4 Advantages of Using a Jigsaw Tool for Your Projects – What You Should Know

Whether you’re planning on building a DIY step stool or table, builders can start their home projects with a jigsaw, a versatile power tool that is a must-have for makers of all ages. There’s plenty of uses in the tool’s repertoire as it excels at cutting curves in wood and metal, making it a perfect introduction to woodworking. 

Hobbyists and experienced woodworkers alike can benefit from using jigsaws as it can cut faster than a handsaw or hacksaw, saving you plenty of time and effort in spite of its small tasks. It can also perform larger projects and can serve as a stand-in for circular saws or band saws when cutting plywood, giving the portable power tool plenty of advantages in any workspaces. 

5 Advantages of Using a Jigsaw Tool for Your Projects

What are the Benefits of Using a Jigsaw for Your DIY Projects? 

1. Safe and Comfortable

Jigsaw is designed to maximize your energy when cutting through boards as the tool is comfortable to operate, making it easy to handle regardless of your experience. The device itself rests on the surface of what it is cutting, so the user doesn’t need to exert strength to hold it in place. 

The guards also keep the fingers and hands clear of the blade, making it a kid-friendly tool that provides a straightforward experience. Changing the blades are also easy as pie as you only need to do the following simple steps: 

  • Unplug the jigsaw
  • Remove the battery
  • Find the dial that connects the module to the jigsaw
  • Rotate the dial counter-clockwise to free the blade
  • Insert a new blade
  • Pull the lever to secure the blade in position

2. Cut More Than Wood 

When the blade is fitted correctly, a jigsaw can easily cut through wood of varying thickness and density. It can also slice through harder surfaces like steel, fiberglass, and even drywall, making the tool a valuable asset in your workshop due to its versatility. 

3. Efficient Cutting

Jigsaws are designed to efficiently create curvy lines, make bevel cuts, and create complicated shapes as the tool can be angled up to 45 degrees. Its effectiveness in making angled cuts make it a handy tool for fancy wooden projects that are design-heavy, especially for beginners who are not yet ready to move up to using adjustable table saws. 

4. Portability 

Modern jigsaws have the option to go cordless, making it a dream to use as builders can freely twist and turn to accommodate elaborate curves when cutting through boards. In addition to supporting any movement even at small spaces, cordless jigsaws ensure that you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting through dangling cords. 


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, jigsaws are easy to use straight out of the box. The versatile uses make it an essential power tool in a workshop of any size, while the slim model ensures it doesn’t take up unnecessary space on your shelf. 

The straightforward design also makes it a perfect introductory tool for children, making it efficient and safe to use for any home project. 

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