7 Best Budget Scroll Saws (Bi-Directional, Foot Switch…)

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Scroll saws are an essential part of woodworking, at least for me. I love how they help you create such beautiful patterns. You get to take a piece of wood and turn it into something entirely different – such as wooden toys or board games. Isn’t that wonderful?

But when it comes to the price, most scroll saws tend to lean towards the expensive side. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any budget ones, though. Here is a list of 7 of the best budget scroll saws with a bonus guide at the end that will help you choose the right scroll saw for you!

making precise cut with scroll saw

Even though they don’t cost as much as the expensive ones, each one of these budget scroll saws have amazing features. 

Best Budget Scroll Saw for Detailed ProjectsBucktool 16 in

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1600 SPM
  • Power source: Battery
  • Blade type: Pinned and pinless
  • Weight: 38.1 lbs

This 16 inch Bucktool scroll saw comes with a large and durable work table made out of heavy steel, providing ample space for you to work on your larger projects. It also bevels up to 45 degrees to the left, making it easier for you to make angled cuts. With a powerful 1.2 Amp motor, the scroll saw offers a variable speed of 550 to 1600 SPM, allowing you to work on different types of materials. 

The scroll saw is well built and has a very convenient design, making it one of the easiest tools to use. It has a cast aluminum blade tension knob so that you can change the tension of the blade easily. This way, you get a clean and accurate cut every single time! It comes equipped with a unique blade holder design and an easy blade changing system

My favorite feature, however, has got to be the foot pedal! This allows you to operate the machine hands-free and stop and start it with a quick tap of your foot. The soft start feature gradually increases the speed of the tool rather than going full sails ahead immediately. 

The scroll saw is capable of making cuts up to 2 inches deep. It is fitted with an LED light and a dust blower to keep your workpiece clean. It even has a blade guard and a brake to help prevent any accidents. Overall, it is a great budget scroll saw for projects that require finer details. 


  • Large work table
  • Powerful
  • Variable speed
  • Durable and easy to use – even for beginners
  • Easily accessible blade tension knob
  • Unique blade holder design
  • Very easy to change blades
  • Quiet operation
  • Foot pedal
  • LED light
  • Dust blower
  • Soft start feature
  • Safety features


  • A bit heavy
  • Might need to purchase a stand for longer projects
  • Dust recovery port faces you as you work
  • The manual doesn’t provide clear instructions

My Thoughts: If you are looking for a powerful enough saw that will help you with making toys or puzzle pieces, this is the one for you! It offers more than enough value for the money and is super easy to use, too. 

Best Budget Scroll Saw for a Beginner – Bilt Hard 16 in

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1600 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinned and pinless
  • Weight: 24 lbs

Ideal for DIY projects, the Bilt Hard 16 inch scroll saw is best suited for beginners or the occasional hobbyists. The work table is spacious and made of cast iron, so it reduces vibration and your muscle fatigue. However, some users have complained that it doesn’t reduce vibration as well as it claims to be. 

The tool comes equipped with a 1.2 Amp motor with a load speed of 550 to 1600 SPM. This helps you work on projects of any type. The company boasts that this tool is capable of cutting wood, plastic, and even thin metal!

The best part about this scroll is that it is capable of cutting in two directions – standard and 90 degrees, giving you more ripping capacity. Its 16 inch throat depth is enough to handle any home woodworking projects and can make cuts up to 2 inches in depth. 

I love how this scroll saw is designed. It comes with 3 screw holes on the base which you can attach to your workbench for easier operation. The dust bag and dust blower help keep your workplace clean by blowing away all the debris. You can even connect the dust port to a hose if you want to spend less time cleaning afterwards. 


  • Spacious work table
  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed
  • Can cut in two directions
  • Can be attached to your workbench
  • Dust bag and dust blower
  • Brake
  • Relatively quiet


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Complaints of blade wandering away from the cut line.

My Thoughts: This is a great saw for beginners who are just learning the ropes. If you want a scroll saw for heavy-duty work, this one is definitely not it. But it’s great for occasional work and gets the job done. 

Best Bi-Directional Budget Scroll SawWEN 3921

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1600 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinned and pinless 
  • Weight: 25.5 lbs

If you want a budget scroll saw that can accept blades in two directions (standard and 90 degrees), then the WEN 3921 is your best bet! This feature gives you infinite ripping capacity, allowing you to make cuts in TWO directions that are 2 inches deep.

The cast iron worktable is pretty spacious and reduces vibrations. It also bevels up to 45 degrees on the left for you to make angled cuts. However, you need to clamp the tool down to a steady surface, otherwise it vibrates quite heavily. 

The speed of this scroll saw can be adjusted from 550 to 1600 SPM with just a simple turn of the knob. The hold-down foot clamp helps you secure your workpiece in place and the flexible LED work light can illuminate workpieces of any size. 

Apart from these, the WEN 3921 has several features that make it very user-friendly. It has a thumb screw blade adaptor for tool free blade changes and an onboard blade storage to help you store your blade safely. The adjustable air pump and a dust port clears away debris and keeps your workpiece clean. But there have been complaints about the air bellows being too short, so you may have to end up cleaning some dust manually after all.


  • Variable speed settings
  • Spacious work table
  • Accepts blades in two directions giving infinite ripping capacity
  • Capable of handling larger workpieces
  • Flexible LED work light
  • Hold-down foot clamp
  • Adjustable air pump and dust port
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Onboard blade storage
  • 2 year warranty


  • Need to clamp it down onto a steady surface to reduce vibrations
  • Air pump bellows are a little short
  • The storage box needs to be emptied if you want to access some critical parts of the saw

My Thoughts: An affordable scroll saw that can accept blades in two directions? Yes, please! This scroll saw is definitely worth the money and more. 

Best Budget Scroll Saw Under $200Ryobi Corded #SC165VS

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1600 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinless and pinned
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs

Ryobi has a great name when it comes to power tools and this scroll saw is no different. With a 16 inch throat length and a 1.2 Amp motor, it is powerful enough to take care of all your DIY woodworking needs. You can adjust the speed settings easily from 550 to 1600 SPM with the help of the electronic variable speed knob.

The base is made out of cast iron and reduces vibrations. This way, you get to make accurate and intricate cuts with minimal muscle fatigue. It also tilts from 0 to 45 degrees in case you need to make angled cuts. It is easy to use and will work well for beginners. To drive this point home, it has a keyless blade change feature. You do have to tilt the table to access the bottom blade holder, though. 

Ryobi is dedicated to helping you work as peacefully as possible, which is why this machine is fitted with an integrated dust blower as well as a dust port to clear the debris away and keep your workplace clean. It is very portable, so you won’t have any problem moving it here and there. 

The downside is that several users have complained about the blade holder being unstable. Moreover, separate parts are very hard to find, so I would recommend this scroll saw for light-duty projects only. The tool does tend to walk when in use, so it is best to clamp it down on a steady workbench. 


  • Variable speed settings
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Dust blower and dust port
  • Keyless blade change feature
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • 3 year warranty


  • Blade housing is unstable and vibrates at lower speeds
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects.
  • Separate parts are hard to find
  • It tends to walk unless clamped to a workbench

My Thoughts: This is a good scroll saw for under $200 and works well. However, I would recommend this only for light-duty projects. 

Best Rated Budget Scroll SawRockwell RK7315

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1700 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinned and pinless
  • Weight: 25.6 lbs

With a 4.5 star rating out of 5, this scroll saw is the best rated out there. And it’s affordable. Sounds like a win-win to me. But these are not the only great things about this scroll saw. With a 1.2 Amp motor and variable speed between 500 to 1700 SPM, this device offers a good amount of power for your woodworking needs. It comes fitted with two tungsten carbide blades which are pretty durable and can make cuts up to 2.5 inches in depth – more than most of the other budget scroll saws out there. 

The base is made out of die-cast aluminum and bevels up to 45 degrees for increased precision and accuracy. The blade guard protects your hands from the blade and the onboard blade storage makes sure that your blade won’t get lost or damaged. The built-in blower and a dust collection port keeps your work area clean, making this tool reliable as well as easy to use. 

That being said, this tool tends to vibrate a lot, so it is best if you clamp it down tightly to any surface. The manual doesn’t give clear instructions, so be prepared to watch some youTube videos to learn how to use this tool properly.


  • Perfect for homeowners and DIY woodworkers
  • Variable speed settings
  • Not very heavy
  • Tungsten carbide blades
  • Can make cuts that are 2.5 inches deep
  • Blade guard and onboard blade storage
  • Built-in blower and dust collection port
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • The manual doesn’t provide clear instructions
  • Using pinless blades with an adaptor is a hassle 
  • Changing pinless blades is a bit difficult
  • Vibrates a lot unless you clamp it down

My Thoughts: I quite like this tool because it is not too heavy and offers enough power for light-duty tasks. 

Best Budget Scroll Saw With a Foot SwitchShop Fox W1872

  • Throat length: 16 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 1650 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinned and pinless
  • Weight: 29 lbs

I can tell you right off the bat that the foot pedal is one of the best features of this scroll saw. It makes for a very convenient hands-free operation. Yes, you can buy standalone foot pedals for other scroll saws as well. But that would entail spending extra money, which kind of defeats the whole point of a scroll saw on a budget. 

Other than the foot pedal, it has several features that make it an attractive choice. For starters, it offers a ⅛ HP motor with variable speed ranging from 550 to 1660 SPM making it pretty powerful. The best part is that you can adjust the speed easily with the help of the speed dial. It has a maximum cutting thickness of 2.25 inches, which is more than what most other scroll saws offer. This also means you can work with a lot of materials – even metal (with the right blades). The cast-aluminum table is quite sturdy and can tilt from -5 to +45 degrees! The downside is this means there is no 0 degree stop for the table, which can make things difficult sometimes.

The dust port keeps your line of cut as well as your shop free from debris. Simply attach your shop vacuum to the dust port and you’re done! The hold-down shoe keeps your workpiece from moving. Your cutting just got a whole lot easier. It has a blade guard as well which protects your hand from any flying debris. 

Another thing I really like about this scroll saw is its rotary tool attachment which allows you to use rotary tools without buying a separate device. The device is also not too heavy and comes with a gooseneck LED light. But it does tend to bounce around a lot, so make sure to clamp it to a steady surface.


  • Powerful
  • Comes with a foot pedal
  • Great cutting capacity
  • Spacious cast iron table that tilts from -5 to +45 degrees
  • Gooseneck LED work light
  • Dust blower and a dust port
  • Dust port can be attached to a shop vacuum
  • Hold-down shoe
  • Blade guard
  • Rotary tool attachment


  • Too much force on the blade tends to bog down the motor
  • Bounces around a lot
  • No 0 degree stop for the table.

My Thoughts: If you need a scroll saw that comes with a foot pedal as well as several easy-to-use features for a budget price, this is a great choice. It can even cut through metal with the attachment of special blades!

Best Compact Budget Scroll SawDremel Moto Saw (MS20-1/5)

  • Throat length: 10 inches
  • Maximum strokes-per-minute: 2250 SPM
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Blade type: Pinned
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

The Dremel Moto Saw is a scroll saw, but with some extra functions, meaning it can either be used as a traditional scroll saw or a handheld coping saw. It has a quick clamp base that can be attached to your workbench turning it into a scroll saw. To use it as a handheld coping saw, simply detach the tool and start using it! With a weight of just 2.5 lbs, it is one of THE most compact and lightweight scroll saws I have ever come across. 

Apart from its versatility and compactness, this scroll saw offers a maximum variable speed of 2250 SPM! That’s pretty fast and makes it easy for you to work on a wide variety of materials – be it wood, plastics, or laminates. You can even use it to cut metal. All you have to do is attach the set of blades that are sold specifically for cutting metal. 

This device is very easy to use and operates quietly – making it perfect to be used at home and for beginners. However, if you need a scroll saw for heavy-duty projects, I’m afraid this won’t quite make the cut. The auto-tensioning feature always keeps the blade taut and ready to cut. This also means you don’t need any tools to change the blade. 

The parallel guide attachment ensures your cuts are precise and straight. The base has a built-in dust collection port which helps you keep your workplace clean. Unlike the other budget scroll saws on this list, though, this one uses only pinned blades. 


  • Dual function- can be used as a traditional scroll saw or a handheld coping saw
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Variable speed settings
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto-tensioning feature
  • Can even be used to cut metal
  • Dust collection port
  • Pinned blades
  • Low vibration
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Cannot cut hardwoods
  • Only uses pinned blades
  • Blades tend to break sometimes if you don’t hold your workpiece steady

My Thoughts: This is, by far, my most favorite scroll saw on a budget. For the very affordable price tag, this device sure packs in a lot of features! I love that you can use it to work even in very small spaces. I definitely recommend this for DIY woodworking!

We are done with all 7 of the best budget scroll saws! Now it is time for a little scroll saw guide. Are you ready?

working on the project with scroll saw

How To Choose The Best Budget Scroll Saw? 

The first step to choosing the best budget scroll saw is the price, of course! As I mentioned before, many scroll saws tend to be on the expensive side with some of them priced in the thousands! When you are on a budget, I always recommend looking for ones that are $200 or less. But make sure to never compromise on quality!

Here are some of the other things you should keep in mind when choosing the best scroll saw for you:

Throat Length

The throat length is measured as the distance from the saw blade to the back frame of the saw and determines how deep you can cut without rotating your material to the other side. 

You might have noticed that all the scroll saws in this list have a throat length of 16 inches. That is because a scroll saw with a throat length of 16 to 18 inches is more than enough for all DIY woodworking projects. For professional use, you can look for ones that have a throat length of more than 20 inches. 

Blade Type

Scroll saws use one of two types of blades: pinned or pinless. However, most scroll saws these days have the capacity to use both! All the scroll saws in the list except for the Dremel accept both types of blades, giving you more control over the blade choice. The most common blade length is 5 inches, so if you need to replace blades, you can easily do so. 

  • Pinless blades (also known as plain-end blades) are very thin and are held together by clamps. If you want to make really fine cuts, pinless blades are the way to go! But the downside is that you need a tool to change these types of blades.
  • Pinned blades (also known as pin-end blades) are thicker than pinless blades and are held in place by a tiny pin at each side. Because of their thickness, they cannot make cuts that are as intricate as pinless blades, but they are easier to change and also cut down on vibrations more. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to your needs. Choosing a scroll saw that accepts both types of blades is a safe bet, though. 

There are also special blades designed to cut special materials – such as metal. All you need to do is look for a metal-cutting blade and attach it to your scroll saw!


The speed of a scroll saw is measured in strokes-per-minute (SPM). I always recommend choosing a scroll saw that has a variable speed because different materials need different speeds. Therefore, a variable speed scroll allows you to work with a wide variety of materials. The most common speed range found in scroll saws is between 500 to 1700/ 1800 SPM.

Other Features

  • Vibration. Obviously you don’t want your workpiece to keep moving as you work, which is why it is best to look for a scroll saw that reduces vibrations. 
  • Dust blower and collector. A side-effect of woodworking is all the dust it creates. This can accumulate on your workpiece and obscure your line of sight, which is why I recommend a tool that comes with a dust blower fitted. 
  • Weight. Scroll saws come in all types of heaviness. The right choice for you depends on your needs. Are you going to be moving it around a lot? Then a lightweight scroll saw might be best for you. If you are just going to clamp it to a workbench, then you don’t need to worry as much about weight. 
  • Tilt. If you are planning to make a lot of angled cuts, look at how far the table tilts and whether it tilts in both directions or only one. The standard tilt, however, ranges from 0 to 45 degrees.

Aaaaand that’s it for now! I hope this article was informative and useful. One more piece of advice I would like to give is to invest in a foot pedal – or better yet, look for one that comes with a foot pedal. Trust me, this will make your work so much easier. Happy woodworking!

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