The 7 Best Chandeliers For High Ceilings (Standard Guide)

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Because lighting can make or break a design plan, especially in a dining room with a high ceiling, it’s worth looking for a unique chandelier. While it’s easy to settle for recessed lighting or lamps, nothing beats a chandelier when it comes to making a statement. So in light of that, what are some of the best chandeliers for high ceilings? 

Lighting is the perfect combination of elegance and utility, and it never fails to set the tone. As a result, top designers now use everything from historical brass chandeliers to contemporary pendants with aesthetic appeal in dining spaces. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes this list of chandeliers the perfect fit for high ceilings.

7 Of The Best Chandeliers For High Ceilings

It is now prevalent to find chandeliers used in almost every room in your home. Including the informal family room, the library, the study, the bathroom, the powder room, and even outdoors under a covered patio were once considered light fixtures for use above dining room tables or for hanging from formal entryways.

There are hundreds of chandeliers to select from, so it might be tough to narrow down your options and choose one that speaks to you.

However, all chandeliers may be classified into classic or modern. Will you opt for a modern style in your dining area and choose a linear chandelier in the shape of an extended, thin bar? 

Will you go with a candle-type chandelier with fanciful little shades that you can switch out for a different color or design when you become tired of them? Do you find yourself perplexed and unable to make a decision? 

With this definitive guide to chandeliers for high ceilings, I’ll show you all you need to know about them, starting with the luxurious 15-light Island crystal chandelier.

15-Light Island Crystal Chandelier

First on the list is the stunning 15-light Island Chandelier. This lovely chandelier is the ideal complement to any decor, adding a touch of elegance and individuality while also giving plenty of light. 

It is composed of high-quality cognac crystal and high-glass piping that is both sturdy and reflective, allowing for a lot of light while assuring that it will endure a long time.

It offers a lot of light, mainly because it has light sockets that can be customized before being ordered from 5 to 30 light sockets. Furthermore, the crystal reflects light and adds an overall brilliant look. 

However, despite it being a little more expensive than most drop-downlights, it’s a terrific addition to a high ceiling where you want to add a lot of light with a touch of elegance and charm.

15-Light Island Pros

  • With the standard 11 lightbulb sockets, it provides a lot of light.
  • It adds a touch of class and enhancement to every space it’s installed in.
  • It is a stunning chandelier that will enhance any space, particularly central spaces and bedrooms.

15-Light Island Cons

  • For one light fixture, it might be a little costly.

Maxax 5-Tier 12 Light Crystal Chandelier

This 12-light chandelier by Maxax comes in a 5-tier design with high-quality clear glass crystal and allows for 60-watt bulbs for a more modern appearance and style, providing enough light for any room. 

Because of the shape, you’ll need a flat ceiling to hang this, but it’s a terrific alternative for dining areas and kitchens that need some extra illumination. Although it is more expensive than some, it is a high-quality product that is simple to install and will last a long time. 

This modern light fixture combines current and classical components to provide a great focal point for whatever space it is installed. It comes with an extension chain for higher ceilings and is a perfect choice for any room in the house.

Maxax 5-Tier 12 Light Pros

  • It has a chain that can be adjusted for high ceilings.
  • Crystal strips in five tiers.
  • It adds a touch of sophistication and exquisiteness to any space.

Maxax 5-Tier 12 Light Cons

  • Works only on smooth ceilings
  • On the pricing range, it’s a touch expensive.

LOG BARN 5-Light Metal Chandelier

After combining various distinct styles, this exquisite chandelier became a top option for its stylistic adaptability. This light fixture has a traditional candelabra-inspired form, but its thin metal arms give it a distinctively contemporary and industrial air.

Because the chandelier is composed of steel with a brown rust metal finish, it will go with almost any décor. Furthermore, because the bulbs are visible, it produces a good quantity of light—just make sure you choose a bulb form that flatters you, such as flame shapes or globes.

LOG BARN 5-Light Pros

  • It has a simple yet elegant modern design with a sleek and rustic feel.
  • It comes with dimmable retro Edison Candelabra base bulbs
  • Many reviewers found it easy to assemble and install.
  • If it gets too bright, you can add clip-on shades to help defuse the lights.

LOG BARN 5-Light Cons

  • Some reviews found that spacing the arms may be a bit tricky.
  • Some reviews found the rustic bronze color not to their liking.

Saint Mossi Modern Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

This crystal raindrop chandelier has eight light sockets that provide a lot of light when paired with crystal beauty. It’s a fantastic alternative for high ceiling halls. Although the lightbulbs are not included, it is compatible with LED lights, which will save you money in the long run and are extremely energy efficient.

It is an easy-to-install light fixture that will be a fantastic focal point in any corridor, and it is a perfect fixture for more extensive ceilings that can offer the necessary light. It is composed of high-quality K9 crystal, and durable stainless steel reflects light and adds to the illumination to the desired area.

Because all the crystals are genuine and not plastic, they will last a long time and are safer to use near heat sources like lightbulbs.

Saint Mossi Pros

  • It can expand to a height of 86 inches.
  • Designed for use in the bathroom, entryway, and other areas.
  • Stainless steel and high-quality genuine crystals are used to create this piece.

Saint Mossi Cons

  • Not suitable for low ceilings or cramped places.

BONLICHT Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Stylish chandeliers don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. This classic-style chandelier is a favorite of interior designers! For informal places, residential dwellings, or any business facilities, the magnificent appealing style provides a lot of modern sensation. 

The bright brass finish, eight exposed lights, and eye-catching design of this elegant sputnik chandelier bought on Amazon make it appear much more costly than it is. 

It’s also rather adaptable since it can be used on flat and sloped ceilings and dimmed using a dimmer control. You can pick your own lights; however, for a truly contemporary aesthetic, Edison bulbs are recommended.

BONLICHT Modern Sputnik Pros

  • It has an eye-catching modern design.
  • It’s more affordable than most of the chandeliers on this list.
  • It comes with a durable swivel to be mounted on flat or even sloped ceilings.
  • It has an adjustable hanging height for higher ceilings.
  • It is pre-wired for a more straightforward installation.

BONLICHT Modern Sputnik Cons

  • It comes in a very bright gold that some may not like.
  • Some reviews state that it may be a little challenging to assemble.

Linght Modern Raindrop Crystal Chandelier

This stunning raindrop lamp is built of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and crystal, ideal for more extensive ceilings. Because of the crystal’s reflecting characteristics that cascade down, this provides a lot of light and is also a work of art that your guests will enjoy.

This fantastic contemporary and modern design will work with any design scheme or style and provide a lot of lumens for illuminating your house. It is compatible with both LED and halogen light bulbs, and it is both sturdy and straightforward to install, albeit it might take some time.

The crystal raindrop section of this light will offer even more light, reflecting the bulbs; providing a nice ambient effect.

Linght Modern Raindrop Pros

  • Installing and maintaining the chandelier is simple.
  • For your home, it provides a lot of light.
  • It is a stunning light fixture that’s ideal for high ceilings.

Linght Modern Raindrop Cons

  • Changing the bulbs might be challenging due to the design and height it provides.

Gypsy Color 5-Light Crystal White Chandelier

Last but not least is the 5-light crystal white chandelier by Gypsy Color. The glass stem of this 5-light chandelier is complemented with a sturdy metal frame and arms. In contrast to other chandeliers, the Gypsy Color employs as little glass as possible.

You expect a chandelier with glass crystals and beads to shimmer and shine when you buy it. However, glass is susceptible to breakage and scratching, and it is also costly. And because glass must be assembled one piece at a time, putting the chandelier together is time-consuming and difficult.

This chandelier is composed of polycarbonate acrylic and reflects and refracts light in the same manner as glass does. It features a blend of crystals, beading, and swag. This polycarbonate chandelier is composed of the same material that is used in bulletproof windows and is both light and robust.

The stem is the solitary piece of glass in the chandelier. Acrylic crystal beads drape from each light bulb and are less expensive and easier to build and install than glass.

Gypsy Color 5-Light Pros

  • It comes in a flat Ikea-style box that takes only a few minutes to put together; most of the chandelier is pre-built.
  • Glass requires additional packing and might break during shipping, resulting in waste. Glass chandeliers, in particular, are challenging to repackage and return without breaking the bulbs. Therefore, it results in reducing a lot of waste.
  • Gypsy Color supplies a plug conversion kit that allows you to upgrade direct connect chandeliers to 14-foot cords and plugs.

Gypsy Color 5-Light Cons

  • Some customer reviews on amazon do not like the plastic features.
  • According to some customer reviews, the installation was not as smooth as described.

Choosing a Chandelier For High Ceilings: What To Consider

chandelier for high ceiling

A chandelier, whether brass, leaded glass, or wagon wheel, makes a design statement when hung above a dining table. Chandeliers in vast rooms gave a mellow light and required to be lowered to clean and re-candle. Electricity is used to power and regulate today’s models.

When choosing a chandelier for your dining room, keep in mind that it only illuminates the space beneath and surrounding it; you may need sconces or another lighting to highlight corners or serving areas. 

The correct size center fixture will assist you in figuring out how much additional lighting you’ll need. With that said, let’s take a look at a few this to consider when choosing a chandelier for high ceilings.

The Size Of The Chandelier

When choosing a chandelier for a high ceiling, size is arguably the most significant consideration, so make sure you take all of the room measurements before you go shopping to ensure you purchase the correct size fixture for your area. 

And it’s not just about the size of the chandelier; the height at which it hangs is also essential. For example, in a dining room, your chandelier should be 36 inches over your table and 72 inches from the ground.

The Bulbs Of The Chandelier

retro chandeliers

Most chandeliers come without light bulbs, so you’ll have to purchase them individually. Keep in mind that there are numerous sorts of lightbulbs available, ranging from LEDs to incandescents to smart bulbs and those bulbs come in a range of designs. 

You don’t want to be trapped with a chandelier that doesn’t work with your favorite bulb, whether it’s a candelabra-style CFL or a globular LED light.

The Installation Of The Chandelier

Between the technical know-how of hardwiring them into your ceiling and structural know-how of how much weight your ceiling can bear, chandeliers aren’t the most accessible fixtures to install on your own. 

Consider the simplicity of hanging a chandelier if you plan to do it yourself—more significant, and heavier fixtures are much more challenging to manage. Finally, I recommend hiring a professional to install your chandelier, so keep that in mind while planning your budget.


I hope I’ve provided you with all the information and guidance you need to make the best possible purchase of a chandelier for high ceilings. 

Remember that the ideal contemporary dining room chandelier for you reflects your particular preferences, blends in with your current décor and furniture, and is within your budget. That said, take a moment to explore Amazon’s selection of the best high-ceilinged chandeliers.

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