Angle Grinder Concrete Grinding: Tips and Techniques for Success

Angle Grinder Concrete Grinding

Angle grinders are a great tool to have for personal or professional work, being highly versatile and delivering smooth concrete surfaces when used for concrete grinding.  However, learning to use new power tools can be daunting (and even dangerous) – running the risk of damaging your tools or property, or even doing bodily harm. That’s … Read more

DWS780 vs DWS779: Which DEWALT Miter Saw Is Right for You?


The success of any woodworking or construction activity hinges on selecting the right miter saw.   Miter saws can be tailored for both precision and efficiency, which are two key elements to consider when choosing your ideal saw. In the quest to find the perfect miter saw, DeWalt stands apart for its exceptional lines of power … Read more

Best Nail Gun for Quarter Round: Top Picks for Precision Work

Nail Gun

Best Nail Gun for Quarter Round: Top Picks for Precision Work Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a carpenter, or a homeowner looking to get some renovations underway, a nail gun is a useful tool for installing quarter-round molding. After all, you don’t want to be there all day with a hammer and nail!  However, … Read more

Pine or Poplar: Breaking Down the Best Wood for Your Projects

Pine or Poplar

Pine and poplar wood are both common and affordable woodworking materials – and at first glance, they seem quite similar to one another! This can make it difficult to decide which wood is best for your project. Attempting to read up on the subtle differences between these two woods can quickly prove to be a … Read more

Chainsaw Leaks Bar Oil When Stored: Causes and Solutions

Chainsaw Leaks Bar Oil

The chainsaw is a beautiful invention; a real triumph of human innovation and industry.  I’d be willing to wager there’s nothing more satisfying than holding a finely tuned chainsaw firmly in both hands and hearing it growl as it slices through the thick trunk of a tree! However, chainsaws, as you may have found, require … Read more

How to Fix Warped Wood Easily and Effectively: Expert Tips

Featured Image of How to Fix Warped Wood

Warped wood is a common challenge faced by those who craft with wood materials.  Although there are numerous causes of warped wood, there are also many ways to improve or fix warping that can salvage your woodworking project!  Whether you’re a seasoned woodworking professional, a crafty DIY enthusiast, or a novice woodworker hoping to nail … Read more

Is Milwaukee Fuel Better Than Brushless? (Answered)

Which is better? Milwaukee Fuel or their general brushless motors? It depends on what you want from your tools, but generally I would say Milwaukee Fuel is better for more intense projects where absolute power is required. However, for basic projects, their normal brushless tools will be more than enough. You see, choosing tools will … Read more

6 Best Woods for Live Edge Tables (For Cool Projects)


A live edge table is a wonderful project for you to get involved in because not only is it easy to do, but the end results can be astonishing. Wood including redwood, black walnut, cherry, claro walnut, sycamore and maple all work well with this particular project. But as with any project, knowing the correct … Read more