattage associated with the chainsaw.

I would also stress the need to go as high as your budget allows for power. It simply makes things so much easier when it comes to cutting those thicker branches.

Lower power output doesn’t always mean it won’t be able to cut thicker branches. However, it will mean you increase your chances of your chainsaw struggling to cut them more than anything else.

Bar Length

The bar length is another thing to consider when choosing a chainsaw. The longer the bar, the thicker the branches you can cut, but you need to think beyond that. 

A longer bar will generally mean the chainsaw is larger and heavier overall. It can also make it harder to handle when the machine itself is bigger. So, you need to think about your experience of using a chainsaw along with what you will be cutting.


A corded chainsaw should generally be lighter to handle than either the battery or gas-powered equivalent. That’s because it doesn’t require the same things for it to work, such as a compartment to hold gas or the added weight of a large battery.

I then find that if you struggle to hold a weight for a prolonged period, a corded chainsaw is the better option. You can easily get a chainsaw that weighs between 10lbs to 15lbs, where it will perform exceptionally well and yet not tire you out.

But once again, it depends on what you want from your chainsaw. If you need something more heavy-duty, then the weight tends to increase thanks to the different components. But for a chainsaw to use around your yard, then something below 15lbs is entirely possible.

Chain Brake

First, I want something that has a low kickback. That means the chainsaw will not jolt or jar if it hits something and stops cutting. You don’t want that bar to still spin if you suddenly have the chainsaw ripped out of your grip.

So, you should also look for a chain brake. That brake will help by cutting off the power to the chain to stop it from spinning. It really can make a massive difference from a safety perspective.

Additional Features

In the past, you would need to keep stopping to oil the chain for it to continue to work smoothly. However, that should no longer be the case, thanks to most chainsaws coming with an auto-oiling mechanism.

I would still check that the model you are looking at does contain this, and I would also opt for a model with an auto-chain tensioning system. By doing so, you should find your life significantly easier as the chainsaw effectively does this maintenance on its own without you needing to keep on stopping.

For me, those are the main things to consider when buying a corded chainsaw. If you understand what you plan on doing with your chainsaw, it will become easier for you to find a model that fits perfectly with your needs as long as you keep these different points firmly in your mind.

Overall Conclusion

I have no doubt that a corded chainsaw can perform just as well as the cordless versions on the market. Sure, you have to think about that cord hanging around, but these chainsaws still pack the power and cutting ability needed for these types of tasks.

The four I’ve listed above are all fantastic and capable of performing to the level you want. I also find them easy to operate, and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

However, I always suggest you go over the key tips I mentioned above to really get a better understanding of what to look for when buying your new corded chainsaw. If you do, I’m confident you will then have no problems selecting one that ultimately stands out.

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