The Best 10-inch & 12-inch Miter Saws in 2022 (Compound/Sliding)

If you consider yourself as a nifty woodworker, whether it’s for your own hobby or for professional purposes, there’s quite a high chance that you’d need a miter saw to get the job done.

If you have to leave us here and aren’t able to read through the entire article, I’ve listed the best 10-inch and 12-inch miter saws right here:

Perfect for making cross cuts, bevel cuts and of course, miter cuts – miter saw should be a staple within your inventory, and the good thing is – it doesn’t require a great deal of learning, which is good news if you’re just starting out.

There are many different sized miter saws available to purchase, and we’ll be looking at the best 10” and 12” miter saws, and why they’re good for tackling the jobs you need to finish.

my recommendation - the best 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws

To make this list easier for you, I’ve explained briefly the differences in both the 10” and 12 “ miter saw, and have narrowed the models available into three of each kind.

I’m looking to give you as much information as possible, and have done so with the best features and specifications of each model, as well as a favorite feature of each. Let me know what you think of these in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

Best 10-inch Miter Saw – Hitachi C10FCH2 10” Miter Saw

If you’re a hobbyist, or a professional contractor, Hitachi covers all the bases with the C10FCH2 model.

A lightweight 10” miter saw weighing in at 26.5 lbs, this green machine offers a powerful cut with its 15 amp motor, which I’ve chosen as my favorite feature below. As well as a powerful motor that can take on most woods thrown under it, an ergonomic and comfortable handle minimizes vibration for a smoother cut.

This model also features a Laser Marker System, which is exclusive to Hitachi. This aims to increase cut accuracy, and with the powerful motor – is a very welcome addition. 

The features and specs aren’t limited to the laser marking system and motor, as you can see in the list below of some of the additions you’ll find on the C10FCH2 model.

  • 1950V max output and 1520W max input,15 amp motor 
  • Left and right 0-52° miter angle range,
  • Flip fence pivots up to 4” vertically, perfect for crown molding
  • Adjustable bevel stops with a left bevel angle range of 0-45° 
  • Thumb actuated positive stops for quick miter adjustments

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Hitachi C10FCH2 miter saw
  • 1 x10″ 24T TCT saw blade
  • 1 x Pivoting flip fence
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Vise assembly
  • 1 x 10mm box wrench
  • 1 x 4mm hex bar wrench
  • 1 x Material support extension

My Favorite Feature: No Load 15 Amp Motor

  • A 5,000 RPM no load speed motor is perfect for any type of cuts you’re looking to make, regardless of how you use it

The no load motor faces some stiff competition for my favorite feature thanks to the amount of use aspects found on this model, yet it’s not too difficult to see why I’ve chosen this instead. Featuring a maximum attainable speed of 5000 RPM, this miter saw can cut through almost any woods you’re looking to use, giving it an added tick for pure versatility.

The no-load feature ensures a smooth and seamless start up, and this also eliminated any jerk from occuring when held – controlling the power without impacting the quality of your cut.

Best Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw – Makita LS1016L 10” Miter Saw

There’s one thing you can be assured of with the Makita brand – the durability of their products without reducing power or convenience. The LS1016L is a blend of this, and another great addition to Makita’s growing power tool catalogue.

This is another miter saw model that is built with all experience levels in mind, however if you’re already working in a professional setting, you’d find this tailored well for your needs.

Visibility and accuracy are two terms that sum up this model up, and I’ve explained why with the features and specifications noted below.

  • 3200 RPM, 15 amp motor with no load motor
  • Increased vertical cutting capacity with the retractable guard system 
  • Promotes visibility and accuracy with cuts, thanks to  the dual front bevel scales
  • See through guard system, allowing you to see your line of cut and blade
  • Laser guidance system is another addition to an already precise saw

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Makita LS1016L miter saw
  • 1 x 10″ 40T miter saw blade 
  • 1 x Triangle rule for miter saws 
  • 1 x Vertical vise 
  • 1 x Dust bag 
  • 1 x Extension wing 
  • 1 x Box wrench

My Favorite Feature: Four-Steel Rail Sliding System

  • Make smooth cuts on the sliding platform that also gives you additional room to work with

This feature is a very welcome addition to a miter saw – especially one that sits within the 10” class. This feature gives you the ability to make more cuts with this miter saw, with a 4-2/4” capacity on the sliding fence system.

These four rails can be adjusted to the wood you’re working with – making accurate miter and bevel cuts at an array of angles. An additional note for this saw is that you’re given an additional 2” of space when working at 90° – almost as if you were using a larger saw, for a cheaper cost.

Best Portable Miter Saw – DEWALT DW713 10” Miter Saw

The first of the three DeWalt miter saws we’re looking at today, the DW713 is an extremely portable compound miter saw, with a total weight of 35 lbs and dimensions of 19” x 23.8” x 17”.

It’s perfect for making crosscut and miter-cuts, as well as easily ripping through molding and framing applications (amongst others), due to the powerful motor. 

With the features and specifications listed below, you’d be happy to know that the DW713 model is affordable for most budgets, which is another bonus. What else does this feature include? Let’s find out below.

  • 15 amp motor with a max RPM speed of 5000
  • Fence supported with machine base and runs vertically with blade
  • Tall fence supports 1-½” crown molding vertically, with the fence able to slide out of place when making bevel cuts
  • Compatible with the DW7187 adjustable miter saw laser system for visible line of cut
  • Cam miter lock for precise miter cut positioning with override feature

What’s Included?

  • 1 x DW713 DEWALT 10-Inch single-bevel compound miter saw
  • 1x Carbide blade
  • 1 x Blade wrench
  • 1 x Dust bag

My Favorite Feature: Adjustable Miter Detent Plate

  • An adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops is user-friendly in setup and performance

Adjusting miter settings can be tricky, however modern miter saws have included features that can assist with making these cuts. This aspect is where the DW713 shines, featuring 11 positive stops that are easily setup once you unbox the model.

The miter angles are incredibly accurate, thanks to the easily adjustable cam-lock miter handle. To prevent the saw from slipping into the miter detents, a detent override is included – which is incredibly convenient, don’t you agree?

Best Miter Saw for Precise Cuts – DeWalt DWS716XPS 12” Miter Saw

DeWalt are such a well-respected brand within the industry, that it’s irrelevant to talk about the quality of their power tools – as you know what you’re getting in each reliable model.

The DWS716XPS is one of the best miter saws currently available, and one of the most impressive models within DeWalt’s miter saw category. You’re able to safely transport this model from site to site, thanks to its ruggedness and easy portability.

What else can you find in the DWS716XPS model? Let’s have a look below.

  • 3,800 RPM 15 amp motor
  • Back fence designs cuts up to 2 x 16 lumber at 90° and 2 x 12 at 45°
  • Fixed accuracy and swift adjustments with the cam lock on the stainless steel miter dent plate 
  • Catches up to 75% of dust during cuts with the dust collection system
  • Power cord is led through the rail of the back of the model, reducing any contact with the slide

What’s Included?

  • 1 x DeWalt DWS716XPS miter saw
  • 1 x 12″ Carbide tipped blade
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Vertical material clamp

My Favorite Feature: XPS Crosscut Positioning System

  • LED light projects a shadow upon the blade for a clearer alignment when making cuts, with incredible precision 

Many miter saws provide a laser or alternative LED alignment that provides a clear cut, however, the DWS716XPS stands on its’ own with its XPS crosscut positioning system.

How DeWalt have made this different to other alignment or lighting/laser systems is through a shadow which darkens upon the blade, projected by an integrated worklight – on both sides of the saw blade.

As you blade lowers, the shadow becomes darker, allowing for an extreme precision that is only found in premier miter saws – something this model finds itself in the category of. What are your thoughts on this positioning system?

Best Value – Bosch GCM12SD 12” Miter Saw

Another reliable manufacturer, Bosch offers wider and more accurate crosscuts with the GCM12SD model, thanks to some very handy features included on the model. Like some of the models and manufacturers we’ve covered so far in this article, you’re aware of what you’re getting with a Bosch product.

The GCM12SD has received high praise from customers, with one of my main reasons for this satisfaction being the patented axial-glide system, a feature that promotes enhanced alignment when making cuts.

Just starting out? Or maybe you’ve got 20 years of experience under your belt? Whatever the level of your woodworking skills, this is a  miter saw that can be used by the general, weekend hobbyist – and the busy contractor moving from site to site.

Have a look at some of the features and specifications below, and let me know in the comments what you think of this model.

  • 3 HP, 15 amp motor with max RPM speed of 3,800 RPM 
  • Dust chute included, perfect for 35mm and 1-¼” hoses
  • Clearer visibility when making cuts with a transparent, lower blade guard
  • Square Lock quick-release fence for 90° alignment to the table of the saw
  • Cutting diameter of 12”, horizontal cutting capacity of 12”, vertical of 6-12”

What’s Included?

  • 1 x 12” Bosch GCM12SD miter saw
  • 1 x 12” 60-Tooth carbide tipped blade
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Toolless vertical work clamp
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Vacuum adapter elbow

My Favorite Feature: Exclusive Axial-Glide System

  • Have total control over both power and precision in the most compact of workplaces 

This is a patented feature, and is somewhat similar to DeWalt’s XPS Crosscut positioning system. It promotes the accuracy of your cuts, yes, but what else does it do?

This axial-glide system, whilst still being a compact miter saw, gives you more space to make cuts, such as cross cuts – on longer boards than you could normally work with. The GCM12SD achieves this by using a bending arm, which keeps the saw compact.

If space is a rare commodity in your workshop, this is a miter saw that should be on the top of your list, thanks to its’ size. It’s one of the heaviest miter saws available, weighing 8.2lbs. 

Best Portable 12-inch Miter Saw – DeWalt DWS715 12” Miter Saw

We’ll get the negatives out of the way first, the one reason as to why the DWS715 isn’t higher up on this list – and this is due to a packaging error that some customers have found with the included fence, with some models containing fences that don’t run parallel to each other.  

A three year warranty and a solid DeWalt customer service team will rectify this immediately for you, though, and is another area DeWalt pride themselves on.

This aside, one of the selling features of the DWS715 is the lightweight design, weighing in at only 47 lbs. This is incredibly light for a miter saw, giving it the tick of approval for portability – especially if you’re using this day in, day out for work purposes.

It’s a stripped down model of some of the alternative DeWalt miter saws available – and is perfect for those who are looking for their first miter saw. What else does the DWS715 include for specs and features? I’ve listed these below.

  • 15 amp motor with RPM speed of 4,000 – one of the highest RPM speeds found in miter saws
  • Base molding supports 6-½” up to the fence in vertical position
  • 11 positive stops on the miter detent plate
  • Make precise cuts with the thin kerf blade, saving material
  • Bevel ability of 0° – 48° left, and 0°- 3° right

What’s Included?

  • 1 x DeWalt DWS715 miter saw
  • 1 x 12″ Carbide tipped blade
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Vertical clamp

My Favorite Feature: Compact & Lightweight Design

  • Compact with a total weight of 47 lbs means this is perfect for the hobbyist who has limited space in the workshop 

DeWalt covers all bases and affordability options, and the DWS715 is without the bells and whistles of many alternative DeWalt miter saws. It’s a model that holds the core features that would suit someone who’d be using the miter saw as a DIYer, but can also be used in professional environments if need be.

Size aside, the DWS715 has an impressive cutting capacity, with a tall fence that gives you the ability to work with 5-¼” crown molding, as well as a crosscut capacity of 2 x 8”. What do you think of this lightweight model from DeWalt?

The Final Say

best miter saws - the final say
best miter saws – the final say

Now that you’ve read through this article, you should be quite familiar with the best 10” and 12” miter saws currently available on the market – as well as a better idea of what’s suited to you.

12” miter saws can generally be more expensive that their 10” counterparts, yet this is to be expected, as they are usually full with additional features to improve performance, and also provide a little more space to work with bigger pieces.

10” miter saws are great for those who have limited space, with many of the miter saws within this category best-suited for the everyday hobbyist thanks to the smaller weight, and the core features plus additional inclusions.

Pending on what your need for a miter saw is, there’s definitely one available for you, across all ranges of price. 

Do you have an idea of what model would suit you?

Or perhaps you have a model you’d like to suggest to our readers – let us know your thoughts in the comments below, it’d be great to hear them.

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