The 8 Best Ceiling Fans (Buyer Guide)

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After I had experienced record-breaking temperatures across the country in June, I decided to invest time and money during this winter to stay cool indoors for the next summer blast. I could comfortably take my time without rushing to find a suitable ceiling fan that could do the perfect job. That said, here are 8 of the best I found.

Not all fans, however, are made equal. Some are powerful, but they’re also noisy and unappealing. Some are quiet and well-designed, but you’ll only notice them if you sit right in front of them. In other words, getting your hands on a decent ceiling fan is a difficult task. So with that said, what makes this list the best ceiling fans of today?

8 Of The Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most practical elements in your house, adding a stylish flair to any area. They’re also useful all year, with many of them giving light and circulating air up and down to keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The best ceiling fans have various features, such as the ability to be mounted where it’s needed, at the appropriate height, and with large enough blades to effectively move air.

The top picks also include lighting where applicable, easy control via pull chain or remote, and different designs that fit various home décor. 

I’ve combed through hundreds of user evaluations of the best-selling and top-rated items online to uncover the finest ceiling fans. After reading many reviews, these are the best ceiling fans I’ve discovered in stock on Amazon. So, starting with the Hunter fan Dempsey, here’s what valuable breeze they bring to your home.

Hunter Fan Dempsey 52″ Ceiling Fan

Hunter is a household brand when it comes to ceiling fans. This pared-down light, available in plain white or brushed nickel with contrasting black blades, is attractive and flexible with a modern appeal. The Dempsey has four blades to circulate air, each 11 inches broad with a 13-degree pitch.

This fan also includes an inbuilt LED light with completely dimmable bulbs that can last up to 15,000 hours, which I like. Furthermore, it has a remote that allows you to operate both the fan and the light from anywhere in the room. 

If you’re not a skilled DIYer, you should employ an expert to install this ceiling fan—or at the very least enlist the aid of a buddy who is.

Hunter Fan Dempsey Features

  • Includes universal handheld remote
  • It has three multi-speeds and a reversible fan motor for an updraft.
  • It comes with chocolate oak grain blades.
  • Dimmable LED light.
  • It weighs 20.7 pounds.
  • It can be used indoor or outdoor.

Prominence Home Alvina 42″ Ceiling Fan

This 42-inch ceiling fan with dark wood blades and a satin nickel center light has been put in children’s rooms, bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens. 

It “looks fantastic as a compliment to stainless-steel equipment and black cabinetry,” according to one reviewer, and it makes his son’s bedroom seem “very elegant,” according to another. 

And, while it looks well in any room, most people agree that it looks best in a compact space, such as a “ten-by-ten kids’ room” or a “guest room that’s around 8 x 11.” In addition, many reviews state that they don’t even realize the fan is on until they feel a gentle breeze.

As every room tells a story, the Prominence Alvina will add value to yours with its aesthetic and stylish finish.

Prominence Home Alvina Features

  • Pull chain included.
  • It is only for indoor use.
  • Frosted cased white globe.
  • It comes with a reversible motor.
  • It is a quick and easy installation (less than an hour).
  • It has a silent motor.

Minka-Aire F844-CL 52″ Ceiling Fan

The Minka-Aire is the only fan on this list that is Wi-Fi connected, which means you can connect it to your optimal smart home system for voice control in addition to the supplied remote control. 

Its contemporary aesthetic and one-of-a-kind 52-inch blade design can easily flow air across any area while bringing sleekness and adaptability to any living space.

The Minka-Aire is available in six different color combinations: white, black, silver, brown, bronze, and driftwood. After installation, several customers experienced a loud buzzing; however, you may remedy this by operating the fan for 24 hours. 

Some customers on Amazon stated that the fan became “almost quiet” even when turned on high.

Minka-Aire F844-CL Features

  • It is Wi-Fi compatible with smart homes.
  • It includes a 16-Watt dimmable LED light.
  • It includes a 3-speed remote and 6″ down-rod
  • It has a reversible motor for an updraft performance.

Honeywell Xerxes 62″ Ceiling Fan

This contemporary, 62-inch fan — the largest on this list — is ideal for large spaces or those who want to make a statement. “The fan is really elegant,” says one reviewer. “It’s BIG and makes a statement with eight blades and a spread of 62 inches; for comparison, our room is around 15-by-15 feet in size and has 9-foot ceilings…” 

According to another, even though it “fully cools the vast living/dining space,” it is “quite silent.” Nevertheless, they enjoy it so much that they’re replacing the fan in their living room with it as well. “Beautiful, quiet, and excellent quality for the money,” comments another. 

“Since installing this fan, we’ve received several praises. We have a 14-by-32-foot living area with 10-foot ceilings. It is an excellent fan for a large room. It has a modern vibe due to the clean lines, but it complements our historic house decor.”

Honeywell Xerxes Features

  • Large 62″ spread ceiling fan that is great for large rooms.
  • It includes an 18-Watt dimmable LED light with 2700k color temperature.
  • It includes a remote control with a 3-speed setting.
  • It is conveniently quiet and comes with a reverse airflow setting.
  • It is dual mount compatible with a down-rod option or angled.
  • It has eight blades in total.

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44″ Ceiling Fan

Unlike other low-profile fans, the Harbor Breeze Mazon has an overhead light, but its 44-inch blade size delivers sufficient airflow of up to 4,545 cubic feet per minute for smaller areas of roughly 100 square feet. The matte opal light kit and three brushed-nickel blades form a sleek, modern look. 

The three-speed reversible motor is controlled by a remote controller with a wall holder to keep it from getting lost in the couch cushions. Even better, it has a dimmable 18-watt LED bulb. 

While the provided bulb may not appear particularly bright at first, Amazon reviewers point out that you can adjust the brightness setting by holding down the light button on the remote.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Features

  • It has an integrated matte opal glass light cover.
  • It includes an 18-Watt LED bulb.
  • It provides a 3-speed setting.
  • It includes a remote.
  • It has a reverse airflow setting.
  • It has a modern brushed nickel finish.

Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Ceiling Fan

Honeywell’s Carnegie ceiling fan features a robust, contemporary look. The fan’s three Edison LED light bulbs encased in a steel-mesh drum have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours and give it an industrial appearance. 

The rough wood and chestnut finish on the 52-inch blades complete the design. You may install the ceiling fan in three ways: close installation for low ceilings, conventional installation, and angled/slope installation.

The silent three-speed motor that users operate using the remote control is not audible when the fan runs. Users may also change the direction of the engine to rotate warm air up during the colder months.

Honeywell Carnegie Features

  • There are multiple mounting options.
  • It comes with stylish 2700k dimmable Edison LED bulbs
  • The ceiling fan complements a modern look.
  • It has a quiet and reversible motor.
  • A remote control is included with a 3-speed setting.

Prominence Home Espy 52″ Ceiling Fan

Do you like a more contemporary look for your home? Prominence Home’s modern fixture is one I think you’ll like. The Espy features three rectangular blades that are quite small and oriented for optimal airflow.

The Espy gives you the trendy design you want with a wonderful, simple charm. With a 52-inch blade spread, this fan is ideal for medium to large spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.

The integrated remote control allows you to adjust between the three fan speeds. A built-in LED light inside a frosted glass casing completes this stylish ceiling fan. Bright white, gunmetal bronze, and matte black are the three basic yet elegant hues available.

Prominence Home Espy Features

  • It includes a dimmable 18.5-Watt, 2700k color temperature dimmable light.
  • It includes a remote control with 3-speed and light control settings.
  • It has a modern/contemporary design.
  • Hugger ceiling mount.
  • It has a reversible motor.

Westinghouse Lighting 7205300 52″ Ceiling Fan

Lastly, we have the Westinghouse Lighting 7205300 52″ ceiling fan. Do you want to make your bedroom a little cozier? You might want to select Westinghouse Lighting’s beautifully designed fixture. It features three curving blades that can be finished in gunmetal bronze, light natural wood, or dark wood.

The 52-inch Alloy LED fan has a sleek gunmetal finish that lends a contemporary touch to any area larger than 225 square feet (15 feet by 15 feet). The low-profile light system includes two integrated LED bulbs for long-lasting overhead lighting.

Its high-quality motor provides forceful air movement and silent operation; a lifetime warranty covers the motor, and a two-year warranty covers all other parts.

Westing House Lighting 7205300 Features

  • It includes two 8-Watt T7 LED bulbs for energy and cost-saving benefits.
  • The 7205300 motor model comes with a lifetime warranty, and the additional parts come with a 2-year warranty. 
  • It has a reversible, silent motor. 
  • It is quick and easy to install

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan

Choosing the highest-quality ceiling fans for your house is based on several criteria. The ideal airflow and the size of the room are two of these factors to consider. Low-profile fans, for example, are required in spaces with low ceilings. 

The location—outdoor vs. inside fan—makes a difference as well. Something simple to set up is usually a good decision. Don’t forget about fashion. It’s difficult to say no to a model with a wonderful design.

Size Of The Ceiling Fan

Consider the location where you wish to install the fan. Determine the proper blade span depending on room size using the square footage of the area. The distance between the ends of one blade and the ends of the opposing blade is known as blade span. 

Ceiling fans range in size from 15 to 80 inches in diameter. Consider the following size guidelines from the Energy Star program:

  • Up to 75 square feet: requires blade span of 36 inches or less 
  • 75 to 144 square feet: 36 to 42 inches in blade span
  • 144 to 225 square feet: 44-inch blade span
  • 225 to 400 square feet: 50 to the 54-inch blade span

When measured from the floor to the fan blades, a ceiling fan should be 8 or 9 feet tall. Check the length of the down-rod provided with the ceiling fan to determine how high or low it will sit after installation. 

Consider a flush mount or low-profile fan for low-ceiling porches, which attaches the fan extremely near the ceiling. You’ll need an extended down rod for high ceilings, which keeps the fan lower for better positioning.

The Airflow Of The Ceiling Fan

High airflow efficiency is a feature of the best ceiling fans. The amount of air circulated by the fan on the maximum fan setting, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), is referred to as airflow efficiency. A high CFM is beneficial for moving the air and keeping insects away in open outdoor environments. 

A 52-inch fan’s typical CFM is roughly 4,000 CFM, although it may reach 10,000 CFM. Blade number has little bearing on a ceiling fan’s CFM; it is more of a cosmetic factor than a functional one. Consider a greater CFM choice that meets your selected design and budget when choosing a ceiling fan.

The Energy Efficiency Of The Ceiling Fan

If you usually set your thermostat at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, installing a ceiling fan may potentially allow you to raise it to 78 degrees Fahrenheit without noticing any change. This practice can result in considerable energy savings, particularly over time.

If you buy a ceiling fan/light combo that fulfills the government’s Energy Star criteria, you may save even more money on your power costs. You may save up to 40% on annual running costs by choosing an Energy Star fan/light pair over a non-rated version.

The Lighting Of The Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan light

Many ceiling fans come with built-in lighting or a light kit purchased separately. You can occasionally change ceiling fans without lights with a suitable light kit as you please. 

In terms of durability and energy efficiency, LED bulbs outperform incandescent, CFL, and halogen lights in these settings. From spherical, globe-like bulbs to vintage-style Edison bulbs, light bulbs come in various forms and styles. 

The brightness (measured in lumens) of different lighting solutions varies. For example, the greatest ceiling fans with lights will brighten an entire room with at least 800 lumens.

Take notice of the color temperature of the lights as well. Warm lights have a yellow hue, whereas cool lights have a blue tint. Rather than the harsh illumination of cold bulbs, Warm lights are preferred for an outdoor ceiling fan since they give the environment a pleasant glow.


Choosing a ceiling fan can become a tough pick with many different ceiling fans on the market; however, this list narrows it down to the best. Many people adore ceiling fans because they are a cost-effective and often beautiful method to make living areas more pleasant. 

They don’t categorically reduce the temperature; instead, they circulate the air, making you feel up to four degrees cooler. So, while you examine the top ceiling fans Amazon has to offer, take your time to evaluate what to search for.

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