The 9 Best Ceiling Fans With Light (Unique Picks)

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ceiling fan with light

While fans serve a beneficial purpose, ceiling fans with lights offer a contemporary touch to your area. Installing a fan and light as a package will liven up any space while decreasing the need to turn on your AC system. In light of that, what are some of the best ceiling fans with lights?

Ceiling fans are still infamous for being unsightly, but numerous types are available with better illumination than the gaudy candelabra lights and vexing pull chains. This selection of the top ceiling fans is both valuable and visually beautiful, assisting in air circulation in your house and complementing your decor.

9 Of The Best Ceiling Fans With Lights

Even if you have central air or not, a ceiling fan can help you stay cool throughout day and night, and it can even help you sleep better by creating soothing white noise.

Ceiling fans provide an excellent breeze in the hot summer months and assist force warm air down into a space in the winter. A fan works well in almost every house area, from bedrooms and living rooms to sunrooms and covered decks. 

Some serve as overhead illumination, while others just circulate the air. Despite the availability of traditional pull chains, many modern types can be controlled remotely, linked to a light switch, or synchronized with your smart home hub. So, starting with the famed Prominence Home brand, here’s what they have to offer.

Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

First on the list of ceiling fans with the best lights is the Reston Farmhouse ceiling fan from Prominence Home. When searching for a lighting option, this farmhouse-inspired beauty from Prominence Home is a must-see. 

It includes three rectangular wood-style laminate blades with a bronze, brushed nickel, or pewter mount to choose from.

The Reston is controlled by a straightforward pull chain and has three silent speeds and updraft and downdraft settings. The light comprises two strong, long-lasting, dimmable LEDs enclosed in frosted glass.

The Reston Farmhouse ceiling fan is ideal for any decor and combines excellent quality with silent performance. Furthermore, all Prominence Home fans are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Hunter Key Biscayne LED Ceiling Fan

The flexibility of this fan makes it an excellent choice. The blades are made of Barnwood and finished in a drifting oak pattern. Combining a rustic finish with a lantern-style light kit gives any area a maritime atmosphere.

Stainless steel is used in the fan’s hardware, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it works well in both classic and contemporary settings.

It has a three-speed ultra-quiet engine that pushes air quickly and efficiently. For optimal air circulation, the blades feature a 13-degree pitch. Furthermore, the blades may rotate clockwise in the winter because the motor is reversible to circulate warm air.

The lighting kit includes two 14W CFL bulbs that provide a pleasant glow in any environment.

The fan has three different installation options: a close mount for low ceilings, a down-rod for high ceilings, and an angled ceiling option. In addition, a pull switch is featured for rapid ON/OFF actions. 

Despite not coming with a remote, the fan is compatible with Hunter’s remotes and wall controllers, which you can purchase separately.

Minka Aire Light Wave F844-DK 52″ Ceiling Fan

The 52-inch Light-Wave by Minka-Aire is a contemporary light with three gracefully curved blades. This stylish remote-controlled ceiling fan’s long-lasting, dimmable LED bulb does more than just circulate air; it also provides enough overhead lighting and it also improves the aesthetics of your home.

There are four beautiful finishes to pick from Koa wood, modern silver, minimalist white, or a sleek matte black. It is best to make sure you have enough clearance before buying this fan because it hangs on a down-rod. It is, however, straightforward to set up.

Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Carnegie features three color options for an industrial, rustic aesthetic, each with reversible blades, so you can alter the decor to perfectly suit your home. With three speeds and a reversible motor, this 52-inch fan is perfect for spaces up to 18 x 18 feet. 

The attached 4-inch down-rod can reach 14 inches in length, making it ideal for spaces with higher ceilings. You could also make an angled or flush mount in addition to the usual down-rod. The Carnegie additionally has three Edison E26/B10 LED lamps that may be dimmed using the supplied remote control.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

Unlike other low-profile fans, the Harbor Breeze Mazon has an overhead light, but its 44-inch blade size delivers sufficient airflow of up to 4,545 cubic feet per minute for smaller areas of roughly 100 square feet. The matte opal light kit and three brushed-nickel blades form a sleek, modern look.

The three-speed reversible motor is controlled by a remote controller that comes with a wall holder to keep it from getting lost around the house. Even better, it has a dimmable 18-watt LED bulb. 

While the provided bulb may not appear exceptionally bright at first, Amazon reviewers point out that you can change the brightness by pressing down the light button on the remote.

Honeywell Sabal Palm Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Sabal Palm Ceiling Fan is a great way to take a trip down memory lane. Each of the four blades is made of basswood and finished in a lovely brass finish. In addition, the surface of each blade is polished to a wood grain texture, emphasizing the leaf’s distinctive pattern. It is a stunning ceiling fan, both in terms of color and style.

A Tuscan sand glass bowl light and two E26/A15 bulbs are included in the lighting set. You may replace the glass bowl with a nicer one for further customization. For rapid ON/OFF functionality, the fan comes with classic pull chains. It is, however, compatible with Honeywell ceiling fan remotes, which are available separately.

An ultra-quiet reversible motor with three air circulation speeds drives the fan. For a warmer ambiance in the winter, reverse blade rotations. The three mounting methods available are close mount, angled mount, and hang from a down-rod. The fan is ideal for medium to big rooms and workplaces with a 350-450 square feet floor area.

Possini Vengeance Chrome Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans in the contemporary style have sleek, clean-cut designs that go nicely with current decor. The Vengeance Modern Ceiling Fan features pitched blades and a striking clean-cut metallic appearance. Furthermore, the motor and blades of the fan have a sleek chrome and silver finish that goes well with modern home décor.

Three 6-watt LED bulbs are included in the integrated light kit. Their highest color temperature is 3,000 degrees Kelvin, and their brightness is 1300 lumens. Additionally, a six-inch down-rod for installation is provided. 

You may get a longer down-rod for taller ceilings to keep the fan at a reasonable height. Moreover, the fan comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust reverse airflow and blade speed.

Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan

If you do not wish to spend a lot on a fan, Harbor Breeze’s attractive fixture is a good option. The Armitage is 52 inches broad and features five changeable blades. In addition, it has an integrated lighting kit with a long-lasting LED bulb.

While there is no remote control for this ceiling fan, you may use the pull chain to change the three speeds. It’s ideal for big bedrooms or living areas, with airflow spanning up to 400 square feet.

Hunter Fan Company Watson Indoor Ceiling Fan

This little Hunter ceiling fan is ideal for bedrooms, kitchen nooks, and other small places because of its quiet operation, efficient air circulation, and ease of installation. Its reversible motor delivers 3,515 CFM airflow and has a 34-inch blade span. 

The pull-chain control allows users to switch the fan on or off and pick one of three speeds. In addition, you can customize the brightness and atmosphere of your living environment with energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs that are included.

In addition to its brushed nickel base, it features a swirling marble glass light fixture, as well as two-sided blades with a walnut finish on one side and a cherry finish on the other.

The Best Ceiling Fan With Lights: What To Consider 

ceiling fan with light

Choosing the highest-quality ceiling fans for your house is based on several criteria. The ideal airflow and the size of the room are two of these factors to consider. Low-profile fans, for example, are required in spaces with low ceilings. 

The location—outdoor vs. inside fan—makes a difference as well. Something simple to set up is usually a good decision. Don’t forget about fashion. It’s difficult to say no to a model with a beautiful design.

Size Of The Ceiling Fan

Consider the location where you wish to install the fan. Determine the proper blade span depending on room size using the square footage of the area. The distance between the ends of one blade and the ends of the opposing blade is known as blade span. 

Ceiling fans range in size from 15 to 80 inches in diameter. Consider the following size guidelines from the Energy Star program:

  • Up to 75 square feet: requires blade span of 36 inches or less 
  • 75 to 144 square feet: 36 to 42 inches in blade span
  • 144 to 225 square feet: 44-inch blade span
  • 225 to 400 square feet: 50 to the 54-inch blade span

When measured from the floor to the blades, a ceiling fan should be eight or nine feet tall. Check the length of the down-rod provided with the ceiling fan to determine how high or low it will sit after installation. 

Consider a flush mount or low-profile fan for low-ceiling porches, which attaches the fan extremely near the ceiling. You’ll need an extended down rod for high ceilings, which keeps the fan lower for better positioning.

The Airflow Of The Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan lights

High airflow efficiency is a feature of the best ceiling fans. The amount of air circulated by the fan on the maximum fan setting, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), is referred to as airflow efficiency. A high CFM is beneficial for moving the air and keeping insects away in open outdoor environments

A 52-inch fan’s typical CFM is roughly 4,000 CFM, although it may reach 10,000 CFM. Blade number has little bearing on a ceiling fan’s CFM; it is more of a cosmetic factor than a functional one. Consider a superb CFM choice that meets your selected design and budget when choosing a ceiling fan.

The Energy Efficiency Of The Ceiling Fan

If you usually set your thermostat at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, installing a ceiling fan may potentially allow you to raise it to 78 degrees Fahrenheit without noticing any change. This practice can result in considerable energy savings, particularly over time.

If you buy a ceiling fan/light combo that fulfills the government’s Energy Star criteria, you may save even more money on your power costs. You may save up to 40% on annual running costs by choosing an Energy Star fan/light pair over a non-rated version.

The Lighting Of The Ceiling Fan

Many ceiling fans come with built-in lighting or a light kit purchased separately. You can occasionally change ceiling fans without lights with a suitable light kit as you please. 

In terms of durability and energy efficiency, LED bulbs outperform incandescent, CFL, and halogen lights in these settings. From spherical, globe-like bulbs to vintage-style Edison bulbs, light bulbs come in various forms and styles. 

The brightness (measured in lumens) of different lighting solutions varies. For example, the greatest ceiling fans with lights will brighten an entire room with at least 800 lumens.

Take notice of the color temperature of the lights as well. Warm lights have a yellow hue, whereas cool lights have a blue tint. Rather than the harsh illumination of cold bulbs, Warm lights are preferred for an outdoor ceiling fan since they give the environment a pleasant glow.


Modern ceiling fans have a reversible airflow mechanism for extra convenience. During the summer, they circulate cool air and warm air during the winter. 

Depending on how bright the light kit is, these fans can be used as the only light source or assist existing light fixtures. Furthermore, when choosing a fan with lights, make sure you know your ceiling height, mounting choices, and the most critical function you desire.

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