Are Chandeliers Out Of Style? (Trends & Tips)

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I’m redecorating my living room and am looking for décor items to add glamour to the space. When I think of luxe furnishings, chandeliers instantly come to mind. What could be more splendid? But I also want the room to be on-trend. Chandeliers are awe-worthy for sure, but are they out of style?

Chandeliers are currently in style. They are among the top lighting trends for 2022. The most fashionable chandeliers of the moment mix old and new elements such as traditional silhouettes and modern materials. Sculptural chandelier styles are also trending. 

Interior design insiders have named chandeliers one of the current lighting trends. These decorative hanging lights are the ultimate décor statement pieces. Traditional chandeliers might not make it onto trend forecasters’ blogs and pages of glossy magazines. Though, you’ll spot modernized versions of the centuries-old classics in all fashion-forward places. 

Why Chandeliers Will Always Be In Style?

Chandeliers have been fashionable for centuries. And their popularity isn’t dimming one bit. What keeps them on the décor scene through the ages is the way they never fail to wow us. 

Think of some of the world’s most iconic chandeliers. The starburst chandeliers that twinkle in New York’s Metropolitan Opera, Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre’s dazzling chandelier adorned with 24,000 crystal pendants, or the Paris Opera House’s massive (weighing seven tons) bronze and crystal chandelier. 

Check out these lighting wonders (and seven more) in this video:

Yes, nothing dresses up a room quite like a chandelier!

Current Chandelier Trends 

Something else that makes chandeliers eternally stylish is that they keep being reinvented to suit changing tastes and homes.  

While traditional crystal chandeliers don’t seem to ever lose their appeal, you can now take your pick from a wide range of both classic and modern designs when looking for your statement light. 

You’ll find minimalist chandeliers with clean lines. Or perhaps you’d prefer a rustic chandelier made of wood, wrought iron, and vintage-style bulbs or an industrial-style chandelier made of distressed steel and wood. Or how about a playful chandelier design inspired by pop art? 

Current designs come in any shape imaginable (rectangular, round, cluster, caged, globe, sputnik, and beaded) with chrome, nickel, black matt, brass, bronze, and gold finishes.  

Another modern twist on chandeliers is where you hang them. These works of art used to be reserved for fancy museums and theatres. Now, chandeliers add glamour to any home and any (or every!) room. 

See this video for a modern home with chandeliers in every room, from the kitchen to the closet:

Some of today’s chandeliers are also energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and multi-purpose (like a fan-chandelier combo). 

The Trendiest Chandeliers  

Chandeliers make it onto must-have décor lists every year. 

Here are the chandelier trends:

Chandelier Trend # 1: Mixing Old And New 

The fashionable way to add chandeliers to your home is by creating contrasts

Experiment with clashing décor elements. For example, hang an old-school crystal chandelier in an otherwise minimalist space. 

Another trend is contrasting elements in the chandelier itself. Traditional design features, like farmhouse-inspired lanterns, are made new with finishes like rubbed bronze and polished chrome. 

Other updates that breathe new life into old designs include unexpected materials like wood beads combined with traditional silhouettes. 

Chandelier Trend # 2: Small Or Oversized Designs 

chandelier living room

Another chandelier trend is to go micro or massive.

You’ll see smaller crystal chandeliers that add just the right amount of sparkle without being too showy. 

On the flipside, oversized chandeliers which command attention are also popular right now. 

Chandelier Trend # 3: Sculptural Styles 

Some of the trendiest homes flaunt chandeliers that might be mistaken for sculptures. 

With their simple designs, abstract shapes, and sleek finishes, these chandeliers are understated artworks. 

Chandelier Trend # 4: Layered Lighting 

Stay on trend by adding multiple light furnishings to your rooms.

The lighting look of the moment is all about layering. Your chandelier might be the most striking feature in the room, but let it share the limelight with other lights like wall sconces and accent table lamps. Or, if the scale of your space allows, don’t be shy to double up on chandeliers. The new rules say two chandeliers can be better than one. 

Different Types Of Chandeliers 

I’ve explored the must-have chandeliers of the moment, but there are so many timeless chandelier styles to accessorize your home. 

Here’s a round-up of the different types of chandeliers: 

Type Of Chandelier

Chandelier Characteristics


Decorated with crystals made of glass for a dazzling effect. Switch on a crystal chandelier and see the crystals sparkle!


These chandeliers provide style and function. Their simple design and lack of embellishments make them a minimalist’s dream light. 


Some of the trendiest chandeliers fall into this category. These lights tend to be textured and detailed, and they mix and match styles from different eras. 


These hanging lights have a drum-shaped shade and a series of lights. 


This chandelier style is perfect for smaller rooms and tighter budgets.


These chandeliers feature several branches radiating from a center point. Each branch usually has a light at one or both of its tips. The Met’s impressive exploding-star-like chandeliers (mentioned earlier) are sputnik-inspired. 


These chandeliers come in geometric shapes like circles and rectangles. Their standout features are crystals that resemble cascading water. 


Hybrid chandeliers combine several chandelier styles and features into one dramatic lighting showstopper. 

No matter your taste or space, there’s a fashionable chandelier (or two!) to elevate your décor style. 


It seems like a chandelier is just the right item to refresh my living room. I’ll look for one with chic touches and a bit of sparkle to give my room the modern, glam edge I have in mind. 

I doubt chandeliers will ever go out of style. If you want one of the freshest designs, look for sculptural chandeliers, chandeliers that combine old and new elements, or oversized chandeliers – then add a few walls, floor, and table lights to get the coveted layered look. 

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