The War of Band Saws & Scroll Saws | The 5-Part Information Battle For Woodworkers

Band saws and scroll saws look pretty similar in terms of appearance. It gets more confusing because both have the same working principles too. 

The best scroll saw is a speciality tool that most professional workshops possess. Most models have a regular saw base with noticeably tiny blades compared to other saw types. They often have foot pedals that offer better control during the cutting activity. For beginners, they can be used to help create accurate cuts, even for someone without any experience in woodworking. 

The War of Band Saws & Scroll Saws The 5 Part Battle

The best band saws are different, however, because they cater to a wide variety of woodworking activities. For curated and curved cuts, you can count on a vertical band saw model. The user can easily cut the material by manually maneuvering it, which is a feature unique to it that other saws don’t possess.

Aside from that, there are five comparisons you can apply to determine which one best suits your needs. Here they are:

Uses Battle: Band Saw Wins the First Round!

The best scroll saws are perfect for projects that need ultra-precise cuts. However, they are not necessarily required for most woodworking jobs because other saw variants would suffice. They are an excellent choice, however, for people who enjoy woodworking as a hobby. 

The best band saws offer a lot more usage, both for professional projects and personal projects. With this saw type, you can resaw pre-cut wood slabs accurately into smaller pieces in a relatively quick time. 

Cutting Action Battle: It’s a draw!

Although both saw types look similar, they differ significantly in how they cut materials. The cutting blade of band saws circulates in a non-stop loop while the cutting blade of the scroll saw moves up and down like a reciprocating saw. In theory and practice, both saws have the same effect regardless of their cutting action. 

Blade Battle: Scroll Saw Wins the Third Round!

The best scroll saws have thin blades with a smaller width. With the saw blade of scroll saws, you can cut precise corners, tiny patterns, or intricate frames. As such, the narrow saw blade of a scroll saw is ideal for cutting jigsaw toys and other wooden trinkets. For band saw blades, it is broader, so you need a motor and pushing power of substantial strength to cut materials effectively.

Size Battle: Scroll Saw Wins Only By A Slight Edge!

Scroll saw wins in terms of portability, but only with a small advantage since they are smaller. However, if you want a portable band saw, there are miniature mobile versions like the tabletop variant, but you have to sacrifice power for portability. 

Output Finish Battle: Scroll Saw Wins!

The best scroll saws can create pieces that do not need sanding. However, the best band saw still requires sanding to cut portions, especially their surfaces.


In this war, scroll saws win. However, in reality, both of them cater to different uses. You should still buy band saws for general woodworking for furniture, cabinets, and the like. Then, use your scroll saw to create smaller, more intricate wood pieces.

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