Axe Reviews & How-To Guides

Axes are not only used in destructive behaviors such as cutting trees. Carpenters, roofers, framers, and general contractors use these tools for their projects that involve woodworking. If it’s your first time purchasing this tool, you might not have the correct information about which is the best axe to use for particular tasks.

To guide you as you shop, I’ve listed below information on this tool in bits that you can understand. I’ve included how-to guides and details that you need to know before you buy an axe. In addition, I’ve also added reviews, further information, some of our top picks, and special mentions after reviewing these tools.

The reason for compiling this information is to provide a buyer’s guide and answer questions that you might have regarding axes in woodworking. I hope that sharing this information in one place will guide you in your journey.

Top Picks

Depending on your task at hand, do you need a splitting axe, carpenter’s axe, hatchet, broad axe, or mortising axe? If you don’t know which suits you best, you’ve come to the right place. Our detailed review will give you a broad picture of how each model functions and its key features.

While some of these axes are dual-purpose or multi-purpose, some are better suited for specific tasks. This is why we have to categorize each time to know the difference.

Axes Reviewed

Do you want to know the best axe to use? We’ve got all the details. Our reviews explore the top manufacturers from Gransfors, Estwing, Mueller, and others. From our reviews, you’ll find the best tools that give you value for money.

Further Information & Reviews

I’ve put together more articles and reviews that you can go through. If you need more information about other models, feel free to check the other reviews on the site.

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