The Best 10-Inch & 12-Inch Miter Saws (Compound/Sliding)

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When it comes to my miter saw, then I don’t know where I would be with various projects if I didn’t have this tool. Making those perfect angled cuts can be tricky, but not when you have the perfect miter saw to hand.

I know I’ve tried to make angled cuts without the help of a miter saw, and honestly, it’s tough. You never know if you have managed to get things as precise as you need them, which can then screw up the rest of your project.

So that is what I’m going to talk about here today. Below are 6 of the best 10-inch and 12-inch miter saws on the market today. 

I’m doing this because I know the market is saturated with different miter saws covering all price ranges and features. That makes it seriously tough to find the perfect miter saw to fit your needs, and I’m not the type of guy who wants anybody to struggle.

As a result, I’ve used all my experience of working with power tools and woodworking projects to create this list. I hope you will find the ideal miter saw for your needs.

Oh, but if you feel unsure about what to look for in a miter saw, don’t stress. I’m also going to include a series of tips at the bottom that will make life that bit easier for you.

my recommendation - the best 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws

How I Made My List

I had to take various points into consideration when it came to making my list. I didn’t want to include a miter saw that was too complicated to set up and operate. I hate tools like that when they make life as difficult as possible.

Also, I needed robust tools that offered those precise cuts you would undoubtedly be looking for. Portability was another essential aspect, and I cannot forget the power. You need the power to get through that stock and to get the results you want.

Finally, I also checked out what other owners were saying about the miter saw before I included it. I wanted to find out what it’s like to use each one over an extended period of time. After all, you will hopefully be using your own miter saw for years, so I didn’t want to give you something that cannot stand the test of time.

After all of that, I was left with these 6 different options.

Best 10-inch – Metabo HPT 10-inch Miter Saw C10FCH2S

  • Power: 15 Amp motor
  • Cutting Guide: Laser
  • Bevel Range: 0 – 45 degrees
  • Miter Range: 0 – 52 degrees

If you want to know the best 10-inch miter saw on the market, then I think it’s this model by Metabo. I know it may not be a name you are familiar with but stick with me. You see, Metabo used to go by another name, Hitachi, which may boost your confidence as to how good this miter saw will be.

First, it has a brushless 15 Amp motor, which is excellent news as it delivers over 1500W of power. You have less to worry about with a brushless motor when it comes to maintenance or burning out, so you can blast on with your projects knowing your saw won’t fail you.

I also feel it offers you more than enough when it comes to those cutting angles. The bevel range could have been better by going a few extra degrees, but it should still mean you can use this miter saw for almost every project.

But I also like that it has a laser guide in the miter saw. I feel it creates a sense of confidence in making your cut when you have that laser; as you know everything will indeed be perfect. 

In addition, this miter saw is not too heavy as it weighs under 27 lbs, and that’s quite impressive. Add in a 4” fence, which is easy to set up, and a comfortable handle that reduces vibration, and you have a fantastic 10-inch miter saw.


  • It has a powerful motor to cut through harder woods
  • It has a brushless motor, so less maintenance
  • It’s easy to adjust and to set up in the first place
  • It has a laser guide to make life easier
  • It works at reducing vibration


  • The angles offered could be slightly better

Best 12-Inch – DeWalt 12-Inch Double Bevel, Compound Miter Saw DWS716

  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 3,800 RPM
  • Cutting Angle: 50 degrees

If it’s a 12-inch miter saw you want to own, then this model by DeWalt should cover all of the bases. It’s a double-bevel and compound miter saw, so you have more opportunities to produce even more cuts than you ever thought possible.

It comes with a 15 Amp motor that pushes out speeds of 3,800 RPM, which is ample for almost every type of project. It also has a stainless steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops, while the cam lock system is easy and holds everything in place.

I find this tool to be highly durable and easy to set up. I also love how the sliding fences are tall and can support base molding of up to 6 ½” and crown molding of 6 ⅝”. 

But that’s not all. It does come with an impressive dust collection system, so it’s easy to keep an eye on what’s happening as you are not covered in dust. I often find the dust collection lacking in other models, but that’s not the case here.

Overall, this model is quick, powerful, and produces precise cuts, so what more could you want from a miter saw?


  • It has an impressive motor delivering speeds of 3,800 RPM
  • It’s very durable as a tool
  • It offers multiple angles through the double bevel
  • Setting up the angles on this model is easy even though you have so many options
  • The dust collection system is one of the best


  • Thanks to the variety of options, this may not prove suitable for beginners

Best Value – Metabo HPT 10-Inch Miter saw C10FCGS

  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 5,000 RPM
  • Miter Angle: 0 – 52 degrees
  • Bevel Angle: 0 – 45 degrees

If you want to own a fantastic miter saw but not pay too much, then I suggest this model by Metabo. It covers all of the basics, and you still get a fantastic miter saw that produces a speed of 5,000 RPM. That should mean it makes short work of cutting through that wood.

I also like how this model has a large table and uses thumb actuated positive stops as well. That makes for quick adjustments to the miter saw, and you should find it straightforward to set up your cutting angles.

While they could be slightly more extensive in terms of angles, they fit in with the requirements for most projects. However, I do admit that this is an area where it could perform slightly better.

I find the horizontal handle sufficient, but it could be slightly more comfortable to hold. Also, it allows some vibrations to come through, but not too much that it would affect how you use the saw.

Overall, this miter saw is inexpensive, and yet it still delivers pretty much everything you need from a miter saw.


  • It produces a crazy speed of 5,000 RPM
  • It covers all the basics in an inexpensive model
  • You can quickly adjust the angles
  • It’s lightweight at just over 24 lbs
  • It has a large cutting table


  • The cutting angles could be slightly better

Best for Multiple Materials – Evolution Power Tools R255SMSDB 10-Inch Miter Saw

  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Bevel Angle: -45 degrees to +45 degrees
  • Miter Angle: -50 degrees to +50 degrees
  • Weight: 44.9 lbs

If you feel you will be cutting various materials in your projects, this Evolution Power Tools model could be the perfect answer. It will help you to cut not only wood but also plastic and also some metal. I find this fantastic, but it’s all thanks to the powerful 15 Amp motor.

It does only produce 2,600 RPM, and that’s a bit on the low side, so you should expect this saw to take some time to get through the material. However, it does produce clean and precise cuts, so I don’t see that as a real problem.

What I love is the ease with which you can set up the angles for cuts, and with the ability to go from -50 degrees to +50 degrees, it does mean you have a whole host of cutting options with this model.

It also has a laser guide to help you see where you will be cutting. That does make a difference in ensuring you are getting precisely what you want, and I believe you will also notice a difference in your projects.

Overall, it’s the fact this machine can cut through some metal and plastic, as well as wood, that makes it stand out. It could very well cut down on the number of machines you need to complete your project.


  • It can cut some metal, wood, and plastic
  • It has a laser to help guide you
  • It’s very easy to adjust and line up
  • It offers a wide range of angles for cutting
  • It doesn’t produce too much in the way of vibration


  • The speed is a bit slower, but it’s not that big a deal

Best Dual Slide Compound – Makita LS1018 10 inch Miter Saw

  • Power: 13 Amp
  • Speed: 4,300 RPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 4×4

Makita always manages to produce reliable and sturdy tools, and this model is no exception. It comes with a 13 Amp motor that throws out speeds of 4,300 RPM, and I find that to be perfect for my projects.

But that’s not why I selected this particular model. Instead, it’s thanks to the dual slide option here. This steel slide is fantastic, and it’s also easy to use. You will also find it straightforward to adjust the slides depending on the wood you are working with.

From a cutting perspective, the dual front bevel scales make lining up and measuring exceptionally easy. I find it takes just minutes to set it up, and you know the blade will cut exactly where you want it.

But I have one other feature I love about this model: the clear guard. It means you can keep an eye on the cut without your view being blocked off, and I find that an incredible thing. 

Overall, the slides are easy to operate, as is the lining up of the cuts on this model. Also, you get that Makita durability, so you know the tool will last for a long time.


  • The dual slides are very easy to adjust
  • The clear guard is fantastic
  • Lining up this miter saw is straightforward
  • The model is robust
  • It doesn’t produce too much in the way of vibration


  • The dust collection could be a bit better, but it’s not horrible

Best Portable – DeWalt DW713 10” Miter Saw

  • Power: 15 Amp
  • Speed: 5,000 RPM
  • Weight: 35 lbs

Portability could easily be a concern for you when it comes to your miter saw, and the good news is this model by DeWalt only weighs some 35 lbs. That is practically nothing in the world of miter saws, and you also get a model capable of producing regular, smooth cuts.

I like how this model also has a tall fence. It means it supports crown moldings of up to 1 ½” vertically, which is impressive. It also comes with a steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops. I feel that this model is straightforward to set up and use while adjusting through angles is also a straightforward process.

You will also notice it has a cam lock system, so it holds everything in place, allowing you to go ahead and make those cuts. Also, there will be no slipping of the material, so you can trust your cut will turn out the way you hoped.

You should also find that this miter saw also has an above-average dust collection system. However, that appears to be typical of DeWalt miter saws, so this model is no different from the norm.

Overall, this powerful saw weighs only 35 lbs, so moving it around should not be a problem.


  • The saw delivers ample power and speeds for cutting wood
  • The dust collection system is impressive
  • Adjusting the cutting angle is easy
  • It has a tall fence for better cutting
  • It only weighs 35 lbs


  • Some people may have preferred more positive stops

How to Choose a Miter Saw

best miter saws - the final say

Looking at the different miter saws above can still prove confusing if you feel unsure of what to look for in a miter saw. So, here are a few tips on the key things to look out for when contemplating purchasing a miter saw.

Blade Size

It makes sense that the blade size determines the stock size you can work with. If you only ever plan on working with thinner stock, then the 10-inch options should suffice. However, 12-inch miter saws can help you get through heavy-duty and larger projects in no time.

So, I suggest you think about how often you believe you will be working on those larger projects to allow you to determine which blade size is best for you.


It makes sense that the higher the power rating, the easier the miter saw should find it to get through the stock. It’s easier to generally look for something that offers between 1400W to 2000W. A miter saw should have no problem cutting through even hardwood at these power ratings.

But if you plan on cutting through harder woods regularly, I would certainly make sure I owned a model that was more to the upper end of that power range.


The speed of the blade is another thing you need to think about when buying a miter saw. You will often see variations in the rotation speed, but I would stick to something between 3000 RPM and 5000 RPM.

Once again, these speeds should mean the miter saw has no problem in getting through any wood. Understand that the lower the speed, the longer it will take to go through the stock, but it can also lead to you getting more control over the cut.

The Ranges

When I’m talking about the ranges, I mean the angles available to you when it comes to bevel cuts. I do prefer if I have the option of going beyond 45 degrees, as not everything is perfect in a project, and there are times when 45 degrees is just not enough.


You want a miter saw that is very easy to adjust and line up. You need clear markings to show you what you are doing and also that the saw will lock into place. The aim here is to ensure you can set up the miter saw as you want it and that you can get those precise cuts.

The Cut Guide and Cutting Depth

The bigger the blade, the greater the cutting depth. So, I suggest you become aware of the material you will be working with to determine if the blade size is adequate.

But there’s also a point regarding the cut guide. Some will use an etched guide, while other models use a laser. The laser is undoubtedly the easiest to follow, and if you set everything up correctly, you should have no problem sticking to that line.

I would always go for the laser version if my budget can go there, and you will notice a difference in both accuracy and speed.

As you can see, you have several things to consider when buying a miter saw of either 10-inch or 12-inch blades. I would consider each point and also think carefully about what your projects entail to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

Overall Conclusion

Those are my six different options when it comes to either a 10-inch or 12-inch miter saw. I know each model included in my list is excellent at what it does, and I have no doubt that it will make your projects run far more smoothly as a result.

But I would suggest checking out my tips on the key areas to look at when buying a miter saw. That should then make sure you can narrow down the areas most important to you, and I believe you will have no problem locating the perfect miter saw for your needs.

Then, you can look forward to making those precise angle cuts in next to no time. I promise you will be amazed at the difference it makes to both the speed and accuracy of your projects.

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