The 7 Best Axes of [2022] | Buying Guide and Honest Reviews

Axes come in handy when camping, hiking, hunting, felling trees, and splitting firewood.

But to find the best axe, you must carefully consider why you need one. For example, are you a DIYer looking to split wood for winter? Or are you a sports fan who enjoys throwing axes?

Do you need an axe for your camping trip? Or are you an experienced lumberjack who chops trees down?

Once you identify your need, this guide will help you find that axe you seek.

Quick Overview

Here is a quick overview of the best chopping, splitting, camping, and multi-purpose axes:

My Recommendations

This guide includes the best axes tried and tested by beginners, DIYers, and professionals. As a result, they have earned positive reviews and ratings from different consumers.

I also based my selection on the features, price, and quality of the axe. Finally, I will explain in detail why each product is the best in its class.

Let’s get started…

Best Overall Axe – Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Since 1649, Fiskars has worked to produce high-quality axes, and the Fiskars X27 is no exception. Not only is the axe efficient, but powerful too.

The remarkable blade design and coated axe head make the axe durable. Besides, its plastic handle maximizes comfort and precision.

It can split both small and large pieces of wood. This all-rounder axe is perfect for DIYers and professional loggers.

I believe the following reasons make Fiskars X27 axe stand out as the best:

  • The textured grip allows maximum precision.
  • The fiberglass handle transfers the weight to the head of the ax.
  • The ax’s blade is a result of hardened forged steel.
  • The blade features ultra-sharp edges for better contact and clean cuts.
  • Weight is evenly distributed when swinging the ax, thus increasing power and swinging speed.
  • The durable Fiber-Comp handle is lightweight and shock-absorbing to limit overstrike damage.
  • The low-friction coating on the blade reduces binding, pinching, and sticking. It also prevents the blade from getting blunt.
  • The insert-molded heads deliver unmatched durability and safety.
  • The 36″ length makes it ideal for splitting medium and large logs.
  • Great for tall users over 5.9″.
  • You no longer need a maul or wedge.
  • The non-slip grip on the long handle offers maximum leverage while reducing hand strain.
  • It is dust resistant.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

What’s Included?

  • Locking Sheath

My Favorite Feature: “PermaHead Design”

  • The PermaHead design is the integration of the ax head in the handle.

The X27’s head is insert-molded to the handle to prevent the head from flying off. This feature makes the axe safe and durable.

Best Runner-Up Axe – Estwing Camper’s Axe

The Estwing camper’s axe is a versatile model that delivers balance and temper at an affordable price. It is ideal for hunting, camping, and farm use.

You can use it to make kindling, notch timber, and split firewood. If you are worried about its durability, the axe is made and forged from the finest American steel.

Here are the reasons I recommend Estwing camper’s axe as the best runner-up axe:

  • The handle is lacquered and sanded to provide a good grip and comfort.
  • The double-tempered head makes the axe stronger.
  • The one-piece, forged steel eliminates the likelihood of a loosehead.
  • The bonded cushion grips on the handle make it comfortable and durable.
  • It features hand-polished head, neck, and blades.
  • It has a 4″ cutting edge for easier chopping and deep cuts.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s easy to sharpen the edges.
  • Durable thanks to the drop forged and tempered feature.

What’s Included?

  • Nylon Sheath

My Favorite Feature: “Patented Shock Reduction Grip”

  • The Estwing camper’s axe can reduce up to 70% shock and vibration, unlike other axes.

The patented perfection feature improves the user’s experience when felling or splitting logs. This makes it an exceptional outdoor axe.

Best Double-Bit Axe – 1844 Helko Werk Double Axe

For years, Hello Werk has been recognized for its excellent forestry tools. Their products are forged with passion, crafted with expertise, and polished with pride.

The 1844 Hello Werk double axe is one capable and powerful tool. The two edges can split and cut logs.

This masterpiece has a pristine look that reminds you of the traditional axes. However, it still retains its versatility and performance.

I recommend the 1844 Hello Werk as the best double bit axe because of the following reasons:

  • The high-reflective finish on the head reduces friction while improving dust resistance.
  • You can use each side of the blades differently.
  • Easy to carry around since it weighs 5 lbs.
  • The HRC score of the axe head is 53-56.
  • The carbon steel head is forged by experienced smiths who ensure the steel is neither too soft nor hard.
  • The forged steel heads are then cooled and reheated to achieve the perfect degree of hardness.
  • The leather sheath protects the blade.

What’s Included?

  • Standard leather sheath
  • Axe-guard solution

My Favorite Feature: “Hickory Wood Handle”

  • The hickory wood handle is smooth and comfortable to hold.

The wood is air-dried for nine months to reduce the moisture content. This coarse-textured wood is receptive to oils.

The hickory wood is polished with linseed oil to reduce the likelihood of blisters.

Best Professional Axe – Husqvarna S1600

Are you in need of a versatile and lightweight splitting ax? Get the Husqvarna S1600. The model is perfect for splitting logs and wood.

Whether you use a single hand or two hands, the axe will accomplish your demands.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe the Husqvarna S1600 is the best in its category:

  • It has solid grain alignment.
  • It features ergonomic composite handles for comfort and shock absorption.
  • Easy and fast splits due to the combined light shaft and optimized axe head.
  • The axe has perfect balance and optimized weight distribution.
  • Powerful axe due to fiber-reinforced PA shafts.
  • The blade is drop-forged.
  • You can use the backside of the ax as a hammer.
  • The non-stick coating on the head reduces friction when splitting and protects against corrosion.
  • Head geometry makes it great for medium logs.
  • The soft grip secures handling and prevents slipping.

What’s Included?

  • Leather sheath

My Favorite Feature: “Hooked End”

  • The hooked end guarantees comfort when splitting wood. It allows your hand to slide down safely and stop comfortably.

This feature protects your hands whether you have safety gloves or not.

Best Value Axe – Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

Although the Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe comes at a premium price, it does not disappoint. It is superior when it comes to limbing, bucking, splitting, and felling trees.

Did you know that Lars Falt, a survival expert, played a significant role in developing this ax? So it is no wonder that it is efficient in camping, bush crafting, and survival axe.

What’s more, it is lightweight and perfect for extensive forest projects. Backed with a 20-year warranty, you need not worry about its durability.

I recommend Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe as the best value axe based on these features:

  • A collar guard protects the handle and you from overstriking.
  • The hickory wood handle makes it sturdy.
  • Great for new operators seeking to perfect their chopping and sharpening skills.
  • Weighing just 1 lb., the axe is lightweight and portable.
  • The sharp blade facilitates clean cuts.
  • The metal collar offsets impact from the handle.
  • It can also serve as a large knife.
  • It is hand-forged to retain excellent quality.
  • The available leather sheath protects the edges.
  • It has annealed and tempered blades for accurate toughness.

What’s Included?

  • Leather sheath
  • Axe book

My Favorite Feature: “Long Handle”

  • Despite its lightweight design, the long handle feature enables the axe to fell trees.

The presence of narrow and tight growth rings on the hickory, long handle makes the axe strong.

Best Budget Axe – Iunio Survival Axe

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Well, the Iunio survival axe should be part of your gear. It is a versatile and multi-functional tool.

Boy scouts, campers, hunters, survivalists, and hikers recommend the axe for its practicability and functionality. Thanks to its lightweight design, the axe fits perfectly in a backpack.

Here are reasons why I think the Iunio Survival Axe is the best in the category:

  • Features a compass for navigation
  • The whistle is useful during an emergency to call for help.
  • Fisher scaler tool works best in scraping fish scales.
  • It has adjustable lengths.
  • The safety hammer is a lifesaver.
  • It features smooth and fast assembling and disassembling.
  • You can use tube sections for carrying fishing gear, a medical kit, or survival gear.
  • Camo wrap improves the grip and cushioning while enhancing visibility.
  • It is durable.
  • It features a safety-integrated ax head.

What’s Included?

  • Sheath
  • Magnesium fire starter
  • Hand rope
  • Fish scaler tool
  • Extension bar
  • Safety hammer
  • Compass
  • Whistle

My Favorite Feature: “Survival Multi-Tool”

  • There is nothing you cannot do with this survival multi-tool, from breaking windows, and starting fires, to splitting logs and making shelters.

Besides, you can use it for wilderness navigation, engraving, and skinning game.

Best Premium Axe – SOG Tactical Tomahawk

The SOG tactical tomahawk wins in this category as it has been built to last for generations. In addition, the axe can be used for bush crafts and camping.

Moreover, its slim and lightweight design makes it a great substitute for a hatchet.

Here are the features that convinced me that the SOG Tactical Tomahawk is the best in its category:

  • It swings fast when thrown.
  • It includes a 420 stainless blade steel with a 2.75″ straight edge.
  • The knife is lightweight but powerful with a 24-ounce weight.
  • It is versatile as it can serve as a survival tool or fire rescue axe.
  • The nylon sheath secures the razor-sharp axe.
  • You can use the flat edge on the head can be used for hammering.
  • The spike edge is ideal for piercing, cutting wire, and prying boards.
  • The glass-reinforced nylon handle makes it easy to hold.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • It has an inbuilt fire starter in the shaft.
  • SOG considers repairing and replacing well-maintained tomahawks.

What’s Included?

  • Nylon sheath
  • Belt clip

My Favorite Feature: “Stainless Steel Construction”

  • The stainless-steel construction makes the tomahawk strong and durable.

Besides, this construction makes the ax corrosion and rust-resistant.

Military personnel prefers the SOG tomahawk to breach windows, doors, cutting cables and excavation.


With the above comprehensive guide, finding the best axe for your needs should not be daunting.

Whether you are an adventurer, lumberjack, camper, or DIYer, there is a perfect axe for you.

I believe the Fiskars X27 is the best overall axe. This multi-purpose axe is powerful, efficient, sturdy, and durable.

I hope this guide helps you find the best axe. Best of luck!

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