Band Saw Reviews & How-To Guides

The band saw offers excellent versatility when it comes to making any kind of irregular cut.  

Below I’ve categorized and listed below information in bite-size segments so this can be your one-stop-shop guide. To make things easier, we’ve provided a list of our top picks, and useful buying guides to assist you.  

Top Picks

Do you want to know what the best compact and benchtop band saws are? Then look no further, here are our top picks in each category. If you like, you can research further into each model with a detailed review discussing their features.

It’s impossible to select one for all purposes. Why? Well it depends on your location for one and your access to electricity. Trade-offs have to be made and why there is a need to categorize each type.

Further Information & Reviews

I’ve written a number of reviews and articles for you to read through. Feel free to browse through anything you have in mind to get yourself acquainted with the different models, or information that you’re after.

Bandsaw Vs. Circular Saw (10 Comparison Points)

From woodworking to metalworking, many projects call for a powered saw. However, many power tools have some overlap in functionality, which is the case with …

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Do You Need a Band Saw? (Explained for Beginners)

Where are you on your woodworking journey? Are you still a beginner, or have you been at it for some years now and are considering …

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The 8 Reasons Why Your Band Saw Blades Keep Breaking

Band Saws can be fitted with several different types of blades to perform various cutting tasks. The band saw blade is prone to breaking prematurely …

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How To Use A Bandsaw (Tips & Tricks)

Bandsaws, in both benchtop and compact form, are powerful tools that are able to perform cuts that alternative saws are unable to do. Due to …

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Your Ultimate Bandsaw Buying Guide in 2022

So, you’ve decided you need a bandsaw for either professional or personal use, but you’re a little stuck. There are so many options to choose …

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How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaws have some of the largest blades available in the entire saw class, and will need to be stored properly in order to protect the …

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