The 8 Best Paints For Ceilings (A Complete Guide)

There’s no need to be intimidated by painting ceilings. You may be the Picasso of your time with the correct paint and some helpful ideas. Fortunately, ceiling paint, like bathroom paint, is a rare niche paint product that declares its intentions right on the label. As a result, the following is a list of 8 of the best paints for ceilings.

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Fortunately, paint technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and manufacturers now provide drip-free ceiling paints that spread uniformly with no effort. If you’re planning on painting your home’s ceilings, you’ll need the best ceiling paint on the market. So, let’s take a look into what makes this list the best ceiling paint.

Painting walls is one thing; renewing your ceilings is a somewhat more complicated – and unpleasant – task. However, with the correct tools and a tin or two of the best ceiling paint you can purchase, an undesirable job may be made a little bit simpler.

There’s something here for every task, from anti-mold paints for preventing black mold breakouts to inexpensive, straightforward matt emulsions for tackling an entire house’s worth of ceilings. So, starting with the excellent Benjamin Moore brand, let’s take a look at what value they bring to your ceilings.

Here are 8 Best Paints For Ceilings

Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint

First on the list is a formula made explicitly for ceilings from the famous Benjamin Moore brands. Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint is a high-end product used in both home and commercial settings. 

This coat is made composed of high-quality components, resulting in a smooth and outstanding finish. Benjamin Moore leaves no stone unturned in his quest to solve all of your painting problems, and this product accomplishes just that, and in a big way! 

The finish you’ll get is the flattest the brand has to give. It indicates no evident flaws on the surface; instead, they are neatly hidden. This coating is also non-glare and has a more appealing look due to the diffused light.

Furthermore, the recipe is splatter-proof, which means no mess during application and no clean-up afterward. As a result, operational efficiency is substantially improved, and ceiling painting is transformed from a duty to a pleasurable hobby. The paint also dries quickly and is self-priming. 

Last but not least, this is a product that prioritizes non-toxicity and user protection. So it’s not just low-VOC, but it’s also anti-microbial and meets various quality standards. It, in turn, inhibits the formation of mold and mildew, extending the product’s lifespan becoming one of the best choices for your ceiling.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents Paint

Is there a piece of you that dreams of becoming an interior designer? Use Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents paint to add a metallic sheen to your ceiling. This formulation has minimal levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is suitable for use in the home. 

You may use this paint to make elaborate designs on your cornices or spray a rich appearance on your lounge ceiling. This paint’s metallic hue is stunning, and if you want to add style to a space and its furniture, this is the paint to use. 

Oleum’s rust-metallic accents, which are ideal for entertainment areas, living rooms, and even bedrooms, will give any space a pop of color and a metallic sheen.

This shiny ceiling paint will add a touch of class to your house. I recommend using a sprayer to apply this paint because brushing may not produce the same results. You may, however, utilize the paint to bring out the textures in your ceiling. 

When coated in this lovely hue, pressed ceiling planks look amazing. This metallic paint from Rust-Oleum comes in 15 colors to match any decor. 

My favorite color is penny-copper, which complements our wrought iron bed frame in the bedroom. One 32-fl oz container of this ceiling paint can cover 105 square feet and dries in less than 30 minutes after spraying.

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover

The fantastic Painter’s Touch Latex flat paint from Rust-Oleum is next on the list. It is a flexible and high-quality paint that may be used for various DIY and home renovation tasks, not only ceilings.

However, it is an excellent choice for painting ceilings since it is made with double cover technology, quickly providing a lovely flat finish. Not only that, but it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it dries quickly!

Additionally, the water-based acrylic composition has a minimal odor, is resistant to chipping, and offers long-lasting protection. It covers up to 120 square feet and dries to the touch in 30 minutes, allowing you to finish your job quickly.

Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

If you are a perfectionist, you have found the perfect product for your house. The latex ceiling paint from Glidden is a fantastic deal that provides a gorgeous finish on a budget. 

It works well on all ceilings and gets the job done well and quickly since it is high-quality material. In addition, Glidden’s product boasts an impressive list of features, especially considering its low price. 

It is made of a splatter-resistant material and has a dazzling white finish that makes your space appear larger. The paint boosts the room’s aesthetic appeal and makes your place a location worth getting inspiration from by providing such an illusion of space! 

Furthermore, this paint has a low odor and maintains the rooms free of any unpleasant odors. It also easily conceals flaws, producing a smoother finish, and does not spatter during application. Cleaning up becomes a snap, which speeds up the overall painting process.

Last but not least, the quantity of paint supplied is a significant plus. The chemical comes in 3.75-gallon canisters that provide enough coverage with just one application. 

It means you won’t have to buy a large number of units, and you will significantly reduce your out-of-pocket payments. It is a win-win situation for ceiling paint that dries in under an hour!

KILZ Color-Change Interior Ceiling Paint

KILZ is a well-known manufacturer of interior and outdoor paints. All of their goods are backed by warranties, and you can count on the painting expertise to deliver. Kilz color-change stain-blocking interior ceiling paint is the best choice for older ceilings that have seen better days.

When rolling on this paint, you may be surprised to discover that what you thought was white is actually pink. In its paint, KILZ uses a patented color-changing compound. As a result, the paint turns from bright pink to white as it dries. It’s an excellent method to tell when you need to apply a second coat.

You’ll notice fewer VOCs in the air after finishing your paint job compared with other interior paint brands. This is because you will no longer smell the paint in your house within 24 to 48 hours. The stain-blocking paint from Kilz is dry to the touch after one hour, and after two hours, you can put on a second coat if necessary.

This paint may be used in the bedroom, living room, or dining room; it’s adaptable and best applied with a paint sprayer. While painting, the spatter-resistant substance guarantees that no droplets land on your face, eyes, or hair. In addition, KILZ stain-blocking paint covers up to 400 square feet per gallon.

Zinsser Covers UP 03688 Ceiling Paint

The Zinnser 03688, manufactured by Rust-Oleum, a company well-known for its exceptional painting solutions, is an effective and straightforward alternative for painting the ceiling of your home. It is a one-of-a-kind item on the list that provides fantastic comfort to the user while also being a time-saving tool that does not disappoint.

Nobody loves a ceiling that has been chipped or faded; therefore, property owners are always hunting for the best materials available. So when you come across this Rust-Oleum spray-paint in such a situation, realize that it is an item worth your time and attention for many reasons.

In essence, this spray paint is both a paint and a primer in one compact container. As a result, it is a useful product to have, especially in unexpected circumstances, because it is adept at covering up spots or stains on uneven surfaces. 

The oil-based product is long-lasting and gives a smooth finish with little to complain about. Last but not least, this product’s manner of application is its most distinctive selling factor. 

In most situations, ceilings are large surfaces that need a lot of time and work to paint. Not only does the spray formula save a lot of manual effort, but it also saves you a lot of time. In addition, you might find it to be an affordable alternative, so keep your eyes open for it!

Seymour Ceiling Tile Paint

Acoustic tiles are porous enough to absorb ugly cigarette and cigar smoke stains and are prone to unattractive markings from water leaks. Seymour Ceiling Tile Paint is a fast-drying, upright spray that may be used to touch up smooth or textured tiles without the need to remove them.

Tiles will not warp or droop, and their acoustic qualities will be preserved. Then, it dries to the touch in as little as 15 minutes. Another benefit is that it cleans up with soap and water because it’s water-based.

Montage Signature Interior And Exterior

Finally, but certainly not least, this ecologically friendly paint from Montage is an excellent purchase for environmentally aware customers. It responds to a range of client demands and demonstrates its value as a flexible ceiling paint by being highly adaptable and pigmented.

Montage’s product is impressive in every way, especially in terms of variety. With so many finishes and colors to choose from, you’ll not only be spoilt for choice, but you’ll also save time and money on other items. This paint provides something for everyone’s needs, with a low sheen to semi-gloss finishes and a wide range of colors.

The paint also provides good coverage on uneven or damaged ceilings. Additionally, it can guard against mildew, mold, and moisture. Overall, it’s safe to say that ceiling maintenance will not hinder getting a good night’s sleep with this product! 

Furthermore, and especially pertinent in today’s times, Montage’s paint is completely free of contaminants, making it an environmentally responsible choice for your home. Last but not least, this paint is non-chipping. You do, however, have a 10-year warranty to fall back on if something goes wrong.

The Best Paint For Ceilings: What To Look For

best paint for ceilings - what to look for

To make your life easier, I recommend choosing a plain matt emulsion, which is straightforward to apply and produces results that hide every single bump and lumps on your ceilings. 

You don’t have to use professional ceiling paint, but if you can afford it, it’s certainly worth it — they’re intended to eliminate splatter and dry more slowly for a more excellent finish, so they may make your job even simpler.

If you absolutely want gloss ceilings, it’s not impossible, but you’ll need to put in a lot more effort and planning if you wish for stunning results. 

You’ll need to cover the ceilings with an appropriate sealer, and you’ll want to use a water-based gloss paint with an extender, which dilutes the gloss paint and makes application simpler and smoother. 

However, keep in mind that the glossy shine will highlight any imperfections in your ceilings, so if you want a glittering skating rink impression, you may need to hire a professional decorator.

How Much Preparation Is Needed?

painting ceiling preparation

Painting ceilings has the potential to create a lot of mess and irreversibly harm your valuable carpets and furniture, so it’s best to plan ahead. Even specialty paints that are not supposed to leak or splatter may leak if your brush or roller is overloaded.

I’d recommend removing as much furniture as possible and covering everything with good-quality dustsheets whenever feasible. 

Preparation is much better than spending hours trying to remove paint spatters from every corner of a room (yes, I’ve done that). When working, keep a clean rag and some paint remover handy.

You’ll want to start with a clean surface, so scrub your ceiling with sugar soap, scrape off any flaky paint, and fill up any cracks and holes with filler. Then, it’s time to cut in after it’s completely dried. 

Apply your paint to the borders where the ceiling meets the wall and around door frames and other such areas, with the edge of a two-inch brush. I recommend using masking tape beforehand to eliminate undesired streaks and to make life easier.

After that, it’s time to focus on the ceiling itself. Of course, you can use a brush, but a good-quality roller and paint tray will make the job go much faster and more straightforward — and provide better results. 

Apply in long smooth strokes, making sure to cover every area. Next, coat the roller evenly, eliminating any excess on the tray, and apply in long smooth strokes, making sure to cover every area.

Depending on the prior state of your ceiling and the paint used, one coat may be sufficient; nevertheless, follow the manufacturer’s directions on the can, allow for adequate drying time, and then make a judgment call on whether a second coat is required.

Additional Tips And Advice

Always make sure the space you’re painting has enough ventilation and that you’re wearing safety goggles because you’ll be gazing straight up at the paint you’re applying. 

To maintain your paint well mixed, stir it thoroughly before using it and frequently while using it. Also, after each usage, thoroughly clean brushes or rollers and store any leftover paint safely away from children and animals.


If you’re painting ceilings for the first time or you’re an experienced pro, picking the right paint is crucial. Any of the paints on this list, if correctly applied, will help you create a lovely look on your newly painted ceilings!

It’s simply a question of deciding which one is appropriate for your scenario and then following some of the painting guidelines listed above to achieve a high-quality result.

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