The 10 Best Benchtop Sanders In 2022 (Review)

Are you looking for a woodworking tool that can sand down large timber surfaces—way better than what a hand-held sander can deliver?

If your answer is yes, it means you need to consider getting the best benchtop sander—which comes with a power source and heavy-duty base for stability.

These benchtop sanders may not be portable, but they can handle a wide array of wooden materials.

However, finding the best quality sanders could be biting the bullet.

So, I’ve taken the time to run in-depth research on the top-tier benchtop sander options.

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

Quick Overview

You can quickly check the following benchtop sanders listed here with their unique features if you want to avoid the long read.

My Recommendations

I ran a couple of tests and carried out in-depth research to find the best benchtop sanders. Finally, I came up with ten options that ticked the boxes for performance, durability, portability, and affordability.

So, I’ve made things easier for you—by ensuring this article is apt and straight to the point—by providing a brief description of each product.

I suggest you read the entire article and don’t miss anything out if you want to make a more informed decision regarding choosing the perfect benchtop sander for your needs.

Here are my top 10 Benchtop sander picks:

1. Best Professional Grade Finish Benchtop Sander – Allwin Benchtop Mini Disk/Belt Sander

The Allwin Benchtop Mini Disk/Belt Sander is an excellent option for new professional woodworkers. It’s worth considering if you’re looking for a beautifully designed, rugged tool that has a solid build. 

We named it our best professional-grade benchtop sander because it has features of heavy-duty professional woodworking machinery. Plus, it saves you hours of hand sanding.

Here’s why I think this model is a winner in its category:

  • The tool has one round aluminum table (about 5-3/4 inches) that can tilt up to 60 degrees for bevel sanding.
  • It’s easy to change belts and keep them on the rollers with its belt tracking and tension adjustment features
  • You can attach standard vacuum cleaner hoses to the outlets of its heavy-duty metal frame
  • The tool uses a long removable sanding belt (1-inch wide x 30 inches long) to add finishing touches to curved or intricate work
  • The base of the device has rubber feet that make it run smoother and silent during operation
  • It comes with a top pulley that allows you to sand inside curves

What’s Included?

  • (1)  Allwin Benchtop Mini Disk/Belt Sander

My Favorite Feature: “Curved or Intricate Sanding”

  • Its sanding belt can sand curved or intricate surfaces

With this tool, you can sand your curves or intricate boards without damaging or altering the shape.

2. Best Economical Edge/Curve Benchtop Sander – Shop Fox W1831

If you’re looking to sand your curves and edges effectively, then this tool is for you.

The Shop fox W1831 helps to make edges/curves smooth after using a bandsaw or scrollsaw on your workpiece.

As a result, we chose it as the best economical edge/curve benchtop sander.

Here’s why I think this product is the best in its class:

  • The W1831 has a permanent 1/2 horsepower 120-volt powerful magnet motor. Plus, it’s CSA certified and has a single phase
  • In-built 1-1/2  inch dust port that connects to a dust collector to prevent a messy workshop
  • It comes with a table size that’s a curved 15 L x 11-1/2 inch W
  • The tool does 58 oscillations per minute which ensures that you sand all curves evenly
  • It has six sanding sleeve diameters that can handle almost any sanding task

What’s Included?

  • (1) Shop Fox W1831

My Favorite Feature: “Locking Power Switch”

  • You can use the on/off switch with a disabling key

This feature is my favorite because it’s a great way to prevent unauthorized people from using the tool. In other words, without the detachable key, you can’t operate or turn off the device.

3. Best Portable Benchtop Sander – POWERTEC BD4600

The POWERTEC BD4600 combines belt and disc sanding techniques that help to deliver multi-functional sanding while maximizing your workspace.

It’s packed with tons of features that make your woodworking easy and professional. Plus, it is a sturdy and stable piece of machinery. 

Here’s why I think the POWERTEC BD4600 is the best in this category:

  • You can get a long-lasting quality performance with the tool’s powerful but quiet 4.3 amp induction motor that gives 3600 RPM for the disc speed and 1900 FPM for the belt
  • It has a combination of a heavy-duty sanding belt (4” by 36”)  and a disc sander (6”)
  • The tool has an aluminum table ( 6-1/2  by 8-3/4 inches) that gives excellent support as users work
  • It comes with a precision tracking system and a safety key switch
  • This combo tool has a dust port (2-1/4 inches) that keeps your workspace tidy
  • You can easily transit between grits and the quick release changing belt feature
  • Its quiet operation increases productivity and enhances focus

What’s Included?

  • One belt disc sander

My Favorite Feature: “Precision Angled Sanding”

  • The aluminum work table tilts up to 45 degrees giving a more precise angle sanding

You can create angles with the miter gauge that tilts the table from 0 to 45 degrees. With this,  you can sand and square your angles with precision and accuracy.

4. Best Portable Benchtop Sander – WEN 6510T

If you’re looking for a benchtop sander for your small projects, then you’ll love this product. The WEN 6510T benchtop sander is an excellent alternative for manual sanders.

That’s why we rated it as the best small project benchtop sander.

If you like to explore other WEN products, there’s the option to purchase the WEN AT6535 large beveling table.

Here’s why we think this product is the best in this category:

  • The tool comes with a powerful 3.5 amp motor that delivers 1/2  HP, 58 orbits per minute, and 2000 RPM
  • It has an in-built storage system for your extra and essential accessories 
  • You can attach any dust collector you choose to the dust collection port
  • You’ll get a 2-year warranty after purchasing the tool

What’s Included?

  • 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle sander
  • (6) sanding sleeve attachments
  • (5) rubber drums for a full range of curves

My Favorite Feature: “Ultimate Versatility”

  • This tool features six sanding sleeves of different sizes (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, and 3 inches) and five distinct rubber drums for maximum compatibility with any workpiece size

I love this feature because the WEN 6510T can handle any size of workpiece you throw at it. Whatever the shape is, the tool has a drum perfect for the job.

5. Best Beginner-Friendly Benchtop Sander – RIKON Power Tools 50-15

The RIKON power tool is a light-duty piece of machinery that’s great for small craft projects.

The best part is:

The tool is excellent for beginners in the woodworking industry that deal with small craft jobs.

Here’s why we think the tool is the best in its class:

  • Adjustable belt table that tilts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees
  • Has two installed dust ports for a cleaner workspace
  • Rikon 50-151 comes with a safety on/off switch and belt tracking knob
  • The machine has a small, efficient motor that drives the belt and disc

What’s Included?

  • Base tool

My Favorite Feature: “ Light-duty Machine”

  • The tool comes with a design that increases your efficiency on small craft projects

You can work quickly on projects like jewelry, home decorations, toys, repair work, doll furniture, and other first-time woodworking projects with this feature.

6. Best Heavy-Duty Benchtop Sander – JET J-41002

When it comes to heavy-duty benchtop sanders, none comes close to the JET J-41002.

The tool outshines other machines in its class. No doubt, there are other fantastic heavy-duty tools, but the offer of the JET J-41002 was hard to pass.

 Here’s why I feel the machine outshines the other tools in its class:

  • It has a deluxe miter gauge that turns and locks the worktable in different standard angles
  • The machine has three uses built into one. Also, you can use the abrasive belt as a coping saw, jigsaw, or hand file when finishing or removing materials from your workpiece
  • You can also sand, grind, and finish outside curves and workpieces with odd shapes
  • The base has steel and rubber feet. Also, it has a cast-iron structure

What’s Included?

  • (1)  JET J-41002 sanding tool

My Favorite Feature: “Easy Adjustments”

  • Users can easily adjust the tool’s tilt table to handle challenging and odd jobs

With this feature, you can tackle small openings and handle workpieces with odd angles. Plus, it lets you shape without breaking a sweat.

7. Best Budget Benchtop Sander – WEN 6515

The WEN 6515 has excellent performance with an affordable price tag. Asides from being a bestseller on Amazon, the benchtop sander is budget-friendly.

But, if you want a more affordable price, check out the 2019 model WEN 6515T.

Here’s why I ranked this tool as the best budget benchtop sander on the market:

  • The tool offers 2-in-1 services, which include a sanding belt (30 inches) and a disc (5-inch)
  • Good motor (2.3 amp) gives  a speed of 3450 RPM for the disc and 3160 FPM for the belt
  • Its sturdy base keeps the machine stable when working
  • It comes with two separate dust ports for a tidy workspace

What’s Included?

  • (1) belt disc sander
  • (1)  miter gauge
  • (1)  100-grit sanding belt
  • (1)  80 grit sanding disc

My Favorite Feature: “ Beveling Tables”

  • It lets you adjust the table up to 45 degrees to add an angle to your work

When you adjust the disc and the belt tables to any degree between 0 -45, it helps you to sand tricky angled workpieces.

8. Best Multi-Position Benchtop Sander – RYOBI BD4601G

The RYOBI BD4601G is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a durable and sturdy tool that can conveniently handle home projects.

Also, this model comes with superior dimensions that offer you an additional structure system.

Here why I think this tool is the best multi-position benchtop sander on the market:

  • Features a combination of belt and disc sanding
  • Its induction motor offers up to 120 volts of power to ensure a smooth, quiet, and efficient operation
  • The iron-cast base keeps the machine steady when you apply the amount of pressure you need for consistent results and offers fewer vibrations
  • In-built dust collector ensures you have a clean work environment
  • You can use the miter gauge on the 0 to 45 degrees tilting table

What’s Included?

  • The product includes all necessary accessories and tools

My Favorite Feature: “Adjustable Sanding Bed”

  • You can position the sanding bed vertically or horizontally

This multi-position work table allows you to sand vertically or horizontally (0 to 90 degrees) with the belt sander while providing 0 to 45-degree support when disk sanding.

9. Best Value Benchtop Sander – Rockwell Belt/Disc Combo Sander

The Rockwell combo sander is a tool you can rely on for sanding long and wide boards. Plus, it can accommodate almost any project thanks to its spacious belt platform.

In short, the belt/disc combo offers incredible performance at an affordable price, giving you the best value for your money.

Here’s why I think the Rockwell belt/disc combo sander is the best value benchtop sander on the market:

  • Offers horizontal and vertical sanding to work on any project
  • It also has a beveled sanding table that you can adjust from 0 to 45 degrees for the smoothing of beveled edges and curves
  • You can change the sandpaper grit for different jobs with ease using the quick-release tension lever
  • Features a safety switch that prevents unauthorized usage

What’s Included?

  • (1) Rockwell Belt/disc combo sander
  • (1) Hex key
  • (1) Miter gauge
  • (1) Sanding disc
  • (1) Sanding belt

My Favorite Feature: “Heavy Duty Induction Motor”

  • You can work on all your woodworking projects with the powerful 4.3 amp induction motor

The motor provides a lot of power for you to sand down all your woodworking projects. You can also create arcs, contours, curves, and other shapes with this tool. Plus, it is hassle-free and offers seamless and dependable performance.

10. Runner-Up Benchtop Sander – SKIL 3376-01

The SKIL 3376-01 comes close to the best value Rockwell belt/disc combo sander.

This model is a good option if you’re not a Rockwell fan. That said, SKIL is a sturdy, heavy-duty, and durable benchtop sander that has plenty of power for your woodworking projects.

Here’s why I think SKIL 3376-01 is the best in its category:

  • It has a two-in-one sanding station that allows you to work on different lengths and angles
  • You can sand at 45 to 90 degrees with the beveling table
  • The tool allows you to sand at vertical or horizontal angles (0-90 degrees) with the belt angle adjustment feature
  • The base has pre-drilled holes for you to mount the tool on a tabletop easily
  • Dust port accepts the typical vacuum hoses and reduces the level of dust in your work environment

What’s Included?

  • (1) belt disc sander
  • (1)  6-inch Abrasive disc
  • (1)  4 x 36 Inch Abrasive belt
  • (1)  Miter gauge
  • Adjustment wrenches

My Favorite Feature: “Tension Spring Adjustment”

  • Features a tension spring adjustment for secure belt tracking

This feature stands out for me because it ensures that your belt tracking stays secure. Also, it prevents accidents and damages to the belt.

Final Words

Your quest to find the best benchtop sander for your sanding needs has just gotten easier, thanks to this buying guide.

However, I’d love to hear from you—first hand.

I chose Rockwell Belt/Disc Combo Sander as the best value benchtop sander because of its sturdiness and affordable price. 

SKIL 3376-01 came out as my runner-up, thanks to its two-in-one sanding station and heavy-duty performance.

So, tell me;

What do you think about the 10 benchtop sander options listed here? Which of them do you fancy the most? Are there others you’re rooting for—which aren’t here?

Feel free to air your thoughts in the comments section!

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