The 5 Best Circular Saws Of 2022 (Complete Guide)

There is almost what seems a limitless amount of power tools on the market today – from expensive, premier designs that are packed to the brim with features you’d never dream of using to the models that look like they’ve been sitting on the shelves collecting dust, never to be upgraded.

With so many options of different abilities available, how can you choose the best circular saw when there are so many to choose from? Luckily, we’ve also been there – which is why we’ve done the hard work for you, with a list of the best circular saws that you can purchase today.

If you want to read the entire article but don’t have enough time on your hands to do so – we’ve created a quick overview of the best circular saws, so you’re able to come back at a time that’s better for you:

My Recommendations

The circular saw power tool market is full of models that claim to be top of the pack – yet I’ve done my best to review the circular saws that are the best to make purchasing your next circular saw a fun activity rather than a chore.

For added convenience, I’ve provided an overview of each model, so you can make your decision easier. Finally, let us know what you’ve chosen by adding a comment in the section at the bottom of this article.

With that, let’s begin!

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

We start our review of the best circular saws with one of the best and most renowned names in the business, DeWalt.

The DeWalt DWE575SB saw is amongst the top of the class when it comes to circular saws, and it’s no surprise why it attracts so many positive reviews from the hobbyist and professional community both online and on-site.

The DWE575SB is one of the most lightweight saws in the class, with a well-balanced design that allows for accurate cutting – regardless of whether you’re a DIYer or a day-to-day contractor relying on a circular saw as part of your duties.

There are many other reasons as to why we love the DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw, and I’ve listed these below:

  • 15 amps with a max watts outage of 1950
  • No-load speed of 5,200 RPM and a bevel capacity of 57°
  • Depth of cut is 2.55” at 90° and 1.9” at 45°
  • Aluminum stamped shoe for accurate and smoother cuts
  • An electric brake which stops the blade once you’ve released the trigger
  • Bevel cuts are more precise thanks to the lower guard placement and bevel stops at 22.5° and 45°
  • ToughCord system that allows for up to 3x more resistance to cord pullouts
  • Trigger actuation and ergonomic handles to reduce stresses during cuts
  • Integrated dust blower for a cleaner line of sight

What’s Included?

  • 1 x 7-1/4 inch circular saw
  • 1 x Blade wrench
  • 1 x Carbide-tipped 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade
  • 1 x User instruction manual
  • 1 x contractor bag

My Favorite Feature: The Lightweight Design

  • Lightweight design minimizes fatigue without compromising on power

It’s an old cliche that many good things come in small packages, and this rings extremely true when it comes to the DeWalt DWE575SB circular saw. Weighing only 8.8 lbs, the DWE575SB is one of the lightest models in the circular saw market, yet power is not reduced in this design.

A 5,200 RPM maximum speed is perfect for tackling most jobs – whether you’re a remodeler or a general contractor – it’s a design that will work well with the other tools in your arsenal and is also to compete with them when it comes to output.

Why is a lightweight design such a great feature for the  DWE575SB? Well, it allows you to work for longer periods of time without putting yourself under too much stress, forcing you to work smarter rather than harder.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

Compared to the other circular saws that saturate the market, the SKIL 5280-01 is a model that provides a great value for money without limiting its features and power.

This is an area where SKIL excels – the creation of high-quality products that are affordable for a variety of customers, regardless of their budgets. So not only is the SKIL 5280-01 a perfect circular saw financially, yet it’s not too bad at its intended purpose, either.

Many smart features have been packed into this small design, and if you read below, you’d come to understand why I’m a big fan of the SKIL 5280-01 model – and why you probably will be, too:

  • 15 amps with a motor that can attain a speed of 5,300 RPMs
  • Includes a 24 tooth, 7-¼” carbide blade
  • 51° bevel with a positive stop at 45°
  • Spindle lock allows for incredibly quick blade changes
  • Lightweight design to reduce fatigue, weighing 6.95 lbs
  • Inclusive dust blower to keep the line of sight incredibly clear when cutting
  • An anti-snag lower guard to reduce snags, perfect for making narrow cut-offs
  • The indicator light will brighten to notify you that the SKIL 5280-01 is charged and ready to go

What’s Included?

  • 1 x SKIL 5280 Circular Saw
  • 1 x 24-tooth carbide blade
  • 1 x Wrench store

My Favorite Feature: Single Beam Laser

  • Create extremely accurate cuts with the integrated single beam laser, which guides your cuts in perfect precision

Laser guides are an increasing and welcome inclusion in most modern-day tools, and the SKIL 5280-01 circular saw includes a line of sight that is incredibly accurate and makes your job much easier when making cuts.

This not only works well in dim conditions but is also great under the sun (although keep in mind, it won’t be as bright as a darker environment, of course), allowing for use in a majority of situations. When partnered with the dust blower that clears your line of sight – you have no excuses in making irregular cuts with this saw, although you can try this yourself.

What do you think of laser guides on circular saw models? Let us know your thoughts on these features in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

Makita is another powerful brand name for power tools – but how exactly does its circular saw stack up to the rest of the competition? Well, this cordless design not only stacks up well with its competitors – yet it wipes the floor with many of them.

How, exactly? Well, the Makita XSS02Z is not only perfect for those settings that a bulkier, corded design can’t get to, yet it does so with its 3,700 RPM, high-torque motor – which Makita exclusively designs.

The Makita XSS02Z circular saw is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on-site whilst still providing accurate cuts. So how exactly does Makita achieve this in the XSS02X circular saw? Well, I’ve listed the features of this model below:

  • 7.3 lbs in total weight with a 3, 700 RPM maximum attainable speed
  • Lightweight, with a total weight of 6.55 lbs
  • Compatible with 18V Lithium-ion batteries with Makita’s battery sharing platform
  • Rubberized handle to increase comfort and minimize stress and fatigue
  • Machined base allows for precise cuts with added durability
  • 6-½” blade has a cutting capacity of 2-¼”
  • Exclusive Makita-designed battery

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw
  • 1 x  Saw Blade 165X15.88x16T

My Favorite Feature: Star Protection Computer Controlled Battery

  • Protects the 18V Lithium-Iron battery from overheating, overloading and over-discharging

This feature is almost too good to ignore when it comes to the best aspects of the Makita XSS02Z.

Why is this? Well, the battery allows for your circular saw to be protected from three of the most common power tool reasons for malfunctioning, overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. 

Specifically, this is a concern of many within cordless designs, yet it’s not a concern for the XSS02Z. This model achieves this by constant communication between the battery and the tool, allowing for communication to protect the battery from overloading and stopping the battery when power is low. 

Not only does this increase the lifespan of the saw, but it also monitors the battery temperature – making sure that no damages occur when in use. Not too bad for a cordless circular saw, is it?

Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 circular saw is another model that brings the brushless motor into the limelight, showcasing exactly how and why these updated motors are sought-after when purchasing a new power tool.

We’ll go into the brushless motor in more depth further as we look into the features of the Milwaukee 2732-20, yet there is also a lot more to love about the saw itself. The durable and lightweight design means you won’t have to worry about fatigue when in use, and damage from recoil is almost zero.

I’ve listed the great features of the Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 Circular Saw below. Let me know what you think of these in the comments at the bottom of the review:

  • Total RPM attainable speed of 5,000 
  • Brushless motor 
  • 50° capacity for bevel cuts
  • Redlink Plus intelligence maximizes performance through the advanced electronic system 
  • Compact and lightweight design with a total weight of 6.8 lbs
  • Integrated LED headlight for clearer sight in darker environments
  • Molded, rubberized grip handles allow for increased comfort and less-slipping in warmer conditions and also under fatigue
  • Magnesium guard and shoe for a lighter saw and increased durability of the saw itself

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Milwaukee 2730-20 M18 Circular Saw
  • 1 x Blade wrench
  • 1 x 24 tooth carbide blade

My Favorite Feature: Brushless Motor

  • The upgraded motor provides a longer lifespan for the circular saw, as well as increased runtime for longer jobs

Brushed motors are slowly being phased out, as both manufacturers and professionals (and the hobbyist, too!) look for cordless power tools that are more durable and powerful than the models that preceded them.

The Milwaukee 2732-20 M18 circular saw is one of these designs, opting for the brushless motor, which increases runtime by up to 2x, and a durability of up to 3 x that of circular saws using brushed motors on the market.

Not only does the brushless motor allow for 2732-20 to provide you with more service over the years, but also during your work – giving up to 2.5x more runtime than that of other circular saws. The brushless motor and battery combine to make a circular saw that will provide you with many years and hours of service.


The Porter-Cable PCC660B circular saw is one of the cheapest models in our review today, yet this doesn’t mean its quality is reflected in the price. In fact, the Porter-Cable PCC660B is great value for your buck, containing features that many other saws at a higher price point don’t have.

This circular saw is another brand of cordless power tool models with an exclusive battery sharing platform, with the PCC660B included within the 20V MAX system. In addition, the Porter-Cable PCC660B is designed for non-traditional cutting applications, thanks to a beveling shoe that can pivot up to 50° – which is great for those out-of-the-box cuts. 

What else is there to like about the Porter-Cable PCC660B? Find out below by looking through its’ extensive features:

  • 4,000 RPM motor can tackle almost any application and job
  • Lightweight design, with a total weight of 6.5 lbs
  • The total size of 6-½”
  • Incredibly quiet when in use
  • An overmolded handle  is optimized for comfort and reduces fatigue when in use
  • Beveling shoe up to 50°
  • Cutting capacity of 2-⅛”
  • Included within the 20V Max system

What’s Included?

  • 1 x PORTER-CABLE PCC660B Circular Saw
  • 1 x 18 tooth carbide tooth blade

My Favorite Feature: Value For Money

  • Packed with features an impressive power output, the PCC660B is great for those watching the budget

Whilst it may skip over some of the added features that high-end circular saws include, the PCC660B contains the features that you’ll need, and no more – yet it’s not a bare-bones circular saw model.

If you’re needing a circular saw for the occasional job or fancy yourself as a DIYer around the home, then you’ve found the perfect saw that fits well within an affordable price range, regardless of your budget.

Of course, it may not be the best option for those who use a circular saw every day – yet if you’re looking for a trusty option that is reliable and financially viable – look no further than the PCC660B.

Final Verdict

The five circular saws we’ve reviewed today are the best in the class that you can find, and better yet – they’re also quite affordable, suiting a range of uses, from the professional contractor to the handyman who works only on every second Sunday around the home.

If you’re looking for a circular saw that is perfect for both sporadic and constant use, as well as a variety of features that are both user-friendly and contribute to the power of the model itself – then it’s hard to go past the DeWalt DWE575SB

Of course, if you’re really watching your financial waistline, then the PORTER-CABLE PCC660B or SKIL 5280-01 will match your criteria.
I’d love to hear your thoughts, though. Do you think I’ve missed the mark, or perhaps left out a circular saw that you’re quite fond of?

Let me know in the comments below.

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      I personally do believe the DeWalt 7 1/4-inch circular saw is one of the best around. Based on price and quality. DeWalt really are hard to pass up on in many different tool categories. I do like my Bosch products too though (in table saws).


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